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So, If you've been in the Telegram chat for any amount of time, you've seen me posting. I'm the guy who's orchestrating the IRL Porn Purge that is due to take place whenever. All the IRL Lewd shit on the site is slated to get wiped, and with the admin's support, I'm making a list of creators I and others find. Currently, we're up to 206 IRL Porn posters and rising. This list will continue to grow until the site is free of that parasite. If you would like to contribute, I have a Google Form you can fill in with creators you've found. I will paste both a link to the Form, and the spreadsheet of creators.

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wtx6nqvYOWI5Y3v0U1zHafRVaH94X-xEuHTCZBu2PYE/edit?usp=sharing

Report form: https://forms.gle/D6WjVvc9L7MMNshF7


>*Pity, since they do pretty decent Sims stuff… Had to ruin it by posting IRL porn…

Maybe someday, once the site's fully operational, the admin can implement a function where specific posts can be deleted and blocked from importing rather than the artists themselves. I think it would be a good solution for creators who post art and IRL porn.
That aside, thanks for doing this.


For anyone wondering, this is real and has been approved by admin, Irl porn is against the rules of the site, other kinds of irl content like reactions are still allowed of the date of this post.
If you follow any irl creators on this site, I recommend you start downloading and backing up their content, because they're not coming back after their page gets deleted


*As of the date


>reactions are still allowed
I was excited for a second there, why'd you have to ruin it…?



>Irl porn is against the rules of the site

>reactions are still allowed

Weird shit… Whats the logic behind this decision making? Kemono is a porn art piracy site right? So it makes sense that pirate IRL porn isn't allowed, but reactions are neither art, NOR porn, soooo… Can someone help me understand?

Why does reaction content always get diplomatic immunity in these "IRL purges"? Atleast IRL porn is still porn, even if its not art. Reactions are neither, so surely in a logical sense (if thats what the decisions are based on) that makes reaction content 2x more "purge worthy". Whats the problem with IRL porn on a porn site but not IRL non-porn reactions? Seems like double standards.


File: 1617302847141.gif (413.3 KB, 200x149, Obamas Opinion.gif)

To be clear, IDGAF about IRL porn being purged (because its a porn art site), but not purging reactions by the same logic, makes less than no sense (because its a porn art site).


like, how is irl shit allowed to slip through in the first place? Is there no review process?


Those are the decisions of the admin, quoting admin:

>Also, to make something clear, only real porn is currently banned. Everything else is in the clear for now (this may change in the near future)

Please keep that in mind if you're planning on making any sort of purge/ban list.

So things may change on the future


so you're waiting until the cancer is terminal and inoperable


Just remove both IRL porn and reactions


i'm here for art/furry stuff just like most of the other people here but is there something i missed, whys the reaction shit bad again? i know this is site was never originally for youtube mfs but most of them are just dl links or hosted on other sites. its understandable that irl porn is banned because of obvious reasons but am i the only one who doesn't really care about the rest of the weird shit lmao

so yeah… shrug ( '-')


let's see now, some may take up space as patreon-exclusive content. It clogs up the creators list, it's not like the names get labelled 'artists' and 'react-retards'. allowing them opens the door to more tards flooding the place like simps

and it's not porn


Absolutely. 3dpd shit, reaction videos and VtuberWhore content garbage should've been gone off this website a long time ago, Art creators and animators only should be allowed.
Thank you and godspeed you magnificent bastards.

>other kinds of irl content like reactions are still allowed

Oh come the fuck on. Why? It's not porn or art related, it's hundreds of terabytes of uncompressed, bandwidth clogging, mob attracting garbage, why does that get immunity?


What are these "obvious reasons" that IRL porn should be banned while reactions get immunity? IRL porn is irrelevant on a porn art site because while it IS porn it ISN'T art… BUT reactions are TWICE as irrelevant as IRL porn for the obvious reason that "its neither porn NOR art". Think about it.


File: 1617370473075.gif (652.04 KB, 364x200, 200.gif)


I'll just say this. I fucking despise reaction content and wish it could be yeeted as much as you guys, but orders are orders. Admin doesn't currently want them gone so I don't have any say in the matter. If you guys are all so passionate about it, why not start a poll or petition of sorts, to help sway the admin in everyone's favour? If so, then those creators can be deleted alongside the porn ones, freeing bandwidth, and storage space for the server.


if there're more than one admin, or janitors, lets skip the pussyfooting and yeet the admin instead before KP dies from Bui 2.0



That's one of, if not the only, major drawbacks of the current site. Only 1 admin and no jannies to take care of the site. I've been pushing admin to add moderation tools to the site so that I and others can help moderate the site to stop it going the way of yiff.party. Admin just doesn't seem to intend on doing a moderator system yet, though it is completely possible to do so now with the accounts system.


Is there going to be a blacklist preventing the creators from being reuploaded or are all of them going to get shoved back on in 30 seconds?


no moderators, no janitors, 99% likely.


I don't know when this thread turned to the topic of reaction creators but I mean… reaction shit on patreon is behind a paywall and kemono is a scraper site; doesn't seem to breach any rules to to me. If its early access shit, I agree that's dumb to come here for that when they could just wait a few days but a lot of the people who want reactions come here for exclusive content from what I've seen. We all have our interests, idk why some greedy weirdos are so intent on getting rid of the things that don't bother majority of us. Like c'mon we're all pirates(?) and morally gray people lol


>I don't know when this thread turned to the topic of reaction creators but I mean… reaction shit on patreon is behind a paywall and kemono is a scraper site; doesn't seem to breach any rules to to me

IRL porn on patreon is behind a paywall too, and kemono is a scraper site. So the point is: How are reaction vids OK on a porn art scraper site but IRL porn isn't? As already said: while IRL porn is irrelevant here because it isn't art, reactions are twice as irrelevant since they're neither porn nor art.


What's the verdict on content creators like random 3d print patreons? There were a few on YP that are lost now and that sort of stuff doesn't seem to be in demand enough to make a dent in the overall monthly bandwidth.


