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Artist are finding ways for the Kemono.party web scraper to not get their download link.
They do this by hiding the download link in the comments

I was wondering if any kemono.party admins/developers are willing to even consider adding comments import to their web scraper


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I hope this get solved before more artists start doing this…


"Yo Ralkey, thanks this actually works!" - Paywall artists, 2010



That's an easy fix, just import comments with posts like it was done on yiff.party


or maybe someone just manually upload it using user-shared feature (the little "upload file" link above the artist middle banner).

probably will take more time but until posts comments also featured,its the only way,but kinda doubt it will happened sooner since its seems not major/primary target for current site improvement as the main issue to-be-fixed(cmiiw) is stated here >>410

unless admin accepted this feature request ofc, so try ask admin politely.


quick bump


What does CMIIW stand for?


instead just let us comment on posts
mini chan.party thread for every post uploaded, directly under the post


Well, what do you know, I was JUST about to post about JADF. That fuckin' loser searched high and low for us. Anyway, there's multiple ways to tackle it.

We could just download the zip files from dropbox and upload them, since we already have the file uploader.

Or we could somehow convince the people working on the site to whip up a comment importer like yiffparty did before they kicked the bucket.

Or we could somehow convince JADF (and other artists) not to do this.


sasuga, JADF
anyway, you guys can't simply expect secrecy to fool people like JADF. there are loads of artists who browse /a/, /v/, and /co/. Any new development will soon be heard by them.


or using art slots: empty posts in advance that are later updated


do artists still do the shit where they make unique images for each patron that include their ID somewhere in the image? that shit was really schizo, i think there's a website that does something similar and only the paranoid artists post shit there


that sounds so fucking retarded that i actually believe you


it gets worse: if an artist bites it, their art is lost forever, especially if it's under a paywall.


You may be talking about Primeleap which does exist. Many artists will claim to use the platform as it has a friendlier UI than Patreon but I think everyone knows they use it for the invasive security measures hidden beneath the art. There is also a website being run by Faf that also uses security and even blockchaining in the event their content gets leaked anyway. The amount of pain and suffering artists go thru to safeguard something that they're going to be paid for anyway is just baffling.


Why is it always the super degenerate artists that do this shit


File: 1620841573665.jpeg (30.21 KB, 306x306, 11EA4D6C-1D63-4F23-8A71-8….jpeg)

>basically paywall NFTs
>mfw people are impacting the environment just so they can watermark paywalled pics of people putting their penises where they shouldn't belong


File: 1620861668164.jpg (156.49 KB, 1200x915, didney.jpg)


I'd like to see their defense when it involves characters they don't own.

>You're not technically paying for the art featuring someone else's IP

>It's just a reward for giving the artist money!!

I've actually seen this logic used.


From what I've seen, I'd wager a good 80% of all porn art on paysites is fanart, so yea, straight monetisation of other peoples IP's without permission. Essentially just another form of piracy lol but done by people who think they have the moral high ground.

Yea I've seen that same quoted defence used a few times myself too, on Yiff Party arguments. I wonder if the people saying that BS actually believe it themselves…


File: 1620883195830.png (740.5 KB, 1864x881, schizo.png)

exhibit a
yeah primeleap is the one i was thinking about. some high level autists on yiff party were discussing ways to circumvent the watermarks but i dont think anything ever happened


>some high level autists on yiff party were discussing ways to circumvent the watermarks but i dont think anything ever happened
Nothing ever happened because it required editing every image individually, or at least editing one image of a stack of alts, and copy/pasting over doing only what was changed as required, and most anons are lazy. If there isn't a brain dead one button solution to the problem nothing will come of it, outside of the rare instances someone stops being lazy and removes the watermarks for at least some of them.
The solution is easy, just import the comments like Kemono should have been from the beginning, given literally anyone who stopped for 2 seconds would have seen this coming leagues away at the prospect of the comments not being imported as well.
This is going to require back-importing of all the comments for already imported posts as well, or at least the comments for posts that are still up, thanks to the discrepancy of any now-deleted posts.
Kemono might even be able to 1-up yiff.party if they add the ability for comments and posts to have multiple versions if there are any changes between uploads, as some artists were waiting for yiff.party to do its thing and then change posts after the fact to put in actual content because yiff.party's admin was too lazy to nip that problem in the bud himself. I know there's at least some artists that don't even do this maliciously, they're just reusing one post to put a list of monthly links to, then link to that post whenever there's an update to keep things tidy.



Lmao I don't think I've even seen that content-nazis' free stuff. It's banned everywhere. It's not worth the effort.


at the rate the site is getting updated it will be an enternity before these problems are addressed


The easiest way to protect their posts is to just add images and videos to the post instead of linking, since Kemono can't even scrape them properly lmao

Every video download just doenloads a 3kb file named "video" and that's it


bumping since this is a very important issue


Was it like that even when the site was working (a month or more ago)?


I remember one time when this dude censored his shit with ye old happy merchant. More honest than most patron artists, I'll give him that.


"Ye olde happy merchant"? WTF is that lol?


The easiest way is to send download links directly to patrons email. Does anyone know the artist Danza? There only posts are updated with the fact that new packs have been released, but there are no links or archives, although the archives on YP were updates monthly, albeit with slight delays. This same shit goes for a lot of other artists who are throwing all download links directly to the email.

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