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Whoever was updating or kep giving updates on Jtveemos section on kemono stopped submitting the patreon stuff and its kinda been a while by now
I know Kemono is not up to date but its kinda now taking a while since other artists keep getting updates


Yeah its sucks there only "two" artists that Im here for, one was last updated in december and the other in april..of 2020 oof, and I say "two" because everyone interested in the stuff of these two know that they are the same artist with two different names


THe biggest problem with jtveemo is that he only keeps high res around for a month before its locked away and the link is not working. Im pretty sure the high res images from april wont work now when updated unless somebody uploads them and post them somewhere


Sadly thats just how it goes. Some artists get regular updates, some artists don't get updated for months, or over a year, or 2 years. Some artists still aren't on Kemono despite being reasonably popular for 3+ years. It was the same on Yiff.Party, so theres no reason to believe it'd be any different here. You can try requesting but in my experience that is an utter waste of time (you got more chance of winning the lottery 3 times over). Honestly I've learned with these 2 sites its best to just forget about what isn't here and just focus on what is (EG find new artists for now if your faves aren't ever being updated).


I see jtveemo page was updated but all the high res links are now dead, did anybody save them before that?


Does anybody have a password for the high res images that are located in the google drive? OR did anybody save them and can they upload them? Would be nice to get



Oh I know of that one anon, but that only has the low resolution images, i was asking for the high res ones that are now gone and deleted from the google drive

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