Yo moderator whats to stop irl fags from simply backing up their creators and then reposting them back again?


I think this is a fucking stupid decision if there's nobody else to support this content. Is the ofans.party admin going to take up the IRL porn that Kemono is removing? If not, then how will people be able to get this content? I've said many times before that I'd be fine with Kemono having a more narrow content window if other sites are there to pick up the slack, and the importance of decentralization, but I think this is too soon of a juncture for that.


About goddamn time. Though I have to echo everyone else's sentiments; I don't understand what gives reaction videos immunity especially since they're almost always "early uploads" that will be public on youtube anyway, and the fact admin won't give a straight answer is frustrating. At the very least this is a step in the right direction.

> upload 3dpd shit on a site dedicated to scraping furry patreon content
> "wtf why are they getting rid of 3dpd content it's not faaaaaair!"
cry harder


I expect so but I can not give any official confirmation


What a dumb way to think about this. There's no obligation for anybody to host any scraped paywall content or create new scraping sites if the stuff you want gets banned.

It's really simple: it's on the admin to determine if the bandwidth and storage costs of reaction content is maintainable. There's also a risk of legal shit by the spergs who consume it bringing more attention to the site but that's unquantifiable.

Hopefully admin has learned the lessons of yiff and the site thrives but if not oh well.


couldn't you simply make a black list of creators that automatically get blocked when trying to import them?


File: 1617486424871.gif (61.24 KB, 112x112, 3x.gif)

>Imagine being this entitled

Cry harder, beta.


I think there's already one implemented. It just needs to be enforced now. Seems deceptively easy to do so, since all you need is the ID looking at bans.js (https://github.com/OpenYiff/Kemono2/blob/master/static/js/bans.js)
TL;DR, Every creator ID will have to be input for it to work, so it will be a while until we 100% weed them out


>content like reactions are still allowed

should've purged those things too


File: 1617510394507.png (206.68 KB, 1893x811, d9e32c8cb3c03bf4d8b82b38af….png)

Oi, can we give the IRLfags a grace period before we clean up their shit so they can pack it off to ofans or something? I don't want this site following the Bui example of "I don't want this anymore so I'm scrapping it without warning". I'm more of a futafag so I don't give a shit about the content, but I do give a shit about archival.

>Is the ofans.party admin going to take up the IRL porn that Kemono is removing?
You'll have to take it up with them, we're only really related insofar as sharing this imageboard to my understanding. Chances are since they're okay with thots they'll be okay with most IRL shit though.
>I'd be fine with Kemono having a more narrow content window if other sites are there to pick up the slack, and the importance of decentralization, but I think this is too soon of a juncture for that.
I agree to a point, but at the same time necessity's the mother of invention. Ofans.party would never have been made if the thot content was allowed here because the simps would just leech off us.

If it helps, Kemonodev made his site open source for exactly this sort of reason, so if you're willing to put in the effort, you can be the savior of simps (even comes with kemonodev's email in case you have questions): https://github.com/OpenYiff


>why not start a poll or petition of sorts, to help sway the admin in everyone's favour? If so, then those creators can be deleted alongside the porn ones, freeing bandwidth, and storage space for the server.

Shall we get this poll/petition started then? If IRL porn is getting purged on the basis that its irrelevant (it IS porn which is relevant, but ISN'T art), then by that same logic, reactions should be TWICE as irrelevant and should be purged too.

Doesn't make sense to have it both ways, so lets just get rid of ALL IRL content since its ALL "nothing to do with porn art".


I might as well get one started. I'll do it on Google Forms since that's what I've been using for the majority of the process, and it'll be easier to calculate them all together on the public sheet.


If you or anyone else ends up making a poll please put it in a separate thread, so more people can see it and vote


Post up the link whenever you're ready, I've get my pen ready to sign.


Sounds good to me!



Don't most reaction creators just link to unlisted YouTube videos?

That's a tiny burden on Kemono since the actual content doesn't need to be mirrored


The point is Kemono is a porn art piracy site, and reactions are neither porn, nor art, so they should be removed. We don't want 1000 reaction creators cluttering up the artists (artists!) list making it a PITA to sort thru & find the actual artists. Something which plagued Yiff Party once the reactions & PC game mods etc starting flooding in.


OP, as well as anyone providing names/links, thank you so much.
Hope that non-porn comes next.


There is a poll being conducted at the telegram group about keeping/banning reaction channels, I think you can vote without joining, so you should vote if you can



It seems the poll has been done for me in the telegram, and unsurprisingly the majority voted against reaction crap. I doubt it'll amount to anything but as long as the admin knows how we stand, it should sway him towards purging them also.


shows how much of a non issue it is since the user base is so small, together with >>4891


as long as reaction garbage doesn't take up significant server chunk I dont mind honestly

that being said, I dont know how big of a "problem" they were on yiff

ideally, everything would be hosted and allowed on 1 giant site with categories or sub-sites, but that seems to be just asking for trouble


>PC game mods
I think we should keep those, they're at least on-par with SFM shit as far as pornography goes.


Unfortunately since Kemono is the only place that can actually import patreon/subscribestar right now, irlfags are going to keep trying to import and frankly I can't blame them. I'd do the same for drawn art if a dedicated irl-porn importing site was the only option and so would you.

I don't know what level of communication exists between the Kemono and Ofans admins are, but is there not some way to move all irl profiles over to Ofans and give Ofans the importer for patreon/subscribestar content?


I appreciate an actual well thought out response. I'm not here for IRL stuff, I'm here for anime tiddy, and if that gets the axe without anyone to pick up the slack I'd be fucking pissed. You might think that won't happen, but argument that this is a furry site could very well mean that it will be removed at some point. Again, this is why somebody would need to take up that mantle, as both you and I have said before. Unfortunately, I don't have the money for the technical knowledge for this sort of thing.
>You'll have to take it up with them, we're only really related insofar as sharing this imageboard to my understanding.
To my knowledge, both admins know each other, and would have been able to talk about this, at least theoretically. Granted, I don't know either of their motivations, so I can't say for sure.
>Ofans.party would never have been made if the thot content was allowed here because the simps would just leech off us.
On the technical side, I doubt that's true, but I also don't know the difference between how onlyfans and patreon handle this sort of thing.

