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Figured I'd throw up a thread about keeping track of artists' changing paywall/posting methods.

Post updates from artists about changes to content sharing, platforms, source files, encryption, exclusive discords, and all other lock-and-key business.


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OP also announcing that Johnithanial has reopened his Patreon, if you don't also want to have to pay his SubscribeStar to see his most recent piece.


File: 1618280480729.png (805.8 KB, 641x1000, Chimera_swim2.png)

This was way back from Yiff.party when it was still up but I noticed that Skygracer started altering their PSD files to not include alts to some pictures.


When the same artist uses more than one Paysite then gives bullshit explanations ( "its not a greedy AF cash grab ploy! Honest!") because they think people were born yesterday… Grrrr, GRRRR! And when the same artist does this and uses different names across all of them to try and hide the fact, despite obviously being the same artist… Grrr, GRRRR!!


Lol what is this? XXXCOM2 Super Splash Resort DLC?



File: 1618332942545.jpg (625.16 KB, 750x1061, rachnera.jpg)

This guy is pretty good but all of his shit on patreon is censored even the nipples and he sends all of his uncensored shit on patreon through messages, i guess.
Gumroad seems to be the only one place where you can get all of the stuff uncensored.


File: 1618386906510.png (1.71 MB, 838x1170, sai2_2020-06-25_05-32-47.png)

Here's another alt I think was from yiff-party, though it also wasn't in the PSD nor at the "final" quality as the regular SFW piece. This was just one of the WIP posts, I believe.

As far as I know, Skygracer doesn't send out messages to patrons, so it's weird to think that someone would set up a paywall and not even deliver the final quality work to people giving them money so that they could see high quality alts.


I think the subscribestar of fellatrix is out of update https://subscribestar.adult/fellatrix


Looks like PATAPATA's cracking down hard on some MEGA link shit. Been trying to look around and determine if he was doing anything with a timed public release, but for the time being it looks like everything's walled up good.


He's got a MEGA link listed here, seems to be the current one.

He's got the password being sent out via emails.


I don't recall people clamoring to leak that guy's works, he seems to post stuff publicly in fair enough time. Maybe it's just Patreon cracking down on what people can post at all like they did for public NSFW posts.



anyone who puts a fucking password on their winrar zips deserves to go to hell before they die

also primeleap/emailing links is aids



Jbernal keeps his uncensored stuff under some account check thing called Stegostamp which checks to see if you are a Patron or not



Nitropunk/Screampunk/a fair few other names has password protection on the zips, and I have absolutely no clue how to figure it out, except one post says that a certain password is in the comments.


He used to post publicly for a while, but for the past month he's had it locked behind that one MEGA archive and changing the password every now and then. Since the last post, he hasn't posted anything new publicly aside from preview crops.

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