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>waiting 5 decades for people to upload the latest sets of an artist i like

>people just upload the sketches



Kek, it does feel like it goddammit


>no one update the artist I like since 2019


File: 1621396285552.jpg (39.78 KB, 593x593, ec1.jpg)

Try waiting 4 centuries for an update and when it finally happens, all that got added was a single.lousy.text.post.


File: 1621410199169.gif (976.86 KB, 386x172, ooouip.gif)


Here here. Just look what it did to this guy when he saw "last updated yesterday" after 4 centuries… And it turned out to be "rewards sent".


well funny story
>i ask for people to upload sets
>they upload sketches
>i ask them to update the artist in general a few weeks later
>fuck all

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