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>site is working decently well
>barely 504'ing
>pages are loading fairly quickly
>an artist i like is getting updated (no images still but i like that the artist i like is getting attention)



well good to see the site is working for someone, im getting nothing but slow pages and updates from 2019 on artists i like
really frustrating


meh, pages are loading within about 15 seconds so i'm not crying out in pain everytime i load it

it's a pretty good step in the right direction


takes a lot of reloading for me but same, everything eventually loads. less 504s anyway

just wish my creators were getting updated _3_ do people even go thru the requests/threads..?


I will tell you right now as someone subscribed to about 8 artists between Patreon and Fanbox that I do not bother with request threads whatsoever. I wouldn't waste your time. I still upload all the subscriptions I have but anyone expecting someone to sub for them is going to be sorely disappointed.


the site looks like zalgo for me rn but at least i can download the zips lol


sheer absolute luck, its like playing the fucking lottery


I hope the 'recently updated' page gets changed back, in its current form theres only one page.


Only one page and it's not even in a proper order.


Yes, it finally works decently!


is there a way to export favorites yet?


Sadly, not yet. We can only hope.

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