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Quite like the new beta. Layout is much more clean that the current one.
Glad that there is a sorting system in the favorites.


File: 1613438172992.png (279.57 KB, 805x511, スクリーンショット 2021-02-16 04423….png)

Firstly, thanks for the new layout! It's beautiful.
And a humble suggestion, if I may: currently only the posts with a header image get the "view post" button, not the text-based posts; and so we can't access the artist's page through text posts. It would be nice if you could add the "view post" button to all the posts alike.


Is anybody else getting a 500 Internal Server Error on the favorites page?

Also a couple suggestions, Maybe adding missing posts to both favorites and artist accounts. Would know how many posts have been added if updated. Another suggestion is for the banner. I have the idea that we could access the patreon, subscribestar and etc. accounts from the banner by clicking on the website icons if the artist has multiple accounts across multiple websites.

Other than that, the new layout and ui improvements are great. I will say that the beta is about 5% slower on loading everything than the previous layout, which I'm sure that'll get ironed out and become just as fast as previously. Full image loading in a separate page is a bit slow I'll admit as well.

Loving the fact that I can concretely see my favorites in one page with easy ui page switching across the website now while also knowing when favorites have been updated. Something that yiff.party never did well for most of it's time existing. So great job on that. Looking forward to any changes and improvements on the website.


I say go ahead and launch the beta to the main site, works fine for me and I need that fuckin' Favorites sorting like goddamn.


I just get a 404 on some icon image "favicon.ico" that probably doesn't matter. No 500s.

Although it looks like all the javascript is dead. I only get the default "you haven't favorited anyone" message, even if I have the favorites key in local storage. Does it even work for anyone?


Never mind, it doesn't use local storage anymore.


Thanks! I'm glad people like it.
Still have some bugs to fix and features to implement.
Correct; everything is stored as a session now. I plan to make a script that'll transfer everything over when the beta is officially released.


The new interface is not too bad. The tabs could use some polishing in terms of how its displayed. Other than that, its pretty good so far.


if you don't mind sharing, what kind of features are you thinking? You don't have to fully give it away. A tease of the features is good enough.


Hey admin, I was wondering if there was a way to implement a shared-file system, mainly for posts that were sent via email or locked behind some third-party paywall.

And to counter post spammers, we can implement a community voter index. If it's voted too heavily in the negative, it will notate that the file is probably a shitpost or virus. And if it does hit a negative value (-20 or -50 is a good start) via the community vote, the download will come with a disclaimer before you can verify the process to obtain it.

It's just an idea.


I think endless pagination like the one YP had would be a nice addition. IIRC, kemono had that at one point. It's really useful for scraping links using addons like link gopher, etc.


File: 1613819037782.jpg (440.49 KB, 900x1200, GeQqLma.jpg)

>favorites wiped
>but now you'll be able to see when they last updated



I really wonder if they're going to make a favorites import/export system like yiff party
i have a text file of my favorites just so i could have the same list on my laptop. it'd be nice if i could just slap that in if i have to clear cookies or something to get that favorites list back


Site is almost unusable right now as only 1/10 clicks gives anything other than 525 errors.


I think the dates on the favorites page are the date of the most recent post to patreon that has been imported. rather than the date of the last time someone imported posts.

I'd personally prefer the latter. What if someone does a full import/rip of a patreon that's lapsed (stopped posting) it'll show as being updated not very recently at all, even if someone has added 100s of new imported files just that very day. (This is probably a somewhat common occurrence, rage-ripping)


It would be nice to have tags for artists, for the type of content they make. I.e. furry, kemono, anime, game mods, niche fetishes, asmr, youtubes etc.
This would make navigation easier.
New fav page told me to wait while it was importing (and it did)


Soo we just have to wait all our favourite artist to transfer? How long tho?


Hm, can't view the artist search page. Just takes me back to the home page instead. Favorites works fine. Seems all other pages are okay too. Just can't search for an artist since it refuses to go to that specific page.



Same. I keep getting 502 errors as well.


>New fav page told me to wait while it was importing (and it did)

Ah yeah I see it I see it, good shit


one thing is really like is the random botton


File: 1613881910104.png (80 KB, 878x624, 無題.png)

tables of "recently updated artists" contain less than 25 artists at each page (say 13) and the ones dropping from the list don't appear on the next page either - they're simply missing in the list.


How about a list to show how many posts are missing from each tier?
Would be handy for the request thread.


So what do we do if somebody continually updates a single post instead of making new posts? Is there a way to update patreon posts?


lots of favorites artists are missing in [favorites]


I'm really liking the new layout, very usable, better than YP even. hoping that the site gets more stable soon though, reminds me of the dark days of November

also is the thing that shows how many posts are missing coming back soon?


I hope the request function on the artist page gets added back.


Keep getting a 502 error whenever I try to favorite an artist.
Yes. If you click on the flag next to the date of the post it will flag it for re-import, and it will be updated the next time someone uses the import feature.


this new site version wiped out 2/3 of my favs for whatever reason


I can not speak for others, but on mobile even if things look way more clean, the website seems to load much slower


dude, the new layout is so good omg, it's like a bunch of step from the previous one


So whenever the site redirects to https://kemono.party/config/add or https://kemono.party/config/set (when favouriting an artist or changing the layout from cards to grid), it always gives a 502 error. It's been like this for a few days now so I was just wondering if this is a known issue.


I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but I cannot see the favorite star in the banners of any artist anymore. I had to bookmark Lord-kvento's page so I can favorite in the future.


I just got an error 503 switching pages in the recently updated artists page.


So is that why the favorite button is missing? like I cannot put any artists into my fave anymore


>Removes "X" button on artist page
God I hope you're just tinkering with it to bring back later. All that diaper-yaoi brap crap needs to be filtered asap.


Is the site down for anyone else? I've been getting nothing but 504 Gateway Timeouts for a while now.


File: 1616497007983.jpg (41.98 KB, 630x420, detective-pikachu-leak.jpg)

Would've been nice if you could sort posts by date added to kemono, instead of date published by the content creator


Any plan to add a way to sort favorites by latest update?


that was in the old (new?) layout, which is gone now and it


I know. It would be great to have that back.

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