There's some other issues I've thought of. By technicality, anyone who uploads both nudes and art would likely be filtered, as shown in the first part of this thread. Anyone significantly butthurt might go for it as a nuclear option, but that's less of an issue.
And on the topic of making polls, I might have to get really accelerationist in order to make a point, but I'm not sure if I want to go for that right now.


They were never the problem, really. The yiff.party purge had no noticeable effect on the site performance. It was always just butthurt board users who wanted only their specific kind of content to exist on the site, didn't realize that yiff.admin didn't give a fuck about thot legal threats, or didn't understand that shitty backend is shitty. Say what you will, Kemono nowadays works better than y.p did most days.

That said, e-thots that don't even post nudes ARE a waste of time, if only because we don't have a filter system to tell what is what.

also lol at dumbasses circlejerking in telegram over how they represent everyone when only a fraction of users even look at this html board, let alone bother to install telegram.


>also lol at dumbasses circlejerking in telegram over how they represent everyone when only a fraction of users even look at this html board, let alone bother to install telegram.
Man, that could be a bad sign in the future. Much like IRC and Discord circlejerks, being part of a relatively closed-off clique tends to breed some sort of sense of supremacy if left unchecked. Kemonodev is gonna have to be careful to remember that the telegram isn't the majority of users and to keep his ears to the rest of the site to have a measured idea of what everyone wants.


I've never used IRC, or the trendy new Discord & Telegram. I haven't been interested in chatroom apps since the days I was in school, back when MSN Messenger was still a thing FFS, so yea I hear you there, I hope these relatively small cliques AREN'T regarded as a majority userbase when it comes to PR between us & the devs.


just wanted to get my take out there even if nobody cares: its true the majority of people on here that want reaction vids come here for full/uncut reactions. but what about the even smaller demographic of ppl (including me) who want exclusive patreon shit? i come here for both art & webnovels but also occasionally reactions, except to dramas/variety shows. not anime. all if not most of the creators reacting to these series do not post any of it publicly.

so yes, they're all IRL content, & for gatekeeping purposes that's not allowed yada yada… but anime reaction fans can wait a few weeks while i cannot. you see my point? besides there's a bunch of anime discord servers where they share reactions but the creator i like only has 3k patrons and barely a community, much less one that'd be willing to share.


Man alt art people sure are the whitest bunch of entitled people on the internet. No wonder everyone hates furries.



They can either partition that shit off onto a sister site, or make it so this site can filter that kind of stuff if we don't want it in our search results, which would require a huge amount of manual tagging. This is the easiest way to keep the site floating for now.


Now why do you have to bring race into this?


Honestly, filterable tags are something we really need eventually regardless, if for nothing else but fetish purposes.
This was a big problem with Yiff too (though the favorites feature here helps), and it'll only get worse as the site grows. There's always going to be people who come here for diaper shit, inflation, tf, etc, whose crap is randomly shuffled into vanilla creators so that it's a pain in the ass to sort through everything.
Hell, let it be user generated. Places like r34 and e621 manage that fine for individual images. It can't be that much more effort to drop a couple of keywords when you run the scraper so that it can be organized.





watching weaboos watching animu instead of watching the damn thing yourself. That's some lower levels of Dante inferno pathetic.


Gotta say, whoever is reporting all these IRL thots, Thanks a fucking million. Surprised I missed this many. I guess more could've been added since its been a while since my initial trawl but again, thanks. You're helping both me and the site immensely.


He's probably one of those "white apologist" race simps, and a whiteboy himself (thats the generation we're in now). Snowflake Whiteboys & backwards SJW's hating on their own race, nationality & culture because its a "socially trendy" woke "cause". Its f*cking hilarious but a bit sad too. Being half caste I feel this kind of utter nonsense couldn't be any more stupid than it already is. Its easily on par with the "gender madness" we went thru in the past 6 ish years. I see it like weird spates teenagers go thru when their hormones mess with their heads. First it was the gender madness, now its the race apologist BS, next it'll be something equally ridiculous. Finally humanity will grow TF up.


Because "alt art" people (whatever that means. Art is art) and furries are all white? And everyone hates furries? I'm not into furry but I got nothing against them. Now please, STFU and GTFO with that pea-brained race bait BS.


Oi, how do we report IRL requests? Kill that shit before it starts.


is cosplay gonna be purged?



Or it was an auto correct of "whiniest." Which all your posts prove is true.


File: 1617836577585.jpg (121.37 KB, 820x556, 197-1974046_39255562-consi….jpg)

Instead of throwing everything out. A searchable filter would solve 99% of your supposed problems. Reaction "videos" take up next to no bandwidth and space as they are just links to offsite videos. If reaction video patreons could just be filterable from artists then all the whining, at least as its presented here would be satisfied. Surely it would not be hard to have a flag on upload as "non art/reaction" that could be filtered on the search page.


except for, as was discussed earlier, the uncut versions of the reaction videos, which do take up server space and bandwidth


How exactly? They also link to other sites there are no embedded videos. Being uncut or not has no bearing when all of them link to offsite videos.


You're making the mistake of assuming they actually care about things like bandwidth and server space. It's just a targeted purity crusade by, as per usual, a small clique of chatroom dwelling petty tyrants.


