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Anything related to Webnovels,Litrpgs and such.
HUGE thanks to whoever updates those!


Someone please update mathaz and macronomicon. Thanks


Can someone update Shirtaloon, and Necariin.


someone plz update RhaegarRRL thx


c_mantis - path of ascension


holy shit we hit bump limit?
lets fucking go lads


I wish i had money to spare just to sub for vigor mortis and lob some criticism at the author cause hot damn the MC is one dumb motherfucker.


thanks to woever updated azarinth and jason


Lol. Most MCs are dumb motherfuckers because their authors are dumb motherfuckers.


jasonbros we finally won
the long night is over


Love you updating jasonbro and lilithbro.
I was planning on subscribing to one of the cheaper patreons (eu taxes and currency conversion are making it much more expensive). I will wait and see what isn't updated and subscribe to it, (probably delve or tower of somnus because they are my favourites but i'm not opposed to subscribing to something else).


Updates everywhere, thank you gods


If anyone's looking for a nice cheap patreon who hasn't been updated, Ar'kendrithyst (patreon's RD404) is a good option at two bucks


poor erik, left to rot


Does anyone have The Black staff and Nightmare patreon? And if anyone does, can they update Stranger than Fiction.


Lots of updates start of the month because of how Patreon webnovels typically operate. (charged 1st of the month) So you get a full month if you start your subscription at the start.

Kind of tempted to update The Wandering Inn but I'm waiting for certain character POV's. (because then I don't want to wait 3-4 days)


Yeah, now you guys can finally stop begging every 3 posts and calling people useless fucks.

Thanks for updating Salvos!


any chane some1 could update defiance of the fall?



Please add the subscribe star william-s corner


DotF has been updated. Thank you, whoever you are.


Thanks mate!


Can anyone update voidherald? Would be greatly appreciated


that was just one guy, don't pin the blame on the rest of us c'mon


Over? I didn't sleep at all catching up


Please update Dungeon Crawler Carl. Last cliffhanger was too steep. Thanks


>that was just one guy, don't pin the blame on the rest of us c'mon -ex SS officer, circa 1948


DefianceNovels - Defiance of the Fall.
SenescentSoul - Delve.
Magic_Smithing - Magic Smithing by Kosnik4.
RhaegarRRL - Azarinth Healer.
InadvisablyCompelled - Blue Core.
SelkieMyt - Beneath the Dragoneye Moons.
Zogarth - The Primal Hunter.
Shirtaloon - He Who Fights With Monsters.
Macronomicon - Wake of the Ravager, Apocalypse: Generic System.
wardenraime - The Storm King.
ivankal - Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends.
VoidHerald - The Perfect Run, The Legend of Kairos, Vainqueur the Dragon, Never Die Twice.
sarahlin - The Weirkey Chronicles, Street Cultivation.
Tefler - The John Blake Chronicles.
MatHaz - Ave Xia Rem Y.
georgemfrost - The Zombie Knight Saga.
Ruffwriter - Savage Divinity.
Dinniman - Dungeon Crawler Carl.
Monsoon117 - The New World.
RD404 - Ar’Kendrithyst.
3seed - Eight.
Kingkennit - Sylver Seeker by Kennit Kenway.
Seaborn - Seaborn by CaptainK-19.
alexclaw - Interdimensional Garbage Merchant, Brewer King by Psychomeltdown.
Mirikon - Dark Fate, Lewd Dungeon, Lich Returnee, SCI Stories by Stuart Grosse.
TheDeepDarkReef - Rok, The Aby Survival Guide, The Abyssal Dungeon.
alex_kozlowski - Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG by Alex Kozlowski Author.
EJames84 - Dungeon Novel.
puddles4263 - The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound.
RinoZ - Chrysalis.
pirateaba - The Wandering Inn.
MelasD - Salvos, Melas.
QuasiEludo - Inexorable Chaos.
DakotaKrout - Desolation, CC2.
AleronKong - God's Eye, The Land.
IdeasGuy - Power Corrupts, Going Native, See No Evil, A Hard Knock Life, Risk It All.


SilvaLau - Dragon Princess, Blue Sky, Loli Elf, Demon Sword Maiden, Transcendent.
Necariin - Unbound.
FortySixtyFour - AnimeCon Harem, RE: Trailer Trash.
ericvall - Dragon Emperor, Summoner, Without Law, Making Monster Girls, Duelist, Building Harem Town, Dragon, Conjurer.
caerulex - The Menocht Loop.
Torsten Hewson - Beware of Chicken by Casualfarmer.
cathfach - An Unbound Soul, A Lonely Dungeon.
CoCo_P - Viceroy's Pride, Blessed Time.
alstonsleet - A Traveling Dungeon.
Za1d3 - Forgotten Conqueror.


chunwa - A Dragon's Curiosity.
pshoffman - The Last Human.
Proximal Flame - The Last Angel, All the Little Lost Boys and Girls.
GamingWolfie - Forgotten.
QitM - Queen in the Mud.
nixia_writes - This Quest is Bullshit.
treeaeons - Tree of Aeons.
ShadeTouched - Shade Touched.
thundamoo - Vigor Mortis.


it was legit one dude and the other thread is up, its the dude with the email thingy over there, you can look the other thread for evidence
the rest were just asking for updates, no jason fan bar him called the uploaders names


Can we please stop talking about Jason and it's insufferable fans already?


Yes. Let’s stop talking about Jason. I hate Jason so much that I’m going to stop talking about Jason. Right now. Seriously, fuck Jason.


