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-8Muses (jampacked full of paywalled porn & fetish comics, also lots of single image rips/leaks of various artists. You'll need an account)

-F95Zone (apparently mostly for paywall porn games but also hosts paywall art leaks. Until very recently it was the only site that had 100% upto date master archives of various artists such as Hijabolic & Blackadder. Need an account)

-E-Hentai / Ex-Hentai (not officially a piracy site but is "piracy friendly" and if you know what to look for you'll find LOTS of paywall leaked packs of lots of diff artists)

-420chan (not really familiar with this site but I found a dedicated Ninjartist leaks thread, and probably has other artists)

-Random chan boards (I know they're often cesspools of human garbage & super evolved trolls but some have dedicated leaks threads. Only 1 I know ATM is BBWchan if you like that kind of thing (including inflation))

Thats all I can think of ATM so if anyone knows any others please drop some links.


Nice finds


russian porn site http://pornolab.net/forum/index.php (need reg)



-U18chan: furry piracy image board, has dedicated threads to many artists and independent leakers from kemono.party

- Permanent booru: Tor network furry booru, basically e621 without any dnp, a lot of stuff from kemono.party and u18chan gets uploaded there, worth looking.
Links to the permanent booru:


(Links need TOR browser to open)


Thanks for the additional sites ;)


I've been there before, few times. I can totally guarantee the site is safe (since it's a dark web address).
But something sparked my curiousity; what's the damn difference between the two links?
And does each links has their upside and downside?


Both links lead to the same content, they are just a different gateway for the Tor browser, sometimes one will be down while the other works just fine, so I always share both links


Do these links work, i am using ToR and it is taking a while to load.


I tried them right now and both worked, sometimes the site goes down for small periods of time but it also could be an issue on your end




beforwarned: some of these sites can lead to redirects and defecate malware on you.


>support me on patreon
how come this site wasn't taken down yet

on the ED article it says the site owner blocks vpns and sells the ip address of the poster to the original artist

lol my browser works fine in VM (i use it to browse shady sites and cracks)


wait what? can you elaborate more about U18? and does just surfing there silently still not safe as the admin will sell my ip?


there was some rumor (i forgot what chan) that the admin was getting bribes


>blocks vpns
I don't think u18chan does this by choice, people use VPNs to evade bans and possibly spam or vandalize the site, so it seems like the most rational thing to do is to ban those ips instead of constantly cleaning the spam.


Which sites? I'm the OP and none of the sites I've listed are dirty. I use them regularly with no problems. Of course, I have ESET (nobody should go online "naked") and uBlock. But I'm security conscious and wouldn't even entertain a site if it isn't clean.


planetsuzy and svscomics


Thanks, OK so these are 2 potentially dodgy sites we should avoid then right?


Is there any Vore art sites like the ones being listed here?


You could also just try searching for vore artists on the above sites.




Bump *sigh*


ah yes encyclopedia dramatica, my favourite reliable source of information


thats based on what they said (i cant reliably tell whats true and what isn't)

pesonally i only use this site for a quick laugh whenever im bored
the internet is serious business and ED hates
Dumb (aka internet bullshit)
Asking for
Attention (get the joke)

also im surprised nobody made an ED article for patch reuben jole dolphin nano or whoever this is
>archive.is/Go5WK (haha too late i archived it)
honestly if theres a bitcoin ATM next to me i will happily give BTC sheckels to aediot (or ask in the forums)
YP admin got lucky this site deserves an article there (no fucking way kemono dev gets away with this)


bruh stfu i know u fapping to that furry scat shit


Any Art piracy sites that are not furry artist focused?


not to our knowledge


Apart from the sites in the OP (none of them are furry focussed) I don't know.


I just found another site that had something I wanted, but I don't know much about it so PLEASE use an A/V and an ad-blocker!


BTW probably don't click the buttons under the search bar (Hentai Cartoons, Live Cams etc), they lead to random sites which could be dodgy. Might be safe but I'm not gonna test it lol.


TBH, a site like that is a hotbed for malware redirects.


Lots of paywall stuff uploaded there



Just to confirm, I've DL'd a few sets now with no problems. EG




If you have no security installed though, I wouldn't bother cos unlike the main sites in the OP I can't vouch for this one yet. All I can say is I'm not seeing any red flags except those "redirect buttons" under the search bar. The buttons UNDER those buttons (Home > Various Authors) are OK to click too.



Thanks. I just had a quick look thru some packs. So far seems legit. No popups & no warning messages (with adblocker & upto date ESET installed). Lots of comics on there.


ehh just another aggregator site that scrap from exhentai? well at least they took more category than nhentai and doesnt look as shitty as hitomila



Oh thats why it looks so similar to NHentai.

Still, its always good to have alternatives. I guess if something gets DMCA'd from Ex-Hentai (which apparently does happen) its good to have those mirror sites as a backup (assuming thats how it works).


>>9256 >>9261
PROTIP if you have low end PC install tiny7 in a VM (works fine with just 4gb vdi file and 768mb ram perfect for notebooks)
whenever i browse shady sites in the vm my avast web shield goes off lol (where can i get deep freeze crack i don't have time to reset my VMs)
also don't use avast i feel violated (it was preinstalled) whenever i browse shady pr0n sites it tells me my IP and cookies are exposed (it happens on purpose this is not random)


I probably should learn about VMs. The cosest thing I ever used was Sandboxie which is probably nothing like a VM lol.




Are there any other good sites where you can post requests for artist paywall content?


The only ones I can think of which allow requests are F95Zone & 8Muses. Generally though, requesting on any site (from Yiff, to Kemono, F95, 8Muses etc) is 99.99% a waste of time. So I guess really, theres no good sites to request anything.



What's Yiff?
Or did you mean Yiff.party?


Yea sorry I just meant Yiff.Party…

I haven't been able to find any other good sites either, its just the same few. I don't understand how/why paywall art piracy is such a tiny scene.


Indoctrination. I know, seems weird, but that's what it boils down to. Artists tell people "No piracy" and everyone just does what they're told. The artists say "Piracy is theft" so all of their followers just accept that as fact.

In short, they control the narrative, and since no one is able to publicly challenge that narrative, no one is able to openly introduce people to the paywall piracy scene. It mostly just has to be found.


and before yiff party, you had to go on sites like planetsuzy to find any art and deal with aellscape of redirects

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