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>step 1: ask for an update to an artist you like
>step 2: ask again
>step 3: ask again
>step 4: ask again
>step 5: ask again
>step 6: ask again
>step 7: it got updated!
>step 8: it was a "rewards sent!" Post



Now you know how pointless requesting is. You could ask 1000 times and you wouldn't get an update. When an update DOES happen, its not because some random rich guy saw someone requesting a random artist, its because a contributor simply happened to be a fan of the same artist as you. Which means if an artist is gonna get updated, it'll get updated whether 1000 people requested it, or it was never requested even once.

I remember on Yiff Party you'd see the same 10-15 artists requested 1000 times per day, forever. That alone tells me requests dont get filled and those threads are simply a "trash can" used to stop the BBS getting cluttered. It doubles up as a "placebo" to pacify people who haven't yet realised that requesting is a complete waste of time.


Real as fuck. God, I hate it when they sent shit exclusively through message. Greedy bastards.



The truth is, no one ever actually listens to requests, sometimes stuff gets updated that coincidentally people have requested, but no one is doing any favors around here. It's every coomer for themselves.


Kemono actually have a way to combat with this; it's called Manual Uploader.

The uploader is supposed to put the links, content, files, and whatever else that the automatic scraper can't reach - such as .zips sent via private messages, DMs, or Patreon's private message, into the Manual Uploader and post it.

At the top-center of every artist's page there'll be a button that says [Upload file].

The uploader is supposed to click that to open the manual uploader.
Download all the content recieved and copy all the links not scraped via the Importer.
Put that into the [Upload file] page and post it.

The problem seems to be that most contributors are not aware of it or are too lazy to do it.



>Kemono actually have a way to combat with this; it's called Manual Uploader.

>The problem seems to be that most contributors are not aware of it or are too lazy to do it.

Seems like this will never change. Yiff Party had that feature for maybe years, yet only 4.9% of people ever actually used it.

Its like the site needs to have a huge flashing message whenever someone presses "import" which says "PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE ARTISTS POSTS, IF THE CONTENT IS SHARED VIA REWARDS YOU NEED TO USE [FILE UPLOAD]. PLEASE TICK THE BOX TO SAY YOU HAVE READ THIS MESSAGE"

Even that might not be enough though…


Don't take away their hopes. Sometimes I check the requests in Kemono request group in Telegram and get some nice content that I wouldn't have found if I didn't look there. So requests are most likely not gonna be seen, but there's always someone who checks them.

In sum, people can find some interesting artists to import in the requests section either on Kemono or Kemono's request telegram group.


you sir are truly epic

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