Ok, I'll bite. I haven't been paying too much attention to requests. What the hell is "jasonbro"?


jasonbro = someone who will sing jason's praises and never miss an opportunity to suck of jason. imagine an obsessive, tweenage fangirl of a boy band, transpose it onto an overweight and unwashed 25 year old who lives in his parent's basement and still makes them change his diapers and you have a jasonbro.


are jasonbros seriously a thing? like I like he who fights with monsters. It's good but not great. Alsowhile it's okay to ask for updates, do not insult someone for not updating something. Youy should be grateful that you are getting paid content for free. It's not that hard to be grateful. Also, Jason isn't that great. He's not a bad person, but I wouldn't put him on the lighter end of the moral scale. He has very gray morals.


He can also be very annoying, obnoxious, and self-absorbed.


Any of you lot have recommendations for more western isekai?
looking for anything longer than 100 chapters.



Look at this goddamn piece of shit pretending it's not him we're talking about.


What does this have to do with me? Also how am I a jasonbro?


The mc is literally an uneducated, starved street orphan. You were expecting a tactical genius?


Can someone update The_Red_Lands


The real question is why do people like Jason enough to give the author like 20k/month. Is the idea of some reference spouting dweeb cunt being so dominant really that appealing?


Will anyone be updating SelkieMyth? I cannot buy a subscription this month.


Yes. If I'm not reading too much into this it's literally book about puberty and growing up. Whole new world of adults where just eating and sleeping aren't your biggest concern (it's still big concern when you are orphan). New urges to get used to, or trying to maintain your image. It's just everything is warped in fantasy settings where MC is trying to hide her necromancy and appetite for souls instead of pimples and sex drive. MC is also struggling with normal puberty at the same time while dealing with people wearing fake faces ready to kill her when she slips up (a bit like social death when you do something stupid).


Thank you whoever updated:
Beware of Cock


I wanna submit a request for Path of Ascension (C_Mantis) Seems like a good book.


any chance someone could update CoCo_P and wardenraime?


People have shit taste, news at eleven.


Thanks to whoever updated Selkiemyth!

That sounds interesting, would you recommend giving it a try?


Not who you're replying to, but yes, Thundamoo/Vigor Mortis is good fun. It's not a rational/optimizer fic, but it is an enjoyable decently written story. Worth reading at least the first chapter or two to see whether you like it.


Yes, it's pretty good read. Worldbuilding is amazing and original, it's rare to read new fantasy with that unique world. In most cases you have some variation of Tolkien fantasy with elves dwarves and magic with some twist like game system or convoluted magic system, maybe some time loop. Meanwhile in Vigor Mortis you have world that feels completely different than others with flying islands, people using chitin for tools, all metals more valuable than gold and eldritch entity that everyone venerate as god. Some people say that MC may be acting stupid and she probably is, but this is not a book about always being right or even always having moral high ground like you see in all those low rated isekais or cultivation novles. MC is basically a kid that grows up, when she likes something she takes it, when she makes a decision she is more likely to do as she feels if right than look at long term ramifications. Like I written in earlier post it's book about growing up, making choices and living with consequences even when all choices are bad.


The only big flaw in the story is introducing a nightmare fuel monster species as an enemy from the get go. Kinda a big escalation.

It's like meeting Sauron after hopping out of the shire the first couple days.


Please someone import delve ch149 is out


I find all the hwfwm hate pretty mistifying, and although it's not what you meant, I think you nailed the reason, money.

I have yet to see anyone "sing jason praises", but every day there's a new handful of comments mad at jason/hwfwm. I don't think it's people having skin so thin that some rando mc gets them this upset, so it must be over how much the author is making.



That is probably part of it, but I think there is more. I myself liked the story in the early chapters. It was fast moving and the author was even did things like double chapter releases to make his fans happy. But as he started making more money, the story changed. It is no longer fast moving, he never releases more chapters than 5 per week, and he even goes on extended vacations with no chapters. And despite the story stagnating and becoming cliched with Jason's repetitive foolishness, the author is raking in more money than ever. It seems like the author screwed over the fans but still makes mucho money.


To be fair almost all authors slow down, my guess is it's just much easier to write a ton when you don't need to keep a thousand pages of continuity in mind.

Then there's the fact that a brand new world means loads to discover in the early days as well as power progression naturally slowing down, all in all loads of reasons for a story to slow down.

Not saying he isn't milking his money cow for every penny, that's certainly a possibility and I don't know the guy, but it's far from certain.



And that's another part of it. Despite it being clear as day that the quality has declined and the author is certainly milking it for money, you get people with rose-colored glasses still defending him.


Listen to yourself my dude, you might as well be asking for the moon. It sounds to me that you need to temper your expectations. How many other stories do you follow that have what you are asking? For me, it's zero. From the beginning I pretty much expected the author to drop down to 3-4 chapters a week eventually, because authors that can pump out more than that without either the story being/turning to shit or burning out and dropping it are beyond rare.

People like what they like m8, and maybe you don't realise it but I feel you're validating my thoughts on the hate being down to money. I honestly couldn't care less if the guy eats organic cheerios in a gold bowl, if he was a poorfag the chapters might actually stop because of RL, and that's all I give a damn about. Seems pretty simple to me.


They better not return to the surface reeee


Listen to yourself my dude, you might as well be asking for the moon. It sounds to me that you need to temper your expectations. How many other stories do you follow that have what you are asking? For me, it's zero.

