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>exporting/importing favorites
>seeing when a creator has been last been updated in your favorites list
>having proper page numbers (like page: 1/3 for example) instead of offset: 0/324 or something
Any plans for these Admin? I also think having the favorites list how Yiff.party was laid out where the creator search and favorites list were on 1 page would be better than how it is now.


To add to this, being able to sort your favourites list would be useful. Currently it shuffles randomly every time it's loaded, not even alphabetical by default.


Quick question: Does the site currently have the ability to update posts that have been edited? Some creators will sometimes make a post without any content and later update said post with content.


You can go to a post and flag it for re-import.



my ideal sorting order would be chronlogically by the most recently imported to. (yiff's was chronologically by the most recent patreon post that had been imported, meaning if someone did a gigantaic import with 100s of new entries but none of them were recent because let's say someone was rage ripping a patreon that had been abandoned…. it'd get burried deep in my favorites list and I'd never see it)

atm I'm not sure it is random, I think it's chronological by the order I clicked the favorite button… which is a pretty terrible order… yeah… even alphabetical would be an improvement, although ideally some sort of date based sort with date shown would be 100% perfect world.


File: 1612455213721.png (6.72 KB, 380x140, e-junkie-380x140.png)

Can e-junkie.com be added to sites that can be imported from?


I don’t see that option


File: 1612463485546.png (3.94 KB, 197x200, flag.PNG)

It should be on the left, under the post information, see pic


Chronologically by most recently imported to makes the most sense, I agree.

At the moment I'm pretty sure it's random, if you go to your favourites page and refresh it, every refresh the order is different. I just tried it to make sure I'm not crazy and that's what it does.


File: 1612464570866.jpg (6.17 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

We could really use fantia imports too.


itch.io would also good for import. Is nearly the same as gumroad or e-junkie


I've been hoping for the ability to export/import favorites for a while. Ideally in the same styles as yiff.party so I could just use that to import, but I'll take anything now honestly


The Favorites page should absolutely sort the list of favorited artists by last updated date. It's how YP did it.


they could also just add the "updated" tab to the favorites page. I mean it already exists in the recently updated section, why not favorites


Chrome: Dev Tools panel > Application tab > Storage/Local Storage/kemono.party tree item.

The value under the "favorites" key contains the list of your subscriptions in the form "patreon:1234,patreon:4321,fanbox:666". I suspect this is the only place where fav creators are stored, so feel free to import/export favs by double clicking the value.


>seeing when a creator has been last been updated in your favorites list

Fucking this please.

Literally do nothing on the website except this and it would already improve it tenfolds.


I'm considering writing a user script which fetches pages of all favorited creators, sorts by latest posts and displays latest 5 posts of each.

It won't be able to detect updates in the middle of the gallery, as sorting by date added isn't available (yet?). And it'll waste tons of server resources while doing so. The website isn't optimized (yet?), thumbnails are unreasonably huge and even the current favorites page spams the server with a request for every favorited creator to just get their names, but sharing a script which allows people with 5000 favorited creators to DDOS the server is probably a bad idea…


Wouldn't it make more sense to fix Kemono that to build a workaround for its issues? Since it's open source and you're coding anyway.

I took a look myself, it seems the biggest issue is how the SQL database was designed. Favorites use the "lookup" table which only holds id, name, service and indexed date. (who the fuck cares about indexed date)

I assume changing the database at this point would be difficult without having to manually migrate all the data, so the only option is to cross-reference another table in the request. But that's a lot of extra work for the server.


The fanbox still doesn't work. Some only import around several days backwards or only few posts like oldest post was imported mid january yet there should be way more posts. And it is fairly new import 2021-02-07


I wish they had the feature where it shows the last import update next to the artist's name like yiff.party had.


The request page is broken, no requests have been marked as fulfilled for nearly two months now


I'd just leave that alone for now, though in the future something like yget that can check for updates from all your list of users and download them would be nice. doing that right now would probably just wreck the site, though


importer in general seems to only work when it feels like it, even certain patreon pages are still marked as up to date when they're way behind updates


Importing of comments is a feature that's still missing compared to YP


I agree




Why are there gaps in so many creators posts? It’s like posts made from October to December are sometimes not uploaded


Hey are shared files working again?


Hey is the site down or something?


The site is down.


Error 504 yeah?


