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If you have any issues or want to give feedback about any part of the site this is the place


tags / filters for artists that we can white/black list

I wanna browse recently updated but there is some really nasty stuff in here
plus the fucking lets plays or whatever this crap is that's choking the site


The search artist hasn't worked for me for a few days. I can type anything, from just an A to a full name of an artist that I know was here and all of them just end in "no artists found"


>>2759 same here.




Same here


Images imported from fanbox have their file names broken, and even the extension in some cases.
Also I've been getting some 503s


Site Exits 502 Bad Gateway Error


same error


Site seems to be broken again. Nothing is loading up for me, it just says 502 Bad Gateway errors.


Search in lower case, that way you get results


Human porn isn't allowed here, right? Then why are there reaction videos.


The site is down, I can't enter any of my artists and the main page
502 Bad Gateway


server ded


502 bad gateway lel


No wonder no-one uploads anything anymore. the whole site is down. again. I could swear this site used to be stable…


It'll be stable again, just wait it out. It's not like you're paying to use the site.


Be patient, people where uploading like crazy when the server was active.

Give it a bit, it'll be back up in due time.


Will that site be fixing this today sooner, or should we wait until later week?


I can't access the site at all today. I tried around 20 mins back and I just got instant 5xx errors every time.


>>2804 That site may be fixed either today or later this week due by the stupid 502 errors


File: 1615732355919.jpg (26.69 KB, 657x527, 601.jpg)

there was a fire that destroyed a couple servers, is the problem rn related to that?


When the server actually works, it's ridiculously slow and it seems to me like mp4 and other video formats cant even be loaded.

Still beats the current situation where I can't even access the site due to constant 502 errors.


Always a 502, what is happening with this site recently?


When will the jpeg issue be fixed? Whenever I try to open a jpeg in a new window, only the first 3 letters of the file type are read (jpe) in my browser causing it not to load the image but instead asks to save it cause it doesn't recognize the file type.


Site's back up, apparently.


>what is happening with this site recently?
I think it's a combination of things:
- the site is more popular than ever and the server can't handle it.
- the server is in some weird part of the world so the connection takes a lot of time.
- The database is broken and has been for months, sometimes I can see a wrong picture in the post, other time the search function can't find the person that is already on the page. It seems like this problem is progressing as it gets worse every day.
- There is probably some poopoo in the code that was brought along with the new look.

But still, with the amount of work put into this site no one should complain. I'm surprised it does work at all.


On artist list all pages show the same artists


slow ddos guard redict, error 502


I just want a stable site. I don't care about tags, favorites, or any other feature beside being able to search for artists, import their stuff, and upload files if your not currently subbed to them. If you have to cut some things to better focus on that it wouldn't bother me at all.


yeah I agree, admin should focus on that instead of new features for now


yeah me 2

why is this deleted archive.is/4dASt (lol just 1 day earlier)



Ok, there are a couple of things that this site needs to resolve and add.

1#, the site needs to get more stabilized, getting error 502 or 504 is way too common. I can tolerate some amount of instability and slowness, but some days the site just doesn't damn work.
2#, the site needs better fucking filters. I know adding a tag system would be a lot of work, but it needs it honestly. I could even be bearable without it if only blocking an artist FUCKING WORKED PROPERLY. If I have someone blocked and search through [Recent Posts], I SHOULDN'T have to skip three pages due to them being FUCKING EMPTY because it's supposed to have posts from a blocked author. Same for [Recently Updated Artists], if I have someone blocked they SHOULDN'T be on the fucking page.
3#, I've seen content that shouldn't be on this site at all, uploading 'artists' whose entire Patreon comprises entirely of worthless text blog posts that aren't NSFW and all around just wastes space and slows down the site. All or most of it was from Patreon, it needs to be removed, in fact remove all RL porn content because I assume this site isn't supposed to host that, moreover it just brings trouble.
4#, add importers for sites Fantia, CI-EN, maybe Etny and more, but for Fantia especially as soon as possible cause there's a lot of good shit there.

These are my top four issues that need to be solved in no particular order, but I wish 2# gets solved as soon as possible because I can't discover any new interesting content/artist without literally blocking most artists and then skipping a fuck ton of pages in [Recent Posts].


Tags shouldn't be that hard to implement. Sites like R34 are beyond extensively tagged, making searches super-ultra-mega convenient, accurate & concise, and AFAIK 100% of the tagging is done by the userbase. Image searching without tags is like chips (thats "thick fries" to Americans) without salt & vinegar & chilli powder & chilli sauce.


I feel like it shouldn't have post like previews that don't have a link or anything that the post is previewing, like a post that has a preview of half something but you click on it, it's just the same picture but it still not have the full picture, I think either include the full picture or put a link on it, or just not include the post entirely.


I'd like discord importing to be added back. IIRC discord importing has been broken since a little bit after y.p shut down, which sucks since a LOT of artists keep rewards like archives or early access exclusively in their discord servers.


God the site is ass. It hasn’t been this unstable since yiff went down.


The errors 502 and 504 come out a lot of those errors as well as the slowness of the site, hopefully they can fix it.

I just want you to add a button "Request update" on the artist pages, to request updated publications


It's because of the new layout, which has essentially added zero new features but slowed the entire site down to a crawl.


Yo, new to boards here, I have no idea if i'm replying correctly or not but -
Yeah, no, everything just doesn't wanna load at all. It's a gamble whether or not images decide to load and when it does, it crashes right afterwards. I've been seeing 502 errors more than actual website.


All the files (including zips, inline images, etc) return either a 502 Server Error or a 404 Not Found


Would it even be possible to revert to pre-beta interface at this point? It feels like Kemonodev rushed it out too quickly, but at the same time he probably coded too much with it that it'll be a pain to throw it in the trash.


File: 1615874965961.png (145.05 KB, 400x367, 090914_Signals_promo.png)

There are issues. I'm starting to wonder if a site like this can ever truly function correctly.


Starting to feel the same Cpt Obvious, but I guess in all fairness theres only ever been 1 other site like this (as outrageously unbelievable as that literally is…) so I'm still holding out hope this site gets stable one day, or another, or others do. I mean theres 1 million dedicated sites for every other kind of piracy, yet for art piracy theres… Theres 1 dedicated site. 1!! Even though paywall artists have been milking people for over 10 years now… Somethings going wrong if it takes this long for piracy to reach such a demanded field!


honestly it's so friggin painful spending like 10 minutes waiting for the site to load and then ending up with an error 404 anyways when you just wanna see some furry ass


This site needs to be fixed badly. It's nothing but minutes of loading and 404 and 502 messages anymore. Most of the time, images wont even load for artists I look up and somehow that crashes the website also.


It doesn't work at all for few days now. Can admin explain what's happening


it's been completely broken for almost a week, and if this continues i can see the site being completely abandoned. the site has to be either fixed, or at least an announcement has to be made with complete transparity and letting us know what's gone horribly wrong for this to have happened


complete transparency, what? lol sounds like kemono got your money or something


I don't think it's unreasonable to expect or want updates and announcements on development, but luckily this admin (unlike the YP one) actually does that. Maybe its been days since the last sitrep but as an ex YP user, I'm used to waiting literally months and still getting zero news on bug fixes.


This site NEEDS to be fixed. Images and artists wont even show up, loading takes forever, 404 and 502's always pop up. This site needs to be patched up.


New link gives a 404 error


Defo would prefer human porn to reaction vids, cos atleast its still porn.


you've got a point, but KP admin is still being frustratingly elusive

I remember us having to complain for weeks to get him to admit the importer was buggy


cant load images


Do you know where's their socials, and do they do updates there?


Theres a discord or telegram (or something) channel where I guess you can chat directly with the dev team. No idea what the link is though as I never use those chatroom kinda apps. They're probably your best bet ATM though.


My favorite list doesn't show an update although that particular author has been updated


all the images and videos, or probably all the files stored in the artist gallery/ page are screwed up, i cant load or download anything


Same as everyone else, images aren't loading. Just 404s and 502s.
Which especially sucks because my favorite artist just got added


Alright SeriouslY, now even the artist pages just keep showing not found/404 (example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/11905549), whats happening?

Are we moving the server?


Can't you just roll back to the old database setup version please?

It may not have had all the bells and whistles you wanted, but it worked.

This new setup wiped out all your bandwidth by loading 25 super-large images on every post page, just to show them as tiny thumbnails.

And hasn't gotten better since. The favorites that used to be up to date haven't changed in weeks because the site rarely works.


So, apparently it's only the artists' pages that are not loading?
Individual posts, e.g.
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/130433/post/47723875 load.
Tried with a few different artists on patreon, worked fine. The post ids are identical to patreon, luckily.


File: 1615926945729.jpg (45.25 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210316-163505….jpg)

What are you testing now?


File: 1615931035030.png (251.4 KB, 750x1334, 6C4AD2C9-A67B-43F7-8AA1-C8….png)

This is all the artist pages are now, every last one. I can find individual posts ok but the artist pages are completely broken it seems. Whatever the site was testing I don’t think it’s working too well.


File: 1615931156298.jpeg (110.23 KB, 750x1104, 4B32E018-D02D-4CF6-B31F-C….jpeg)

This is all the artist pages are now, every last one. I can find individual posts ok but the artist pages are completely broken it seems. Whatever the site was testing I don’t think it’s working too well.


Wonder what they were even testing though


Trying to investigate the performance problems by playing around with some things.


Okay, so now artist pages are loading a bit better, but the cards just aren't showing up at all.

Any change is progress I guess, though


File: 1615938672700.png (309.96 KB, 1920x1080, 6667768.png)

New problem


I had it work once, they show larger thumbnails and clicking on them takes you to the post itself. It's actually kind of nice




I'm still having trouble downloading files or keys on the site


The vasukiart page does not show nor allow access to the images and a cluster of letters is displayed


Is it possible for the favorites page to (perhaps optionally?) show the exact timestamp when a favorite was last updated?

I realize the whole "x days ago" or "x months ago" has become extremely standard practice on the internet over the last decade….and honestly I hate it.

For example, when I last checked one of my favorited artists, their newest artwork was from January. Today being 2021-03-16, I noticed it said that this artist was last updated "1 month ago" and so I though "oh, maybe it got updated sometime last month?"

But no, it's just that something that's 45 days old is considered "1 month ago" despite literally having been from, not last month, but the month before that (albeit the end of that month).


You're just retarded. It's not "a month ago" as in the previous month from the month you're reading it. It's a month ago as in roughly between 30 ~ 60 days ago from the current day. Anything below 30 isn't a full month ago and anything past that up to 60 days, where the two month line is, is all within the previous month of time. Its a running timeline and not segmented so everything on january 31st isn't labeled as "two months ago" as soon as march 1st hits. It was 29 days ago. January 1st was two months ago at that moment while every other day is a little or a lot over a month ago.


I can still hate it for being imprecise - one of my favorited artists was last updated 2021-02-13 while another was last updated 2021-01-20, and they both are listed as "1 month ago" which to me just exemplifies the imprecision of such methods of conveying time (which can then get particularly problematic once it reaches the "x years ago" time frame).

I mean, am I really the only person in the world who's brain efficiently doesn't work in terms of calendar dates with the whole "x days ago" phrasing? Like today is the 16th and it says "updated 19 days ago", that would be…that's not quite 3 weeks ago, which was…well February had 28 days, 9-16=3 and 28-3=25 so that's February 25th then.

This would all be so much easier if it just said "2021-02-25" like it already says on the actual artist page.


it seems like new day = new issue


Site speed has increased at the cost of artists pages getting nothing but 500 errors.


I ran into something weird. There's this one artist I check on, and they've finally been updated, but it's all text. No images. Can't even click on the posts.
Is that a feature or is that like a bug or something.

Also site is doing great lately.
Kiss kiss.


This seems to currently be an issue site wide, running into the same with any artist I try.


File: 1615947435154.png (167.59 KB, 1578x1206, Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at ….png)

Okay so yeah, I went to another artist and the same thing happened. No posts, no pics, just text.

Weird thing is that the UI is till there but the posts are just text, it's weird.


It is now images and no texts lmao


Now it's images, and text, but I can't interact with the post. I can open the image in another tab, but if it's multiple images I can't see them.
So that's annoying.


File: 1615957055216.jpg (84.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210316-235551….jpg)

Hey can someone try to help me here? I was trying to access an user shared upload on an artist and it wouldn't take me to the requested link it kept saying Not Found and I wondered if this was a bug or not. I have a image to prove it and I wanted to if this is fixable.
Here is the link to the artist that has the user shared uploads.


File: 1615958312991.png (23.74 KB, 637x510, DDos-Guard-Not-Rss-Friendl….png)

Most dedicated rss clients don't have the full web engine fingerprinting and computational power to get pass DDoS-GUARD when all they want to do is curl a few kilobytes of xml.

Make the rss endpoints actually accessible by real rss clients, like quiterss, rssowl, etc.


Is the request section even functional anymore? Or is it inactive because of the current problems. And do we have an eta for better load times?


Grid mode now shows cards, so enjoy the inevitable slowdown.

Would be OK with a grid of tiny bitrotted thumbs. Or blurhashes even, if it balances out the load. It just needs to work. Pretty is a secondary concern.


They should add a new feature to request an artist that hasn't been updated for a while, like a button to request update


Would having posts displayed through a text only list instead of using a card or grid system improve performance because I could easily do without the grid/cards?


File: 1615980979230.png (13.72 KB, 391x504, スクリーンショット 2021-03-17 15045….png)

Anyone else having a problem downloading manually uploaded files?
I can't get this one from wildeer studio


Why does it load so long like why?


>horosuke updated
2 new post
"This post is user-shared, and cannot be verified for integrity. Exercise caution"


You have to wonder if they're hosting the website on a mining computer, that would explain why it's so slow, lol


Tip: your thinkpad X60 might be great for coding but it's not a very good webserver



Same problem with downloading some other manually imported files


manual import
shitty bot goes rit00 with shady ads

thankfully telegram allow preview


Just to clarify, I'm not involved with hosting or development of the site, I just moderate the boards. If you want more direct contact with the developers then you should go to the telegram


Can we have a time when the last time the artist has been updated, I don't wanna look over the ENTIRE list of recent addition to see what's new


Why can't we get yiff.party's front page where you could search up an artist and it would pull it up for you, complete with the last updated date?


Maybe this is what you already meant, but it looks to me like the "Grid" view just straight up doesn't exist currently.