I'm well aware most of them are just projecting huge cases of "stop liking what I don't like."


inb4 mass deletion and censorship on the bbs (dont forget the wordfilter and redirect to virus sites)

on a serious note
>3 years later the site is filled up with furry only shit
what will admin purge next

also what did i miss my family got the (I heart MNL bandage) (oh fuck i hope i dont dream 5g and reptelian aliens tonight)

>>4824 (time to reboot my router)
>having your own opinion is entitled
>not agreeing with us is also entitled which is bannable
I woudn't be too surprised if this is the previous admin pretending to be diferent
(i saw patch trying to hide evidence in the new imageboards)


just make a central webring ffs this way anyone hosting custom instances can merge together


>just links to offsite videos

then all the admin has to do is open a another sub-board here for yall faggots to paste your wee linkies in.

there can't be THAT many reactards to max 10 pages.

Just links? problem solved. play the 'what about uncut / extended super special patron video' card and you just stepped on your 'we are not harming the server' defense


as a creatorfag all i have to do is use a thot profile picture and random instagram images with permission off course as placeholders on my patreon profile when someone imports me BOOM excluded then i can start uploading the real content on my pay site spindles style every time just to trigger the admins unless the devs somehow accept bribes lol


Yea that might actually work lol (admin/devs better take note) but even if you manage to get "trick excluded" from KP, I can still upload & share your stuff elsewhere cos KP isn't the only art piracy site and you can bet your arse a few of your subs are pirate providers, even if you're not a popular artist.



You sound mad. You're also blabbering on about nothing. Reaction content is no different between "uncut" and normal videos on here. They are ALL links to another site. No videos are hosted on here. Again all your whining can be solved with filters, not sure why you have your diapers in a twist so much over content others like and you dont. Instead of being a selfish entitled twat you could realize the site can be useful for multiple groups especially when one barley uses any actual resources on the site.


Honestly the best solution for irl content and reactions is to get their own dedicated kemono instance, that way each site will have to host less content, and also will prevent that type of content from being lost in case something happens to this site.
Of course it won't be easy or instantaneous process, but I do believe the benefits outweigh the costs


Filters? What filters?


Yes this WOULD be the best case but someone with that ability has to make that effort. Until that happens there are ways both parties can coexist here if it would be implemented.



Filters that do not currently exist. Theoretically a filtering system could be put in place to not only let art be filtered based on fetish/genre but to also filter out art from irl/reactions. That way the art people can ignore the reactions and find what they're looking for and the people looking to have a place, potentially temporarily for reactions can continue to have a (small) space.

Even a rudimentary filter that just flagged uploads as either art or "other" could be put into place. And users could toggle which they want to see on the artist page.


File: 1617923214673.jpg (14.34 KB, 322x301, BlessThisPost.jpg)

Many thanks to you for this great service. Hope reactfags are soon to follow.


Yeah, That won't work since I am the one actually vetting stuff… Better luck next time, bud.


listen, we don't want reaction videos on here, plain and simple
why don't you whiners just deal with that and move on?


What a childish attitude and you have the gall to call other people whiners. You're like a kid who has a warehouse of toys they got for free and unearned but refuses to share with anyone else "just because."

Good thing its not up to you randoms either.


furfags are like mutts they only do charitable acts if it benefits their reputation later on other than that they give zero fucks about others no wonder why people secretly hate them worse part is they constantly boast about how they are better than 70% (estimated) of the population at coding and art

>bbut but simps are lower than us

no YOU are the ones who pushed us down
all we really wanted was a home were just regular foreigners ya know we are not cause jack shit (if you look at ofans everything is pretty chill there see for yourself)

man you all need to get off your high horse and understand that you are not the only ones here to grab content

>but i wanted the site to be retard proof

remember folks make something moron proof and someone will make a better moron

in other words once the simps are gone you can surely bet your ass that underage kids from furaffinity will fill up the free space and act like untamed animals like they are (no wonder why its called fur affinity)


every time I see someone call someone else childish they sound 100% more childish than who they're talking to. how does that make you not sound whiny?

we don't want you here. you act like entitled assholes every time, and that just makes us not want you even more. get over it.


>>5293 >>5331 palindrome goes in the first field
>listen we discourage copy pasting insults here plain and simple
<why don't you furfags just deal with that and move on
cmon guys theres more to life than praising your robot animal gods (or whatever your overlords are called) with lust and art stuff (or maybe helping him fix some bugs so people dont escape this shock collar dystopia)

>>5287 (why is red text no longer working)
i was taking about when the vetting process is complete one day all of a sudden (after lots of planing on discord) (and a lot of creators who imported themselves) the front page is filled with boner ruining material (aka generic thot pics) as some sort of revenge prank for the admins hopefully that should spoil his day whenever he fixes the backend mwahahaha
go ahed remove it its the outside that matters the creators will just reimport themselves with the modified profiles (since the artist is whitelisted)
(sort of similar to the shared file spamming back then on YP)
its like putting bait on the floor clean it if you want (do you get the point here)
the smelly transparent oil stain is still there waiting to attract bugs (when thots appear they also attract more)

wtf text body was too long
(still nobody mentioned text only mode what a bunch of greedy cunts inb4 entitled poorfag)


The creators will be on a blacklist, so they are unable to be reimported. Physically impossible to bypass the block as it uses their various IDs (patreon Id, fanbox, substar, etc).


I love how Onlyfaggots and reactioncattle are holding the commonbase 2d artist and animation side community of Kemono at ransom with the possibility of mutual destruction if their thot and reaction content gets purged, without even considering what the silent majority might think about any of this.
As on average I come to Kemono for 2dartists and animationfags. I've seen just how badly 3d content gets hunted and purged on the daily by the paypiggies and I'd rather live with fucking furries if it means not having to risk this site becoming the same wardump that Yiff was. Just my opinion.
In short, I at the very least, don't want you here either.


Alright so here's my take:
Onlyfans-type content is ridiculous, it's garbage. There's no point to it when it's not even fappable half the time. You literally can go watch someone actually have sex on any other site so just do that? Why would you pay $20 and, for the lack of a better word, simp for someone who won't ever notice you?