File: 1614229608960.png (19.26 KB, 488x80, Capture.PNG)

The server couldn't take the sudden, massive influx of bandwidth raep apparently


Any idea when it will be back up?


admin just needs to sort it out with support then everything will be back to normal… mostly


Still down for everyone right?


Any news from the telegram?


File: 1614297819601.jpg (264.98 KB, 828x701, this.jpg)

Apparently the host pulled the plug on the server because of too much traffic, it’ll be back up in a few days. This is what shows up now when you open kemono


100Tb of bandwidth that fast?


probably all the reaction garbage, hopefully it gets removed


well before the update you had to go through and open every single user you had favorited to see if someone imported something new. also there are weird bugs like the same image being posted multiple times.


i wonder if that glitch the site has where it double uploads content is part of the cause. content adds up and when pics, gifs, etc are on the server twice, it really does a number.
and yes, it's on there twice, they typically have 2 different URLs and sometimes get the auto-added "1" to the end because the original's already there.

But also can there either be a separate site or a vote to move things like reaction and ASMR creators? that's a lot of pretty shit content.


>Site was made to be an alternative to YP that only housed furry content
>kemono is the name of the site which implies furries
>Site still dies from the same issue YP did by allowing a fuck ton of youtube and other non furry related content
>People will still blame furries in the end if that content gets removed

seriously, why even name your site yiff or kemono and house ASMR, Reaction Channel, and other youtube content when it has nothing to do with it's original design? Why can't there be a separate server host for all that junk. Sure, it may cost more to have 2 separate servers for different content, but you could always have someone else to manage the cost of the less desirable stuff so it doesn't weigh down the server of the main stuff.

I get that there's a glitch where every piece of content is uploaded twice, and some images can be quite large, but I bet those youtube content is much larger by comparison and suffers from the same glitch.


I'm pretty sure the youtube shit is just links to unlisted videos, so it's probably less than actual image content.


that's a lot of pretty shit content

'a lot' doesn't do it justice.

More like opening up the flood gates to the sewage factory.


With the favorites being easy to use now the surge in traffic probably did it


Seriously, drop all the ASMR/reaction shit like y'all did with the thots. Let those desperate fuckers start their own Y.P clone for it.


This, drop the reactionary shit, focus on porn.

Will never understand how people can enjoy wasting their time watching some casual watch a poorly dubbed episode of Naruto that aired over 10 years ago


Could we have a list of creators sorted by bandwidth used? I bet all the reaction video cancer is responsible.


I actually would like to see this if we could, it would be interesting to see who is the most popular on this site.


Independently of how much bandwidth the reaction content takes, it would probably be good if it was relegated to it's own kemono instance, that way, if something happened to this site, they wouldn't suffer and vice-versa, also having their own instance would let them have a site for their own, allowing better control over rules and content.
The more we decentralize kemono.party, the better it will be for everyone


Problem is, that requires someone to foot the bill and do the programming to host the site. Ofans.party might be next door, but it's run by an entirely different guy than Kemonodev, and it's a high-level commitment to run a site like this.


So what? If someone doesn't like K.P dropping reaction shit (should that come to pass), it's not on K.P admins to keep those assholes happy.

I say kill reaction shit on K.P and let the assholes make their own Party site for it if they're that desperate. If they can't/won't, that's their fuckin' problem.


not sure where to place this, but one thing I noticed was that almost every patreon image post I opened had 2-4 copies of the same image load, and they were differently named files… that suggests to me kemono.party might be losing 2-4 times more bandwidth than would be needed if there weren't so many duplicate images loading.

on yiff.party it would only ever load one image, and then if the post image was an identical image (or not identical image) I'd be under the post image link (so that two images wouldn't automatically load instead of one? I guess? Maybe?)


Can we have an "add image" option to individual posts when the artist tries "PM ME FOR THE FULL IMAGE" bullshit? By which I mean examples like this:


Nothing is loading all I get are white screens


>>1488 >>1523
yup just like usual everyone points their fingers at the thotfags
>not removing everything on sight
wouldn't be surprised if kemonoDev was BUI all along trying to clean up his hot mess and start over

as a guy who faps to both i can never understand why ppl like scat vore shit so much (yeah i know using insults wont accomplish anything but on a serious note can you stop blaming everyone back and forth no surprise 4chan banned your shit)

remember folks we are gamers we are a family
-IGG games
this is kemono.party after all not hating on simps .party
(different folks different stokes)


Nothing is working all I get are errors and blank screens


same here, lots of error 503s


Direct user uploads should be mod-approved or else someone will do the whole upload illegal content (guess) then report a direct link to the host routine


It's how the last site died. We ain't gamers, either. It's kemono.party, which is a japanese word that's commonly used to refer to furry related content. Ethots and Youtubers have no place here. They only serve to attract a mass amount of people looking for ofans and other thots, which will put their eyes right onto us immediately.


