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How do I install Gallery DL for Windows, I've never used anything from Github before and I need gallery dl for kemono


1 Go to https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl

2 Click Releases on the right side

3 Click Gallery-DL.exe in the topmost (newest) release and download the file to your computer. Remember the folder you downloaded it to on your computer.

4 Open Powershell (Windows Flag Key + X, I).

5 In the Powershell window type: cd {whatever folder your downloaded the file to in step #3 here}. If you're too retarded to figure out where you just downloaded the file to, try cd ~\Downloads

6 In the Powershell window type: gallery-dl {URL for the gallery you want to download here}

7 If you want to find out more options, type: gallery-dl –help


when trying to download from kemono gives the error "403 forbiden"


My guess is its related to the site being broken for the past week or more.


how the hell do i use this on microxp im getting error
test form mypal browser (lol vbox works on winPE but with errors)


Only getting errors 403 :/


OP Here
when I use gallery-dl it says "The term 'gallery-dl' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet,"


If you're using powershell you need to type .\gallery-dl.exe to run executable


I don't suppose you could explain how to install Requests ( https://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/user/install/ ), which is a requirement of Gallery-DL?

If that's not a requirement, then I have no idea why it's not running.

Running .\gallery-dl.exe gives the same error as OP has.


are you running it in wich OS?


Hey, OP of the other thread that mentioned gallery-dl here. I tried installing gallery-dl via Python's pip command at first, but it didn't work for some reason I forget. I probably set up Python wrong. So I decided to install gallery-dl via Chocolatey instead, but unfortunately that was a few months ago and I don't really remember exactly how I set that up (or, for that matter, what Chocolatey even DOES as an application). After that, though, I just typed "choco install gallery-dl" in Command Prompt and it automatically downloaded everything gallery-dl needs to run, including Python.

Sorry if that's not too helpful a reply but unfortunately that's all I've got. Once you DO get gallery-dl running, though, I can help explain how to set up a config file and download from places that require logins and capchas and such.


Windows 10 Pro

I get this when trying to do what you suggested:
'choco' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


that means you dont have "choco" installed or is not listed on the enviroment variables



Yeah, Chocolatey is a separate application you need to install first.

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