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Just a side note, has anybody noticed that u-18chan's mods are becoming more and more like e621's mods the more time that passes? They also got so anal as to make sure you can't ban evade by installing an anti vpn plugin to their site. Not only that, but they basicly ban whenever they feel like it, and no where is that more apparent then when people simply bump a thread that was doing well but then died for some reason. So a person goes and bumps asking what happens and then bam! banned. Also they implemented a word filter that I'm going to be trying to post a list of so everyone can get around it.


They've been banning people for having a "wrong" opinion without warning, so that doesn't surprise me. I'd say just let that site die by not going to it. It's not even that great of a site to begin with.


>installing an anti vpn plugin to their site

Some spammers have used VPNs to bypass previous bans, so I think it's somewhat justified


Well I dunno. But the discussions in furry comics boards is a madhouse.
I haven't seen admin's censorship instances though.
But then, I am for enjoying the image content not discussing.


if this is true, we may as well give up on it being a piracy site eventually


Meh. It's not been a good piracy site for quite awhile, but otherwise it's just your common imageboard.

Whiny users, constant baiting/arguing, and mods getting called <insert evil group here> for attempting to establish a semblance of order.


Its a fucking 4chan esk board. A moderators job is to clean up botspam and to make sure advertisements and spam are completely a nonexistant problem to actual discussion/flame wars. Flame wars shouldn't be censored and the fact the mods have a word filter other then to combat discord link spamming literaly reeks of them turning into e621 moderators. They need to stop trying to order anonymous people around lol, It won't work.


And people wonder why less and less people use imageboards nowadays. If every conversation ends up in retarded screeching to each other then there's really no value. Also thanks for proving my point.


> If every conversation ends up in retarded screeching to each other then there's really no value.

Reminds me of 96% of the Yiff.Party BBS…


inb4 the mods here will go full rulecuck to stop the percieved haters thus completing the echo chamber

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