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guys i can't see anything of kemono anymore, i get this screen (502 Bad Gateway
), I'm afraid, I don't want kemono to end up like yiff part, SOMEONE DO SOMETHING NOW !!!!!!!!!!


I'm sure it will come back online in a few hours or a day.


I sincerely hope so I hope so, because first it worked, and then suddenly it didn't work and more, and I feel very worried about this thing, we sincerely hope that it is only a provisional thing though, because it would really be a very hard blow to bear again


we got any news?


but why this crap ?? i don't know anything at all but from what i know i am not the only one to see this problem but, i hope it is in repair or updating, i just can't stand the idea that another amazing site has been fucked up. i still haven't recovered from the death of yiff party


Quoting a pinned message from admin on the telegram group
>The site is temporarily down as I set up a new server for load balancing, which will increase performance. Should hopefully be done in 1-2 hours, if everything goes well

Sent yesterday 13:48


>>6846 thank god its only updating, hope it guess well and fast


Finally, a confirmation,thanks for the info man.
>daym booba


which 1-2 hours ?? it has been like this since yesterday !!!!!!!! I hope it's maintenance, because I haven't seen it in sight since yesterday morning, the only thing I see is this crappy shit:

502 Bad Gateway


Sometimes things just take longer than planned or expected ( "sods law", you know how it is…). Time estimates are of course just estimates so to treat them as absolutes is bound to lead to disappointment.


when you go to the site it now displays this instead of a 502

> One of the drives on our server died, and some downtime is required to rebuild the RAID array. This should take around 12 hours. All data is safe. Thank you for your patience.

So just be patient, it'll be back in a day assuming nothing else goes wrong


It's the same message as the last time, but now it has been more then 12 hours for sure, i don't know. It's dead?


I can confirm, Kemono is dead


When will it'll be fixed?


for brief times the site works again so they are clearly working on it.


Kemono is back back up!


It is not for me


Its working for me, just extremely, and I mean extremely slowly, like 2-3 mins to load each page slowly. Probably best to forget trying to use the site for a day or 2 unless you have the patience of a Budhist monk.

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