Is this a joke? The number of chapter doesn't matter, a single chapter of The wandering Inn nowadays has literally around 10x the amount of words than the average chapter of Jason and pirateaba releases twice a week. Selkie also has similar to higher average content per week (though it got a bit slower for now because the author is moving soon
and he wants a backlog for when that happen). Salvos also has higher amount of content per week and the author still has one, soon to be two other series. Hell, I just looked it and Azarinth healer, Defiance of the fall and Ghosthound all also have similar to higher amount of content per week. Do you even read anything that isn't Jason ?


Hey, just wanted you guys to know that I imported all of Dungeon Crawler Carl (aka Dinniman patreon)to kemono.party a couple days ago (missed the latest update though).


You are the hero we need, but definitely do not deserve <3


Thanks a lot mate, you're based as hell.


I think it’s great the guy is raking it in, there’s just something oddly infuriating about the story that goes beyond other wanky power fantasies.



It is funny to see here the mindless sheep defending the webnovel authors who blatantly lower the quality and quantity of their releases in order to milk more money out of their fawning fans. Since, you know, this is where people go who do not want to cough up the money they are demanding. I have not read Jasonbros for a while, so I just checked the most recent chapter. How anyone can read chapter 434 and not realize it is blatant filler escapes me. But I am sure some of the Jasonbros brown-nosers who have their noses so far up Shirt's asshole that they have trouble breathing will find some excuses for it.


Can someone please update Zogarth and Necariin?


> mofo reads every release hwfwm so can complaim about it

Ok Thadwick


Just updated Delve so you ppl can suffer the cliffhanger with me


Thanks for the chapter. On a scale fron 0 to 10, where 10 is rick and morty season 2 finnale or breaking bad toilet reveal, I rate this cliffhanger solid 4.


Thanks for uploading Void Herald,Mathaz and Kosnik4.


If it actually stopped on empty character sheet, that would be 6 or 7 minimum, maybe 8.


Just read it, not sure whether to worship you or curse you for uploading. Either way, thank you for the cliffhanger. <3


can someone update Zogarth?


Fucking a the slime arc is over in vigor mortis
lets fucking go slave arc



zombie slime arc, aka Vitamin II


Love you whoever updates Defiance of the fall regularly.


Thanks for updating Defiance of the fall, Mirikon and Alexclaw


Thanks for updating Delve. Rain just needed one more lvl to be op. Difference in mana regeneration between lvl 24 and 25 is like 6/s and 1600/s. It's ridiculous how much difference there is.


At lvl 25 velocity is outright scary with 61 000% increased speed (888 500% with aura focus). The flash can run 4000 km/h, Lvl 25 Rain can casually walk 3000 km/h or run 14 600 km/h (or 213 240 km/h blind, enough to circle Earth 5 times in hour). At lvl 100 Rain can run faster than light and observe unobservable universe.


can someone please update Zogarth?


File: 1617754253567.jpg (12.7 KB, 416x297, 1373944189663.jpg)

I love you anon. Thanks for the update
Theoretically that is. There might be a speed limit like there's a damage limit.

Speaking of cliffhangers, Yrsillar's Forge of Destiny just had a pretty big one. It's a great story too, shame bad nobody uploads it




is anyone reading Apathy by nomoresilence?


No I'm reading Wheres Wally.


No doubt he'll move into air resistance, frictional heating, and supersonic shockwaves to limit that. Lots of ways to avoid it. Less of an issue than it seems, although at that point it becomes a major offensive weapon in which you can basically kill someone through acceleration g-forces.


[follow up]
Although, truly, the easiest fix to this is a dexterity, agility, reaction speed limit, or perhaps a system/mana propagation limit that essentially creates a "Velocity spell silhouette" around the affected individual, and high speeds desync it. This could potentially be somewhat alleviated by coding and programming, but ensuring that Velocity as a spell can only affect an entire individual rather than a portion of them should go a long way in preventing abuse of selective acceleration beyond typical movement speed limits.
Finally, another solution might be that at such high speeds, Velocity, rather than aiding acceleration, hinders it, as the absurd speeds achieved lead toward the individual bouncing off the atmosphere itself as the air is unable to move out of the way. Being able to move at Mach 2.5 at a walk, or Mach 12 at a sprint is absurd, but there could be disruption on the spell once it reaches Mach 1 (the speed of sound, and fighter jets need to be specially reinforced to withstand this).
Finally, there is the legitimate risk of burning himself alive if he goes faster. This might lead to an inbuilt safety net directly integrated into Velocity.
See the paper below for the result of air friction on fighter jets.



Forge of Destiny is pretty good (excellent for a Wuxia novel) but the chapters are really short and it only gives you 8 chapters in advance. I just let them stockpile on RoyalRoad.


I don't know how higher lvl people didn't make something like Carten space program - jumping with boosted velocity active. I don't remember chapter but with 500 000 % velocity he could probably reach earth or even solar system escape velocity. There is small problem of returning but though.


The chapter felt like 80% filler.

Can someone please update Dungeon Crawler Carl?


can someone update The Primal Hunter?


Its felt like filler because we wait for a week, if u r binge read then its not that bad


It would help, but this chapter was still pretty fillerissh/padded, like they got to the cave and we got to see that dozer is cleaning his souls, that's it.