As for reaction videos, these are more reasonable. Slight bias since I watch them, but there's 1 group of people that I actually like to watch and they release their content on Patreon early, however that's incredibly expensive for no reason. It doesn't matter what the content is, it's not for jerking off to, just enjoyable content for me. Difference between the two is that you can find various people that make reaction videos but not all are enjoyable to watch for me personality-wise. Sometimes you just don't like people. You can find Onlyfans type content anywhere on the internet though.

Furthermore, I think it's wild to criticize people for liking reaction videos when some people have the weirdest kinks on here such as diaper/baby kinks and fetishes. I'm not going to get too much into that, but you'd think this would be somewhat of a safe space considering there are people that enjoy that type of content on here. All the hate for literally no reason is wacky as hell.


(Continued) As for comparing this site to Yiff, Yiff was a mess, yes. But with all the time I spent there I never needed to "fit in" with the community. I just went to search for the content I wanted to watch or see and go. Whether that was porn or pirated videos. The site was alright in that regard, had its shutdowns but they weren't as frequent as everyone makes it seem. Half the time it was just the site owner being a greedy asshole and wanting more money. Frankly, these admins aren't stupid and most likely could come up with a much better solution that would leave most parties satisfied instead of just one.



You're rebuttal is shit and you made yourself not only continue to sound like a petulant child but a fucking waste of air as well. You're sure showing us how not to be assholes, you got us. Fucking double digit IQ trog.


You're literally no better than anyone else who uses this site, no matter what they consume so take your attempt at high ground and fuck off.

There is literally zero reason it cant be a mutual space other than "waaaah we dont wanna share our secret club" like a bunch of man children. Literally NONE of you have any right to say shit when all you do is come here to get free shit. You have NO ground to stand on to try and claim some superiority. You and 99.9% of everyone comes here, leeches shit and goes on your way. None of you do shit to justify having any entitlement or claim to this site. The only people who have any claim are the admin and the people who upload shit and even the latter has next to no claim on the CONTENT on the entire site just what they choose to upload.

So, once again, fuck you and everyone of these other faggots who think they're lords of the land for doing literally nothing.


>I love how Onlyfaggots and reactioncattle are holding the commonbase 2d artist and animation side community of Kemono at ransom with the possibility of mutual destruction
How exactly are IRLfags doing that? Admin's already used to takedown notices from butthurt paywallers.

And I'm sure you yourself are one of the vaunted content-providers who are vastly superior to everyone else and who alone deserve to dictate the site's direction. Get over yourself nigger, you're no better than he is.

>Furthermore, I think it's wild to criticize people for liking reaction videos when some people have the weirdest kinks on here such as diaper/baby kinks and fetishes
I reserve my right to bully someone for their shit tier fetishes if they bring it up, but otherwise so long as they don't bother my content, I don't give a shit.


good job proving his point



When did I ever claim I was better than anyone? I'm part of the 99% I never claimed -I- deserved anymore or less than anyone else here. I'm advocating for mutual benefits clearly showing how everyone can be made happy but then faggots come running in "nuh uh this is our clubhouse only we dont want you here waaah waah" despite them not having anymore right to it than I have. I'm exposing the stupidity of the claims you room temp IQ mouth breather.>>5418

Jesus some of you people are fucking ignorant as fuck and can't read to boot. This site can be used by all parties involved easily and unobtrusively with simple fixes yet people like you keep the circle jerk of people with fingers in their ears and eyes closed screaming to leave their clubhouse.

>>5418 Yes I'm proving his point by advocating mutual benefits and sharing while hes whining like a selfish brat, yeah sure proved his point. Fucking dunce. How is advocating for sharing a site no one has anymore claim over than another legitimizing his complaints? Are you seriously that retarded?


curious why yagamiyato is being taken off. i respect admin decisions because it's not like i'm paying but there's no IRL porn and they have some good catboy and rabbitgirl audios. it's a shame since this site is the only half decent scraper. plus i think her subs upload a lot of other art because for some reason they have deep pockets.


>kemono.party was always meant to be an art-centric site

are reactions art? No? Y E E T


>kemono is an art only site
>Said literally nowhere by anyone
It literally only says Kemono is a scraper for Patreon, Subscribestar etc.

Second, art is a very nebulous term. Movies, TV, Anime is art. One of arts 4 fundamental definitions is as follows: Art is an Expression of Emotional Content. People watch reactions to experience the emotion of the reactors, to share in the joy,sadness, excitement what have you like they are there. Like you would with a friend. So by the mere definition reactions are an expression of emotion that both the reactor and watcher therefore it is, by definition, art.


File: 1618086485819.png (86.16 KB, 877x324, Screenshot_2021-04-11 (Pub….png)

ahem. from the spreadsheet.

buncha wypipo whooping and hollering is not art


The spreadsheet created by the biased mod and not the admin? Using words from the mods lips and not the admin? Yeah you sure showed me.
Notice how there has been zero input from the admin besides "reaction videos are fine" everything else is coming from one mod. Also you do not get to define what is and is not art.


inb4 beta cuck
i guess being an omega male isn't that bad after all in fact i actually like it
gotta love how furfags force each other 2 be gr8full yet they themselves act entitles instead of appreciating admins hard wok

were not trying to be different dimwit were just sick and tired of your shit once and for all
remember folks (there has never been more damage done by people who thought they were doing the right thing)
(i missed the original whhops TLDR: humanitarians are hypocrites PEROID)

>keep lowering yourself wannabe adult daddy kemono is proud of you
this is either proof that snuff art destroys furfag personalities or that FA is full of underage "kewl" kids who draw MSpaint on their parents computer all day long

no thank (YOU) proving ED's point archive.is/Dnhxx (page feels outdated)
(adhd.sys seems malfuntioning cuz i managed to read it straight for 30 mins)
(reread the entire thread every single including every insult all i can say is that the article coudn't be more relevant based on how people act here)

>furfags were SICK from the very beginning
>are furries human? no? GAS

>>5441 (this is kemono not depression.party)
because edgy goth girls spam the shared files on YP remember also we don't want false positivi-TISM BS here


It would be nice if we could get an official response from the admin and not the random mod or a bunch of random fuck wits who don't matter on their say on whether reaction videos are staying or going. Would end the whining on both sides.


