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There are some kemono artists that only use Fantia


And Gumroad. We'll just have to keep showing demand is there for support I guess. Eventually it could well happen.


this would be awesome, not even sure why its not already a thing


Yea, I have some artists I want added but are better known on fantia, they have a fan box but no one has added despite dozens of requests, hopefully this will result in more artists!


"no one has added despite dozens of requests". Yea. Sadly thats "requesting" in a nutshell but not even the half of it. The artists could be requested 100's of times (and they were, on YP) but it wouldn't make a difference. Theres some artists I really want but I don't even think about requesting because as both sites have shown, its a 500% waste of time.


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lots of good non-kemono jap artists too



I’m waiting for someone to buy and show off the pics from this cg set by susuanpan and it’s on sale



I've been following one since fall in desperate hope kemono gets fantia support and I can finally dump it all


If theres no ETA on Fantia support for KP, then one option is to just zip/rar this artists pics (who you got? People here might hot after it!), upload to a freehost, then post the link here, and on other pirate porn sites like F95Zone & 8Muses (neither of which require a site to be "supported" , or "previously imported"), and even piracy friendly sites like Ex-Hentai (I've found numerous leaked/pirated content there thats either mostly, or entirely missing from KP, and the former YP).


Might *be hot after it… Where is the "edit" feature on this site FFS lol.


File: 1619406187969.jpg (591.7 KB, 886x1200, soleil Konomiminoko censor….jpg)

I would like to suggest Konomiminoko, he mainly do Fire Emblem characters (especially Soleil) and sometime Pokemon characters: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/34958


Fantia isn't supported yet unfortunately.




Yea, I have links for torrents to the artist, I would love it if someone could upload it somewhere so I don't have to torrent it + others can have it then too.



What artist is this? And if you have links to the torrent, you could just post the links. Theres no need to upload anything or make any new torrents if theres already a torrent that exists. Theres an archive thread somewhere on the board (where you could post it) or just post the torrent/magnet link here in this thread.

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