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>it's a furfag
every time


what does being a furry have to do with anything? I'm sure plenty of normies are assholes too.


Oh, yeah.

"The leaker" huh?


Exactly. Nobody "wants" to see their art shared freely if they're "the kind" of artist who insists on locking absolutely everything behind paid subscriptions. Its obviously not only furry artists who are like that. EG I don't follow ANY furry artists but I see this kind of thing pretty regularly.


I wonder how many people are retarded enough to think this was only meant to affect a leaker, who he says couldn't possibly be someone who likes the art and just happens to share it with other people.


That's more than what Disney+ and Prime Video cost. Both offer metric fucktons of movies and TV shows, and people already share those accounts. If the OP artist thought none of his regular subscribers paying $10/month for a single comic series from a single guy would try to get their money's worth by sharing shit with others he's fucking delusional.


cry harder chimp


yiff in hell faggot


wahh wahh give me free art

fuck you, at least recognize that you are being a leeching scumbag instead of trying to rationalize it


fuck off white knight hope you get banned

EDIT: thanks for the upvote kind stranger

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