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share contnet of banned patreon creators if you have it (and it isnt on kemono).

heres some shit from the paraphore patreon before it got nuked. its repacked with better compression and no password.


one of the archives is high res art and the other is the lossless ost with patreon exclusive tracks (rip).


why was paraphore nuked also where can I play the latest version


I don't know why Mal Malloy was banned from kemono.party, but here's my archive of her content that was imported onto yiff.party up to April 2020.



How does someone get banned in kemono? i've been looking in the ruls but can't find anything that says how, maybe i'm just blind


Admin bans creators as a form of quality control, you can see who was banned here https://kemono.party/help/bans


>80 gb in total
what do i do im low on storage


Link doesnt work


Well, I sure wish they would unban Mal Malloy; her content is quality.
Make more storage, :^)


Someone should update the torrent leaks for https://www.patreon.com/shiroganesama


She won't be the only one banned very soon…
She'll be among another 314 people banned from the site…

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