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kemono party is not working like at all
whenever i try to view a post's images, it either gives me an error 502 or error 404. it seems that every image is inaccesable to me. is anyone else having this problem?


I'm guessing it's affecting all or atleast most of us. Check the bug report thread up top. People (me included) have been getting 5xx and 404 errors regularly for days. I'm starting to think its best to forget trying to access the site for atleast a week or 2. Hopefully by then things will've smoothed out a bit.


its fucking up bigtime for me too. here's hoping the dev can fix it soon.


yeah, what the fucking shite?! Fix it!


File: 1615926863771.jpg (23.88 KB, 1071x267, Schowek01.jpg)

yeah, you are testing our patience, mate


Oh no. What will admin do without anonymous neckbeard #373472


You're off by 370466.

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