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Is the discord scraper working for anyone else?

One artist I am following / subscribed to / scraping from is soon shutting down their patreon and moving to discord because of pirates and patreon's shitty practices, and is using some completely different payment method. They've recently started posting their stuff in a specific new discord channel though, regardless of whether people are using this new service or staying on patreon.

I've attempted to use the scraper as per the tutorial linked, but I'm getting errors on import.

Is it working for anyone else, or is there some steps I may have missed?

Also, is it to scrape the whole channel, or is it just individual posts?


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I have been trying to scrape a discord channel of a specific artist too, and have had no luck for the past 2 weeks.
If you're really desperate, you can just use "discordchatexporter" to create a local backup (images included)


Forgot to add, it's to scrape the whole channel, not just specific posts.



If I remember correctly, Admin took it down since it needs work. Been down for a few months now. I'd just be patient and wait for it to be reimplemented.


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I just searched up one artist and apparently they have a discord section on Kemono?

But when I open the link, there's a blank page.


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