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So, If you've been in the Telegram chat for any amount of time, you've seen me posting. I'm the guy who's orchestrating the IRL Porn Purge that is due to take place whenever. All the IRL Lewd shit on the site is slated to get wiped, and with the admin's support, I'm making a list of creators I and others find. Currently, we're up to 206 IRL Porn posters and rising. This list will continue to grow until the site is free of that parasite. If you would like to contribute, I have a Google Form you can fill in with creators you've found. I will paste both a link to the Form, and the spreadsheet of creators.

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wtx6nqvYOWI5Y3v0U1zHafRVaH94X-xEuHTCZBu2PYE/edit?usp=sharing

Report form: https://forms.gle/D6WjVvc9L7MMNshF7
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And then the discreet execution of all dissidents. Bundled into a van, suffocated with a plastic bag and dumped in a cambodian marsh land mass grave.



Careful not to break your neck on that slippery slope.


Oh, is the cope-fag upset that their weaboo shit doesn't belong on a furry site? I'd say that shit is 2:1 to furry stuff, possibly even more. It'll eventually overload the servers, if it hasn't already. Besides, if you really want it so much, make your own site. Kemono is open source, after all. I'll start compiling a list if you really want me to put into perspective how much it has overtaken this site.


File: 1620261000729.gif (204.17 KB, 250x166, ssegw.gif)


>the copefag

>is plainly a THOT refugee copefag himself


i bet 2 years later scat and vore will be banned because its not considered art form but an expression of our disgusting fetishes and it will turn away potential users is they see the bad side of furries
imagine dedicating your lives collecting salty tears in a bottle honestly those could have been used to feed african children instead
mods plz don't delete this thread once the exclusions is over we still want to continue our shitposting here


>calling other people weaboo shit cope-fag
>website called kemono
>kemono is weaboo version of furry
>weaboo shit doesn't belong here

Imagine being this salty you get brain damage


File: 1620321053677.jpg (38.91 KB, 590x385, toddlertantrum.jpg)

>That feeling when you act like a two year old because you can't very clearly get away with a rule you are obviously breaking.
Cope and seethe more faggot.


File: 1620322160323.gif (455.43 KB, 267x219, laughingoyyiiyyy.gif)

Nearly everytime I look at this thread…


Just noticed this site has things completely unrelated to porn.
Smartereveryday has their stuff leaked here. lmao


At least most simps fixate on attractive women.


People go to a piracy site to watch other people react to anime.

That deserves to be on a shirt.


File: 1620333008740.jpg (69.03 KB, 1067x800, 3333333.jpg)

>3rd stage: Anger & Bargaining


Progress is progress


Why is xaqqtin on the list? he is 3d artist that makes 3d renders of models not IRL porn


read this slowly and think of every thought that comes to your head

You will never be a real Magical Animal. You have no knot, your sperm is incompatible, you cant reproduce with animals. You are a delusional zoophile twisted by paraphilla into an abomination of human nature.

All the “praise” you get from e621 furaffinity and other hugboxes telling you to ignore your 'haters' is double sided and fake. Behind on another imageboard sane individuals mock you laugh at you and even plan on killing you one day. Your close relatives are disgusted and ashamed of what you have become, your skinfag friends laugh at your deformed appearance behind closed doors.

Real animals are terrified by your prescence. Decades of evolution have allowed humankind to sniff out outcasts like you with incredible efficiency. Even furfags who look “natural” look like creepy stalkers even to non furry men. The DNA inside blood is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to bring an unconscious wolfess to your basement without getting caught by cops, she will turn tail and bite your face off the second she smells your diseased STD cum filled penis.

