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Share any link found on filesharing websites BUT encode it first. Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive.
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any accel art files?



Accel art


JMG GDrive Folder?


File: 1621842777938.jpg (20.68 KB, 400x400, Mister5Star.jpg)

Does anybody have access to this guy's archive?

It's literally the only way to see any of his paywalled art, but it costs $50 to even get access in the first place, so I can get why leaking for him would be a rarity, except for the fact I've never seen this guy leaked at all.
Which is as amazing as it is irritating.


5star's a massive faggot, with beyond overpriced shit, so I wouldn't get hopes up unless we somehow have an anon here willing to for some reason drop a possible $100+ on this fucker


Anyone got rururaida discord archive?.



I saw him in the YP days. Just medium effort, low detail cartoons and yet he seemed to think he was the best thing since sliced bread.

Even his name alone says how much he's in love with himself. The literal opposite of the "skilled yet overly modest artist" archetype.

I mean look at this, you'd have to be a complete looney toon to pay over £10 for something like this (considering the alternatives):




Fuck man, do I feel ya.
The guy's a massive faggot, who's constantly upping the prices of his fucking already overpriced art all because 'muh art might be leaked'.

Like one of his biggest threats is how if he gets leaked he's going to increase the cost to see his shit, like people are going to keep folding to his inane prices if he pulls that shit, and yet no one's leaked him because for some reason the only people who have ever paid him are also his biggest simps in existence!

And he's such a fucking pretentious asshole about how you have to pay such ludicrous prices to even get access to the art from the month you decided to pledge, much less from previous months which then cost exponentially more, and people go along with it even though he's practically the only faggot who does this, and he's never been anywhere near active enough to somehow justify it being a fair trade.




Thanks for the link kind stranger, you are the best!


Anyone got the newest JADF's post with download link in the comment trick? I don't think people will utilize upload file feature anytime soon, and until comment importer is also implemented, there's no other way getting it. I can manually upload those if you are willing to provide it.


File: 1621878038115.jpeg (149.97 KB, 1706x1080, 6aca2c1e-3531-4316-8ea4-b….jpeg)

Anyone have the lastest Mangamaster Mega file? His old one died


Does anyone got Bokuman links? thanks!


Anyone got the orange jacket archive link for MurPloxy?


Jmg google drive pls


Anyone have JMG gdrive gallery or club3 gallery?

club3 kemono gallert only filled with junks


Does anyone have new pewposterous dropbox link with all his works? The old one doesn't work


Anybody have Accel Arts archive or link


Anyone have MrPotatoParty archives? Fucking please bruh his shit is lacking so bad on kemono


Please tell me someone got MrPotatoParty archives bruh. His shit is lacking so bad on kemono


unsure if this counts just lurking 8coom (greetings from /soy/jak)
god plz help me the urge to fap is getting stronger i do not want to be converted yet i still want to remain human

https://archive.is/Yni3Z https://archive.is/hKFpb (the link)

why is this thread not yet deleted https://archive.is/tJKIn
theres lots of anti-furry content here (hehe time to fill up my shitposting collection)


You clearly are desperate to jerk off. I don't have them but you can find a bit of his stuff on reddit, e-hentai, and places like that.


hasn't been updated in over a month





Anybody have the Recent JADF stuff now that he's started hiding the links in the comments?



Only this one aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZHJvcGJveC5jb20vc2gvaHc4Zm02ZjZwamd3amxoL0FBRDlmZUk1d2RRRmdXYlNkSzFLanRyQWE/ZGw9MA==



Sorry that the code's so long, I typed up a description to go with it.


Damn I was hoping for his bestiality shit. Thanks anyway though.


File: 1622684514965.gif (1.92 MB, 1280x720, 4316799 - Helluva_Boss Loo….gif)

Anyone have Mangamaster's Mega folder link from may?


Yo im pretty desperate for JADF's recent stuff I can't get it because he started hiding the links in the comments someone please post the links.


please tell me someone has a link/backup of all the animations from that post (since the artist is a piece of shit who does timed content that disappears 2 months later).
I'll literally suck you off for free if you have it.




Who has links to the last two posts by JADF? ("Eris x horse" and "Shimakaze x horse")


Does anyone have MurPloxy's archive. really would appreciate it



Please upload, his packs are haven't been leaked for a long time until now.


bump for this shit, PLEASE help us anons because importers don't upload


Anyone has this guys stuff? He gets updated quite frequently but his links are on his discord and no one bothers to share the files themselves




Aww, this died


File: 1622843146883.jpg (205.35 KB, 1549x2500, Frankie.jpg)

Anybody who has access to JMG, to upload the Google Drive link that's only visible in the welcome notes, or the DMs. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/45939644



Somebody has this?, the link died and i can't see it anymore (or im doing something wrong)


bump for justice


Ruru mega link is dead, anyone got a new one?




Does anyone have at least one or two links which allows access to Winick-Lim's Google Drive Archive? It'll be better to share it ASAP because this artist tend to change it's drive link every month, making the content leaking a bit difficult.


Since there's already an unoficial Tier 1 Drive link (which is used to leak contents from said tier) from another thread I made, it'll be appreciated if you share the Tier 2 or 3 links.


Anyone has the rino99 pro rewards link?


Is this where I ask for a Hentaki archive



nothing new since I last posted the link

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