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>makes a request
>why dont you pay for it

wow its almost like i dont have easy access to dollars so i can pay and have access to the art so thats why i am here in this website


'i can't afford it so i'll steal it' lol you absolute scum(WHINY ARTISTS/WHITEKNIGHTS GET THE BOOT)


nothing is being stolen, only shared.


Mate, why are you here them to complain about piracy?


I'm sorry what's the problem?
if you can't afford it why can't you ask for it?
>you absolute scum
slime of the earth, god's people, working together to help each other get their rocks off. it's beautiful.


>as if I can afford pretty much anything in the damned greenback
>as if I have any inclination to pay for something I could get for free eventually



I'm 100% sure, and not trying to give him a way to pull a switcheroo, but it sounds to me like he was joking to begin with. Sarcasm, by the looks of it.



>thats why i am here in this website

Yea, I mean, its NOT like Kemono is a piracy site or anything! So why would you ask for art to pirated there!?


*not 100%… Man why can't we edit comments lol?


This is peak idiocy. Why the fuck are you here then? Leave.


They want to stir shit up and start txt wars. Yiff.Party was full of them kind of users too.


File: 1616376074187.png (81 KB, 624x628, FlAMoxd.png)


i mean discord white knights dammit i made a mistake again

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