In other words, if you select the "Grid" view, you're actually given the "Cards" view.

This also means that switching the view toggle between "Cards" and "Grid" currently seems to to absolutely nothing.


wish there was a way for users who post stuff to leave updates to let us (ppl who leech off of them) know if they r still active, ex. a message if they stopped importing a creator so i dont have to take 10 mins trying to load my favorites to everyday to know if theyve been updated

but otherwise agreed, hoping for site stability before all these new features


I just hope the bug where the importer skips certain posts for no reason gets fixed sometime in the near future.



omg it's almost working, i'm excited


Now it does not load the page, it is blank, in the main one and in the artists.
I hope they can fix it


Website seems to be down again, hope whatever the issue is it gets resolved relatively quickly.


Did we use the old UI agaim where we cant go look back on past updated artist list?


File: 1616036505677.png (24.69 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (374).png)

guess so, yea. and of course the favorites page is cleared because why not.


I see, not that i dont like it but if it more stable than the new one for now, why not?

Well maybe adding this board link or replace it with the old dead board one and implement the look back at past recent updates might be better


still don't have a smart phone

just post updates here for fuck's sake, it's not hard


Why are most images just jammed into a pile now when you look up an artist?


File: 1616039840085.jpeg (545.52 KB, 750x1253, 8E4E4683-3C4B-479C-B415-4….jpeg)

Something looks a little off with the artist pages now.


Since admin is changing a lot of stuff I made a simple script to backup your favorites:

let arr = []; document.querySelectorAll('a').forEach(links=>{arr.push(links.toString())}); console.log(arr.join('\n'))

Just reload the favorites page until you get the one from the new layout (the one with last imported dates).
Then run the script in the javascript console of your browser and it'll extract all links from the page.


Well rip, it died while I was posting this.


Some .rar files give a 404 when you try to download them


File: 1616043002919.png (1015.65 KB, 1080x1821, 20210318_014904.png)

Dunno what happened…


yeah, that and maybe a little comment box on every artist's page where people can make requests because those tend to get lost in the request page and it would make it easier for the importer to see them.


Anything past page 1 of an artist page 404s


File: 1616046061032.png (33.09 KB, 1366x768, 404.png)

Okay, the site's getting better now, but can someone please explain why the heck the media pages and File Sharing links are 404?


File: 1616046643713.jpg (790.39 KB, 828x1583, whut.jpg)

Yeah, the website is definitely running faster now which is cool. Only problem is that the artist pages are fucked beyond belief. Still, it’s nice to see the admin working on the site and trying to improve it.



CSS is missing


Has anyone been able to fix this user-upload thing because I checked back on kemono.party to see if it was fixed and there were some changes but I still ran into the same problem with the user-shared upload on the artist page. Also the artist pages are kinda of jacked up so just wanting to see if someone was fixing it.


anyone else getting the same page error while searching for artists?page 2 onwards of the search results always display the same artists as the ones on page 1


File: 1616072630866.jpg (556.57 KB, 1080x2132, Screenshot_20210318_140131.jpg)

The site layout is completely screwed up on mobile, all images are low res with seemingly no way to get the full res versions.


is there a proper alternative or fix for bulk downloading with gallery-dl?
Every time i try anything, from artist pages to single posts i get 403 Forbidden, with the exception of a occasional random gif or png



yea that would be a good addition as well.


File: 1616079827137.png (213.7 KB, 671x641, Capture.PNG)

Why do pages begin to appear like this?


I have an idea to semi-navigate the posts from clustering in on each other. If you swap it from cards to grid, it'll line up as a single column and remain separated instead of bunching up.

I tried it on 6 different creators, works every time.


It's been like that for over a week



That sounds a lot better than a gigantic ocean of mixed up & repeated requests in 1 "catch-all" thread.

Thats exactly how it was on Yiff party. A complete mess, like the thread was one of those monumental trash heap landfills in India, and the requests were the trash. Anything under the surface layer never gets seen, and the surface layer is the same 15 requests repeated 30 times.


Just hope all this lagging just stop because it gets really annoying just waiting and find out there aren't new post


Yeah that seems like a good idea, hope they see this to add it.


Fix the atrocious long load times. Checking for a single artist updates takes like 2 minutes because of loads.


Whilethe regular posts seem to be loading a bit more successfully right now, user uploads seem to always instantly 404.
Example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/305828/post/NPVnXsKo
the text file


Anyone else getting 502 bad gateway?



Ok the site is really fast and fully functional (I think) right now so whatever changes happened in the last 24 hours are working


Back to the old site format and all my favorites are gone. WTF.


Oh come on, Admin, the site was working fine, there was no need to revert it all the way back to the old layout.


CSS on artist pages is completely broken now. What the hell? It was working perfectly fine and fast like, an hour ago, there was no need to change it.


Site definitely responds faster for me now with the revert (still preferred the new one tho) but not being able to scroll through "Recently Updated Artists" kinda blows complete ass.


OK, looks like artist pages are working again. Although the inability to look at the recent updates log kind of blows.


Why the fuck did you revert the favourites pages to the old retarded pone,sorting the artists by the date you added them instead of most revcent;y updated? And what happened with the avatars?!


Thank you, now the site runs smoothly, very good my friends


Same. Well, glad I made an offsite list but now I'm wondering if I should even bother re-adding at the moment.


What happened to my favorites list?


Hooray the site's functional again!
Boo the site's been rolled back to the old format where I can't find anything!


I see this as a necessary evil as the site has basically been suffering the entire month with atrociously long load times and crashes. Yeah it sucks that we can't see recent artists anymore and other weird things like lack of profile icons but I will gladly take more reliable, stable load times over constantly error numbers, and like dev said the good features can always be reimplemented in better ways later.


problem with this is that our favorites got fucked again

when site upgraded, favorites got fucked
now when site downgraded to earlier version, favorites got fucked again

so I assume it's gonna get fucked again if newer version gets reimplemented


again, I agree it sucks, but fool me once


One of the many reasons why I bookmark pages in a folder, so that I never forget what to follow.


It would be nice if there's an option to export/import favorites. I wouldn't even be mad if favorites constantly got fucked over if that existed.


Is importer ded cuz i dont see anything new in recently updated?


No it is still working dude I think!


Is anyone else having issues with files being corrupted when downloade?
They will show up fine on a browser but if downloaded, the file is a mess.


The site has vastly improved. I don't give a fuck about favorites or much else as long as I can import, download, and view the site without getting error messages or it taking forever.


Only thing I miss from the new UI is sorting favorites by recent uploads. Everything else - this is fine.


Maybe next time instead of implementing all sorts of changes at once, the developers can implement one change at a time and then test before going onto the next change.

I suggest starting with the Favorites. Implement the favorites sorted by last updated, and also an import/export function for Favorites.


how long does it takes for an artist to be updated? I just imported a new artist and I don't see it on the recently updated artist tab.


Hey Kemonodev, if you're reading this thread; since a lot of people are reporting that the site is moving faster thanks to the downgrade, what do you think the problem was?


File: 1616194025070.png (8.56 KB, 331x236, image.png)

>throwing out the "upgrade" in favor of the previous actually-functioning version ended up fixing everything
WOW, what a CONCEPT!
For real tho, thanks for this.


Most browsers have a built-in 2-click solution for that, you babies.


Been a couple days since I last tried the site but it seems to working tip top right now. Craziest thing is not only are pages loading, but they're loading fast. We're talking broadband speeds! Thanks for the fix!


Fine with the role back, never had any real issue with the "classic" layout. Doesn't have to look fancy, just needs to work.
Only real issue is the single page of recent updates, really need to fix that, especially when there's over 8425 artists on the site now and the favorites section seems to get swept clean with every update…
If I had to guess, it looked like every time you popped open an artist page is was loading each individual post every time, that'd slow anything down.


File: 1616195252588.jpg (92.83 KB, 1295x895, D2CMdE_XQAEfeUm.jpg)

I think there should be a share file thing like what Yiff.Party had for packs that were emailed off of the site.


File: 1616208294793.png (477.06 KB, 1029x582, 10_outta_10.png)

EXCEPT THIS TIME we make it REALLY REALLY noticable and tell people to USE THE FEATURE THAT IS INTENDED TO BYPASS ANY AND ALL DRM and DISCORD/EMAIL WALLING. Literaly shared files completely shits all over discord and emailing, it doesn't do shit against drming but considering how many fucking artists are just hiding all their art in exclusive discord channels and emails yes we need to make it known how powerful shared files are.


Good luck checking 100+ pages one by one because you don't know which one has been recently updated.


Am I missing something or do both of you not realise the faves feature is actually working? My faves from months & months ago are still there.


EXACTLY. And not only that but people who DO use shared files (those super ultra rare people), NEED to make sure they DON'T just share the original link (created by the artist) but download, repack and upload the content to their OWN link. Otherwise (as happened on YP all the time) artists will just delete the links within 1-2 days of being shared.


Fine with the old layout being back, not fine with favorites being sorted randomly instead of by last update. Fix pls. Otherwise all good. 👍


the only feature kemono really needs is export favorites. heck it doesn't even need import favorites.

I've lost my favorites list so many times I've basically stopped bothering to care about the site.


Well I only suggest it since no one seemed to update an artist with a certain pack.


page is empty for me


HELLO-O! I asked a question!


Why is the random button not random? Like after three presses all you get are posts from the same artist.




Old layout is fine for most stuff, but what I really miss from the new layout was being able to scroll "Recently updated" artist ad infinitum and the list being properly ordered by date. Now with the old layout back you can't scroll through as you only get the most recently updated artists and nothing more.


File: 1616250779085.png (22.17 KB, 885x558, hm.PNG)

the artist profile pics don't show up when searching


How do you search for posts in the old layout? It only lets me search for artists and not posts containing certain words


Feedback: Rather than one massive overhaul to version 3.0, have you considered multiple minor upgrades that you can roll back if the issues are unaddressable?

Because some of the features of the overhaul like upload times were really nifty.


File: 1616256499883.png (205.1 KB, 322x276, 1405896111190.png)

>cant search posts anymore, only artists
fix this NOW


I really liked the new layout. Why did you go back to the old one? The new one was cleaner and had better accessibility. Also I really like the fact that I was able to see when my favourites got updates.


Because the new layout was causing the site was shitting out with constant bad gateways and connection timeouts, it clearly wasn't ready yet. You should know this, it's been the status quo for like a month.


honestly i'd be perfectly fine with the old layout if the favorites tab just had a "sort by time updated" tab


I think they're going to set the option back, eventually. Or so I hope.


Aside from the favorites being random and no way to tell what is actually updated, the older format is fine if it means proper performance. Although a way to backup and import favorites instead of relying on the cookies to handle it would be nice.

People need to see the site is reliable so we can get more contributors updating things more regularly.


File: 1616283475115.png (227.79 KB, 1439x810, gopherloli.png)

after the first update killed my favorites ive been saving all of them myself weekly using an extension. if you dont trust cookies try something like "Link Gopher".


More "recently updated" pages plz…


file uploader is broken (ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR)
so don't complain why no one upload file at all


(3258 anon here) Yeah I agree, but man it hurts. I really enjoyed scrolling recently updated and catching a bunch of posts I'd probably miss otherwise. Beggars can't be choosers tho. ;-;

Maybe some day again…



I don't care what the devs do as long as we can eventually search all posts by keyword again. I found obscure artists and content I never would have otherwise.


instead of the massive overhaul why not just slap the favorites/search update onto the current site layout? gonna assume the massive bandwidth hog was from the new card layout system since it loaded up tons of images and not from the minor tweaks to favorites and search.


>EXCEPT THIS TIME we make it REALLY REALLY noticable

This post has been requested over a month ago (importer skipped it) but the file for it still hasn't been uploaded yet, so anything to make the importer notice when something is missing or offsite is definitely a needed improvement. I don't know how long this importer bug is gonna stick around, I would just hate for the artist's page to get taken down while it's getting fixed.


>importer skipped it
Except it didn't genius, a 5 second search is all someone with brains needs to know that the person who uploaded the files only had access to the $1 tier, NONE of the $7 stuff was "skipped", it simply hasn't been uploaded by someone with that sub.

Which is how this site work, someone has to have it before they can upload it…


in conclusion, the importer only import all posts that the person's tier can view/open,any post with higher tier than the person's tier will not be imported until someone with the min. required tier import/give its session key(?) or the person upgraded its tier.

am i correct?


Yeah, what the fuck, dude? Bring back the good favourites layout! For fuck's sake, we want to know if our fav artists got update. CHRONO-FUCKIN-LOGICAL ORDER!


Calm down mate, dev's gonna need to make sure people can even update in the first place before he can focus on the fancy stuff like chronological stuff.


Good to see I'm not the only Brit, Aussie or Kiwi in the place lol :P


I would be asking something stupid, but is the admin reverting to the old UI for the sake of testing something? It's undeniably pretty faster now, but I already forgot how shitty the usability was.


Yes its definitely faster. It "seems" to be faster than it ever was (including back when the old UI was just "the UI"), so I'm guessing theres more to this than just the UI revert. I haven't noticed any problems with usability so far but then again I only use KP to look at pics. I'm planning on uploading something though so we'll see how that goes. As far as general browsing though (including keeping faves) I'm happy.


Its great the site is running fast now but I noticed we can't seem to directly upload anything.

I'm trying to upload a bunch of "externally shared" packs from different artists but I keep getting the error "Request entity too large", even though none of the packs exceed the filesize limit.

Any help would be appreciated. I forgot I even had this stuff lol but I'm happy to share what isn't already available.


not seeing when your favs update is my only problem with the old design



No one can't upload art packs or any content that was send via mail or private message for the moment. The tool is there but it doesn't work.


Oh right, fair enough. Well no worries I've got the stuff ready for when the feature comes online ;)


can we go back to the site style where you could see what artist got updated on the favorites page? if this use of the old style is temporary until you guys fix the bigger issues the site is going then its okay.


The searchbar in "posts" is set to only search for artists, not posts. Hopefully this gets fixed soon


File: 1616390044550.png (132.48 KB, 1920x1080, Clipboard01.png)

artists from pixiv fanbox arent showing a thumbnail for postS anymore





Please, can we get the search bar back?!


Some links for videos are expired and some doesn't have web containers.


Whats "retarded" about the layout?


File: 1616422571013.png (22.2 KB, 1091x181, .ki86vt5u6crc6er.PNG)

How do you do this?



