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>Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
>Big thanks to whoever updates those!
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Yep, lol.
I joke sometimes that the author has a fetish for the words “thank you archmage flatt”
Still a good story


Just updated Kennit Kenway and G. Harthane can someone update C. Mantis ( the path of acension)


Thanks for updating Sylver Seeker!


I gotcha fam.


Thanks for the updates King


The spam worked, lol.


Can anyone import An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?)
by KamikazePotato?



How is that story? The title puts me off, but I keep seeing regular updates for it.


It's OK. It's not the best of the genre but I still binged through all the chapters on SB.

Fair warning though, the litrpg elements are pretty light and the protagonist is not OP cheat. Those are pros to me but reading through this and the previous threads 90% of you guys are braindead zoomers with shit taste.



Going to shill Quod Olim Erat by Lise Eclaire. It’s sci‐fi, available on Royal Road. Check the description and reviews there; FortySixtyFour’s review of it is excellent and spoiler free. His only gripe — that the reveal of her defining moment never comes — might put readers off, but there are three books in the series so far and the answers do come. That said, its pace is sedate at the start, the stories are definitely higher brow stuff than a lot of the dreck people here fawn over, and for awhile every answer comes with two mysteries.

Alright, I’ll bite. Got some recommendations?


spotted the delve fan


Somebody stop her
Only villains do that
Wizard's tower
Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply

All can be found on royalroad except the last one which is hosted on reddit and the author's patreon.



TMArkos is working on his third book now. His other two stories are complete and have amazing worldbuilding and character development. All his work can be found on Royal Road.



This type of the story is on the other extreme of wish fulfillment, the setting and the actions of the characters are not credible.

I would argue it's another type of wish fulfillment altogether where the author projects his naive nature (morality) onto his characters.

The stories which don't veer into either extreme are rare, R. Scott Bakker comes to mind though it is a bit dense for some. Joe Abercrombie is perhaps another.


Mantis update please 🥺



Importers giving me lip atm. I'll try again in a few hours.



Importer has been down for a few days already.


Azarinth Healer update? anyone??



Brain cells? You got any of them?


He likes Azarinth Healer, he obviously doesn't have brain cells.


I'm updating Azarinth healer , Delve, Magic Smithing and Sylver Seeker at seiso party until kemono starts working


OK, "jasonbro"


I'm updating Azarinth healer , Sylver Seeker, Delve and Magic Smithing at seiso party until kemono fixes itself.


Thanks, I hope kemono organizes itself, it is so convenient to have a main site rather than a ton of them


might be better to move to seiso.party altogether. hard to imagine that whoever is behind it can screw up more than whoever is behind kemono does.


I don't follow these stories but thanks for the tip nevertheless!


seiso party is shit. No traffic. just using it while kemono is down. After that I'll keep updating on kemono only .


kemono has major problems making is unusable for days every few weeks, as more people hear about the alternative the traffic problems will solve themselves.


Thanks for the update. Seiso seems to be very new. Next to no traffic. How did you hear about it?


On b on here. It's clearly new AF but it works while the importer is down.


maybe we can use seiso.party as a secondary for whenever kemono is down?


I'm already doing it. It's up to the updaters and the people that have content to share. I sure would appreciate it if someone dumped c_mantis on there cause the 4 I dumped are feeling pretty lonely.



Thanks for the heads up.


I didn't know about seiso. Thanks dude


I'm updating selkiemyth and rinoz in seiso party.


Discord for epubs >> https://discord.gg/GEwPVq7c


Thanks a lot mate, you're the best.


It seems the importer is back!


Nope. just admin trying things .


Now it's back. Updated delve. Get on it boys.


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update King.


path of ascension
senescent soul updated
ideas guy
(probably others as well)


Thanks for c_mantís… Loved the interlude chapter


A lot of authors got an update at seiso.party by the way


Most are free patreon chapters


Not so for Alex Claw and Mirikon. I didn't check any others


We just reached the World Congress arc, and I'm pretty hyped.


New thread


Yeah, seiso.party site layout is *much better*. However, fraction of the content.

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