Why are NSFW audio pages, especially ones that make tons of monster/furry audios, getting caught up in this list? What even is the definition of IRL porn being used? Does a creator of animations with voice acting get purged because the content includes something from a real person?

Lastly what sort of oversight are you using on these user contributed creators? Or are you trusting that only rule breaking pages are getting submitted?



They have a very tight definition of what "art" is around here.


dunno if anyone gets still gets what im trying to say (are you a mod can you ban people no rulecuck pls)
existing creators like diives and blitz will change thier patreon (dunno if its possible to import yourself as a creator)
(nothing new will be imported just old stuff changing) point is we need to piss to piss of the admins so bad they will be forced to preserve their dignity by hiding the user or by allowing other categories

also when will the actual purge occur (ETA?) (are you foreigner i thought they werent alloed on YP)
dear god before you press the big red exclude button pls backup the files on an external drive and public download on archive.org would be nice too (or you can send it to ofans admin via email)

based on my understanding KP is a for-profit project due to the restricted choice of the admin
since you need lots of funding why not add a bribe system (also add VIP to view excluded content)
basically when X creator pays $10 the page gets hidden for one month (depending on the tier price)
once you have enough you can stop accepting bribes and show all (its a win-win less content more profit)

captain obvious gave me his powers now its time for me to fulfill my retarded agendas Mwahaha sorry my meds are wearing off pls be patient i have ((( autism )))

on a serous note speaking of bribe i got banned on YP for saying this (on the third support thread)
[kemono more like Yiffy ReLoaDeD] cuz WHY DOES IT KEEP ON HAPPENING (the events)
are the devs here accepting it (cmon be honest theres nothing wrong with wanting money)
inb4 post edited by messages get hidden by CSS (just like coronapedo chan)


OK removing irl fucks is good…but there is a lot of missed shots on that list.

HOW THE FUCK IS TEEMOVSALL A IRL CHANNEL??? WTF also against mindiflyth as it is a niche transformation fetish photo shopping not some random woman taking pictures in front of a mirror. but i understand that one.



Whoring out her body, therefore fits the criteria. I do NOT discriminate. If I see a thot, I add to the list, and she certainly fits the criteria. She isn't the only one with variety stuff on the list. Others are on there too. I make sure I scour their stuff first then I judge. I don't blindly add them to the list.


1. I'm not a mod, unfortunately.
2. I'm English so I ain't a foreigner (or whatever you're on about)
3. what the fuck are you rambling on about? You're literally talking shit. This won't end up like Yiff.party. The worst an artist could do is switch platforms, which would be hard since we have so many, so everything they upload would have to be through PMs, but even those get shared eventually. We already had one faggot try something like that, and guess what? They fucking rage quit entirely because it didn't work (and it was fucking hilarious).

Maybe think before you speak, and you'll earn a bit of respect from others. Saying shit like this really shows everyone how much of a turbo tard you really are.


So why is Ruffsenpai, a reaction channel on this list if its an IRL porn purge list?


Hey if you want a democracy go to 1960's Cambodia! Or any country with "Democratic" in the name in present day.



That .. means literally nothing in context to the question.


Oh, so you want something that means something in context to the question do you!?


Because why not sneak a few reactards in there. bound to be some "crossfire" somewhere. Besides, the reactards I have put in there on purpose are mainly thanks to their toxic as fuck fanbases.


After all, we don't want a repeat of what happened on yiff.party with Yato and Thenormies in the shared files… Can't get over how toxic their fanbases are…


Im all for the irlporn purge but this move is just retarded
I dont like reactionshit but admin has already approved it to be allowed on the site. Slipping this in is just asking for trouble and underhanded tactics like that is a surefire way to ensure admin never listens to us on these kinds of things again


not approved.


>>5463 part3 (oh fuck i didn't notice that many typos on part4) Yawn… i copy pasted my crap on another tab
whoops [system exception at grammar.flamerbot.class] (whoops i forgot for before proving on part4)
welp this thread will turn into lainchan soon (people pretending to be smart to project their h8 on others and mods banning "bad faith" replies soon)

>>5488 (oops my bad your username looks like foreigner name)
>turbo tard
its pronounced turbofaggot ya doofus

>>5495 >>5496 (dear god plz dont crucify me sorry for the shit joke)
oh now i get it this is some sort of holy purification cleansing ritual we need to make a small sacrifice to keep KP alive for the years to come otherwise demons (aka norimies) and other bad elements will invade the site
(not trolling) but on a serious note what about toxic drama creators like zaush and jasonafex what if suddenly their discord army goes rouge and raids the site what will we do? (in the future)

>>5492 democracy is just slavery with extra steps prove me wrong (srsly look at murica)
friendly reminder from another chan (sorry4pasta) "Diversity and inclusion", more like "dilution and diffusion"
No need to fight when your enemy weakens itself automatically. ching chong and Joos must be right laughing now.

anyone here with a Chia coin farming/mining rig we could really use some more storage here
welp that's all i can think off i guess sorry for my autistic rant


Still making yourself look like an absolute roach while nobody ever gives a fuck about what you say, I see?

I saw a poll and I didn't participate but to give my two cents, Reaction, all SFW content for that matter, should not be allowed.



So not only are you a lying sack of shit and biased as fuck but youre an absolute man child as well. Good to know. So now its all but confirmed youre just doing shit you want to do and not what your "job" is. What a fuckstain.


and here we have a fine example of said toxic fan, proferring an excellent reason why ASMR should be yeet'd too.



You shouldn't use words you have no idea the meaning of. Calling someone out for being a shitstain is not toxic when their appointed "job" isn't "whatever they feel like." Their job is the purge IRL porn, not "whoever they happen to dislike." If you can;t see how that is a slippery slope to problems even for your dumbass shit then you're an idiot.