You revolve your life around writing sick stories of your adventures with your "imaginary" friends and how happy you are with your sex party fox harem and on how happy your virtual families are
You spend your free time and making shitty DRM infested "nsfw art games" using stolen assets that nobody bothers to leak let alone even download on itch or steam even if its free


You constantly argue with others about which fleshlight is better for specific character and fetish. You constantly boast about how content you you are and call others simp or neckbeard for disagreeing
You can't even define art properly as anything that dosen't satisfy your shrimp dick isn't counted let alone even appreciate classical art like paintings You are become ==triggered== when non furry artists make better things than you

But in the real world you will never be truly happy. You show fake "uwu" expressions every single day when you go outside and tell yourself and everybody in your blog it’s going to be fine with others, but deep inside you feel the depression slowly rising ready to burst your bubble under the unbearable weight of your failures.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll steal your parents gun while they are away then point it on your head and blasting your brains off hoping you don't wake up in the ER Your parents will not feel sadness instead they will be worry then find a way to hide your corpse. They’ll refuse to bury you instead you'll be left there covered with sand while your fat body becomes food for worms they will move out travel away as far as they can hoping hoping neighbors never finds out about the foul smell that is you.
Your body will finally decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that conatins human DNA.

This is your fate. This is what you brought upon yourself. There is no turning back. You chose to embrace it. You sick bastard. You deserve to rot in hell for what you did to nature


Your kind is the tumor that is slowly killing the internet even worse than bronies

TL;DR the only thing that makes dog fuckers higher than trannies is that they don't encourage others to sew animal parts to their body hell even trans fags are getting better at positivity art


I'm not even into furry porn but I'm not s simple minded that I can't tell the difference between drawings of bestiality and furry. Talking about "dog fuckers", you're talking about bestiality, not furry, which humanoids with shit like animal tail, ears and nose or whatever. You sound like some rabid escaped lunatic from a secrer underground facility which is OK but what isn't OK is you not having a clue what you're talking about. And if anyone read even a quarter of the above novel series, congrats to them!


File: 1620414188309.jpg (68.59 KB, 407x589, the infamous new england 5….jpg)

>IRL coomers cat5ing itt
pure gold all the way down


Why can't IRL anthro stuff like ncad stay? I see why you wouldn't want to host every e-girl on the internet, but when it's still anthropomorphic I don't see the problem.
(It's probably not a huge deal, ncad is the only one I can think of and whoever updates it never includes the dropbox links - let alone actually uploading archives to get around the fact the dropbox links get purged after a month. It's more about the principle.)


File: 1620445373356.jpg (12.12 KB, 280x280, d7156d6be4ecb93c016feb6776….jpg)


TLDR: he mad


IRL is IRL. Stuff like this and suiters are going to be purged, so there's no discrimination


What about the non IRL 3D art mentioned by someone earlier?


yeah, but why make "irl is irl" the rule rather than having a different rule that lets the small amount of irl anthro content stay?
i don't expect to change the policy, but i'd like to know why that's what was decided on, whether it was to avoid edge-cases like e-girls doing catgirl cosplay, or because the anti-irl thing is a webhost rule, or just the admin's personal preferences, or what.


inb4 artists will start mooning their patrons to get their stuff off kemono.party
…or is this the plan?


I joked about that earlier myself, I mean you never know. It stands to reason, creators obviously aren't being checked very well since even non IRL artists are being excluded according to a user above. Or maybe the definition of "IRL" is becoming more and more subjective & blurry, instead of just meaning… You know… "In Real Life…


We'll just have to be a bit more discerning than "fake tits vs. fictional tits"


The decision was made due to the overwhelming majority of users wanting such gone. Nothing to do with the host (who doesn't give a flying fuck about the site). Its mainly to help out with server costs and the like, since thots take up quite a bit of space here. Majority rule dictates that most forms of IRL pornography is to be removed. That includes pornographic/explicit/lewd cosplay, fursuit, and other forms of said content. I don't think Admin really cares much about what stays and goes, but in the end, it comes down to what the community wants and the overwhelming majority wants it gone. Although the same can be said for Reaction content, that's a whole other barrel of fish that we'll sort out at a later date. I hope I managed to clear some things up for you.


help my ethernet cable is only giving me 100MB/s

>2 years later
next please?


proof? also can admin run kdirstat inb4 fake files to fill the ext4 disk



Spoken like a true retard.


