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the site back to the old design but it would be better if the search bar was still there


Right, just checked. Also all the fauvorites I made on the new design are now gone.


bump for this


We cant search for specific artists anymore? If so, how are we supposed to find them? Google artist name with kemono on the end?


You can, just click Artists at the top.


Phew :)


Is there still a way to search posts not just artists?


bruh there's literally a search bar for that on the left, if you're on PC


I don't mind the old design if it makes the site more stable and right now I'm wiping tears on how unusualy fast its running, ganbatte


IIRC that bar shows up mobile too.


Keyword search and the ability to attach DM content to posts is all I ask. So far haven't even gotten a taste of the second one.

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