I have a feeling that the same person asks for zogarth everyday and nobody gives a fuck. It's actually a little heart-warming that everybody ignore him to drive point home that this is not a request thread. Request thread is few threads higher. Here you go little fella [https://paywall.party/kemono/res/4.html] i got you a link so you don't have to look for it. Go and make me proud. Prove that you know how to read and write, and know where your place is, right next to some gay furry porn (at least that is last posted request there).


Can someone update SelkieMyth?


Thank you for telling me. I actually had no idea, also I apologize if anyone was annoyed.


That's more adult response than I was expecting. I too apologize for being so passive-aggressive. I would like to blame it on work, but that was still very childish of me. I too secretly hope that someone will update Zogarth but I also like surprise binge reads on big updates. Primal Hunter is one of those web novels that I wasn't expecting to be any good. After reading first few chapters I was sure it will be next salaryman harem protagonist with system and op skills in another world. But as story progressed I was pleasantly surprised. Jake turned out to be introvert living in his own world having few hard earned friend. Interaction with people are still hard for him, his poker face would be non existent if not for the mask he wears, and his first interactions with Miranda were absolutely brilliant. You can see that he unconsciously creates something like legend around his owner persona, something like Yip of Yore that he doesn't quite live up to. Viper is this one extrovert friend that tries to get him and Duskleaf (who is also not people person) to meet more people. I can't wait for this whole prophetized school arc to begin.


Being the one who updated a bunch of stuff(including Zogarth) at the end of March and some other novels this month, I can tell you right now that I'm not going to scroll through pages of yiff-related requests in the general request thread to find relevant webnovel requests. Something tells me I'm not the only one.



I tend to doubt you are telling the truth.


Not >>5130, but it seems an odd claim to make to purport oneself to be too lazy to check through requests…
He's not really got much in it to be lying about it, unless he's a pathetic beta cuck who just wants internet points. But I doubt it.
Also, Sneed (formerly Chuck)


Where my ivanbro at, there's new chapters to be had



The lie is the claim that the commenter updated those creators.


Just binged The Path of Ascention, saw patty had 3 extra chapters, went to komono… You let me down guys.


If there are any readers of the Daniel Black series, the author E William Brown has a subscribestar. "William's Corner subscribestar" on Google will lead to it.



I disagree. I updated Rinoz in Feb and Selkie in March, I looked at the this request thread (the previous one) for it. The main request thread is too long lol.


You tend to? That was my second post in this thread, the other one being the Salvos 0bin link. You are probably confusing me with someone else…



No, I did not confuse anything. I evaluate every comment on its own. The one I was referring to is likely a lie.



Everyone is anonymous. It's impossible to know who is really uploading the chapters. This debate is pointless because the best case you are vindicated as right that someone is karma whoring on lies. In the worst case, you are attacking someone who actually uploads content for free.



That analysis is missing several important pieces. Better luck next time.


Wow, ok… Here is my "evaluation" then: given that I know for a fact, and not likely, that I'm the one who updated those, I can only conclude with a 100% certainty that you are a retard that is trying to pass as some intellectual with his "evaluations" and "analysis". Better luck next time.



LOL. No need to get upset. You lied, you got caught. Honesty is the best policy.


Sure… Keep it up with your projections and fake psychoanalysis. It is entertaining, if nothing else.



I'm seeing more lies, and none of the claimed updates. Few people are going to fall for such tricks.


Schizoposter bro. If you see someone who you think is karmawhoring, ignore them. What they want is attention. If you’re wrong, you said nothing anyway and didn’t attack someone who actually contributes, unlike you.


That's not going to work. You are going to have to wait till May for MelasD or Zogarth if nobody else updates those, since I don't subscribe till there is enough backlog for me to binge.



Few people are going to fall for those lies. Honesty really is the best policy.


stop creating a toxic environment. you're going to scare away the guys who might feel like uploading.



Oh no! Toxic! My god! Anything but that! Nooooooo! He's going for the nuclear option! Run!


No, the best policy would be to coordinate subscriptions somehow. I've payed Rhaegar and Defiance this time among others, however someone else is also updating those, so that was a waste.
Thinking about subscribing to two more authors, but at least those are not present on kemono right now.

I don't think that is going to happen, people are updating cause they want others to update different works, not cause they expect any kind of "environment" on an anonymous board.



Coordination would be difficult. First you have to filter out the lies. Clearly there are some liars commenting here. If anyone wants to try to prove they are not lying, they can post a comment before they update something, and then go update it. Not 100% proof but good enough usually. Another thing people could do is wait a week or two after the beginning of the month to see what is getting updated and then subscribe to one that is not getting updated. Not a perfect solution, but could work somewhat.


Again with the "lying" bs… The point of coordination I'm thinking about isn't to filter out liars for your satisfaction, but to not pay same author twice. Who cares if someone is lying, they just won't update then and at that point someone else can pick it up. The second suggestion is what works probably,but then again… Some ppl decided to subscribe to Defiance and Rhaegar after my first update. They probably thought that April 1-2 updates were legacy, from March. Also there is this issue: kemono's importer is frequently bugged out. Last time I had to submit my key five times during 48hrs before my post feed was imported correcly. And the update before that had some posts missing at the first try, and only the second one completed successfully. It may prevent timely updates and ppl will think it is because you are not going to update.


Also, there is another issue. You suggest posting before updates, but if the first update is right after subscription, then it will be very easy for an author to figure out which patron is uploading to kemono, and ban them and/or make patreon suspend the account. While I personally could accept that, others may not… Also even for me it will be dissapointing to loose the account at the start of the month.