And what about >>7978 & >>8063 ??? How was that decision made? I'm in support of keeping this a porn art site, IE no IRL content, but when the definition of "IRL" starts blurring or becoming subjevtive, I'm not so sure…


>overwhelming majority of users wanting such gone
Bullshit, it's only the militant furfags who whine and screech.


Keep telling yourself that.


Keep lying you delusional faggot. I dislike furries, but your cattle takes the fucking cake, you really made yourself the common enemy at this point.
Burn on your way out, please.


Everyone shouting & arguing about nothing while the important questions are being ignored, such as "why are non IRL creators being excluded" and its just wind noises & tumbleweed in terms of discussion lol…


>How was this decision made ?
It was made by admin, please check this thread from the old board:
See posts 668, 678, 700, 2329


Maybe I'm missing something but those 4 posts only seem to mention THOTS and IRL porn whereas said creator is a 3D artist (albeit 1 I'm not familiar with). So does this mean all (or randomly selected) 3D artists are going to be purged too, despite having nothing to do with "IRL porn purge"?


What 3d creator ? Unless I'm missing something the only creator I found being mentioned is ncad, who I believe is a fursuiter, something that technically counts as Irl content

Also I mistakenly thought >>8193 was talking about the decision to ban thots so disregard >>8366 in this topic


Oh yea I remember the Ncad controversy on YP lol. But I was referring to a creator called Xaqqtin (seems to just make 3D renders from what I could find online) mentioned in >>7884

When you see the profile pic it does look like a real woman, but I found his Tw@tter and its all 3D stuff. Nothing IRL on there.


Just checked and it does look like whomever put Xaqqtin on the list was mistaken, I hope they don't get deleted



If there was a way to weed out 3D "creators" whose content consists of using others people's models poorly and without rendering, that would be great, but it could also lead to the deletion of creators who might actually be trying, and that would be unfortunate.


how do I even avoid creating pages for IRL porn?

like the importer, I just give it my patreon sessionID and it rips ALL. I can't tell the importer, here these 5 are artists ignore the rest the rest aren't art they're irl…

like… the people who are the problem, can't even change? because it's not a feature on the site?

or am I missing something? the importer doesn't seem to give me any choice in who I import at all?


liking reactions should be considered a mental disorder by the DOH kind of sad trannies got declassified

hope there's a change.org petition soon


stupid question but what about extremely toxic furry creators? will they be excluded?
what if their angry discord army raids us? what do we do? will these creators put KP in a bad light?
offtopic but what about extremely low quality furry artists? how do we deal with them?


How can we stop mistaken entries from being deleted then? I don't & cant use telegram. This 1 non IRL mistake shows its likely there are multiple other mistaken entries too. It makes the campaign seem like a bit of a shambles if the artists aren't even being proof checked to make sure they are actually IRL artists. I'm pretty sure the OP said above that they're being checked but this suggests they aren't.


Anyone know any other mistakenly added creators who AREN'T IRL & therefore shouldn't be on the purge list? Apparently creators were being checked before being added, but we can't be sure thats true now because if 1 artist was added without being checked then its safe to assume others have been too. Anyone who likes 3D artists, you could find them deleted soon. Admin, mods, what is the situation? Are you going to sort this out or just leave it because obviously ATM the "IRL porn purge" isn't an "IRL porn purge".


Whats going on with this thread? Why has been hidden and doesn't bump anymore? Are the mistakes in the purge being swept under the rug??? Whats the deal???


same thing bro i noticed this but decided not to say anything (my sim card is empty and i dont wanna get ASN banned)
if you see something suspicious use ctrl a and copy it to a text file (i cant watch the site 24/7 sorry)
also transparency is a lie i can put anything i want there whenever i see fit (thanks julay world)


File: 1621215356649.png (146.04 KB, 512x512, No_fun_allowed.png)

Wow ever since this the mods found out bout the wrongly included creators this thread has gone…kinda silent.


so just to be clear, this whole purge is being put on an indefinite hold, or canceled outright?

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