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If anyone likes SutibaruArt or Bendzz, I just finished updating with everything I have.

SutibaruArt: All monthly packs between 2017-2020

Bendzz: Becumming Vol.1-8

Enjoy this weird sh*t!


It seems all the Bendzz "Becumming" volumes are all broken. When I click on the rar file links to download them it always says 404 url not found.


Weird… A couple are still working but yea the rest are 404…

No worries I'll report them as dead and just start reuploading them.


Looks like the file uploader is broken… I just re-upped 1st 3 vols and they're all 404 again.

Cmon devs lets get this uploader fixed!


Is there a way to delete some of the shared files? Bendzz's stuff is a bunch of broken reuploads. BTW, thanks to whoever keeps trying to reupload them, your efforts haven't been wasted as #1 and #2 are finally working lol


Yea its a mess now… All the 404 ones have been flagged though so hopefully the admin or a mod will delete them. Looks like "#" in the filename is the cause of the 404's as someone suggested in the issues thread! Thanks to that guy :D

Anyway I'm uploading the rest right now. Its just taking ages because of the constant "invalid captcha" bug.

Anyone uploading anything: maybe avoid any symbols, just incase :/

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