You may be foolish enough to not care about liars tricking you, but most people do care. Fools and their money are soon parted. I guess I should not be surprised that you have some pathetic excuse for not proving your claims. No one said anything about updating right after subscribing.


For some people it's just hard to pay for patreon. Owning credit card in some countries is just not worth it (especially with foreign currency). I would pay more for credit card (that i would not use for anything else) and currency conversion than for buying patreon. If there was an option to pay patreon via traditional transfer, or company that converts currency at reasonable rate I would do so. It just isn't worth it to pay 10$ a month for credit card and currency account. I can pay for anything in my country with something called BLIK that works in every local and internet shop in my country and have two factor authentication for every payment. It's just faster and safer than credit card.


Do you guys know to what country i can safely change my patreon location to not pay vat (or have to provide any additional info)?


Your arguments don't make any sense now. If I don't update immediately after subscribing, then someone else might think that author is not being updated and subscribe before I update. Which basically happened this month with two authors. I subscribed on the 1st, updated, but didn't update a couple days after and someone else decided to subscribe&update the moment only one update came out for each author. If I wait for a week at the start of the month and then wait some more after subscribing like you propose, it is almost guaranteed that someone else will subscribe at that point if the author is popular, especially if they will wait too. And then your suggestion to wait as means of collaboration will not work at all.


Sounds like you guys are having fun here.


I've set mine to Ukraine immediately after my country got VAT, haven't had any problems. Not sure if that'll be the same with EU or US-issued card or Paypal account.


I really wonder what the fuck is this guy issue, first people aren't supposed to make webnovel update requests on the fucking webnovel thread even though literally everyone does that. Now everyone but him is a liar for no reason whatsoever.


even retards have the ability to type stuff on the internet, you are not compelled to respond to them. just ignore them the same way you ignore spam that makes it into your inbox.


another one to add to the list:


multiple volumes already on Amazon (or libgen :) ) of Legend of the Arch Magus.


Thanks, will try that tomorrow. If it works I will import.


Karmawhores are just as bad as doubters with shit for brains who complain about smelling sewerage everywhere.



The imbecile ratio is high here. I can see I will have to spell it out for you. Someone subscribes to their favorite creator, preferably at the beginning of the month. Then they wait a day or two (whatever they want, but patreon is not going to check the logs enough to figure it out, those idiots cannot even fix bugs in the commenting section) until they are comfortable to do an update. They post a comment that they are going to update X in a few minutes and in the same comment mention that they just posted a request (in the appropriate place) for Y. Then they update X. People reading the comments here see that X was updated soon after the timestamp on the comment and so are more inclined to fill the request Y. There is no perfect system for this situation, but that should be good enough.


can someone update ivankal? thanks


File: 1617946332964.jpg (12.81 KB, 240x150, wat.jpg)

Jasonbros, what the hell is going on. 439 left my brain in a knot


>Jasonbros, what the hell is going on. 439 left my brain in a knot
Since kemono party is primarily a site for furry porn, I am choosing to interpret this as Anon's brain now being inside a dog's penis.


friendly reminder to ignore the 50 cent dicksword army trying to derail the thread (get a life aside from dicksucking artists all day)

he could be typing the very moment you are reading this comment
also it dosen't matter who updates it youre all awesome (even though i dont read this stuff)

now lets get back to the topic shall we (my adhd doctor told me to read books i might try this hehe)
link to old thread https://archive.is/omdnf



The Builder gave Chen plans for a magic bomb to kill Jason. Instead of killing Jason that bomb is now going to give more powers to him.

Presumably this happened because the Builder is dumb.


So… I just found Kemono after yiff shut down. I suppose not really being part of the community and just drifting will have those downsides.

I've got a few patties so I will try updating them now, but due to a 'negative cash flow position', after this month will be dropping them.


Can someone update kingkennit's Sylver Seeker? Thank you.


I humbly request an update to ideasguy stories



That's one of the ones I'm a patreon on, but I can't figure out how to get the session key on firefox. I've tried twice, but nothing is updating.

The instructions are extremely unhelpful.


It's not.
But to check you can click the little button that opens up patreon,then on patreon sort by sidestories. Then comb through the list to find the posted date, and check the post.

I've just done so, and can't see the latest one, which is the same tier as the others.


I'd just managed to find it in recent posts and deleted my message but thanks anyway.

It's an update to the post "Chapter/Post Index"



Aaand, I think it should be up, along with Macronomicon

Also added The Path of Ascention chapters, but something screwy is going on with the authors profile. Does it take time to add a new user profile or something?


Not the only screwy thing, Macronomicon somehow only got chapter 6, skipping 3/4/5.


It's good now.


I went back and did it again, that should be fixed now. Or at least, it's showing up for me.

IDK WTF I'm doing tbh.


Thanks for updating blue core.

So something fucking is going on with C. Mantis profile (or whatever his account name is). I can't get it to show up for some reason, even though I've got all his posts copied over.

Does anyone know what the issue is?

Anyway, here's a link to one of the chapters. The previous and next buttons work, but nothing else.



could some update tower of Somnus- CoCo_P ?


C_Mantis - The Path of Ascension

Guess it does take a while to add a new user. Good to know.


Thank you glorious anon for updating ideasguy I pray you live long and be happy


Thank you to whomever updated Ar'kendrithyst, you have made my day (technically night cos it's night in my tz rn) <3


File: 1617984089708.png (157.86 KB, 1910x1031, patreon.png)

I imported from firefox with no problem. You press F12 go to [Storage] tab. There you have Cookies on the left side select patreon.com, and then get value for session_id. I created new account and edited session_id but on my normal account when importing it's the same. So from this picture you have to copy q231rr2eefwefqrqrgcecgO5mYuhGK1WEasSQl3MDPY and paste into importer.

