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i am making a requests thread since the official admin hasnt done one yet, anyways, post here your patreon requests in order for them to be added on this site
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Discussion of https://seiso.party here. Report bugs, make suggestions, etc.

Don't be mean, keep it seiso

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whats the difference between seiso and kemono.party…exactly? i dont know exactly

pic unrelated
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Hopefully all xxx art is good (provided its actual art) whether its drawn by our happy clappy Jappy chappies (sometimes known unofficially as the Japanese) or anyone else, otherwise that'd be kinda weird.


what about furry thots that aren't porn?


Really anything except irl and reaction channels is fine. I don't plan to have any real restrictions (but that could change if something comes up, of course). Also if an artist contacts me and wants to be removed from the site then I'm not going to say no since legally speaking that's a bad to reject their request.


Will the code be open sourced, like with Kemono?


Will the site get a fantia importer and other importers kemono is lacking?

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Bringing this simple problem into attention. For the sake of the site's future and obscurity, I strongly suggest for ANYONE who reads this topic to not share this thread to many places and peoples out there. K.Party's existence is being leaked out there, so this site is our last bet (yet) shall K.Party is taken down.

You're free to say any advices or stuffs to help making this site more obscure in this thread. Just don't start any big dramas.


It's impossible to keep it a secret. Not saying I'm going around yelling about it on the streets, but the more people use it the more leakers it will attract. Remember that old YP went down because the admin just stopped wanting to deal with it.

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Sorry, I'm from K.Party and this site (Seiso) is new to me, so I wanna ask few things; is this site is the 'New-kemono.party' or something? I mean, is it a site with same function as k.party with new/more stable features or something?
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Lots of artists went against Yiff Party too which was well known for a long time (thanks to anti piracy based new articles, which is how I discovered the site) but the only thing that killed YP was its shitstain of an admin. He even said himself (paraphrased) "its not because of money, and its not because of legal pressure (IE DMCA's) its simply bec I can't be bothered anymore. Thanks for paying me 3 months worth of donations, but I'm gonna kill the site after only 1 month and use that $800 (2 months rent) you suckers paid me to buy 2 designer jackets! Haha!"


*anti piracy based news articles.


Man if you could tell me where this $400/mo rent is I'd love to know. Currently paying like $1k for a 1 bedroom 15 miles from the city in a midwestern state


By "rent" I meant "website hosting / server costs" lol. But yea house/flat/apartment rent is unfairly expensive in a lot of places.


$1200 was donated to the admin (enough to keep the site going for 3 months) but he sneakily cut & run after only 1 month, meaning he basically scammed some poor bastard out of $800.

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I would like for this patreon to be added please https://www.patreon.com/NotebookMovies


Please use the request thread >>13

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Please add a comment section so we can see the comments of the patreon or fanbox post
Cause an artist I follow posts additional copies of his drawings on his google drive which he links to in his welcome notes or comments


Seems like quite a few artists do this now. I guess its the latest way of combating leaks. Yiff could scrape comments (which was never really important back then) but KP (and here) can't, so its like the perfect new anti piracy trick.


I was looking into this and it seems possible. Will require some time and a good amount of testing though. Can't guarantee a date at which it'll go live.

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Already going importing some SFM stuff, we need more of that on leaking sites.


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good job sir


wait? arent these videos super heavy on bandwith and storage especially the 4k ones


In all honesty, we really need more leaking of SFM artists, I’m the guy who originally made this post and I really think it should be a thing, more Mrfestive and breadblack leaking Is needed, I would do it myself but I’m currently under some… Financial difficulties, but there’s also other creators like cherry mouse street and GWLgame Who also desperately need the same treatment

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import animopron please

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