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Those idiots just doesn't learned their lessons yet…

This thread is for discussing content creators/artists which is considered to be overprotective of some sort to their contents, like the ones who sends their stuff through private mails, private Discord servers, and much more. You're open to show any artists like this and to tell the reason why they could be such a big problem.

The fun never ends…


File: 1613577369551.jpg (10.58 KB, 266x200, Wait can someone give me t….jpg)

Notice that some artists have listed as DNP (Do Not Post), with some of them are one of the paywall and DRM artists? According to e621, only those artists are allowed to upload their own works, and other ones than the artist themselves aren't allowed to post stuff.

There's only one strong reason for this: they don't want their paid contents to be leaked.
Which is a shame that some obscure image-hosting sites already have those. For the sake of the contents and the site, I won't tell which sites has those stuffs…

And excuse me for my bad english, it's not my mother language.


That thread was a mess. Good thing is, with artist boy and RMB gone, we can finally have a productive conversation.

Question, if an artist says they're thinking about starting a Patreon, what can you say to make them reconsider?


>obscure sites
did you save/download them?
also if you are low on storage get a 32 GB so card (they're really cheap) usb is dangerous


He's referring to e621. It's not as well known as rule 34.


No, anon. e621 are very popular as well, especially to the furries since most furry-themed contents go there. Diives, DACAD, B*tchdraichin, and many more.

I'm talking about other sites than that, mostly are booru sites, or sites with standalone codes/program/web engine.
I've already seen some, and like I said above, I won't say the site names for the sake of the contents and this site as well.



1. Not ALL people would be able to pay contents like that, especially peoples with hardly difficult reasons such as not having any jobs, living in a place where it's hard to earn money (just like me), and much more.

2. Regarding of Patreon's feature where it can invite you directly to the private server of the artist… Not all, I repeat, NOT ALL people have/use Discord. Especially if the tiers have Discord roles packed in. The roles would be useless to those who don't use or have Discord.

3. It all depends on how good your contents are. Some artists with lesser art quality out there tend to use Patreon right away to make quick bucks, even the fact that their art style are not good enough like those who has good art.

Those are as far as I know on how to make the creators reconsider.

And btw, who's artist boy and RMB?
Are those two peoples who creates the previous thread getting hotter or something?


RMB was the guy that would make nonsensical posts and call every one "resident momma's basement". We have reason to believe he was one himself. And then there was artist boy who would make these long winded posts about just how much better he was than us. It was a mess.


No shit?


You didn't see it? You weren't there?

There's an archive somewhere but I can't find it.



File: 1613685800931.gif (549.04 KB, 500x280, how dare ye cunt.gif)

Ahh my legacy lives on. Just to add to the conversation, I don't care that artists get a patreon, the problem is when the artists start "burning the bakery down to spite the bread thief." Basicly, punishing all their supporters just because a few leakers posted their art. Let me name a few, Pannekoeke, seferin, Danza. All artists deserve to make money but my god does it get fucking obnoxious when they go around and delete art, or throw dmca's into the void. Or just straight up go to DRM. Also OP. of this thread, you forgot to put primeleap behind the 2nd astronaut, I love the image work tho.


Hey there dude. Glad you could make it.

>All artists deserve to make money

Correction: all artists that don't use copyrighted characters deserve money.

Also don't use patreon because it's a scummy thing to demand payment for something you did in your spare time.


File: 1613719129692.png (141.74 KB, 206x273, tumblr_m1x7acE7RC1qi6n7ho2….png)

Double correction
all artists deserve money when they make actual good artwork. But I have to correct you, their are good artists out their who don't sperg out over the leakers. Fluffkevlar is one of them. He's a fine example of not burning the bakery down. He knows he's big enough that leaking his art won't cause any profit drops. This makes him smart because he knows that by doing nothing this action in no way drives demand for *more people to pirate* his art up. However, this is the furry fandom, and even though some artists are good, its even rarer to find an artist that is good and smart at the same time. Look, the whole point of the originial DRM thread was to show that not everyone on the internet is Nice…punishing the classroom because somebody stole the chalk doesn't work in school and it sure as hell isn't going to work in the furry fandom…the random person is just going to keep stealing it. Point is, this is the intenet, people being disrespectful should be common sense by now, but we got dumbass artists who think sperging out on twitter will make their art exclusive again, or as if they're losing potential (keyword is potential) sales as they tweet. All I want is for this little known fact to be universally accepted so these butt hurt idiots go back to making art, people can go back to pirating said art and comissioning it, and the world is a happy place with no ear grating autistic screeching going on in the background.