PS. This session_id is random character from keyboard.


Thanks for the PoA upload. Works great now.


Thanks for updating Macronomicon


It would be great if someone Posted



Thanks whoever added

Zendran - The Great Core's Paradox


thanks to whoever updated ivankal, there's another chapter out btw :D


>thanks to whoever updated ivankal, there's another chapter out btw :D

Thank you for updating Ivankal. There's a new chapter out, so please update that as well.


Thanks for whoever updated Macronomicon.

Can someone please update Selkie?


"Chapter 682 New ToysIlea grinned to herself, itching to test out all the new toys she had just gotten but there were a fe more messages sti…"

Sounds like more game mechanics unlocked from having all three classes at 500+, sure would be nice to get those chapters from whoever subbed this month. =D


Lol you managed to wait whole 3 hours before asking for new chapters. Wait few days, someone who subscribed may be sleeping right now or check their patreon every few days not hours. Some people even like to wait a week to acumulate chapters and binge read.


There are at least two different uploaders for Lilith this month, so there is no need to ask, it will be updated regularly.


thanks to whoever updated Zogarth

cool story though unfortunately the god business will eventually make it absurd as it always does to every story.


Updated Delve and some others.

Almost wish I didn't, Delve continues to have all the pacing of a dying, diseased snail.


Thanks for updating. The pacing is better than Savage Divinity, which is not saying much. Must be a problem native to stories with "Rain" as an MC


Thanks dude, but holy shit was that whole bastion bit a pointless load of crap


Wake of the Ravager (Macronomicon)just got updated but skipped some chapters so be careful not to spoil yourselves.

Specifically chapters went up to 254 before and we now have 259-261 without 255-258.

They're all the same tier so this might just be kemono being screwy again.


Thanks for chapter. I sometimes think dozer is the worst that could happen to this novel. There is way to much dozer pov and Rain-Dozer interactions. And noone wanteđ book about Rain delving into his soul whole chapter. There was first few dozen chapters where Rain would discover new game/world mechanic EVERY CHAPTER and try to calculate how good it is. Now we have dozer chapter, next soul chapter, stavo chapter, ameliah chapter, feelings chapter. It feels like Rain won't come aboveground in the next 20-30 chapter during witch we will get to know that stavo will be magic swordsman (duh), val do something stupid, the stupid fire guy do something intelligent but also stupid (forgot his name), elsa (daughter of that force mage) will be impatient to change her skill and also do something stupid and quartermaster woman will nag them about not doing something stupid, but they will do something stupid anyway so that she, cartman, orange jason and stavo can go save the day.


i just want Rain to use his goddamn skill point, I'm starting to fear he won't use it this month.

The soul thing seems that will be important in the future, and dozer seems to be doing passive soul cultivation for rain, but you got a point after countless chapters, just use it.



Yeah, I gave up on Delve. MC was too naive and self-righteous, world building was average, but the System design was amazing.

Though someone was talking about a skill point in this thread so it seemed he finally leveled up almost 100 chapters later, lol.


I agree, I really do. Seriously, Delve's pacing has been god awful and getting worse since the last 60 or so chapters.


Almost 100? Lol, he got to level 18 on chapter 36 and finally leveled up to 19 on chapter fucking 148/149.

Seriously, Delve is the perfect example of an author milking a story for everything that it's worth, almost every single chapter is super padded and full of useless shit. One could probably do everything that happened between chapter 36 and 148/149 in like 40 chapters without losing anything important.


Author kinda wrote himself into a corner though, the way Rain generates xp any new cap is instantly reached.
Which means you either have giant ass progression droughts, or the story ends on account of the MC becoming a god in no time flat.
Pacing is fucked either way.


He has a easy fix for that, just make it so Rain's legendary class evolution requires 1000x more xp than normal to lvl up or can't get xp from mana training, there, problem solved. Also, given the way that lvl caps works he could also do gradual increasing of blue's lvl, like 3 or 4 lvls at time and he could keep that for a while.

There's absolute no excuse whatsoever for this level of terrible pacing.



You forget that raising the level cap gets increasingly difficult because the essence monsters difficulty increase exponentially. If author were good, he could pace it so the level cap gets raised at a good pace but not too fast. Basically plan out the level cap increases up to around level 75 or so when he becomes an elite of the world. Then have a nice arc where he surpasses even the elites and approaches level 100, maybe finds out what happened to the Majistraal.



Having Rain's legendary class take some much XP when Ameliah's obviously does not would be stupid. The framework for a decent pacing was already laid, the author just does not even care about pacing for some reason.


>The framework for a decent pacing was already laid
Correct. That framework was level capping by essence monsters. The issue arose when SS introduced Velocity and SS realized just how much he'd fucked up.



How so?

I like the pacing and the soul stuff.


>I like the pacing
What the fuck. Like, how? It took him 113 chapters for him to level up, Rain has barely any development, side characters are lol, everything move slower than a diseased and chained snail.

To put things in perspective, right now Delve has a similar number of pages to Mother of Learning, and it feels like almost nothing has happened so far.



I would enjoy having more frequent chapters but the spacing is fine. I like all the little details in each chapter, but only because the system is so well done. The soul stuff is like a soft magic system that is not breaking everything but stil mysterious.



