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so favorites are fucked forever, huh? we back to the old layout, favorites tab wiped as usual, then eventually we go to the new layout, with the favorites tab wiped again.


i like the old layout more, i just wish that the fav tab displays the date of newer uploads


Huge agreement here, if the favourites tab would just show the latest update date like the newer layout did, I wouldn't have to open every single one every time I come here since they seem to load in a random order. By loading them all every visit, I assuredly use way more bandwidth than if I just clicked on ones that say they've been updated recently. Not having this feature on the old layout has to be contributing to the performance problems in some way if every single person has to check every favourite manually and load 25 posts each.


I'm just glad I backed up my faves a couple days ago. ("Backed up" as in copy/pasted the text of the favorites page, but at least all the names are there.)


I just screencapped my favorites page; works about the same, really.


At this point it might be wise to bookmark or save the link of your favorite creators, that way if the search becomes broken you can still access the creator's page, and you don't have to worry about your favorites being deleted.


all my favorites are gone, this is the like 9th time this has happened and every other time they magically came back….

but this time i didn't realize they were nuked, went to a userpage, favorited it, now my favorites list has one entry on it. I worry this means they won't all magically come back like before.

any one know? when favorites vanish randomly like this do once or twice a week, does adding a new one prevent them from magically returning?


Every time my favorites went away in the past I tried and failed adding new favorites, and when they finally came back I got duplicates from those attempts.
This time the new favorites immediately got added so it seems like the old ones are gone forever.


Could we please refactor how the favorites work so people can back them up and import them at any time? Clearly saving things in an accountless, cookie based manner is not working out reliably.

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