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I'm currently out of cash and can't offer anything back. If someone can do this for free that'd be really nice.

I have a folder (we will call it 123).
Inside 123, there are many subfolders and there are a lot of files and folders in each subfolder.

Does anyone have a script that can be put in 123, and when I run the script, it'll go through the 1st subfolder, get the hash for all files inside the subfolder including the folders within it and then mark the identical files with the same hash and delete those files with a dot in the filename in an ascending order, go through the second subfolder and repeat the process until it has gone through all subfolders in 123?


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just use dupeGuru


>make ascript for me and i will do x in return

wait a minute this thread looks familiar


Yea lol. On Yiff.Party. "Make me a script and I'll update 100 artists. I'm not conning you! Honestly! I'm not! Why wont you berieve me!?".


Yes DupeGuru will do the job fine. I've used/recommended it for years.


Edit: This is surely a different guy though since hes just asking for help. Not saying "I'll update $1000 worth of artists if you make script" :P


>I can't read and I have terminal autism

oh who woulda thought.


Herro, I am patreon supporter but I no have free money right now. I want you to create social media site for me right now, I promise that once you create bestserring social media site for me, I wirr update kemono with ereven gorirrion artists.


What is with this samefagging autist? Who hurt him?


I'm 5213 and obviously 5215 (hence "edit", duh) when I corrected myself. I'm not the Chinese guy. Obviously you're too new to get the YP nostalgia reference I was seconding.



There was someone on yiff.party who made a thread and said if they helped him with programming they could pick one artist and he'd import their stuff for them, this was one month before yiff.party went down.
Someone helped him and he imported two artists.
In that thread, there was a paranoid autist spamming child porn and trying to derail the thread, and it's the same guy shitting up this thread.


DupeGuru doesn't compare the hash, it just assumes a file is the same if the pixels are "similar" or if the file size is identical, it also compares files in all subfolders, and not the files in each subfolder



also i found that android app to find and delete duplicate images anyone have a crack for that

never seen the CP part myself maybe admin was fast that time (was that thread archived?)


Fastest things in the universe (from slowest to fastest):
Your mom.
Your mom.
Your mom. (She's so fat, she's the three slowest things in the universe)
The speed of sound.
The speed of light in terran atmosphere.
The speed of light in a vacuum.
w7-890 looking for CP in a thread.


There wasn't any CP and it was more than a month before the site went down, so I don't know what you're talking about lol.


>3-4 weeks before YP shutdown
>"over a month"

Oh fuck off. Any reasons why you're not spamming CP and reaction images like you always did in the past?



>3-4 weeks

4 weeks IS a month lol, you donut. And it was a good deal longer than 4 weeks, so yea, "more than a month".

>Oh fuck off

"No you"


>4 weeks IS a month lol
>And it was a good deal longer than 4 weeks
no, it wasn't

why are you so mentally ill? srs question


i can do ya 1 better

personal booru software. supports tagging, duplicate searches, tag scraping, gallery searches (e621, danbooru, gelbooru, furrybooru, etc.), import/export folders…

Hydrus is the ultimate coomer software





stupid question but why do people hate hydrus so much (the same way they hate lynxchan)

lol i never asked for such things all i said was i never saw that thing (dunno if the spam was even real)


because it's shit, buggy, impractical and a meme used by maybe 20 people at most


I can but have no guarrantee it will work tho. Unless i write it on python. Python is universal.


OP here, I used anti-twin to do the job

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