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File: 1618592632132.png (1.07 MB, 805x531, Flapjack.png)


Lmao, this is a random request, but if you want a laugh then please sign this Gmail up for porn or random shit. I don't care what it is, I'm pranking a friend and I want his email to be spammed to hell.


File: 1618601561499.gif (501.3 KB, 220x251, Wanker.gif)

>if you want a laugh
Its not funny its just stupid. GTFO.


File: 1618602714355.jpg (30.38 KB, 480x360, really.jpg)


please fuck off from this board thank you.


It's literally a harmless prank, I'm not asking you to sign him up for cp, calm your microdick down.

You fuck off, you can easily just not reply asshole.


File: 1618681388149.png (202.09 KB, 500x766, far-off-into-the-distance-….png)


>"It's literally a harmless prank"

Yea and I'm sure he'd find it really, really funny…

>"I want his email to be spammed to hell"

Grow TF up. Your immature stupidity has literally nothing to do with this board.


File: 1618691857174.jpg (38.51 KB, 749x749, pacman.jpg)


>"Yea and I'm sure he'd find it really, really funny…"

Not everyone shares the same sense of humor. You wanna know what he did? He laughed dumbass. The most he got was around 200, which isn't hard to delete.

>"Grow TF up. Your immature stupidity has literally nothing to do with this board."

You're literally the one getting pressed over a prank that didn't injure or hurt anyone, maybe you should think about why you're babyraging before you tell someone they're immature? Especially on a board where irl porn vs animated/furry porn is being debated like what the fuck?


200 spam emails in a day sounds like a ruined email adress to me, not like that shit ever stops once it starts.

Pretty sure you made up his reaction or your friend is as dumb as you since there really is nothing funny about this, you're just being an annoying prick.


File: 1618858030294.jpg (40.96 KB, 750x432, IMG_20190713_161359.jpg)

>B-Bro, my friend laughed i super promise with cherries on top.
Source: Dude trust me.

Anon go to hell, your not fooling anyone you faggot


All you literally have to do is unsubscribe or block the emails that sent it. That's not hard at all, obviously you don't use yours enough. Once again, humor is subjective, Idc if you didn't laugh. If he got mad about it I would've apologized sincerely for it and fixed my mistake, but he laughed so what are >you< even angry about? Touch some grass dumbass.

Nice argument, you really didn't say shit except for "I don't believe you faggot". I don't care if you don't? So go fuck off. What do you want, a picture? You want me to go back in time and record it? If you ask for evidence, provide a way for me to get that evidence or don't say shit at all lmao.


File: 1618905482560.jpg (72.5 KB, 750x600, lol113.jpg)

Haven't used one of these in a long while, but I feel like it's appropriate.



If you don't get the implication: Look at the OP's recruitment campaign, then look back at >>6269


not your personal army
gb2gaia newfag


You're wayyy late, it's been about a week now and I already said it was over. Plus, a yes or no would be enough. Not like I was saying you have to do it or else.

Get off 4chan. The moment you call someone a "newfag" is the moment you need to clean your room, start showering more often, stop peeing in bottles, etc.


.t average-saiditter

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