I'm curious about that too. Lots of good anthro audios are going to get banned and it's a real bummer. Especially since a lot of them post hot commission or fanart for the characters. I don't think they would be taking up that much bandwidth or anything.


It's not about bandwidth or space, that has already been disproved. It's about only having what they like on the site. Usah has already shown the kind of mentality they have: "I don't like it so its trash and doesn't deserve to be on here."

So users better hope they like the exact things people like Usah likes or they'll be off the site too unless more people talk to the admin like I have.


Literally nobody understands your retarded drivel. You should've stayed on yiff's board and stayed there while it went down with all hands. You WOULDN'T have been missed…


File: 1618164280238.png (348.51 KB, 626x461, super-check-em-57b874e1df9….png)



You lost any semblance of superiority or authority the moment you admitted to abusing the trust the admin put in you, you fucking moron.


And I respected his decision by removing them and adding them to the new list I'm creating, solely dedicated to react fags. YOU seem to be part of the problem so please, see yourself out. Oh, and mind the edge on the way, you don't want to cut yourself on it.


now imagine if he had mod privileges


Now, I've decided to add a list onto the porn purge list which is dedicated to reactards. I know admin currently doesn't care about them but when the time inevitably comes, the list will come in very handy. If you want to contribute to the list, please don't hesitate to report react-fags here: https://forms.gle/yJX8VubMC3TAoghdA



Yeah good luck with that. Got caught out cause you thought people were gonna put up with your shit. Fucking power tripping egomaniac.



No the problem is your false sense of superiority and your god complex. You ain't shit and got called out.



Yeah, good thing that hasn't and likely won't happen.


mad reactard babbies up in this shit.

never forget how you killed yiff


seething over reactkeks of all things, furries sure are a strange breed



Reaction videos didnt kill yiff, nothing killed yiff but the owner who continued to try and get more and more money every month under threats of shutting the server down.

It was already proven during the meltdown none of the threats and take down notices were either a. true or b. actually something the owner cared about. It was about money and time.

Learn some shit before you spout off. Once again, there is no legit reason for this anger towards reactions besides "I don't like them so fuck off."

Luckily your opinions dont matter, only the admins does and given how you faggots will stay here and keep using it with or without reaction videos and the fact they take up next to no space and bandwidth compared to literally everything else, the admin likely has no reason to remove them unless they decide to for their own reasons. And if the Admin decides it then, fine but none of you get to decide shit and your opinion means dick all.



Alright ok then seems like if you dont want your patreon to be pirated,

the easiest way is to suffle a irl post every 20 posts and you can be pay walling in peace.

aand its not him but his wife same shit tho https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2757009/post/30282356


I could feel the butthurt of reactgfags radiating out of this thread before I even opened it. START YOUR OWN SCRAPER, SIMPS.



Why? Perfectly good one right here. If there were filters you'd never know they were here so how about you take your advice, write it down, then stick the paper up your ass. You'll get more use out of it.


File: 1618190482595.jpg (39.32 KB, 369x410, 100876_police_brutality_jp….jpg)

>what if suddenly their discord army goes rouge

Its rogue, ROGUE. Not rouge as in "red" FOR F*CKS SAAAAAKE!!!


IDGAF about reaction shit and don't think it should be on a porn art site (because its about as irrelevant to the criteria as its possible to get, along with SFW game mods), but I've gotta tell you it wasn't reactions that killed YP, it was the shitstain of an admin that "ran" the place. Decided he just wanted to take the 3 months of rent he'd been paid in advance then do a fucking runner after 1 month. He could've left the site running for 2 more months so people had a chance to grab what they could, but no. He wanted to buy 2 designer jackets and a limited edition pair of Nike's.

He even said himself that he closed the site because (in other words) he couldn't be arsed anymore. Nothing to do with content, finance or legal worries.


File: 1618193547530.jpg (75.91 KB, 960x542, RonaldSoulCaliburVI.jpg)

But there aren't filters, and sadly it doesn't "seem" like theres plans to implement them either (no announcements by the admin, atleast here). There aren't even shared files still after all this time of knowing how crippled the site is now the feature is gone. Filters (or tags) would be great (and it is of course, very possible now the site has mods), but until we get an announcement its just wishful thinking. I'm thinking the same about Shared Files. So many pages are missing TONNES of content, and some (EG: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7557559) are literally nothing but "dummy posts" (IE, useless, empty posts that say "goto Discord/mailbox").

Many no brainer (in terms of usefulness and importance) features, but no idea if they're being implemented (or brought back).



Looks like Shared Files is finally being brought back, wehay!


humanitarianisim is an expression of stupidity and cowardice -adof hitler

>>5595 ah thanks for the ticket generic police but you forgot to correct this guy (reagfag) >>5590

>>5582 >>5581 dunno if rel8ted https://dramatica.online/index.php?title=Narutard (sorry if offensive)
>who's laughing now
never change furfags unlike you we chimps can craft basic tools and make civilization sure we may be primitive but we have self awareness something wolf packs will never learn in their lifetime

now that's what im talking about earlier i knew usah was playing dumb the whole time (im onto you dirty scroundel)

>>5573 hallo BUIdozer 2.0
i woudnt be too surprised if the owner of YP was a creator all along (thanks 8coom) and this site is an iplogger the whole time

>>5566 superior dubboy GET tells the truth
>>5609 YAY no moar PM rewardz
welp time to fire up my razedmods spamming script LEEZZ GOO (#imnotbouncing plz dont block my IP)

>>5557 dream harder egofag (aww someone looks mad)
you. will never. be. a. real admin. REPEAT AFTER ME (my clipboard manager is archiving the entire thread so don't try anything stoopyd)

>inb4 basement dweller

lol jokes on you my broken PC is in the attic next to the solar UPS inverter thingy (which beeps whenever we fail to pay the energy bill)
i plan on hosting my own text only instance (both totz and furi) using my x88 box (s905x3 firmware is unstable might instead use android as web server)
stupid question but how do i avoid getting visited by DU30 (piracy law) also is 60MB upload good enough (phones are eating all bandwith)


File: 1618204990191.jpg (60.87 KB, 384x454, 0420_british_police.jpg)

Oh he's already serving a whole life tarrif.