See >>3647 . Fix upcoming soon hopefully.


artist tab freezes the page on android devices


Not just the artist tab. There’s a several second delay with the entire site as far as I can see. Clicking on tabs, clicking on artist names, even using the search function. On iphone by the way, so it’s not just android devices.


I guess he means how it will just sort them randomly instead of by last import.



Oh OK that would be a handy sorting mode. I haven't been focussing on updates for whatever reason (I'm probably just subconsciously assuming "nobody I'm into is gonna get updates anyway" lol).


experiencing lags on the browser version as well


Is the import page meant to do anything after you put your session key in?
All I get is a importer id and a > in a box, and then thats it, and as far as I can tell nothing ever gets imported.


Can you no longer search for individual posts? like https://kemono.party/posts?q=feet

Also, some artists like Nitr*punkArts post stuff like passwords in the comments afaik.


Is there any attempt to decentralize kemono party in order to offload some workload from the servers (and make sure that everything won't be lost again if kemono goes down)? exhentai has something like that called hentai@home. Although things like (web)torrents and ipfs could be used.


I think we should make requesting artist much more better or much more efficient, because a lot of people request stuff but not a lot of them are being updated or added, like missing post or old artists page.


Hey guys, you've heard about Ko-fi right? Well I don't know if you know but Ko-fi has a new paywall system, or at least it's new to me. I just found out by looking at Saltyxodium's twitter page to find he's got a couple pics behind Ko-if's paywall system.

Does Kemonodev have any plans for a Ko-fi importer?


Why did the site go back to the old design?


ok offtopic but is /our((mod))/ going crazy

i swear i saw deleted stuff fortunately i use CTRL-A and clipboard manager


Sometimes deleted threads will still show up in the catalog for a while, but if that's not the case could send link or a screenshot ?


* could you


because the newer UI decided to take the piss one day and break completely, necessitating a rollback to the old UI

Also, admin, if this passes by your eyes, understand that I appreciate all the stuff you've done to get kemono.party working, and ill try to contribute (imported content/donation(s)) whenever its feasible at the time. But for real, the next time you decide to implement a new UI for kemono.party, please, please, bug-test the SHIT out of it so we don't end up inundating you with multiple posts/threads on why website broke


I think most people would be happy just to have favorites sorted by import time back. the overhaul was nice but that one feature was really the biggest improvement by far and probably won't shit the entire website like the overhaul did.


Absolutely this. Sort our favorites by last upload date - but not in the weird "last upload" date that the "Recently Updated" page uses - and I'm fucking fine with using the old layout.


Yea respect for getting the site working nicely (and very fast, last time I visited a day or 2 ago). I've got a few packs to contribute from multiple artists too. I'm just waiting for the "direct upload" feature to be fixed. I've also got a huge pack from an artist that isn't on KP yet, so hopefully we can create an artist page without having to import directly from Paytreon first, otherwise someone will have to add link their subscription before I can add what I have.


>>3771 (thanks for not hitting the hammer on me)
whoops false positive (sorry i thought this place was censored)

i catch deleted comments by right clicking on the tab and clicking duplicate tab then refresh the new tab and then comparing the difference (i do this back then on YP)

also when will word filter be added (prevention is better than cure)

OH SKEET my tablet crashed because of the zalgo looking text on kemmono oh well this was a new incognito session anyway so nothing was lost


I say one of the most useful things was the update the "Posts" tab had in the new UI. When the artist search was broken, I searched characters to find the content I wanted.
Be useful if the post tab in the old UI could be changed to function similarly.


I am actually the one who suggested the changes to the favorites page to the admin in these forums back in february but I didn't suggest a site ui overhaul.

In the beta thread, I also mentioned to the admin that the beta was slower than the previous site version at the time. I also mentioned to take their time testing the beta ui but the admin still went forward with it.


I'd say the only changes that need to be back is the new favorites page and the improved site traversal across the many page types of the site. I'm mainly talking about the recently updated page, artist search page, and artists page.

Something like accessing an artist patreon, subscribestar, pixiv, fanbox, and etc in one page in some way would be cool. Might reduce traffic and bandwidth because of the decrease of multiple accounts for one artist. There also definitely needs to be some sort of missing posts number somewhere. Maybe next to artist titles on artist pages or favorites. On the recently updated artist page, there could be something like this (+5 posts) next to artist titles. That's all I got to suggest if changes are made to the website.

I think what cause the sites bandwidth to go into the gutter was too much traffic and the size of the thumbnails from the card view ui. It might have been too much for the servers of the site to handle.

If need be, to improve the site, Kemono might need a better performing server or more of them to keep the site running well. I'm not sure what kind or how many they have. I'm sure they've already thought of this idea but if they haven't, here you go.


I forgot to mention that I also mentioned an idea regarding a new artists page added to artist section as to let everyone know whose been asking about their requests that their artist request has been fulfilled.


An artist I favorited has been updated, so it looks like the importer's up and running again.


so the new layout is no more? we're going to move forward with the old one?


It depends on whether Kemonodev can fix whatever it was about the new layout that caused it to make the entire site crash or timeout a hundred times. It's noticably more stable and faster with this old one, so there had to be some problem with it.


Is the direct importer / shared files fixed too?


>New layout functionally ran like shit
>Looked nicer, told you when favorites were updated, had multiple pages for recently updated
>Old layout works very well
>Missing all of the above features
Can we just find a middle ground here?


Two things;

1. could there be a way to save your list of favorited artists if in case something happens (client or server side) so we don't need to manually re-add all of our watched artists

2. since this version of the site runs fine, would it be possible to just have it as is, and add a "recently updated" filter under favorites?


For a feature suggestion, how about a key word search option? I'm a fan of a series or two that only tend to get new art through commissions or patreon rewards and not knowing which artists have done patreon content for it makes keeping tabs on them difficult at times.

For example with something more mainstream, I wanted to find princess peach art, if searched her name it would bring up posts from every artist that has been scraped. I understand this is probably low priority but just throwing it out there for in future.


>still no post searching



Or direct uploading


File: 1616694240377.png (22.22 KB, 1105x180, jk876bvu7trbvy6.PNG)

It's supposed to work like that according to the help page


Didn't know it was supposed to be a thing, lack of Japanese search is disappointing but I can understand why to some extent.


damn I should have done that


Tried going to favorites. Can't access them. Tried registering for an account to keep favorites. Can't reach it. Tried logging in just in case the site saved it. Can't do that.

I have no idea what's going on.


>Tried registering for an account to keep favorites
What now?


File: 1616725062913.png (20.27 KB, 1528x147, acc.png)

Says it right on the front page


See it now, had to reload a couple times before it would show…


Yeah, site is going real slow right now. Hoping the reason I can't do anything is because it's in the process of being worked in.


Well considering it leads to nothing but "localhost" at the moment, I'd say it'll still be a while


Need to allow Fantia imports.
I got some stuff to import.


I seem to not be able to favorite anything at the moment. I tried creating an account and logging up so my favorites wouldn't get deleted everytime but when I click confirm it redirects me to some site that fails to load everytime.


Adding to it, I can't even access to the favorites tab to check and see how many favorites I have.

It was working fine previously but now I can't do the following:

.- Add new artists to favorites
.- Create an account
.- Access the favorites tab


>you need an account to have favorites now
I don't like it.


why? it doesn't require any identifiable info at all.


seems to be working now, though the sorting/display options don't do anything and just get reset on refresh.


Having an account for favoriting & possibly other things in the future is nice & all, but it's still a massive bummer that the favorites were constantly wiped or mixed around a whole bunch up to this point. I hope they'll be able to be restored at some point considering just how many I need to try & remember to re-favorite, assuming they don't just get wiped again regardless


okay having the account is nice and all, but can we please get an option to clearly sort favorites by the last time they were updated - and a column that clearly shows the last time they were updated

that's all I need from y'all doing the work behind the scenes, thank you very much otherwise


It's just kind of inconvenient compared to clicking favorites and getting them instantly. And sometimes I can't help but worry what else will make accounts mandatory to access.


alright real question, if i sign up right now will my old favorites be wiped? that would be fucked up


They weren't for me. They were added to the account I made.


the site used to have that i think like 2 or 3 weeks ago, i guess they had to go back to this layout for troubleshooting, i sure hope is not gonna stay like this forever because nobody has the time or RAM to be opening their entire favourites list to find out for another week nobody got updated


>need account now
time to bugmenot?


The favourites still do not work. I choose "posts" from the list, and the layout still doesn't fucking change. FIX IT


>Need to create an account just to access favorites
You guys all right? WTF is this?


I think it's alright, people have been asking for something like this after all


File: 1616746759651.png (10.45 KB, 252x231, favorites.png)

I've been unable to remove some things from my favorites ever since the account feature went live.

The information pane displays the same info twice, and clicking on the top one doesn't do anything.


sorting favorites does not currently work


alright i think kemono need janitors, so much garbage being uploaded


bruh wat the fuck happen to itiri(ichiri)
get spammed so much I need to scroll 200 post to see the real post


there seriously needs to be a report feature


I created an account and like the old layout with the new features, but is the sorting drop-downs under the favorites not working for anyone else? is it just broken/place holder, or do i need to do something to apply it?


Please restore the default sorting of favorites to last updated and show the update time. Faved time and indexed are not what we need.


How are people uploading garbage? The shared files feature doesn't even work, so we import things directly from paysites, not our own computers :(


*so we can only… (an Edit feature would be amazing, just saying).


Is there any news on the "direct upload" feature being fixed yet? I can't check ATM as I'm not at home but I've got a good few externally released packs from numerous artists waiting to share. I also have a massive "complete works (until that date)" pack from an artist not on KP yet. Will I be able to create a new artists page without any direct Paytreon linkage? I'm not subbed to his paysites I just have a tonne of his art.


seems that the counter of posts/ total number of posts now lack the function to display the total number of posts uploaded, i think the previous version made easier to find how many of an author posts were uploaded on KP versus the total of those uploaded on paysites


"Posts" option on favourites still don't fecking work. It refreshes the website, I'll give you that, but doesn't display any fecking posts, just the fucking "nobody here but us chickens" error.

Admin, get your shit together and fix it


echoing this. need that "days since last update: x" in favorites and search


Trying to upload = Error "413 Request Entity Too Large"

Everything I've tried to upload is below the max filesize limit :(


all favs are gone now
fuck me :D


All artist pages are reading 9 for me for the amount of total posts.


Hey, I got a bug to report. On the "request updates" page, literally artist I try to upvote, even if it's one I have never touched before (tested with the ASMR one and a TF artist), it claims I already voted for them and doesn't register my vote. What's up with that?


Eh, bring back the old "Recently Updated Artist"

It sucks we can only see first 50 unlike the last we can see the whole history of update :(


Also having the same issue. Did the limit get decreased without the page being updated?


"flag for reimport" is broken


There's now favorites sorting, but is there anyway of sorting them by latest updated yet?



You gonna share with the class then?


Is it just me, or does anyone else get a few seconds' pause when visitng https://kemono.party/artists before the "Search" button becomes available to click?


Its not just you. At first I thought something was wrong with my browser at first. There is a 2/3 second pause before you can type in anything.


He's not the only one who noticed that.


I can't even upload something as small as 500-600mb :(


profile pics are back, nice
one step at a time


Sometimes when you press a button (EG search) literally nothing happens no matter how many times you press it. You have to refresh the page to fix it. Thats been a problem since literally day 1 of the site though :O the oldest bug is still very much alive


"413 Request Entity Too Large"

Still can't upload anything. No matter how small the file is (even 15mb) you get the above error.


If there's going to be 2000+ pages of assorted inflation/close up feet and fart-related images in recently updated there should seriously be an artist blacklist.


The requests list is pretty much stagnant. It's impossible to get any votes for your request, since the "most voted" page has been the same for months and all the new requests just bury each other. It doesn't help that fulfilled requests, or requests with broken links, don't get removed from the "open" list. There either needs to be a new request system, or at the very least the old one needs to be properly cleared of fulfilled/broken requests.


Got really excited when I saw the most popular profiles on the Artists had pages to scrolls through, only to have a deflating feeling when Recently Updated Artists still hasn't been given the same feature.

Progress is slow and steady I suppose.


It doesn't require an email and it lets people keep their favorites right now which were complaining about losing before, so no harm no foul IMO.


sort by last indexed in favorites doesn't seem to work (or maybe means something else). things that haven't been updated are mixed in artists that have been recently updated.


Last indexed is meaningless for end users, we need last updated. And it would be nice to see the date of that update before we click, so we can tell if it's been updated since we last looked before loading the entire page. Would severely lower server load, as now you just have to constantly load every favorite, then close when you seen not updated.


The posts view in favourites still doesn't fecking work! FIX IT!


"413 Request Entity Too Large"

Still can't upload anything. No matter how small the file is (even 15mb) you get the above error.


File: 1616979749819.png (5 KB, 239x169, Error.png)

Trying to upload discord content.
been able to get the Token/Key and channel ID
upload them in their own spaces
get a "Success" message for at least 2 sec. then the page auto refresh and this pops up:
did i miss something or is kemono?


Is the "Search for X" disabled now? I mean - earlier i could go to the "Post" then in the search bar type "Leona" and all the post uploaded with "Leona" in name or txt were searched and displayed. Now i can only search for Artists/Creators and searching by phase is only available on an artist profile… :(
It was super useful coz instead of me clicking for 30 mind thro the newly uploaded Posts to see if maybe some artist made new art of X character i could just type it name and see all the uploaded posts with that phrase in them. :[


Yo wtf, why the actual retard fuck do the devs use telegram of all things… I can't even use telegram because of their over-restrictive identification methods. There are so many privacy oriented chat platforms out there, they picked one of the worst ones? This is actual proof that the admins are literally retarded. If there is any hope for this platform, please for the love of god create a Matrix room at the very least.


File: 1616994885941.jpg (40.88 KB, 1100x585, iron-eyes-cody-psa-feature….jpg)

Add back the post keyword search I beg of you, I ain't about to manually browse through the most recent 500 pages of inflation shit and virtual novel characters on the off chance I'll actually find what I'm looking for.


This is only a problem if you browse KP without knowing what you want to look at I take it? IE just "seeing what you can find from a bunch of random artists you've never heard of before"?