Yeah, the "soft cap" on essence monsters was actually a huge plus for me (at first) Just so within 100 chapters you aren't a pseudo-god. It's just that after the "city lockdown" arc, he just didn't return to fighting.

Everything went awry when he wanted to start his own company instead of going back out to Delve. Maybe the ring was too much of a power spike too on top of the armor around Chapter 60 or so but the novel shifted more to "slice of life" then an adventure or LITRPG.


I really like Delves pacing and power progression, it feels unique and power gains feel really special.

So many of these types of stories go one of two ways:
1. The MC skyrockets to godhood with his OP power or knowledge.
2. The MC has a level up / gains a power or item every chapter or other chapter so fast you get whiplash.


Or the MC becomes OP and the story becomes territory management


Yeah, taking like 2 millions words for him to finally level up is certainly unique.



If the only thing you read a story for is the levelling up part, there are tons of other stories that only contain that.


to be fair i think the only thing that piss me off are the dozer chapters, and the author probably already planned from the beginning that that damn slime would help rain cultivate his soul.

what do you ppl think rain will get first?
Stamina aura or Health aura?
i sorta want him to take that invisible shredding damage aura that probably has no environmental effect.



Shear? That almost certainly does have an environmental effect. Rain imagined it is something like a force tornado. What is special about Shear is that it is not occluded by mundane materials. So Rain could theoretically hide in an enclosed, secure room and damage people with Shear.


It wouldn't be a problem if Delve had anything else worthwhile outside of it's system and even then it shouldn't be taking enough words to fill multiples books for him to level up a single fucking time.


Thanks to whoever is updating IdeasGuy


Your thanks pleases me.

Have another.


Thank you for updating.

Guys, if you are not already reading stories by IdeasGuy, then I highly recommend them.
You can find his stories on Questionable Questing, fanfiction.net and spacebattles.com
He's currently working on Going Native (DBZ/DC Comics), Power Corrupts (Gamer SI), See No Evil (Young Justice SI), A Hard Knock Life (Worm/Cyberpunk 2077), and Risk It All (Young Justice/Gamer).


Thanks to the glorious guy that is updating Macronomicon. Generic apocalypse is such a blast to read.


Congratulations. IdeasGuy just got updated. Not by me, so don't thank me.


does importer doesn't work only for me or do you guys have issues too?


man I am so stoked to see what class and profession jake got. pretty epic.


could anyone update The Calamitous Bob-Mecanimus and Tower of Somnus-CoCo_P please?


importer isn't working


Just a quick thankyou to the people updating defiance of the fall, magic sm8ithing, and primal hunter


I wish there was a private torrent tracker for web novels. BTN for webnovels. I don't think scraping them from patreon and putting them on a site like this is ever going to be reliable. It is not even necessary to scrape them directly. With a browser plugin like epubpress it is possible to download chapters as epub so there is no need for a proxy to log into your account.



Don't let your dreams be dreams.


I just picked path of ascension and I'm surprised at how much i'm enjoying it, it's like delve but not on a snails pace



You just binge read it…the pacing is slower and not enough math.



Twenty something chapters that cover three and a half years is slower?



It is when nothing really happened. he worked in a pub and then got lucky,repeatedly. met some people whose name no one remembers…


Is the importer still down?


Yep, just tried to import and check. Hope it's repaired soon, I'm really hyped for some of the chapters myself.


Everyday without the importer we are farther from god and closed to normal releases (unless it's Magic Smithing, mofo really prioritizes patreon.)


You haven't seen Legend of Randidly Ghosthond. There are almost 200 patreon chapters. Tiers goes like this
7 chapters for 1$
14 chapters for 5$
177 chapter for 10$
Maybe magic smithing will be there one day.


It still possible for people to update, as long as they do it manually. Just download the chapter(s) from Patreon and then choose [Upload File] to upload it to this site. The Epubpress browser plugin works well on Patreon chapters if needed.


Chapters would be doubled when importer starts working again.



Who's got time for that?



What does it matter if they are doubled? Compared to images or video, the storage space required for text is negligible.


importer seems operational


fucking insane niggas are still reading ghosthound


Ghosthound's chapter are tiny though.



Please, last chapter was over 2k words, about average length for most web serials. And that's not mentioning there's like a chapter every day or two. I don't know any other author who has that kind of output.


>>5962 I don't get why people still read ghosthound. It got pretty bad pretty early. It's actually hilarious people are still reading it.


There is nothing more pathetic than some guy going on an online forum bemoaning what interests people other than himself. There is no better way to advertise that you do nothing more than waste oxygen.


>>5968 just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm bemoaning what anyone likes. It was a joke and I think you're taking this a bit too seriously.


Pirateba for inn? not as fast as ghosthound but the sheer wordcount the dude puts out is mind boggling, pretty sure its the biggest english written piece of fiction ever


Found the author's dog


Where else can i call delve the dog turd it is?


I believe the importer is working now


There is, people like you that get annoyed when people call a turd a turd sure as fuck are even bigger waste of oxygen.


Most webserials that I read have an average of like 4k words, 2k is tiny imo.


Importer is working. Just uploaded.


Guys, can't we just agree that we're all fags for reading webnovels.


I'm pretty sure we can agree that you're a fag for trying to be reasonable about petty arguments on a furry patreon scalper site


Fuck off, go be reasonable somewhere else, asshole.


>>6011 NO
>>6013 BODY
>>6017 CARES


You clearly do, enough to reply, retard.



