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Anything related to Webnovels,Litrpgs and such.
HUGE thanks to whoever updates those!
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does importer doesn't work only for me or do you guys have issues too?


man I am so stoked to see what class and profession jake got. pretty epic.


could anyone update The Calamitous Bob-Mecanimus and Tower of Somnus-CoCo_P please?


importer isn't working


Just a quick thankyou to the people updating defiance of the fall, magic sm8ithing, and primal hunter


I wish there was a private torrent tracker for web novels. BTN for webnovels. I don't think scraping them from patreon and putting them on a site like this is ever going to be reliable. It is not even necessary to scrape them directly. With a browser plugin like epubpress it is possible to download chapters as epub so there is no need for a proxy to log into your account.



Don't let your dreams be dreams.


I just picked path of ascension and I'm surprised at how much i'm enjoying it, it's like delve but not on a snails pace



You just binge read it…the pacing is slower and not enough math.



Twenty something chapters that cover three and a half years is slower?



It is when nothing really happened. he worked in a pub and then got lucky,repeatedly. met some people whose name no one remembers…


Is the importer still down?


Yep, just tried to import and check. Hope it's repaired soon, I'm really hyped for some of the chapters myself.


Everyday without the importer we are farther from god and closed to normal releases (unless it's Magic Smithing, mofo really prioritizes patreon.)


You haven't seen Legend of Randidly Ghosthond. There are almost 200 patreon chapters. Tiers goes like this
7 chapters for 1$
14 chapters for 5$
177 chapter for 10$
Maybe magic smithing will be there one day.


It still possible for people to update, as long as they do it manually. Just download the chapter(s) from Patreon and then choose [Upload File] to upload it to this site. The Epubpress browser plugin works well on Patreon chapters if needed.


Chapters would be doubled when importer starts working again.



Who's got time for that?



What does it matter if they are doubled? Compared to images or video, the storage space required for text is negligible.


importer seems operational


fucking insane niggas are still reading ghosthound


Ghosthound's chapter are tiny though.



Please, last chapter was over 2k words, about average length for most web serials. And that's not mentioning there's like a chapter every day or two. I don't know any other author who has that kind of output.


>>5962 I don't get why people still read ghosthound. It got pretty bad pretty early. It's actually hilarious people are still reading it.


There is nothing more pathetic than some guy going on an online forum bemoaning what interests people other than himself. There is no better way to advertise that you do nothing more than waste oxygen.


>>5968 just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm bemoaning what anyone likes. It was a joke and I think you're taking this a bit too seriously.


Pirateba for inn? not as fast as ghosthound but the sheer wordcount the dude puts out is mind boggling, pretty sure its the biggest english written piece of fiction ever


Found the author's dog


Where else can i call delve the dog turd it is?


I believe the importer is working now


There is, people like you that get annoyed when people call a turd a turd sure as fuck are even bigger waste of oxygen.


Most webserials that I read have an average of like 4k words, 2k is tiny imo.


Importer is working. Just uploaded.


Guys, can't we just agree that we're all fags for reading webnovels.


I'm pretty sure we can agree that you're a fag for trying to be reasonable about petty arguments on a furry patreon scalper site


Fuck off, go be reasonable somewhere else, asshole.


>>6011 NO
>>6013 BODY
>>6017 CARES


You clearly do, enough to reply, retard.



And that folks is how trolls trigger people and make internet forums toxic. (and get a good laugh out of it too)


just mention delve and people crawl out of the woodwork screaming "wheres the power growth? he's not levelling up! I hate characters! I want power progression!"



Thanks for the DotF updoots.

Upped AH, PoA, Idea's guy and maybe Kosnik (not sure if it was up to date when the uploader borked).

Hopefully someone updates HWFWM soon, I'm digging this current arc, and was tempted to join the patty when it uploader was broken.

I'm a weak weak man.


Thanks for the upload but it got messed up again, AH skipped chapter 683.


Which is really fucking weird since it was previously there. Might be an indicator of a bug in the importer; specifically, the sort of bug that goes overlooked for a while and is a fucking pain to clean up after. Somebody might want to bring it to the dev’s attention ASAP.


Man I can't believe how much money some of the more popular authors like Zogarth and Shirtaloon are making. It's wild. Also it is nice that Jake reached D-grade.


Wondering inn nigga makes like 10 thousand dollars or some shit, once you tap into the western isekai hivemind is good fucking cash dog


I'm perplexed that someone would sub to shit like AH, but not HWFWM.

Despite what the trolls say HWFwM is almost certainly the best litrpg around so it's no surprise that Shirt is making so much.


Thanks for the jason update
Round two against the American gold ranker, let's see if the spider feller can aid o' jason.


>HWFwM is almost certainly the best litrpg around
That's just backhanded disparagement of every other story, since hwfwm is a 4/10 at best



AH is much better than HWFWM. Jason's character is perpetually stuck on the same 3 or 4 characters, and when he's done, he just starts them all again.

There's no character building, nobody grows, except to be snarky like jason.

Death means nothing, so much so that the author has had to lampshade it and write it into the story.

It's worldbuilding is also basic bitch. Like, these magically societies have been around for centuries, but the USA somehow has one of side of a monopoly on looting and quality training? How does that make sense. They've only been a superpower for 80 years.

China I can see, maybe also India, as they were the main economies pre-industrial evolution, maybe some of the European powers, but the USA? From hundreds of years ago?

Utterly moronic shit.

When Ilea has to kill people, it's along the lines of 'Why do you have to be such a dick', and then she kills them, and says how sad it is they had to be dicks. Then she forgets about it unless someone brings it up, and she rolls her eyes.

When Jason kills someone he self righteously pontificates on them, be's edgy as fuck, then twenty chapters later starts questioning himself, a hundred chapters later castigates himself, and then two hundred chapters later laments how terrible he was for it. And no, that's not an exaggeration.

The writing quality itself is quite good, but Jason is a soyboy through and through.


Those are all problems, but I'd say it's more that every other character exists to make Jason look better. He'll never meet someone who can out talk him or make him look stupid, which the story desperately needs. He never truly loses, even his losses (like his brother, gf and friend) are forgotten pretty quickly and aren't learned from

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