I usually come here when I already know what I'm after (EG "found an artist I like on R34 or Hentai-Foundry, now gonna find the pirated shit here). I imagine it'd be way too much of a mess just seeing everything all mixed together, but I guess theres a chance you could randomly discover a new fave artist.


Can we get an ETA or atleast some word on "Shared Files"/"File Uploading"???

I've got a lot of stuff to share from external sources but Shared Files hasn't been working for around a week now, if ever.



I've reached that point, I've exhausted all my favorite artists or they stopped getting updated or were never posted here to begin with, now I want to find new artists who might be drawing the characters I like. The beta rollout was really promising, but alas.


I know its a bit different approach, but you might have a much better time starting on a site like R34 (they have hugely extensive tagging system), then search your fave characters/series/kinks, and anytime you see a great looking pic, check the artist. Then come straight to KP and see if they've been leaked. If no leaks are on here check F95Zone & E-Hentai/Ex-Hentai. Both those sites have had what I've been looking for when KP hadn't.

One day hopefully you can do all of that just on KP but until then, I recommend trying it the above way.


Maybe i'm imagining things, but i remember seeing 8,3k creators on the main page. Now there's only 7,7k. What happened?


Can we have an option to sort our favorites by "Recently updated"? Would be really handy.


But that option WAS already on KP… I think it got removed because of it burdened the servers? So maybe put it back in but you need to wait 30s/1min between searches? Or something like that.

Problem is that there are artist that dont even post censored art and noon gonna upload a 200x200 pixel crop of a character face on R34 so until i searched "Nami One Piece" here i didynt know that like a 100 drawing of her existed but ONLY behind paywalls of some obscure artists…

And in the end i think i burden the server more by browsing by 1000 pages of Posts searching - instead of taping search once…


the function improvements were probably not what caused the site to shit itself unless they were horribly written and tried scanning the entire database alphabetically or something.

honestly it may have just been from the uploader starting to function properly rather than the UI. when they switched over I saw a ton of stuff get updated within a few days. Once the site started shitting itself the updates also stopped coming and now that its gone back to the old UI updates are infrequent again.


Has the upload feature been fixed yet?


Nobody is interested in sorting starred/faved artists by when they starred them, and it shouldn't be the default for /favorites

Sorting by time of last update is useless if those updates include passes that didn't cause any cached/downloaded posts to change. I don't care about when KP last *looked* at a creator, just when it last *downloaded* something from them. Sort shit by new shit pls. Newest first.

(At the moment, I can't even tell what the behavior is because results seem all over the place when you click through to /PAYWALL_NAME/user/PAYWALLER_ID and look at the date of the top post. It's a muddle.)

What people want is sorting by the time of last update *with downloads or post information changes*, and also for the posts to be sorted in that order so that if an update caught something early at a higher tier than before it doesn't get lost. Another use case: creators like futomoemoemoe who update earlier tier posts with new links. When the creator updates and the tier covers it, that post should bump (and say why it was bumped).


File: 1617123621876.jpg (6.09 KB, 679x170, yhyhhyh.jpg)

File upload is still broken.

Max size is supposed to be 2GB but you get a "too big" error no matter how small the file is.

Any ETA on a fix???


Hello. Have been busier recently, but I'm still working on reimplementing the new UI and all of its features.
Also giving a reminder to check the status in the sticky, as it explains why certain features like uploading are non-functional.


Always happy to hear from you admin, is one of the updates you're working on a fix for jpeg files?

Here's one example of many.
The link cuts off the g at the end so if you try to open the picture in a seperate window, it doesn't recognize the file type and it asks to save it instead.
Using Firefox btw.


Here here. The present listing is almost totally useless.


yes to this pls

"faved date" and "last indexed" are fucking useless options, there need only be "last updated"


Bring back the option to search from "latest updated".
I mean we have the "recently updated" shit but that's only 1 page, I want to look the most latest update artist everyday like in the past.


pixiv artists are still not getting thumbnails on their user page ever since we got the old layout back, if you are not gonna improve on the old them bring out something new with those improviments, bring back that newer layour already and start improving from it not this old one.


Oh OK fair enough. Is there any chance of incorporating Shared Files into the current legacy UI then? If not then theres no way for us to share the externally distributed stuff which often makes up a very large chunk of paywall artists material these days. The artists know its a "super effective" way of completely stopping leaks, so they're all doing it :(


UI is all fucked up on mobile is anyone having this problem too?


on PC too


Try clearing your cache or hard reloading, I made some small UI changes.


Happy to see the site improving. Thank's for you're work.


We seriously need the updated time column back in favorites and sort by last update.


Probably obvious, but the updated Recent Posts is missing the search bar.


I like the new UI but still we need the option to search the most recent artist.
We already have "Displaying most popular artists" just add a "Displaying updates artist" or something.


the hell? did some artists' posts get randomly wiped for anyone else? i noticed that the artist pages changed again, but now quite a few posts that were there prior are just suddenly gone, as if they were reverted to an earlier version of said page


No database changes took place, so that's very strange. Do you have an example?


these changes kinda suck tbh, you literally just made the site less space efficient? am I missing something?


The UI update looks nice visually but favorites are still listed by date added/last indexed instead of last imported, so you have to open every one of them and eat up bandwidth if you want to check updates.


i might just be retarded, i came back to check things again & looks like things are fine on my end
might've just been a cache thing? not sure, but if i notice it again i'll post about it


I also vote for the ability to search/sort by recently updated, and more than just the single page we have now. That and being able to import and export favorites would be great


Favorites is running Error 500 right now


Where is the "request update" on the artist page? with the new UI it is gone


>site's new UI is back
Cool, that means that—
>can't scroll through Recently Updated

not to sound ungrateful but please, I'm begging you


request update has been broken for a while now so may as well fix the site before adding the button in


One feature I'd like to see is the imports include comments and poll results, because I kinda want to see what their feedback on each post was/is.


So how do I actually upload things? Every time I've tried giving my sessionid nothing actually seems to happen. I don't want my payment to tick over tomorrow but I'd like the posts put up at the very least.


So I just tried importing someone and not every post missing was imported. Is that a known issue or do I just have to wait?


apparently so


i appreciate bringing a new layout for the site everything seems to be working aesthetically, unfortunately fanbox creators still don't have thumbnails for their posts showing on their page, and is only on fanbox because all other platforms being imported show the thumbnails for the post just fine. thanks for hearing your users, would prefer seeing the date of each faves last update like the last layout update had but the "last updated" works just fine until there, but again, please fix this issue with fanbox pages


alright the new UI appears to be stable, a little slow, but stable. hopefully it stays that way

honestly Admin, I'd rather you didn't make any more visual changes from now on, fix the other issues first!


>honestly Admin, I'd rather you didn't make any more visual changes from now on, fix the other issues first!

Yes, please bring back Shared Files, or incorporate it into the current UI. I'm not subbed to any artists as I don't have a tonne of spare cash but I have a lot of privately shared stuff missing from Kemono, including from artists not updated in ages, or artists not here at all yet.


Hey, we have "last updated" on favorites now, sweet!


Do we really need visual update? Can we focus on other issues like Shared files stuff.. A lot of artist hasn't been updated on site for months now.


i mean the site usability updates are a whole lot faster to fix than bugs that have to be tracked down like the importer randomly shitting itself and missing posts. they're probably already doing both


>a whole lot faster to fix than bugs that have to be tracked down like the importer randomly shitting itself and missing posts

I don't think thats related to Shared Files not being added into the current UI though.


well if its not working and allowing shared imports then adding the button back would just cause more confusion imo. if you scroll up you can see people having similar problems with shared files


Nice we can sort by last updated in favorites. Having the ability to search all posts by keywords would nice too


Anyone else getting "500 Internal Server Error" when trying to see favorites?


a "request update" feature for quickly requesting more content from a creator would be really helpful.


The only visual thing missing is having the favorites just show the last update by cumulative time(example: say "last updated 3 days ago") like it was last time the UI changed, but "last updated" does the job well enough for now, i think it's time to focus on bringing useful features like shared files so users that can't be scraped still have content updated, making sure importation is flawless and that all services work equally well when you have problems like fanbox users not having thumbnails go posts


I'm probably the main guy requesting Shared Files to be fixed (I haven't seen many comments here about it other than mine) because I've been waiting over 2 weeks now IIRC to upload quite a lot of "external distro" content which is missing. What I was saying in the other comment is the Shared Files issue shouldn't be hard to fix, its not a bug (apparently it simply isn't "compatible" or something , to the current UI), so the "cause" shouldn't need to be "hunted/narrowed down" cos its already known. It just needs to be reimplemented or modified (or whatever) so that it works with the current (legacy) UI. That shouldn't be as hard or time consuming as tracking down the cause of a persistent bug. BUT IMO Shared Files not working is a more serious problem than "the main scraper being a bit buggy", so it should take a high priority. Reason I say is because while the scraper is buggy, atleast it actually works; Shared Files doesn't work at all, meaning lets say 50% of content is now impossible to leak (because a huge amount of content is external distro these days). Maybe my wording was a bit off but I'm trying to say "making shared files work" should be one of the highest priorities, since it's one of the only things that is 100% broken.


>"last updated" does the job well enough for now, i think it's time to focus on bringing useful features like shared files so users that can't be scraped still have content updated.

Seconding this. I have a good few GB worth of missing content (some from old YP pages) that I'm waiting to upload from a few artists, including the "entire archive upto 2021" of an artist that isn't on KP (and was 2 years out of date on other sites, such as YP) . Some of those artists that are on KP have almost no uploads, so I wanna add what I have. But only way I can contribute this stuff is via Shared Files, so its the main (or only!) thing I'm waiting for.


Can someone fix the damn Importer now, because it doesn't work when they trying!


I've been trying to import patreon updates to no avail. Approximately how long should I wait on the importer before deciding its frozen and starting a new session?


Yes, but Admin needs to go back and fix the Patreon importer now!!


So to be clear: both the main importer/scraper, and the Shared Files importer are 100% broken now? As in: the main importer/scraper doesn't work at all, 100% of the time?


Are videos able to embed on Kemono?


there's literally no way for you to know if its a bug they haven't narrowed down or just an implementation problem unless you have access to their backend.


I didn't say "its a bug they haven't narrowed down" I said "they shouldn't NEED to narrow it down because the cause is already known". Read the "Server Status" thread:

>- Shared files do not work due to the rollback.

"Due to the rollback", as in: the rollback is the cause.


alright, whenever i want to post there is "you look like a bot"

they got me dude, i'm an android


Is Importer still working itself (which they trying) or should we wait until later then, Admin?


for me its seems still working as fine,recently it updates artists i followed.


Yes importing still working well, even if they trying to import itself it doesn't work for them expect for me (because I didn't buy anyone)!


I can't tell whether you're saying it works or not! Y'all changed your mind like 3 times in 1 sentence!!!!!!


I'm very sorry about this, but please don't ban me for this!


I think the requests have stopped. Whenever I make a request, it doesn't show up, and the list never updates.


Same here


File: 1617474858970.png (39.67 KB, 378x118, Screenshot 2021-03-16 0847….png)

I'm getting Error 500 when trying to see my favorites since the recent changes.


File: 1617499868490.png (8.84 KB, 1351x45, 8203483043409.png)

I occasionally notice links like this one in posts that have attachments. I try to follow the link to download but it doesn't download anything and it acts like a broken link. Is there some kind of trick to using these kinds of links or are they just broken/corrupted links?


is it just me that still can't make an account to see favorites?




Anyone knows how to update old posts? There are artists in Patreon that do that a lot, so I was wondering if there's a way to do that on Kemono Party. Would really help.




probably it has something to do with the thing in the
upmost pinned thread, so just wait


Agreed, but the 504 gateway is here again in kemono.party and it makes me mad!


be patient man, they probably doing live maintenance on the site and to prevent something bad they had to temporally close the server.


How many hours are will be maintain the Kemono.party site?


idk,just wait.


If only the admin would post a short message that they are doing maintenance so that we can tell whether an outage is due to maintenance or is something unexpected that needs to be fixed.


I think the "flag for reimport" button does exactly that - marks a post to be rewritten with new update


Favourites don't fucking work! Error 500! What the fuck?!


Whats up with the fox with an eyepatch logo for the site?



Too bad they did not just use a little kemono instead.


Hideo Kojima (thats me BTW) approves.


File: 1617554676368.jpg (12.29 KB, 308x50, kemono-ded.JPG)

Server shitting up again.


Read sticky, server hardware is failing. Should be back up in 2-3 hours.



I suggest including the date of last sticky update at the top of the sticky message. It is difficult to notice when the sticky changes since the message itself shows a date from February.


Good luck and Godspeed, Admin-san, we're all cheering for you!


Is it just me or is the board going so slow today that its almost unusable, and only half of the post images load? If you click anything it literally takes nearly 2 mins to load.

As for Kemono its going quite a bit slower than before but I'm not getting any errors so far. Load times on Kemono are maybe 30 secs longer than usual, but load times on this board are 1+ mins longer than usual :O


Ugh! Everything is so slow that I've grown bored!


Now everything is working fine, eveybody! 😁


>I suggest including the date of last sticky update at the top of the sticky message. It is difficult to notice when the sticky changes since the message itself shows a date from February.
I agree. A tiny post in an aged generic "welcome" sticky (that's immediately put below any new stickies like the IRL purge one) doesn't really bring much attention when the majority of people don't use the board unless necessary. A small header similar to the purple ones Yiff had probably would get people informed faster (but to your credit, you've always given white-screen messages whenever the site went down entirely like that 12 hour shutdown, so people are never totally out of the loop. Good job with that).


a certain artist that i followed got updated but until i write this reply, its never update any post from higher tier posts,both past and new.

is this problems comes from the importer or the updater tier level?


Well try again If you can dud! Sometime, when someone imports can take a bit long time to start upload more stuff!


Not really. The BBS is still going so slow that clicking anything can take literally 1+ min to load; posts fail 7/10 times with a "name resolution error", and 504 errors; and KP itself is, as reported above, going much slower than it was EG a week ago. And theres still no way to import privately distributed content. The feature has simply "gone away" with no word on if it will "come back", so we're kinda far from "tip top" atleast ATM IMO, but hopefully things will pick up soon. Any sitreps on the file importer admin? Are you planning to bring it back or has the idea been shelved? Appreciate any word you have on this. Thanks


i have been waiting for the higher tier posts to be importer here for like 5 months yet its never happened. also im not a supporter so i cant import their stuffs


Sadly thats just how it is a lot of the time with updates. If the artist isn't mega popular then you could be waiting forever. For example on Yiff Party, 5-7 months with no update was common, and 1 artist had no update in 2 years even though he was still active. Thankfully he's FINALLY been updated (on F95 & Ex-Hentai) but it took 700+ days lol.


