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>Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
>Big thanks to whoever updates those!
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Suppose it does make sense uploading to both yeah, dumb question from me.


thanks for updating ivankal!


Thanks for the Zendran update


Thanks whoever updated tree of aeons!


can someone update selkiemyt?


Thank you for updating Quasi Eludo


Someone please update KaiserBlak


No DotF update this month?



Looks like it, which is damn killing me. It left on such a cliffhanger, and even the wiki isn't being updated with clues to what the fuck is going on.

I'm sadge man. I've had to cut my patty down, so I can't pick up another one.

Anyway, Ideasguy, Macronomicon and Mantis updooted.


What novels are Ideasguy noted for?


Thanks for the selkie update


anyone know about Dinniman?


Can someone please update Vigor Mortis?


Thanks for mantis update


Can someone update sarahlín please


could someone import The Perfect Run?



Sylver Seeker has been updated!


WTF is this request spam. Man chill out. Begging for sylver seeker every hour won't magically make it appear. Someone who is subscribed may be sleeping, or might not care enough to import. Just stop.


Preach on


Thanks for c_mantis


Thanks to whoever updated Mathaz and Zendran. Really appreciate it.


Thanks a lot for updating IdeasGuy. Will be eagerly looking forward to the next update. It's getting very interesting.


updated rinoz and selkie


Thanks for updating Selkie mate.


could someone update VoidHerald's 'the perfect run' please?



love you


Can someone import Cnine's translations? We have more then 20 chapters being held hostage for some of his series.


Oy vey! The poor hostages must be rescued!


Can someone upload E William Brown's subscribestar? The backlog should have chapters from his unreleased books.



Please update c_mantis. He is the only author I follow who gets updated this month


which I imagine is why he is asking

Merciful Troubleshooter is what we want.



I could, so I can, so I did.




Requesting update for sylver seeker


Primal Hunter
Kairos + Perfect Run
Blue Core
Born of Caution
Ave Xia Rem

All updated by someone.





Thank you for updating Perfect Run!


Thanks for updating Mathaz.


Could whoever updated Kuropon this month please do it again?



Is the guy who updates Delve around?



I'm having isssues with the importer at the moment.


Damn was the latest drop you? thanks if so!


Thank you whoever updated Kuropon! You are a god amongst men!


can someone update Coco_P and KaiserBlak?


Sarah Lin got updated!

Now if only DotF got updated as well


request an upload of elbowsnapper who has chapters of reroll and ameliorate in patreon


Thanks for updating Selkie!


Anyone subscribed to McSwazey? The Law of Averages came out of hiatus a few months back and book 2 has been alright thus far

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