File: 1613725886782.png (224.41 KB, 510x287, tom-with-phone.png)

Hoi, glad you could make it here.
Sorry for using the screenshot without your permits… I barely able to find a screenshot of the thread…

And, yeah, I forgot Primeleaf, my bad. I thought that service isn't used anymore…?

Guess you're right. Instead of thinking about something right to take care of the problems (leakers and leaked stuffs, which are our handiwork), they instead straight up blaming all of their supporters and or making their payment and content availability more awful.

To be honest, one of my personal reason why I don't like paywall artists is that they would wait for a fucking month or so until they release their early access contents/exclusive versions of several stuffs they have.


I'll do you one better: artists that say "I always release my stuff publicly" then give the public the low-res stuff with like 30 alts missing. And the furry fandom just eats that shit up.


File: 1613758052278.png (327.22 KB, 960x960, 1560462660.pannekoeke_grah….png)

Well Yeah, not alot of peeps in the furry fandom take resolution into account. Since that would mean they'd have to go out of their way to check >:(.
Also Crimsion your fine, in the last thread i said id help so you using my screenshot is what I meant. Anyway, No Primeleap is still very much in Use By seferin and critterclaws, nobody has been able to crack it as of yet. However, misteriously big backers like Dicad, and blitzdrachen stopped using primeleap after about a year…



Danza be like here's a 640x480 image that's not even the alt you care about enjoy


I stopped caring about patreon DRM because it turns out exclusive content != good content. But the archivist in me is really disappointed by e621's DNP. I know no site is perfectly complete, but god damn e621 misses a lot of artists and comics.


I know man. It just annoys me that I'm getting all this shit for free and I can't even invite them to share the spoils. Because for some reason rather than saying "Ooh look! Free stuff!", they say, "Look! They're stealing from artists!". Who the fuck gives up the opportunity of free stuff when it's presented to them?


File: 1613837412683.gif (1.82 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)


Can I say something off topic? I hate logging into twitter and seeing vore in my feed because someone I followed liked the tweet. I've had to block and unfollow 3 people in one day. I guess it's good that they make it known so I can block them but I would rather not have my boner killed in the first place.


You should check out the permanent booru, it's basically e621 without any dnp, and it's also hosted on the tor network, links:


(Needs Tor browser to open)


File: 1613922999894.jpg (26.14 KB, 421x319, 2eeae2dcc98c3b368032e1b913….jpg)

I've been there before, and it's safe.
Basically, aside from no DNP shit, contents there are permanently stored, hence the name: "Permanent Booru". In other words, an archive site for furry stuffs and such, good or bad arts. The site's completely safe, but since it's a darknet site, the internet speed would be slow just like when you're using a VPN.

Thanks, man. My english aren't as good as you guys, but I'm doing my best to be understandable.
Speaking of paywall alts… Burgerkiss and Ancesra probably one of those guys as well; both have alts only available to their customers. And some of those alts have better and lovely versions.


What about onion sites for giantess stuff?