File: 1618205262901.jpg (72.23 KB, 802x574, 1353012961029.0.jpg)


>you. will never. be. a. real admin

One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is just a statistic - Uncle Joe


Yay. Everyone's favourite lolcow, Super Sperg is back. Let further hilarity ensue.


and just like yiff's death knell, the reactards flood kemono claiming sovereignty, flinging shit everywhere like mad monke

i'd expect a constant coordinated ddos next. let's kill all irl simps for good, do what yiff was too pussy to do


Also, Don't you think its time you took your meds?


File: 1618211173772.jpg (146.49 KB, 570x419, angry-police.jpg)

>flinging shit everywhere like mad monke



>shitstain of an admin that "ran" the place

The flagging system that the admin refused to fix despite constant bitching for 2 years is on this site and it fucking works.
So many pages were dead because of outdated dropbox and mega links and he was fine just leaving them that way.

People praised the fuck out of him, but he could have easily made that site better in so many ways but just chose not to.


Yiff.Party admin had so many simps he should've started an OnlyFans.



Aww. What's the matter? Is somebody upset at remembering that he doesn't actually own this site and doesn't have free reign to shit his diaper wherever he pleases? Is widdle baby OP upset that people won't respect him for getting the admin to pawn off a menial task to you? Maybe he's upsetsie wetsie that that nobody's taking his "enemies" list seriously.


This is what your brain becomes on e-thots.


No this is your brain on THOTS/camwhores: "wheres the f*cking porn though!?"


Can't hide from me, you rat cunt. Go back to reddit where you belong. Should've died alongside yiff.party.


Also, you can fuck off and die, faggot. Nothing anywhere says this is for requesting your bullshit. Maybe if you used your fucking mutant eyes and read everything, you'd understand that you'd have to be a fucking incest baby to do otherwise.


Also, please stop reporting the same thing over and over and over and over again. Its REALLY annoying having to keep scrolling down the excel document and seeing the amount of duplicate reports from the same people. If you'd checked the sheet, you'd realise that there are plenty on there…


File: 1618370253785.gif (16.3 KB, 200x132, 119371511376s.gif)

>you can fuck off and die, faggot.
>fucking mutant eyes
>fucking incest baby

Woah. OP you've… You've changed.


>>5772 Power does that to people


This crusade has been hard on all of us


>wahhh stop repoortyng me
good luck with that


It's just funny to see OP complain about toxicity, make a somewhat valid point, and then go off on a rant like a giant manbaby lmao. Honestly hoping he continues to lose his sanity, this is quality content. Hypocrisy is funny.


yeah i always knew something was off from the very start he proved my point further


don't feel like reading any of the above cesspool so all i gotta say is if i get off to mfs reacting to shows whats wrong with that. not saying i do. cause i definitely.. do not, in fact. yup.


Thing is, no one is getting off to it, that's just the narrative they're trying to push for some reason lmao


File: 1618519275163.jpg (151.65 KB, 740x722, 1516161412786.jpg)

I enjoy the fact that both sides are pushing narratives.
>"React fags/furfaggotry are what killed Yiff.party"

No you fucking fur fag/reactfag, admin was. He literaly replied with a post stating he doesn't care about the site anymore and the site would be shutting down with no more then 2 days notice. Stop pushing a narrative that is literaly untrue, cause you sound like a twitter tard.
Refer to post
for proof.
>"Nghhh, Fur fags are toxic man babies who are biased towards OUUUUUR Content!!!

No shit dumbass reactfag/irl fag. They're furries who are asking for a sight with their content in mind, since ya know, their isn't another site dedicated to scraping any 2d/3d art/animations for both fur fags and anime fags. They don't want to look through thousands of reaction channels and IRL channels (which you can find other better scraping sites for might i add.) to get to their content. Not only that but Admin specificly said that IRL content is against site rules yet you fags go off and break site rules.

>buh buh where else do we go to aslasdadf

Well clearly not here since Admin clearly stated that IRL content is against the rules yet you dumbasses keep thinking that their won't be consequences like back in Yiff.party which just isn't the case anymore.

This has been a long time coming since back in Yiff party when admin didn't follow through. Now this Admin will and whilst both sides are full of retards shouting at each other one thing is a certainty. IRL content is gone, no amount of whining from either side is changing that. Take your stupid false narratives and shove them up your ass because it ultimately doesn't change what is going to happen


don't care i mostly fap to onlyfans anyway sometimes i go to /trash/ lol

is it me or back on the YP era most irl stuff is crappy ofans seems promising compared to the patreon thumbnail


My, my, my. I'm sorry to say that I'm not the person you expect me to be. After all, I wouldn't choose interact with you at all were it not for the fact that you're so assmad that people like things that don't get your microdick hard.

And my, my, my, that cool facade is really cracking, revealing the putrid shit within. Quite the tantrum you're having there. You really didn't expect this much resistance, did you? You thought that this website would unanimously bow before King Lardass and his magnificent neckbeard.


No disrespect to anyone who really likes it but IMO OnlyFans is mostly crap too because 97% of it isn't even porn (if ur looking to fap). Its softporn at best. For free/pirated its "just OK" but I'd never dream of paying to see a "random amateur" wearing clothes when I can see any hot AF professional quality pornstar getting it hardcore, for free, legally (not that legality bothers me) on any porn site. Or pirate actual porn. And IIRC even actual porn DVD's are cheaper than 1 month of 1 random womans clothed O-F subscription. The logic of the simps who pay that premium simply beggars belief. They must be rich AF or have zero money sense.


amerimutts in a nutshell DUH!


american coomers in a nutshell
They're on a different level of chimp shit.

It's one thing to buy water, but buying "bathwater" from a hoe is another hilarious pathetic thing.

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