>It's how the last site died.
Yiff died because Bui is a notorious flake, which is a well documented phenomena. Like, he removed thots for months and still ended up shutting the site down. Any argument that removes content in order to "preserve the site" is disingenuous and is likely a false flag attempt by e-celeb white knights in order to keep their precious paywalled content from getting stolen.
Now, if you think it should be on a different site for preservation reasons, just in case one site goes down for whatever reason, then we agree on one thing. Kemono's lack of stability has probably shown most people that decentralization might be a good idea. Thankfully, Kemono is open source, which should allow people to create their own sites for specific niches eventually. Here's a wild thought, if you hate the content being on Kemono so much, why not host a site for that content, you'd be providing a valuable service and complete your goal. Me, I'm fine with things being the way they are right now, but I hope within a year we see more sites like ofans.party spring up to provide different services. If the site is relatively stable within the next year AND nobody is stepping up to the plate on that sort of thing, I'd personally call for a roundtable discussion on how to handle that.


can we all #TryToBeLessFurry for now
being less furry means
- uploading less 8k bloat videos on pateron
- being less hostile towards humans and cyborgs
- helping others setup their own platform instead and less boasting and laughing at them
- throwing less fits on social media
- less arousal to extreme and disgusting fetishes
- less overestimating their intelligence
- being less possessive of their work especially those who utilize the magical technology of private paywalls

and more
- seeing the bigger picture of both sides
- understanding the enemy in a peaceful manner
- understanding that kemono is not a one size fit all
- understanding the need of cultural and data preservation

(plz dont ban i accidentally seen this while downloading answer sheet from messenger desktop)

esther M Howtiz is that you
oh god i hope its not the dolphin pedo

good point (why didn't they tell me before)
also why can't furries get along non furries we all have different interests (brb gonna download aery)
also we simps aren't as dumb as you think were just regular people who happen to be not converted to furry just like agnostics
we can create smazing stuff top ya know


whoops forgot to add you comment (i only seen it after posting my long manifesto)

what about lezhin comics
also is it ok if i request my life with fel

also why is archive.is giving captcha every time
i saw some nsfw game installed in one of the devices in my house looks like someone forgot the importance virtual machines (gonna install wireshark on my newifi D3)


The site keeps deleting my favorites list every time it goes down or updated, or whatever.
Can we please get a way to export/import faves?


quoting to me
guy on onlyfans pic

what does this image say to you

and quality stuff

what the hell why was this post deleted
archiver is a little slow


Yiff actually went down several times because of sudden explosions of content when people started uploading youtubers and 3dpd content. We also know that the ban on it was effective purely on paper, the majority of those pages were never taken down once.
Besides, there are hundreds of options to getting normal porn and patreon leaks from mainstream e-celebs anyway. There are entire reddits, telegramm chats, discord servers, etc. with thousands of active users constantly posting, updating and re-uploading content through mega files and torrents. There are almost no places to get patreon stuff from furry artists: exhentai is more focused on anime and japanese artists and rarely do you get direct dumps from patreon (and the galleries are harder to navigate when you get to 300+ pictures), and on U18 actual leaks are extremely rare and much harder to find unless you're talking about a popufur artist. What's left? luscious.net and old forums where, after you register, you find out 90% of the links are broken, if they are even up to date by a margin of less than 3 years.


just use a good ol txt file

post number is >>1738
also didn't notice my typos above oh well


not to mention a hellscape of redirects


man i wish i had some sort of live scapping script for the board so i can fetch deleted comments while im asleep

>Not the gay stuff

>no amount of content quality will be enough
>onlyfans pic has xxx entertainment on the name
>he quoted when i said about fetishes
>post number is somewhere between 173 4/5/6
>im not a furry ive seen vore scat rape fetish (on second line)
>im talking about YOU
>you caused all of this
>they are interested not in anime reactions or thots
>whenever they see this trash they avoid it

is janny lurking thread i hope not
sorry for my autism and derailment i have the urge to repost deleted stuff my memory sux and webgenie has no cache


A easoer way to request updates would be great.

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