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It just…it had so much content man, i miss the content my artists had, kemono is great but i know it'll take a long time to be as good as yiff, i miss it a lot

Ill keep hoping my favorite artists get updated but until them…man, i miss yiff


You should check >>401, maybe the stuff you're looking for is in there, also, if the creators you like made furry content then you should check the permanent booru, it scrapped yiff.party until yp went down


I dont know man… YP was good, but that was a looong time before it died. For the last 5ish months YP was mostly just a ton of artist pages with nothing but "dummy/fake/placeholder" posts instead of actual content. Most of my fave artists who were still getting updates were just updated with the free stuff (censored & cropped, teaser pics) or the "only available by discord/mailbox" stuff (meaning: unavailable). A lot of it was also dead links in the shared files tab. One of my fave artists (who wasn't some unheard of nobody) hadn't been updated in literally over 2 years. Not to mention, the admin, who ignored everyone & everything while the site crumbled under its own weight, and months earlier, back when used to actually communicate, he spoke to his users like he hated them. So, maybe I KIND of miss YP, but ATST, I really dont.

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