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The only problem i have at the moment is that i can’t view or download native to patreon lonely videos so i wanted to know if there’s any solutions.


File: 1617038092702.png (52.36 KB, 1920x248, video.png)

If it is the type of video i think there is a work around.
1.Mark the post for reimport
2.Wait for an update
3.Download the file
4.Open file on a text editor
5.Look for the wanted resolulion like pic rel
6.Download .m3u8 file
7.Open .m3u8 on video player (that should do if you just want to watch it right now)
8.If you want to save it for later use the video player convertion option to export it like a mp4 or whatever else and that should save it for ever

You need the reimport of the file by an update because the links don't work after a day or two


Is there no way to avoid the links expiring? I've yet to find a single file that has been young enough to work, and re-exporting all the time seems like a lot of work.


I understand everything until step 5 to 6 my guy


File: 1618048095701.jpg (674.48 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2021-04-10-11-4….jpg)

I'm having a similar issue. I copy the m3u8 file into VLC, but it can't open it. Pic related is the link I want to watch. Do I have to modify it somehow before?

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