Will there be an update that allows users to embed videos?


The request system needs to be fixed. Fulfilled or broken requests don't get their status changed from "Open", which results in:

A.) the front page not changing for months (the top request, as well as several below it, are from 2020)

B.) any new requests getting instantly and permanently buried by other new requests

C.) people posting multiple requests for the same creators, which further clogs up the list

D.) requests with broken links not being removed, clogging up the list even further

This is an easy fix (presumably. I don't know how to code). The "Fulfilled" and "Closed" statuses just need to actually be functional, which as far as I can tell hasn't been since December 22nd, 2020.


Searching on artists pages doesn’t work, even when you type the right word. Please fix.


Can someone re import all of yaboyroshi's posts because someone forgets to add the streamable link :( like all his posts are imported with no link to the reaction videos


If I use the board on my tablet, I often have to do about 3 captchas in a row (literally!), and sometimes I have to do a 4th captcha before I finish typing the reply.

Is this normal? Its not like that on PC.


The importer seems to have imported posts from March but not from February? What is going on?


huh nice the admin changed the website icon to a fox pirate vector (oh well i wanted the mr reeves chibi penis thingy)

also is there a way to run this kitsune scrapper locally (using a python script GUI is preffered)
this way we can download patreon creators without needing to upload them to kemono (and EZ zip sharing to other chans)


Can we get offset totals back? It's kind of annoying not knowing how many pages of content a creator has, and having to guess by using the advance buttons, or by adding a multiple of 25 to the ?o=.


How do the "page counts" actually work on this site??? I saw 25/9, next page 50/9, all the way up to 200+/9… WTF is the 9? Yes I'm mathematically challenged but the question stands! It obviously doesn't mean "out of 9 pages", so WTH does it mean lol!?


Actually I never counted how many times I pressed ">" so maybe it IS "out of x pages" but mixing post count with page count is still confusing. Why not just say "25 out of 100 posts" or "2 out of 10 pages"?


Is the importer bloody fucking working?! I pasted the session id, but nothing fucking happened, the artist I support are listed as "recently updated", but none of the new posts appear. Get your shit together.


okay, now they appear, slow as fuck.


Also, how to upload external files? Some patreon cunts share their goodies via sent zip files, how to upload them? You used to be able to, and yiff.party had an excellent system for that


Actually, scratch that, a few appeared and then the import stopped. WTF is going on? Where is my nice, nifty log saying me what's going on?


Try again if you can, because sometmes the importer can be delayed for some reasons




It seems like the Fanbox importer sometimes skips over posts and doesn't import them even if another import attempt is made.

For example:

An anon has imported several times this year. However, a post from 12/22/2020 still doesn't show up.

A post from 12/30/2020 and 12/09/2020 both got imported, but this one in between somehow slipped through. Since then, later months have imports with some newer posts missing still.

So it would seem that if Kemono skipped over a post for whatever reason, making import attempts at a later time won't fix it.


NoBoris, the Samus and Donkey Kong fantasist!


Yea we need to raise the demand for this feature to come back. Bring it to the full attention of the devs how important it is to be able to upload the privately shared stuff. So many artists do this (probably up to half), so to have no way of hosting that stuff is a real disadvantage. I've got GBs worth of the stuff from multiple artists (none of which is already here) but can't share any of it.


Yeah, devs, what the fuck? It's obvious feature that obviously needs implementation! It worked, and you removed it. Don't fix what's not broken, bring it back, choppy-choppy.


just a test on the bbs my apologies

How do I format my text?
spoiler or [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] -> spoiler
italics -> italics
bold -> bold
__underline__ -> underline
==heading== ->
(must be on own line)
~~strikethrough~~ -> strikethrough
[aa] tags for ASCII/JIS art (escape formatting)
[code] tags if enabled by board owner
$$ and \( \) LaTeX tags if enabled by board owner


second test sorry about that from other boards on my bookmarks
bepiswave i5 ded | chantopia sux and i hate patch alt chans
(you can delete my 2 comments here kthxbai)

How do I use BBcode?
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[spoiler]spoiler text[/spoiler] or %%spoiler text%% Used for hiding spoiler text.
[color=#FF0000]Custom colored text[/color] Custom colored text
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[cow]Cow Text[/cow] Cow Text
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#sw24:30 #sw2:24:30 #sw24:30+30 #sw24:30-30 - "Syncwatch" synchronized time counter


a ((jews)) b ++plus++ c ==banned== d –minus–



Yes this definitely needs to happen, many artists release works via links not on their patreon or whatever.


I recently imported a few artists but it seems only a page or so of their art was uploaded, does it take a while for their entire post history to get scraped?


Yes it may taking a while until you can try again, if you can import it!


i suggest to try again and again until everything is imported correctly


Same issue for me.


Some rather obvious virus/spam ads are popping up artist profiles


Will the "request update" button ever come back? I know another anon claimed it was broken, but I found the artists I liked got updates in a timely manner with it compared to now without it.


why the hell are irl porn ads being added when that sort of crap is going to get removed soon anyway?


Does import work for anyone? been trying to import some of DUZK and Sollyz's gumroad but so far nothing seems to have happened.


Are the loading times feeling a little SLOW for anyone else?
I think I've been waiting for about 2 minutes JUST for a page to load.


kemono keeps saying gateway error. Does anyone else have this issue?


And again the error "502 Bad Gateway" returned. What's the matter now? ;-;


Can somebody fix the damn 502 gateway error again at Kemono.party now?😡


Yeah this is the second time it's happened today.


noticed that you can't unfavourite stuff, and some of your favourites straight up don't appear in your favourites tab even though they appear in Recently Updated


huh didn't know KP had guru meditation errors
i seriously hope people dont upload r34 of the varnish cache bunny


Whats the tick box at the top left corner of every post for? Is it a petition to bring back shared files?


>being this new to chan boards
gb2 dramatica.online /4chan


True I am a bit new to imageboards. TBH I rarely use them unless I have to (such as when its the official board of a website I use), because they're often cesspits of human filth, holy keyboard warriors & career pro trolls. Fun to piss about in occasionally but not the kind of places you want to spend time learning about all the little features & buttons. Maybe if you want to lurk & become "part of the furniture" like RMB on YP but I'm just a casual user. Not really interested in the nuts & bolts.


Hello 502 error my old friend


File: 1618121618032.png (81.45 KB, 480x480, 134856962557.png)


yeah im getting bad gateway too (good thing the board is on a seperate domain)


HELLO!! Can you stop the freaking 502 errors now again?


Hey, I just found this place after Yiff got murdered by lazy Bui. Top notch work for a successor on short notice. But did anyone figure out how the old site was able to show if an artist had missing posts or not?


I think a good idea for an update for these threads is each one should have multiple pages instead of an infinite scroll.

It'd likely consume less data that way.
I mean one day before you know it the Requests thread will take WAY too long to get to the bottom/latest post.


You can click "Last 50 Posts". Nobody checks the requests threads anyway, its like a 500 mile deep ocean of trash.


Can we get some news on the Shared Files situation? EG a rough ETA of when the feature will be back?

Many pages are missing huge amounts of content (shared only via Discord/mail/external), and some pages are literally 100% "placeholder posts". Look at this page for example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7557559.

Every single post is "goto discord, rewards sent etc".

I have a lot of missing content ready to upload to a number of artists who are getting almost zero updates, but without Shared Files I can't upload any of it :(


File: 1618194107555.gif (483.5 KB, 110x62, The Discovery.gif)

WOAH maybe I spoke too soon. Looks like it might already be back. If its all up & running now, ignore my previous post! Gonna try it out.


OK it doesn't work yet (the UI is in place but no upload button, and when you drag/drop a file it just opens the file on your PC).

Its great to see this much needed feature is coming back though ;D


I'm getting an "invalid/incorrect captcha" error, so I guess it's just a placeholder for now


File: 1618240370336.png (337.17 KB, 454x4441, Screenshot_2021-04-12 Kemo….png)

I'm gonna take a wild guess that bunch of errors like that means I should try importing again later?


Still getting errors like I posted above when trying to import from Pixiv Fanbox…


imports have slowed down a lot so yeah, I think it broke again


How much longer do we have to wait for each profile page to have the "Request Update" button/feature fixed?


If they don't use it then how do you explain us talking to each other here?


What does that have to do with anything? This is an entirely different thread. And us talking here doesn't even loosely imply that people are sifting through the request thread looking to spend their limited money on random people. Aside from the mess (and so, the sheer amount of time it'd take), that is the main problem: would you spend your hard earned cash on what 'other people' are telling you to buy, or would you spend it on what 'you' want to buy (then share it here for anyone who might like it). If you're filthy rich then maybe you can afford to do the former, but if not, then it literally goes against all money sense. So, while we'd all love it to be like Robin Hood style, virtually nobody is gonna be doing that because it'd just be much too expensive. We simply have to rely on contributors "happening to be fans of the same artists as us", which thankfully sometimes happens. Maybe theres some way "request threads/systems" can "work" (such as if Patreon can be directly hacked, so subbing is free), but I haven't seen one yet.


File: 1618290075162.jpg (73.38 KB, 1242x898, Tumblr_l_586114443804018.jpg)

Fanbox pages are still without thumbnails


File: 1618303863366.jpg (20.42 KB, 490x359, thank-you-for-your-mother.jpg)

Thanks for bringing back Shared Files, but theres a bug: captchas currently aren't ever accepted :O


is there something happened with the importer? last post import was 8 AM kemono server time and still no new update/imported posts till now


All latest post were user-shared and dominated from a same source that redirect to a telegram only post a single image each which is kinda annoying, but what happened to the non user-shared import update?


IDK how to message/reply the guy/updater who checking does uploading the same picture via user shared replace the older one, but i think he/she would know from here since its pinned thread.

The answer is no, now there are 2 of them in the artist kemono gallery


File: 1618339894254.jpg (117.72 KB, 820x839, damn.jpg)

seems like someone doesn't know how to waste time or some shit damn



If I subscribe lowest tier from patreon then import them here, can we get other posts from higher tier??



Alright its seems the automatic importer (non user shared) seems had a problem for the whole day



Ads are probably from this commit, maybe, my adblock blocks it, but not the iframe with the porn so that could be another commit or maybe somebody did add those.



File: 1618359853641.gif (204.5 KB, 221x197, a2b707d1ee2230dfd5329c064f….gif)

No more captcha errors on Shared Files importer. Everything working good now! Thanks a lot! Here come the private content!


The importer doesn't fecking work.


I literally understood NONE of what you just said.

Mainly because this is a leaker site where people get Patreon, Gumroad AND Fanbox content FOR FREE!!!

Also, you don't talk to people with one NEVERENDING LINE OF WORDS!

You gotta space a few sentences like I'm doing right now to make it easier for people to read.




Back to reddit with you…


File: 1618375092762.gif (215.02 KB, 220x199, giphy lo.gif)

Get a load o this guy…


you mean Saidit?


The importer doesn't seem to be working at all and the "recently updated artists" has stayed the same for almost a day.


I am noticing this glaring issue where all of the artist's content is on a mega folder and every post they make are just announcements for new works on the folder. The link to the mega, however, is nowhere to be found on kemono.
A "current mega link" section or something should be added.


importer isn't working, I tried to upload and it looked same as always but there was no diffrence on the patreon/user/ page, and previous button on first post doesn't point to newly uploaded posts, like if they weren't saved at all. Manual upload seems to be working.


from pinned post:
>Our importer proxy is broken and in the process of being fixed. Importer will be down for a bit.
yep, the automatic importer currently down


Can the favorites list be sorted by last updated please.


It already can.


For the current server status thread why not just make a new post each time instead of editing the old one?



a lot of artists will either hide it in an older post that they edit monthly or send it straight to users instead of posting it on patreon.


>>5828 https://archive.is/PVBo3 (shared is orange border)
nothing suspicious just some off topic hentai advisor images (aaand archived)

>>5800 (how the hell do people even blankpost)
GET a life aside from stealing our post numbers will ya (also gb2 there)


Is there a way to tell when a post was edited? Can't tell if the server down pin is up to date or not.


I think it confuses a lot of people, me included, when I first came here. Edit timestamps would be very handy.


i want to upload something but is stuck at 21%… idk why (its a zip file) got tired of waiting


I'm trying to import a new patreon but it's not showing up in "recently updated artist" or the artist search no matter how many times I use the importer.


No, it was a good idea. Atleast half of all paywall artists use external distribution now, meaning the only way to leak that stuff is via "manual uploading". Without it, the site (and half its artist pages) are heavily crippled. Look at Fisticuffs_Club page for example. Literally nothing but "goto mailbox". The page is like that because manual upload wasn't a thing. Now its here, I've already updated missing content and I'm sure others are doing the same. Spam content will occasionally happen, but thats what moderators (something YP never had) are for, no?


At least yours did something! Mine just sits there for 15-30 minutes and then says the key is wrong when it isn't.


I ended up posting a MEGA link and uploading a random image. I wish i could delete it after the site works well, and upload the zip.


I wish we had a system similar to yiff.party where you can see when a creator has been updated, because most of the people I follow don't get updated for weeks and I keep checking on them daily only for them to have 0 updates


Add them to favorites, sort your favorites by last updated, you only have to check that page now or maybe the most recent one too in case it got updated twice in a row before the others.


Do what >>5851 says and bookmark "https://kemono.party/favorites" Thankfully, KP got updated recently to the point that the favorites list can finally be sorted by last updated like YP had it.


Strangely it looks like it can only handle small files. I can upload zips/rars of small sizes (less than 100mb) but I tried uploading a huge "Complete Year Archive" (1.7GB) and sadly it keeps getting to 20%ish then saying "incorrect captcha". I tried around 6 times then gave up. So the feature definitely still needs work, but hopefully the admin is refining it.


>Spam content will occasionally happen, but thats what moderators (something YP never had) are for, no?
Might be a good idea to do volunteer janitor applications so Kemonodev and his one buddy moderating this imageboard aren't completely overwhelmed when faggots try to spam.