If it's furry related then you can go to the permanent booru, else I don't know any onion sites for that kind of content


File: 1613974123710.jpg (37.9 KB, 572x700, cca797b775959635d57d9e26a5….jpg)

I wonder if the people from across these furry pirating boards like from here, U18chan, furry burro, could rally their communities together to go and fund and look for a talented programmer to crack the drm on primeleap. Its an investment, yes, But drm sights are funded by the select few, a dedicated hacker who has dabled in drm breaking could be funded to break drm of this commuities choosing.
Hold your damn horses autists, how do you think primeleap was made? For free? To counter peeps who were funded you gotta put in a LOT of man hours and theirs nothing i can see that will motivate the take down of primeleap other then trying to find a programmer/hacker to break the site over his knee through funding. Basicly TLDR fight fire with fire…(and no dont foolishly throw money at someone who spouts computer rhetoric. Doesn't mean its the right info…) How ever my idea is very unlikely to happen as for obvious reasons. So basicly we're stuck…Bummer


File: 1614007147580.png (185.69 KB, 704x400, Itachi Stare.png)

Heads up, fellas.
Seems like Patreon now have a feature that allows videos to be native to the site and would be difficult to be downloaded. I can guess this is another idea of theirs to strengthen the shitty paywall.


So does this mean that scrappers cant download videos from patreon anymore?


Speaking of DRM artists, let me add a few in here, Kayla-Na and Clade. Artists who exploded and are now irrelevant to the furry fandom


surprised they decided to do this considering how much bandwidth and servers cost is gonna end up
either way if you can stream/watch it, there will always be a way to rip it


only way for that to block downloads would be requiring every user to download a custom DRM video player, which would drive away subs fast, especially people that pay higher tiers for things like watermark free. no one is going to pay for that shit if its drm locked.




File: 1614315435373.jpg (7.86 KB, 193x261, fat vergil.jpg)

Welp We can put pedodev on our list of artists who sperg out…imagine his shock when this website comes back in literaly less then 3 days and he squeals with rage as he cant do shit about this site


Lmao, do these artists not learn from yiff party and the like? The only way these sites go down is if the owner decides to pull it down lmao. But then again, the furry fandom might have talent…but that doesn't mean the talent is smarter then a bag of bricks



Quoting a reply from someone regarding the pic above:
"tfw twitterfags thinking they can pull a DMCA on a site when 60% of the content being leaked from patreon and subscribestar is already copyright infrigement and the'd get taken down by the megacorps in less than an hour if they tried to take legal action for their precious unlicensed cash-grab content."


I know Meanybeany has a really odd idea of copyright, going so far as to bitch about someone uploading a long out of print manga. He complained at least once about someone leaking his stuff, but that was it.


File: 1614807848177.png (861.08 KB, 1920x1080, Amyth is a faggot.png)

Time top add the artist AMYTH to the list, this fag is literaly adding premium currency ONTOP of having to pay him. You basicly have to pay him extra to get old content!!! WTF???? Why should I be paying extra to simply view your art when im already paying you, if we could make a thread to specificly pirate his art since this fag wants to time vault it away. That would help


Holy shit anon you're right! This guy even goes so far as to only post the low res on his Fur affinity and permanetly locks all high rez behind a paywall! Jesus christ i didn't know he was that much of a jew about his art but it seems so.


Is that "stars" thing even allowable under Patreon's TOS?


Idk let me look at it and see, I have a feeling that Amyth did this because patreon TOS doesn't say anything about paying for premium currency. But my god putting your old HIGH REZ art into a content vault like its a fucking mobile game is the jewyish of the jews of tactics. Ill get back after reading it to see if it does go against it, if it does Im most certainly organizing a group to spam patreon that he is breaching terms of service by being a greedy cunt.


File: 1614820793916.gif (1.71 MB, 300x209, i wanna extra kill myself.gif)

Welp, Ive read the colorful forums of patrons terms of use as well as its community guidelines. There are no guidelines that say that you can content lock older content and have patrons forced to pay it. Which fucking sucks. thats how a majority of REALLY good artists art gets lost forever. So Amyth is perfectly free to do that, which is bullshit.


The way E621 runs it's DNP list it's gonna turn into fchan sooner or later, that shit kills boorus.


surprised anybody remembers fchan. What happened to cause it to die?



It's actually worse than just some idiots thinking they're losing money.
Some artists just have a fit if they see their art re-uped on e6, even if it's free. Because who would possibly want free publicity right?

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