And that folks is how trolls trigger people and make internet forums toxic. (and get a good laugh out of it too)


just mention delve and people crawl out of the woodwork screaming "wheres the power growth? he's not levelling up! I hate characters! I want power progression!"



Thanks for the DotF updoots.

Upped AH, PoA, Idea's guy and maybe Kosnik (not sure if it was up to date when the uploader borked).

Hopefully someone updates HWFWM soon, I'm digging this current arc, and was tempted to join the patty when it uploader was broken.

I'm a weak weak man.


Thanks for the upload but it got messed up again, AH skipped chapter 683.


Which is really fucking weird since it was previously there. Might be an indicator of a bug in the importer; specifically, the sort of bug that goes overlooked for a while and is a fucking pain to clean up after. Somebody might want to bring it to the dev’s attention ASAP.


Man I can't believe how much money some of the more popular authors like Zogarth and Shirtaloon are making. It's wild. Also it is nice that Jake reached D-grade.


Wondering inn nigga makes like 10 thousand dollars or some shit, once you tap into the western isekai hivemind is good fucking cash dog


I'm perplexed that someone would sub to shit like AH, but not HWFWM.

Despite what the trolls say HWFwM is almost certainly the best litrpg around so it's no surprise that Shirt is making so much.


Thanks for the jason update
Round two against the American gold ranker, let's see if the spider feller can aid o' jason.


>HWFwM is almost certainly the best litrpg around
That's just backhanded disparagement of every other story, since hwfwm is a 4/10 at best



AH is much better than HWFWM. Jason's character is perpetually stuck on the same 3 or 4 characters, and when he's done, he just starts them all again.

There's no character building, nobody grows, except to be snarky like jason.

Death means nothing, so much so that the author has had to lampshade it and write it into the story.

It's worldbuilding is also basic bitch. Like, these magically societies have been around for centuries, but the USA somehow has one of side of a monopoly on looting and quality training? How does that make sense. They've only been a superpower for 80 years.

China I can see, maybe also India, as they were the main economies pre-industrial evolution, maybe some of the European powers, but the USA? From hundreds of years ago?

Utterly moronic shit.

When Ilea has to kill people, it's along the lines of 'Why do you have to be such a dick', and then she kills them, and says how sad it is they had to be dicks. Then she forgets about it unless someone brings it up, and she rolls her eyes.

When Jason kills someone he self righteously pontificates on them, be's edgy as fuck, then twenty chapters later starts questioning himself, a hundred chapters later castigates himself, and then two hundred chapters later laments how terrible he was for it. And no, that's not an exaggeration.

The writing quality itself is quite good, but Jason is a soyboy through and through.


Those are all problems, but I'd say it's more that every other character exists to make Jason look better. He'll never meet someone who can out talk him or make him look stupid, which the story desperately needs. He never truly loses, even his losses (like his brother, gf and friend) are forgotten pretty quickly and aren't learned from


>I'm perplexed that someone would sub to shit like AH, but not HWFWM.
The readership of these are different. What you're seeing is a reflection of kemono's userbase. Being very antiestablishment, kemono like to shit on HWFWM because the MC is a cuck masquerading as a firebrand. AH on the other hand is just good punchy fun. Both are decent novels, the readership of one is just more attracted to this site.


Please import Magic_Smithing ch96 whoever import is thanks in advance


HWFWM gets a lot of money simply because it is the most prominent novel on rrl for politically correct wish fulfillment. Jason is a mirror reflection of a typical western kid, an individual who never experienced real opression and never seen real unchecked power being applied, but unironically still sees himself as an absolute authority on both. And what is even more hilarious is that everyone around him indulges him in his delusions like he is in some kind of university safe space. It's like reading a story about a mosquito lecturing an elephant… While you might even enjoy reading it for the style, you will still be struggling with the background though process telling you that the elephant simply would not understand what mosquito was whining about, even if it noticed the mostquito's buzzing by some miracle instead of crushing it simply by accident.

That said Jason is not the most insufferable MC on the site by a long shot. For example, Juniper from Worth the Candle would given Jason a run for his money with his not-harem and constant self-justifications, but precisely because of that he is not as popular, even most soyboys can't ignore his constant hypocrisy.


To be fair, though, Delve is legitimately painful right now. Like I don't care about Dozer or the Bastion or the dumb stuff that's going on right now after the Hababas. Literally levelled up for the first time in ages and he's not doing anything with his newly minted increase in power.


Also, is anyone else getting tilted by the endless "sorry for the late chapter"s and "chapter tomorrow"s from Magic_Smithing? It's been every single one of them, like… just do two per week.


That's because the author is burnt out hard, but locked in because of Patreon. He has to keep writing, because he's being payed to do so.

Add to that he's depressed as fuck, and you get constant whining.


plox update ivankal


MelasD hasn't been updated in a while. Also I like Tian's premise.


I dropped Jason forever ago, but this made me curious, in what way is the story politically correct?


Thanks for PoA update 👍


Wow. Tree of Aeons has been updated. Thank you very much


You never realized that the main character is a literal sjw cuck and the morality of the story revolves around him?


please ivanbro, where art thou


New Delve is up.
Thanks for uploading.


No Zach or Naha, no interest.


We haven't gotten an update from Zendran in a while. Also, if you guys have nothing to read there is a pretty good web novel on royal road called Lost in Translation.


thanks for posting delve


Can someone update sarahlín please 🥺


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