Sounds good. Recruit more mods (I thought there were more than just one…) and have them flag any spam for deletion, but leave the actual deleting down to the admin (or a highly trusted mod) just so that if a mod goes crazy, he can't go around deleting everything :O


Go fuck yourself!


The Hell is Saidit?


You're that complete nutcase from Yiff.Party who kept foaming at the mouth & rage spamming about Begrove updates aren't you… Don't even try and pretend you're not!


I'm trying to import Patreon posts using session_id from the cookies and I got this:

No posts detected? You either entered your session key incorrectly, or are not subscribed to any artists.
Error while indexing user <some_user_id>: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'string'
Error while indexing user <another_user_id>: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'string'

Uhh what to do now?


You wait till it gets fixed.
"Known issues:
- Our importer proxy is broken and in the process of being fixed. Importer will be down for a bit."


I accidentally imported something twice. I tried to flag the duplicate but I can't. Here it is if admin can delete it, to prevent clutter (beware of furry tansformation!):



The [file upload] captcha often fails even though its correct. Are certain filename characters not allowed? The file has a "#" in the name.

I'm trying to upload a 60mb ZIP and it fails every time (5 tries, 5 different captchas).


OK on the 6th attempt it worked. Looks like you have to just keep retrying. For large files though, I never got it to work at all so far.




>>5860 bla bla bla
>>5863 AAAND

>>5861 (clearly you don't belong 2 reddit)
its reddit's feminist shitty sister clone gb2 there

>>5855 or why not require logins instead (if it becomes a problem)
creating lots off dummy accounts would take a lot of time (since we use it for faves)


">>5860 bla bla bla
>>5863 AAAND
>>5873 ARCHIVED"

Excuse me?


One feature I think this should have is a "Last updated" type of timestamp.

I've seen plenty of pages that haven't been updated in a long time and it's even harder to keep track of how long they've gone without an update without a "Last Updated" description like yiff.party had.


You mean that marker that said "last updated: [x] days/months/years, [y] months ago"?


I think so.
I don't remember that much about Yiff.party since it was shut down half a year ago.


Not sure if the keyword search is broken or if uploading has been stymied all around, but it seems like I haven't been getting any new search results for the usual keywords in a while.


Its great having Shared Files back and I've been updating a lot of content for the past hour or 2 (with more to come), so thanks for bringing this back! But I hope we can find a way to make it so the uploads don't fail 3-7 times each time.

I'm gonna take a break from uploading for a while now but if it worked each time I could upload everything a lot faster.


I'm an idiot what do I do if I forgot my password?


Good day! I was wondering if it's possible to return the number of posts on the artists' pages


fantia importer when


yeah, showing exactly how many posts are missing is the last important visual change we need


any ETA on the importer proxy?





Aand the guy who keep spamming shared files that not related with the artist while keep linking its god damn telegram is back


How about season_key for account who just we follow. Its same?




Yeah I don't really get why that's still missing.

I wonder if someone actually asked for that to be removed thinking it was an improvement.


Aight, importer is back, now back to updating artists posts


If someone posts the page here maybe the admin can just go and delete the spam. Why don't we just paste any spammed pages here, or on its own thread. Should make things easier for mods & the admin.


I'm not sure if this is a known problem/bug, but I just noticed that the "most recently updated" artists in my faves aren't sorted properly.

At the top is "LMSketch/Legoman" (updated 2 weeks ago) but theres artists further down the list that were updated literally yesterday…


Now getting "Error while connecting to archiver. Is it running?" when trying to import.


test why am i getting error on post.php

An error has occured.
file_get_contents(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution


if the importer was working and the sites didn't change anything why would you modify a live importer and break it? why would you then not rollback the changes for days? and why would you break something again later?


the importer broke again?
no wonder no updates past 10 am KP server time


I just uploaded 8 packs of art to this artists page lastnight:https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2484359

But nearly all of them are 404 now. Looks like either someone is deleting them, or the Shared Files importer isn't working properly. Admin/mods can you look into this?


File: 1618601971782.png (94.42 KB, 2648x436, Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 2….png)

Why is the uploader catpcha absolute dogshit? It keeps saying invalid when it clearly isn't.


File: 1618602396005.jpg (25.64 KB, 848x461, ttttttttj.jpg)

This usually happens atleast 5 times with everything I try to upload. It'll randomly decide the captcha is incorrect after uploading most of the file.

Anyone else getting this problem?


Along with the constant "incorrect captcha" bug, when a file finally uploads 100%, it says 404 when you try to DL it. It looks like if you upload 10 files, 7 of them will be 404.


File: 1618611098546.gif (489.19 KB, 500x281, happymarco.gif)

Hey, importer is working again! Thanks!


Any chance it could be the filename? The only ones I could download were 5, 6, and 8 which didn't have a # in the name.


Good eye spotting that. OK I'll rename and try again today. Fingers crossed :P


The last post on Tefler's page has disappeared. The post was updated on Patreon, maybe this has caused the issue


What is the status on the shared files feature? Is it fully operational or only partially implemented?


They all work now. I've been looking for those for a bit so I appreciate you uploading them.


No problem, enjoy!



shared file working
rito0o spam shit back
and look like some artist mad posting shit
I remember this on yiff.party



"Proceed with caution". Why? What is it? Malware spam or something? I clicked one and it just looked like a typical feet & shrinking fetish artist. I didn't see anything shady or disturbing, atleast on that 1 link.


there were some spam upload on that artist page but now it cleared
mod work fast


Oh right. Thats good to know ;)


File: 1618794973584.png (19.7 KB, 392x188, Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at ….png)

Here's a simple fix: the favorites page says "Sory by" instead of "Sort by".


Is anyone else having an issue with DDOS-Guard? Mine keeps loading and refreshing for me, it was working fine yesterday


Yo why the fuck can't I upload anything?


File: 1618814510968.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, wtVVWvQ4.jpg)

I love it when I see an artist finally get updated after almost a year only to see 1 new post has been added, and it's a random text post… I'm assuming this is part of the uploading issues everyone's been having.


Yep… Been there. The sheer pleasure of when that happens… Its almost indescribable!


"OK its sorted now. Sory about that"


>1 post
>over 365 days
>finally an "update". Oh wait…

We almost could be talking about the same artist, but we're not…



I noticed that some of the artists that were uploaded to Kemono, most of the content was cleanly damaged or lost, this concerns posts by the will of the early bay. is it possible to somehow reboot the artists to restore the old posts?

(Some artworks disappear, move to other posts and, in general, violate some chronology of events in the post.)



>most of the content was clearly damaged or lost

>Some artworks disappear
>move to other posts

I'm not sure if its the same as what you're describing but this sounds like what I've seen on some artists, such as:


Many of the posts there are broken. Even stranger is the way I FOUND this artists page: I clicked a post from another artist, and instead of taking me to the correct post, it took me to a post on another artists page… Really weird problem. Its like opening the door to your bathroom and instead of the bathroom it leads to the bedroom of another house.


File: 1618965552334.png (6.6 KB, 323x107, 502_wtf.png)

4/20 rolls around and we get these numbers


Did the site roll back?? Because a new update made on an artist I faved from earlier today isn't there now. What happened?


File: 1618978519287.jpeg (228.58 KB, 1280x896, 4FDC7C86-0D59-41DF-B09E-3….jpeg)

Yeah, Omega got a new update and it got reverted to before it got it. This is pic is proof, it’s so dumb that it got rid of the new shit.



File: 1618979380757.png (590.28 KB, 2436x1125, 573B16BC-5C6A-4DF1-89FE-79….png)

Made a post about it in the request section, hopefully he’ll see.


Apparently the "Requests" page has been displaying different users than usual and whenever I look for begrove or musclevillegames the results keep saying "No more requests for your query." which is weird because they have had pages in the Requests section before.

What am I do to ask for an update to my favorite accounts now?


Goddamnit, several months worth of new updates were just lost… Hope the guy that updated BoosterPang gets around to doing it again.


importer seems to be breaking again, same artists keep reappearing on the recently updated page because of 1-2 posts finally getting added

i think the thing shits itself when it gets flooded


That sounds weird as hell. Fingers crossed on the fix, thats all I can say…


So I don't know if this has been suggested or if it's anything that's actually worth working on at this moment, but maybe an easier way to see which artists I have favorited would be nice? Since I assumed that going to the 'Favorites' tab would show me just the artists I have favorited and not a list of artists I have never searched up unless I sort by 'Faved Date'. Just a thought.


It works normally on my end. When I click "Favourites" it only shows me artists I've faved.

So when you click it it just shows you a random list of artists you've never looked at before, let alone faved? Are you sure you're not clicking "Recently Updated Artists"?


All requests seem to have been purged


I don't use requests here or on the site, but yea on the site it looks like all requests except 250 added today are gone.>>6439


Artist Hidarikiki's patreon is unaccessable. Thought at first it might have been a simple error but it can't even be found in search now


Yeah pretty much. When I first go into the Favorites section, the tabs are set to Artists, Last Updates, and Descending. There are one or two that favorited by me, but the rest of the shows list are for people I have not favorited nor knew about in the first place. Though I can get my favorites on top by sorting by Faved Date. But if you don't have any issues with it then I'm not sure whether it's an issue on my end or what.


Did Kemonodev mention anything about a reset? I know he prefers the Telegram to talking here.


Can the site owner just fucking get here, I posted earlier with the Mythra pic and thought the dude who updated would come back and he didn’t. Maybe updates only operates at night, if the page doesn’t update by tomorrow I’m gonna be pissed.


There was a minor data loss incident last night due to a mistake on my part. The database was restored from a backup made around yesterday morning. I'm not sure why the requests didn't transfer with everything else, will try my best to recover them. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone, and I will do my best to make it right.


Damn I hope not too much leaked content was lost… Thanks for the sitrep tho.


Do you have an estimate on how much was lost?


I've heard about the purge of IRL nsfw content on here, but recent updates of my favorite fanbox's posts have also gone missing. Please restore the posts if possible



>There was a minor data loss incident last night due to a mistake on my part.
In what way? I noticed that a lot of Nitropunk's posts are still up, including the preview images, but the links to the files are missing. If this isn't what caused that then there's a separate issue. I think I've seen it on some other artists but none come to mind immediately.


Same guy here. The request thing in the second message has ten votes now so I wonder if the updater who added the new stuff to Omega’s page is aware of the issue and plans to update it soon.

I know these were about a specific artist but since their page was one of the ones affected by this dumb “rollback” shit it’s somewhat on topic.


>Multiple impatient posts all within the same day
>Acting like a spoiled child, outright shitting all over the person that makes this site possible cause of a simple mistake
What a winner you are…


File: 1619086251907.jpg (49.47 KB, 873x493, EbfB4leWAAUvPWt.jpg)

Hello idk if you have this implemented but some Patreon posts do not get updated when we new content get uploaded
Example :
the file and posts still say "uploading" but it clearly been done.
this also happen when other creators instead of making new posts updates old posts with new information …


Yo you’re right, I should’ve had the foresight to realize “oh shit, kemono dev is gonna make an oopsie so I better save these pics before they get deleted!”.

Man, if only I had a warning like that. Or maybe my fap material being on a fickle site where it can disappear from thin air so easily isn’t such a good thing when yiff was so airtight.


Yiff.Party, airtight!? I KNOW you're being sarcastic. Tell me you're being sarcastic lol!


Well none of the posts of my favorite artists disappeared whenever the site didn’t work. It’s gone now but at least it was reliable.


True I don't remember artists outright disappearing but the site was regularly offline with zero explanation from the admin; half the pages were full of dead links or "dummy posts"; features (EG Fantia support) were often only half finished forever yet took forever to get half done; bugs went completely ignored by the admin (like everything else).
Even long before the site died, it was, in many ways, a completely unmaintained mess, and often unreliable, IE all the downtime and ignored bugs.


well thank god you did the right thing (also what BAK software do you use is it manual imma install one in my VM)

>page 20 >404 nginx

did you backup the board (i saved it twice)
offtopic but did YP use whatbox.ca for the old server (i found it while searching randomly and their seed box service is super cheap)
also when dealing with sp4m use archive.is (most is just trash no illegal stuff there)
the easiest way to stop spam is to require logins on most sites it should do just fine (next to the favorites)
when will the lazy mods setup a freaking wordfilter seriously even 4cuck has it (THE REQUESTS THEYRE EVERYWHERE AAAAAA)

oy go away narutard


i imported a ton of images from an artist a few days ago and apparently now they're all gone?
what the hell is up with that


Same happened with me as well when updating Bippew




Unfortunately :(

Who was the artist anyway? Are you gonna reimport the wiped stuff?



yes i already reimported it
it was 郁(いく)


Mythraposter here, Omega’s shit is back and I’m happy as can be.

Dev I’m sorry for going off on you I just got really frustrated that I waited for an update and then it just disappeared. I’m a shithead and I wouldn’t blame you if you banned me.


Thanks for helping the site grow m8


Site is getting crawled, add a robots.txt


>Site is getting crawled

What does that mean?


I don't see BEgrove in the requests page.


I tried to make new request pages by copying and pasting an already imported user's kemono URL as labeled (https://kemono.party/<service>/<type>/<id>) but even after submitting as instructed I click on the request I've made and it leads me to a Patreon 404.

Is kemono.party having issues with links or did I miss a step?


Hey, remember that problem where trying to vote on any requests gives me the "you already voted" error even on artists I never once touched? It's back, I can't vote on shit.


Is it possible for an admin to fix SOME request links (such as https://www.patreon.com/user?u=https://kemono.party/patreon/user/710287 and https://www.patreon.com/user?u=https://kemono.party/patreon/user/18464486?o=25) because once I submited them under https://kemono.party/patreon/user/710287 and https://kemono.party/patreon/user/18464486 when trying to make new requests, and now they only lead to 404s when I click their names in the requests page.


>>6645 it means any text on KP can be found through a google search, which is not good if this place was trying to be discrete.


700 GET baby also why am i getting an error when posting on the bbs


site is very slow today


How do I report specific posts specifically this post:
Why? Because the file is broken.


Oh, I've literally been trying to download this file for the past 12 hours and the download keeps getting interrupted by 502 errors. It would have helped to know the file wasn't even functional the entire time.

Whoever uploaded this file: please upload a corrected version that's not corrupt.


