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Well its better than nothing but I defo understand your frustration. Often the lower tiers are literally just "teasers" of the highest tiers, and sad!y a lot of artists aren't getting top tier leaks regularly. I guess not mqny people are rich enough to afford (or see the value in) $12+ per month for 1 single artist. Pledge to even 5 of your fave artists (JUST so u can see their shit) and you're potentially losing $65+ per month. That shit is fucking insane.



How? How is this possible? In fact how is it possible to even update "an artist"?

I go here…


All I can do is rip ALL the artists I support, so there's no way to select the artist I highly support and not update all the ones I barely support? Heck I think even FREE patreon posts will update if I follow them? Since this ripper uses my feed without a filter? right? Or am I misunderstanding how this works?

Because I'd actually love to do as you suggest, but it doesn't seem possible. (But I'm also not making a half dozen new patreon accounts and repaying artists a second time to make it work).

So flat out, is there anyway to import an artist I support to kemono.party without importing ALL the artists? Like to just pick one to import/update?


More like don't update artist unless you have something to share.

Some people that just update empty posts with "rewards sent" and don't actually upload the said "rewards". >>8074
just upload everything? Ignore OP he's clearly autistic, all tiers are appreciated as long as something is actually uploaded


look asshole, I was talking about almost exactly the same thing. some artists don't post any art at all except on the highest tier. and tons more only post low-res art on lower tiers, the exact same stuff they post to their public galleries for free.

so don't go throwing around insults at people who are in the same boat as you, ok?



except I'm not sure your suggestion is technically possible, although, that just means it's a feature suggest, rather than a user action that can be taken?


I'm OP, the guy who wrote >>8074 is someone else


While we're at it don't update the artist if they're hiding their content behind things like invite only google drive links unless you're reposting the videos. You're helping no one you complete idiot.


From what's been said above, it looks like it isn't possible to pick & choose what gets updated. It sounds like it just scrapes any new posts on whatever tier, regardless of whether they contain "actual content" or just one of those pointless fucking "rewards sent" posts. People who are subbed to any tier (IE, the anons providing the updates) NEED to USE THE [UPLOAD FILE] FEATURE. PAY ATTENTION TO THE POSTS ON PATREON! IF THEY POST "REWARDS SENT" OR "GOTO MAIL, GOTO DISCORD" THEN YOU NEED TO UPLOAD THAT CONTENT MANUALLY. I think this has been said enough times over the past 2+ years since the same shit happened all the time on Yiff Party. Its about time we used the features that are there for us to use (and not just there for decoration).


"please don't donate to me if your donation is less than 1k usd. Seriously, the nerve of some people"


I know! people should be more grateful for all those text-only posts and low-res art they can easily find on Twitter! reuploading free stuff is what a piracy site is for right?


Nah. If you're at the "every bit counts" and such tiers where you only get public posts anyway then yeah. But otherwise, well, every exclusive bit that you get for free counts. I'd rather have people sharing the 1200px version of the exclusive furry comic where I can barely read the dialog than have the site dies and lose everything waiting for the 4k versions.



The problem is I support one artist at the highest tier and like 3or4 at the lowest tier. So there's like literally no way I cannot add to the problem :(

Now the spam updates don't bother me personally a ton, but for anyone who is bothered by spamly wasteful blank empty updates, bring it up with whoever codes the site, not rando's who are importing stuff, we're powerless.


at least you have a good excuse, I hope that's the real reason why it keeps happening

but whoever keeps "updating" artists without adding ANY new posts… wtf, why


Not adding anything new, I can get why people get angry, but when people get angry because it's not the top tier… That's definitely some pissbaby levels of whining.

Just because there are one or two rich anons that have the bank capacity to pledge the highest tier doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE anon on the website can do that exact thing. Some of us need to pay for food, pay the bills, do taxes, and shit like that. The only reason some anons are able to do the highest tier is because they're so flush with cash (or are good at budgeting) that they have the spare cash ready to spend it on whatever they fancy.

Just be happy with what you *do* get, and don't worry yourself with what you *could* have. After all, it could be worse; You could be one of those anons on the site that keeps requesting an artist to get an update and never recieve one…


I know! people should be more grateful for all those text-only posts and low-res art they can easily find on Twitter! reuploading free stuff is what a piracy site is for right?

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