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I'm sure you're all aware that sometimes, posts don't get imported on a creator you import. I'm asking that if you're so inclined, could you please share your importer ID with the dev team? It would greatly help out in ironing out this strange issue. I've noticed it with multiple creators. Whoever imported Sashtrash and DiscordTheGE, PLEASE get in touch with either Me (@Usah_Sojamee on Telegram) or the admin (@shinonomeme on Telegram) and we'll try our best to get to the bottom of the issue.


Should probably have this pinned. I don't import but I'll keep my eyes peeled.


Whoever imported freckles should contact you as well. I've noticed that "Busted 4" post is completely gone now.


whoa cool what linux OS are you using sorry if offtopic


Could you sort out the mistakes in the IRL porn purge before you forget too? This is is just 1 example but I get the impression there are multiple artists "to be IRL purged" that aren't IRL and therefore shouldn't be getting purged. >>8386


I bookmarked several artists specifically because they were conveniently missing the only posts I was interested in, usually ones involving non-original characters, in the hopes that the missing posts would appear someday.

I worry that some artists are so obscure that the only person on the planet who wanted to share them here gave up after one try.


These artists are missing a lot of their older posts:
I’m not the one importing them but I just thought I would let you know.


I also want to report that (for now) i found 1 old post missing after it got updated, misty final animation post


Episode 4 and 7 of Log Horizon are missing, even though everything up to 16 has been scraped



whats the situation on the wrongly excluded creators??? Been a couple days now since the problem was highlighted…


…isn't that just plain old Ubuntu?


host your own server like any decent faggot would
trust me it solves a multitude of problems try it yourself


Is that supposed to be a joke?


Whats going on with the non-ILR creators that were mistakenly added to the "IRL list"???

Or are we just making things up as we go along, doing a willy nilly kind of operation and just adding any creators regardless of IRL or not?



Some of their sports-themed Eeveelutions set which has been uploaded before has gone missing now. I dunno what is happening truly here, but I hope things will get better soon.

(P.S.: SubStar posts has 1-1-1970 timestamp due to a bug, so go to the last page of an artist's page to see the latest post.)



For some reason their 2019 folder post is missing…weird


60 posts on Patreon, only 14 on KP


This artist has missing posts that are older than the newest one, to be more specific the posts from 03-04-2020 to 07-09-2020


id: 71c45cde

posts are just not going through, tossing me "error fetching logs"
some posts have imported, but the attachments dont show


Everything is wrong about Rossi Tsukigata, all the files are blank and nothing worked


I'm noticing several artists who are missing a ton of posts.

It's like if the scraper just skips over/misses posts but never seems to realize it needs to import them.

I think the only way to fix it would be to do a full compare between the source site and all posts imported to KP…



Maybe count the posts on the source site and in KP and flag those with discrepancies for sync?


I know most of you don't like vore, but I would like all of their loops and animations on here for the sake of completion, they're a piece of shit and a dumbass and I don't wanna give them a fucking cent for their shitty art and well, opinions, (They're an IDF soldier and propagandist) I only want the loop "Angel Cough", but if someone can dump all their shit please please do


Hey, there's a bug where you can't download certain pics and it will send you to a 502 bad gateway. Can someone fix this? I want to download from this link


all i receive trying to download or see in the posts is the error: 502 bad gateway



We have an answer for this in the issues and feedback thread.




"Error while connecting to archiver."


Spindles got "updated" yet again, and the flagged posts still aren't reimported

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