Right, right. Yea that makes sense then. Might wanna nip that in the bud sooner rather than later. Piracy police scouting parties (or simp volunteers) will have a harder time foiling us floating burglars. But… I just hope the site doesn't become too hard for new users to find. I know I only discovered YP because it was being "exposed" in a news article calling to arms for the sites death (so i a way, it was still good publicity haha!), and I only discovered KP because it was being advertised on YP. I wish I knew about YP years earlier, I don't know how people discover these places when they're "ex-directory". I don't "think" these sites have ever been mentioned on the (hypocritical AF) Piracy Reddit. But thats one of the only "where to go for ____" reference sites I know : (


always error 502, why ?


Come to think of it, this is all the MORE reason why kemono.party's user pages should have their OWN "Request Update" button instead of making NON-admins try to submit links when trying to add whatever users they want for the "Requests" page which could potentially lead to misleading or buggy links.


How come whenever I try to submit a comment for a thread it leads to a page that says "file_get_contents(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution" 2/3 of the time?

I even checked the "I'm not a robot" before hitting "New Reply" each time so what gives?


The pages are taking too long to load.


I get that quite a bit too. No idea what it means.

The most annoying thing when posting here though (on tablet especially) is sometimes I have to do LITERALLY 4-6 captcha puzzle games before it lets me post.

Are bots really so intelligent at puzzle games that we need to go 6 rounds to prove we're human? I don't always count but sometimes it feels like its more than 6 captchas unless I'm just losing my marbles!


rip in error 502s lol


>>6740 >>6744
me 3 dude also anyone here getting 504 error when viewing the board

dont you have anyone else to blame aside from us


I'm not blaming anyone for anything. Or is that a quote from the movie my names based on or something? :P


keep getting 502, anyone know the reason behind this?


its seems that both the main web and this thread having issue on 502/504, whats happening?


joo can someone fix that shit


More of the end-of-month bandwidth cap issues maybe?


it could be, still we don't know for sure until someone explaining what is exactly happening


Guys, let’s find something we can all agree upon.

The Jews did this.


"Bad gateway"
Will somebody PLEASE fix this!?
I'm dying of boredom here!


That's offensive!
You can't blame a race/community for a site's problems, that's bigotry!


What about assholes and political opponents? Are those still fair game?

Am I allowed to blame that Usah 'Sojamee deletionist and Donald Trump?


fuck off jew give us the site back


come back baby i need you


File: 1619380676522.png (237.65 KB, 512x512, Somnolencia.png)

502 Bad Gateway… 😨


Do we have any news?


So far no words has been spoken from admin



I don't know who's jewing who anymore


Still no news on the state of the site…


I'm not Jewish.
Just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean it's right to pick on those of another religion.
Even if I was an Atheist I wouldn't think it's okay to pick on people of differing religions!


*Comes back several hours after last visit* "502 Bad Gateway"


any telegramfags have any info from there?


It's almost the end of the night and this website STILL hasn't come back up.

I'm getting angry, and if it's going the way I think it's going then I'm gonna be angrier than a rabid dog in a town gutter!


>religion that worships a jew on a stick defends jews
it's like pottery


sir, this is a Wendy's drive-thru


…So we're speaking in tongue-twisters now?


Y'all niggas need patience


Lets assume that if the site still down for 3 days then its reach its bandwidth limit if admin still not explaining what happened


File: 1619412455276.jpg (87.16 KB, 678x960, lolilollytrail.jpg)

inb4 it turns out someone snitched.
Loose lips sink ships guys.
Keep public knowledge of this place to a minimum.


i found this place by reverse image searching some paywalled stuff of an artist i like that was posted on an exh gallery. maybe don't have galleries show up in google image searches if you want it to stay discreet lol


yeah, keeping this stuff off of search engines is probably a good idea


Wait is the site down for every1? Because I see people requesting stuff in the other thread.


this should be prioritized once primary stuffs for the site is done in the future, some artist i followed also has their kemono gallery/page appearing in search engine when i enter their name/nick which is not good


Any news?


What the fuck? The site still 502's! FIX IT!


Yeah, seriously!
It's been over a day since it's been inactive!


can someone fetch some info from telegram about the main site problem? or poke admin?


Hey, has someone tried letting the owner know the site is broken? Maybe he doesn't know yet.


Hello? It's the nth day of me not being able access my porn and I'm starting getting uneasy. What do I do, date an IRL bone and flesh actual female? Please help.


Aight, at least i finally got some info from other thread bellow



thats what a jew would say


Admin has to be doing something to get the good ol classic Error 502 the site is down messeges every other day. Rip


Every othr day? Its only been 1 day AFAIk (I was using the site only yesterday IIRC). I love the site too, and use it nearly everyday but I think we just needa be a bit patient I'm sure it will be back. Theres already been a sitrep. Atleast we're not in the dark just wondering "WTF is going on YP admin!?" .



If this was Yiff.Party and the admin miraculously responded: Dear users https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuLugxEjUlQ


any updates


For people who don't use Discord & Telegram, can we get some updates posted here too so us "non chatroom" types can stay informed?


No it isn't you retarded bigot!!!


The fact that this site is taking THIS LONG to get fixed is giving me uncomfortable flashbacks to what happened to Yiff.Party.


I just hope things get sorted out in time for me to import this months posts


Jesus how the hell do you soft shells survive for this long…


I don't know whats going on cos I don't use Discord (where updates get posted) but IMO its not worth worrying yet. Remember YP was like this at the end of nearly every month, and for nearly the entire year before the admin said "I can't be arsed anymore I'm taking the 2 months of advance rent (haha!) and shutting the site down", he never said shit to us users about what was going on. To me KP wont be reminiscent of YP until the admin goes AWOL indefinitely while everything falls apart, and the site goes into "lockdown, pay now!" mode every month. Again I don't know owt for sure, but not been that long, and YP was regularly down for days on end, with zero explanation.


Entirely empty argument. This bloody website was supposed to be BETTER than YP. the admin here was supposed to learn from their predecessor.

In other words, FIX IT!



The website said that one of the drives in their servers died, should take another 12 HOURS.


this message just popped on the site
One of the drives on our server died, and some downtime is required to rebuild the RAID array. This should take around 12 hours. All data is safe. Thank you for your patience.

Clearly the admin is still working, let's be patient and thank them for their work.


Considering that's the exact same message that was displayed a month or two ago, I'm assuming it's just a place holder.


there isn't much if any money to be had in this type of piracy so it's not surprising competence is in short supply.

I wouldn't spend much time developing site either.


Well, at least they notified us that the downtime will last for about another half day, so that's good.

Thankfully the site will get back up by lunch tomorrow.


How did you survive this long being an asshole!?


site appears back online


Site's "back", in that it's not JUST 502 errors. They're still there, but the site is technically usable.


Site's back up. Occasionally though, search is a bit fucky with 502 bad gateways. Refreshing makes it clear up eventually, but might wanna keep that in mind.


ADMIN please stop being so elusive and tell us what's going on, jeez


Deadass, give us an update bro. Throw us a bone even if it's a small one.


And its down again


Well, it took like two minutes for the site to load…. but at least it doesn't 502's anymore, at least for me. Still, needs fixing.


And now the site's back to saying "502 Bad Gateway".

Whatever happened to "One of the drives in their servers died, should take another 12 HOURS"?

I came back to double-check on this website before going to bed only to find it's BACK on getting 502s!?

I thought they were looking into this!


Okay, the site's SORTA back on… a bit slow though.


People acting like crack addicts RN lol.


I'll do anything to get my fix except pay moneys.


look, I have trust the 502 bad gateway error and whatever else will be fixed one day, but I have to ask

is this slowdown the work of assholes ddos'ing it or slowing it down however else it can be done, or is the slowdown issue completely separate from that?


Fuck that bad gateway shit. From what they just left, to the same they came again, damn it


admin, if you know your hosting is shit why are you hosting the files? upload them with a script to one of a myriad of free file hosting services such as anonfiles.com and just reference the link in the post


Please never speak of anything technical again.




there are plenty of one click no hassle file hosting sites


Just be patience I guess…


some pictures is giving out 404 now.

Does that mean not all files from the server are backed up? Or some are just lost forever?

I also wonder whether the page is even prepared so anyone can reupload lost stuff.


Do logins not work for anyone else?
It says my info isn't correct despite being correct, and the username does still exist since I can't make an account with it. The password wasn't changed since the account was made, so that shouldn't be wrong either.


friendly reminder to ignore the 50cent dicksword army in this thread


"502 Bad Gateway"
…Are you shitting me?
Over a day later after saying it would be back on "within 12 hours" and the site's STILL not coming back up!?!?

Whoever's not doing their job; FUCK YOU!!!


Lol it’s so funny seeing people here complain. When you pay the artist for their service, you’re giving them money and are entitled to complain.

Yet everyone here who looks at pay-walled content for free on a free website created by piraters for free uploaded by people who pay money and take that work for free, and you’re all screaming whinging and crying like entitled shits as if you paid for this service and have any right to complain.

Oh cry waaa waaa like fucking little babies lol. Keep weeping those delicious tears complaining about something you’ve been leeching off for free. You are owed nothing. No one owes you shit, you fap addicted whingers.


Someone’s salty that we can get content without paying for it.


>>6964 bla
>>6966 blah
>>6969 bla

aand archived



Why archive it lol?


>6964 bla
Who's side are you on!?


Its that W7-980 guy, even he doesn't know who's side he's on, he's crazy and makes no sense but generally a very lovable & unassuming character.


…Who's W7-980?


man, all imported images are now jpe


Don't you mean .jpg?


Images are usually low-res JPG on KP unless you left-click the pic before you save it. Then you get the fullsize version. Usually PNG but sometimes hi-res JPG.

Unless something changed during whatevers been going on, that is.



I'm not really sure but he's everywhere on this site. A mysterious shadowy figure but he always has a smile on his face & a song in his heart.


That is the cheesiest thing I've ever heard.


You get a double Nice for those numbers


Naw, you don't say!




When will the 502’s end? Can’t the site just work consistently for once? I want a place to view my free fapfuel without constant errors.


File: 1619643538126.jpg (14.12 KB, 430x199, bad.JPG)

This is my new home now..


I can navigate the site.. but navigation takes like 5 minutes. I forgot what I was even looking for while I was waiting for it to load. Might as well be 502'd.


I've mentioned this issue before, it's mainly fanbox posts that do this, they're jpeg files, but their image links only read as far as the e, and cuts off the g.

So if you try and open it up in another window certain browsers won't recognize it, and will ask you to save it instead.


6996 here, yea thats weird. Definitely something going wrong there. It doesn't even enlarge the pic when I click it, it acts like I right clicked and pressed "save image as" instead.


If anyone is having issues with corrupt JPG files, install IrfanView on Windows. It will detect an incorrect image extension and fix it automatically.


Honestly, save yourself the frustration and just forget about it for 2-3 days. Things will probably have gotten back on track by then; I can see things are coming back slowly but surely. But ATM and the last couple days, trying to use the site is just an exercise in futility and an endurance test.


How long do we have to wait for the OLD user requests to come back?
It's been about a week and they're still missing.


Then how come the requests for users such as begrove, kycolv, minmax3d etc. STILL haven't been recovered?

It's been about a week already.


File: 1619666557310.png (6.99 KB, 811x103, 1.png)

For some reason, all images and attachments are gone. Trying to access an attachment returns a "404, not found" error.


Probably the files arent in the storage/server as admin stated before they are trying to move to another server


ah shit. Now i feel bad about flagging all those posts for reimport…


as you should anon, as you should


Now THAT'S more like it.
The site is loading much quicker now.


Images are having trouble displaying though.


You guys REALLY need to fix the "New Requests" page, because I have no idea how to get a Patreon ID.

I tried clicking on "Get Patreon ID" but nothing happens. I even tried opening it to a new tab but it keeps saying "about:blank#blocked".

I think we need an easier way to make requests.


Did we ever find out what happened?



The site tends to run faster when half of its content is unviewable, such as right now.


Aaaaaaand fanbox pages are still without thumbnails





Is the importer down? Most of the updated gallery still from yesterday


Are logins down? I can't log into my account. Just says incorrect password or username, despite them being saved to the browser


might already been addressed, but there's a bunch of broken img files for some posts that contains a ton of imgs. Any reason why? Possible solutions? Refreshing doesn't work


File: 1619689199168.png (52.05 KB, 1369x708, Capture.PNG)

yea facing same issue as well


Same as anon above


pages load quickly, images do not


page load image load but now i can't favorite an artist smh


its seems the importer down


any info about the importer? i havent see any new.updated artist


Looks like the importer isn't working, anyone know when it'll be back up?

(take your time of course)


Are you talking about when an image (in a post with a whole bunch) doesn't load at all (broken link icon) or only partially loads (the bottom half of the pic is blank grey)? If so I can list a bunch of these posts too. Some creators have DL links (from scraped posts, not shared files) which all are just corrupt 127byte files. I found 1 post on an artists page (tge last post) where if u click it, it randomly takes u to a post on a completely different artists page (WTF!?). So theres defo some dodginess going on that needs fixing.


Importer seems to be up and running again


too bad the site's back to 502'ing again


File: 1619750721414.png (5.27 KB, 264x186, Capture.PNG)

I think it partially loads? The post itself contains 12 images in total. I've counted and there are exactly 12 images that loaded (excluding the broken imgs), but it's a little confusing to see img error icon. Does the post contain more than 12 images?

Artist is shiratsukishio fyi


File: 1619751565753.jpg (1.55 MB, 1166x1400, 87978232_p0.jpg)

Is the Fanbox importer still broken or does it just take a while for content to properly show up?

For example, a recent addition:

Only the 2 latest posts show up. I thought the user only imported free posts but there are a lot of public posts from this artist besides those two.

I've seen this happen to a few other Fanbox creators too. A new artist gets imported and they get a page in the Kemono directory but only exactly 2 posts get imported. In most cases, one or both of the imported posts are for paying supporters so it's clear that there's a lot of missing content on the Kemono page.

In the previous cases I've seen though, the page eventually did fill up with the remaining posts. Though I am not sure if it required an importer to retry or if Kemono just needed some time to process it on their end.


Are our usernames & passwords stored in a cookie or some other local file?

I'm still logged in on PC but for some reason I was logged out on my tablet and can't remember my username or PW, and I want to browse my faves on tablet. What am I supposed to do now???

If the info isn't in some local/temp file, where is the "forgot PW" button?



