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(DO NOT MENTION HIS NAME) this artist seems to not have any images? idk i think most of the images are exclusive to rewards? most of the rewards are 3 dollars only so if someone could get the images and upload them that'd be good


and yes, some of the posts HAVE images but others seem to be missing?



It's in the fucking screencap, you doofus.


ah yeah, but like, dont mention his name or else idk what if the artist finds this thread idk


I just looked up his/her name on image search, and if I found the right guy (draws mostly elf men), he looks really quite amateur. So I can't imagine he'd be anywhere near rich enough to take someone to court. We're talking thousands & thousands of dollarpounds, and if he lost he'd have to pay the defendants legal fees too and would likely end up in extreme debt. I think the most he (or any normal hobby paywall artist) could do is complain, as in "take my art down!".


Fucking retard, can you not use your pea sized brain?


>guys help. his announcement posts don't have images
Yes, and?

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