NVM I had it written down on my left arse cheek.


importer & site are mostly back, but had to do several attempts to get most of my accessible posts imported due to errors or the import outright dying midway


Site's running great now, but the search results don't seem to reflect newly added content.


Bit of a personal issue, but is there anyway to reset my password? Seems I've forgotten it.


File: 1619767626010.png (442.58 KB, 1125x2436, E0951A5A-7EBE-4A91-916D-9F….png)

Can someone explain this?


Dunno why, but I'm completely incapable of importing from my Gumroad library fully. Most other imports from other sites needed required re-attempts to fully finish, but when I reach a certain post from Petruz' Gumroad, it just seems to crash the importer without failure. So not only does that post not import, but I can't finish importing anything else.


Just wondering why this user displays as having nine posts but only two are showing up? Wrong number or are they not loading?


>>2747 any word on onlyfans content?


Sorry for the lack of communication here, it's been a hectic week. We're now on a revamped infrastructure that drastically increases loading speeds and performance. Please report issues!
>An issue where the SubscribeStar importer does not detect posts without images/files has been noted. A fix is in the works.
Might be this?
Strange, send me a log code and I'll take a look.


Just tried it again right now, same issue popped up. Log code for this attempt is 6fbf0a00.


Hey, sometimes when an import happens, the importer doesn't get everything imported at once even if they're all in the same tier. It happened with the DrAltruist and DidiEsmeralda pages.


all of my imported posts for fanbox show up, except the latest for one of them. Im not sure why
id is c98142dd


Only the most recent posts are imported but not the older posts


Trying to post a request for GeeWhy's SubscribeStar and it keeps spitting out a blank page that says

> Error while connecting to archiver.

Dunno if it's a known bug or not, figure I'd post it here to be sure.


well, the faster speeds and lack of errors lasted about an hour…


why is server so slow
do u need money to upgrade?


Minor issue I've noticed over the past few days, most new Subscribestar based uploads are getting their post dates fucked up and reading as being posted by the artist on 1970-01-01, seriously screwing up their order on the site.
Here's a few examples from the most recent substar artists added to the site.


any way to sort the artist post based on import date? not the actual post date of the artist


File: 1619871268070.gif (1.2 MB, 132x150, Andrew_WK_Win_by_wesker991.gif)


wish there was a way to like, post passwords for archives that were scraped after the creator removed it (but user has it from earlier)


File: 1619887710551.jpg (321.61 KB, 1379x705, JADF.jpg)

Just bringing this up here for visibility. At least one artist has started posting download links in their comments section to bypass Kemono's scraper. If possible it would be a good idea to have Kemono import comments as well.


I've been getting the "Error while connecting to archiver." message while posting a request, is there's something wrong with the server?


is there a way to mass download an artist's catalogue without individually clicking on each item? Thanks.



Hey, quick fucking question, WHERE ARE YOU GONNA ADD FUNCTIONALITY TO UPLOAD EXTERNAL FILES? Or at least text to mega links and whatnot?! You know that patreon cunts send them via emails to prevent great sites like ours from auto-importing them, but you have to fight them. So yeah, add that functionality ASAP. Again yiff.party had that AGES ago.


They actually added the feature a few weeks back. Its easy to miss but look above the "banner" of the artist page. A little text link that says "[Upload File]".



Did a bunch of files/posts for various artists just vanish within the last few weeks? Most content creators I followed had uploads into late March/early April, and now they're purged from the site, the links from prior no longer work at all. Did something happen?


Drop a link to the on-site archive in the "Archive thread" here, and paste the PW in the same post. Seems like thats the only way to do it ATM.


database got screwed up at one point and rolled back


what the hell happened the board went down (along with kemono) for a few hours on isitdownrightnow.com is everything ok

(*yawn* still strong at night gonna archive the board p20 when i wake up plz dont touch anything in the database)


can't download anything with Gallery-DL
it says "Read timed out". WTF with the site? It works kinda fine, but i can't download most of the content from it.


thumbnails are loading fine, but full images are slow af or can't even load.
Server is slow :(


Many thanks for all the work you do to keep this site runnig!


All good, I think. Probably just the sneed being snode.


so does this mean thousands of files were lost? Or is it possible to get all the links up and running again?


is this the reason why can't I see any image in full resolution?


File: 1619985829383.png (114.71 KB, 680x521, af2.png)

Why there is no request button on the artist's page like it was on yiff.party?


The site is loading fast, I'm surprised. However, trying to download attachments / full resolution images take a long time.

Despite this problem, thanks for keeping up the site.



>like it was on yiff.party?

Well, in strictly literal terms: likely because the button on YP did literally nothing at all except turn grey when you pressed it. Thats it.

>Will a button that actually DOES something make requests any less utterly futile & pointless than they always were?

Who knows. Likely not though (knowing how requests always worked on both sites). Seeing that "a lot of people pressed 'I want update' isn't likely to make random people decide "hey, I'm gonna update this random artist afterall!" but I guess we can't know until it gets tried out. I'm not against the idea but I defo wouldn't get your hopes up that it'll make even a slight difference to the odds of "that artist getting updated".





Just chiming in. I can't expand/fullsize any of the posts from any of these artists, and on some of them, the posts don't appear at all. I don't know when this started but IIRC it wasn't like this a few days back when I last visited :(

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2379548 (can't DL fullsize)

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2558590 (can't DL fullsize)

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10215607 (posts/attachments don't load at all)

https://kemono.party/subscribestar/user/fellatrix (mix of both bugs together)

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7874509 (mix of both bugs together)

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/3556213 (mix of both bugs together)

OK I'm gonna stop looking now and just assume its affecting every single artist page.

Is all this data permanently lost or is there a backup that was in place and its just a case of transferring the files? :O


The site times out from inactivity while trying to load a full image before it can even give the usual errors.


Interesting. For me when I click an image (to fullsize it) it doesn't even start to load. Pic just goes a bit darker (as normal), then it acts like I haven't clicked anything at all.



Out of habit I right click the thumbnail and open the image in a new tab, no idea if it makes any difference in load time, but it's all broken to slow right now.


I think there is some kind of an issue with importing posts marked for re-import.

I have marked this post for re-import, but when someone updated files the post was completely erased from Kemono: https://www.patreon.com/posts/busted-4-page-09-45798061


Its seems the database kinda fucked up as some files has problem with loading


Its seems the database kinda fucked up as some files has problem with loading For some reason


yeah, there seems to be a problem in the connection between the database with the site.

keep refreshing the page sometimes wont do much as some of the blank space/unloaded images would remain. how to fix it for now? if you use chrome, right click and select view source, scroll down till you find links with image extension (jpg,png etc) and click them, if it doesnt load then keep refreshing that image page, took me 1-3 tries


"Inactivity Timeout
Description: Too much time has passed without sending any data for document."

got this message instead


Been getting the same error message when trying to download files. Sometimes, the download will start then almost immediately stop, and the file will say "couldn't download - network issue"


Same here, I can't download anything. Files keep failing to download every 0.4 MB or so.


Having slow loading image. Hope it get fix soon.


Is it normal that different artists/posts load differently? I'm able to look at/download some posts just fine but others just take forever or don't even finish.


for current condition, pretty much normal?
its seems its applies for freshly imported and old posts, but its kinda rng on which posts would load really slow.


FFS im waiting for a whole day just to load 3 atrachment pic in a post pliz do something or atleast explain to is whats causes the loading so slow


The site has been having problems loading the attachments for two days now. Won't the administrators at least explain why this is?


Yeah, what the fucking fuck? IT WORKED WHY DID YOU BREAK IT?!



For fuck's sake, not only you didn't add ability to upload external attachements - like you should have months ago - but you fucked up existing ones! Like, how can one do that?!


Trying to get a full set of images to load is like pulling teeth at the moment but whatever, I'm used to it.


Server is having disk I/O issues, causing non-cached images and files to load slowly or timeout. Trying my best to fix it.


Many thanks for your work!


I know that this site has been under many problems, but be thankful it exists.

I can't think of any other site that uploads paid content, except for yiff.party (RIP).
It will get fixed sooner or later.

Thanks for keeping up the site.


Sorry if it suonded wrong, english is not my first language, i am really thankful for this site. I just wanted to thak the admin for all the work they do to make this site better.


Artists are starting to catch onto a lacking facet of the site, and that's that there's no comment imports. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/12948502 This user for example is turning all of their releases into links in comments rather than attaching them to the post itself. If the scraper could be updated to just copy the text/urls of the comments to append beneath the post, that'd cover this new way of dodging it.


Does anyone out there use Discord or Telegram? Maybe with "new & pressing" problems like this (things which likely WILL become a much more widespread problem) we should try & bring it directly to the admins attention. We don't know how often he checks here but apparently he's easily reachable via Discord or Telegram (can't remember which).


Yea respect & grats to you man, for persevering with the one & only dedicated leaks site! Some people get mad impatient when it goes down but I'm sure we all appreciate what this site means to piracy. This is probably the rarest kind of data piracy in existence since theres only ONE dedicated site, yet every other kind of piracy has 10+ sites. So with that said, keep doing what you're doing and good luck!


is the SMART test ok also using desktop drives for server use is probably a bad idea

also does KP use multiple reverse proxies or just one ddos guard redirect


What do you mean by "external attachments"? Are you talking about things hosted outside of Patreon etc, like via PM, Discord, external host etc? If so, like I said earlier in >>7411 this ability was already added weeks ago. I've been using the feature for a long time now.


Yea thats the best attitude IMO. We just gotta be patient. Its clear to me the admin here IS trying to sort things out. We don't want him to burn out because everyone's raging at him. Shit will get fixed in the end I'm sure. In the meantime there ARE other paywall art sites (none are solely dedicated to Patreon, Fanbox, SubStar etc but all ARE paywall piracy sites, or "piracy friendly" sites). Check out:-

-F95Zone (this was/is the ONLY porn art piracy site with a 100% complete rip of 2 of my favê artists)

-8Muses (main purpose is pirated porn comics but also has tonnes of random paysite artist leaks)

-Random boards EG 420Chan (I found extensive rips of EG NinjArtist there)

-E-Hentai & Ex-Hentai (its piracy friendly. There are lots of paysite artist leaks there)

If anyone knows any other sites please drop links. Anyway much thanks to the admin here, your efforts aren't going unappreciated!


Thank you for your hard work admin!


Thank you for your hard work and keeping us posted!

That explains why files are only loading reliably if the CDN has them cached.

Good luck and hope no data is lost or corrupted!


>he's easily reachable via Discord or Telegram (can't remember which).
It's Telegram. There's a big honking link on the main Kemono site, you can't miss it.


Maybe we should make a thread of alternative sites while KP undergone MT or down?


every time this gets brought up, I feel the need to point out some people don't have mobile phones, so they can't join Telegram


For sure thats a good idea. I don't know anymore than the few I listed but I bet there are other similar sites out there!


I don't have a smartphone so defo can't use Telegram.


understandable, i hope its not get worsen, good luck admin!


will a cheap old style non-android phone work

halfway done admin im archiving the board meds are losing effect


Any device with a phone number and capable of receiving SMS will do.
You can sign up and use it via the desktop app.

That being said, Internet services that arbitrarily decide to demand personally identifiable information (e.g. phone number) to be able to participate are a cancer and I hope that trend dies a painful death.

At least it's not like that blight WhatsApp that absolutely requires using recent-ish smartphones from the Apple-Google duopoly.


The attachements are still fucked.


For the love of god fix image loading


I'm sure they will be fixed soon >>7604 just gotta try to chillax and EG look at other porn sites until then.


File: 1620194307115.jpeg (30.44 KB, 550x535, b210f1cc1cfc599457ac5c67f….jpeg)

Poor pirates spending days complaining they can't get their fap fix cos the content-stealing website is shit.


File: 1620200873466.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

You can't fap either, so shut up.



I mean, when you're trying to archive artist's work, it's quite annoying and I'm too poor to afford paying every single artist I want to archive. I use the site for archival purposes and it's not fun when nothing is loading since it really slows the process down to a crawl.


Fucking exactly. Fix the fucking attachements, devs!



>Crack addict style desperation intensifying.

Honestly I'm waiting for shit to get fixed too; I use the site most days but ranting and raving isn't gonna make the fix come any sooner.


>cos the content-stealing website is shit

Nah the sites usually pretty good IMO.


I don't have any device that can receive SMS


Artists are finding ways to get around the way kemono's scraper archives the posts here.
Consider this:
Is there any chance admin can implement scraping of post comments as well?



Then there are workarounds using online SMS services, like article that's the top result for "telegram without a phone" on ddg: https://social.techjunkie.com/use-telegram-without-phone-number/

Other than that, you can try getting a prepaid SIM card and a cheap/old/borrowed SMS capable phone.

Browsing around on local online shops I found new phones for under 10 € and smart cards for about 2.50 €.

Note: I still think it's shitty that this is something you're required to do to join, I'm just listing the kind of options you might have, given the circumstances.
I do have a smartphone, but I still refuse to use any service that does this crap as a matter of principle. Mostly due to privacy concerns, but also due to situations like yours.


Anyone who uses or can use Telly Gram should get this voiced over there ASAP I say. Before too many other artists start following suit like they did with external distro.


watch them use post mail to distribute the link later lmao


infinitely replicable pixels have no monetary value. Go buy some NFTs, or whatever is it you acolytes of copyright laws do.


Pretty sure it's intentional, it adds a cost onto troll and bot accounts.

The real question is why use Telegram for Kemono, or anything else piracy-related, knowing it requires your personal information.


update on the image issue, now most of the images give error 502 instead inactivity timeout, this either can be worsen or a fix is on the way, i hope its the later


more like salty artists bitching about their bad art getting leaked amirite?


uhh, the audio download links are giving me the good ole "502 - bad gateway" which is kind of a pain in the ass.




Importer is down


seems the error 502 is generalized now


Nice we took one step forward with the better loading times but now 2 steps back with the site unable to load any of the content. Epic :)


Importer down for 12 hours now?


Well, there is SOME progress. The links to attachements show up… but they don't fucking work. Error 502.



Patrons will be sent a USB stick containing this month's rewards via carrier pigeons that are to meet you at a location I will PM to each of you in dorabella cipher. The flash drives are set to self destruct after 5 hours and the images themselves will self-corrupt at the end of the month.

Take that pirates!


Oh, I know it's intentional and that's one of the "nice things" they get with it.
But it's still arbitrary and exclusionary.

However, the main reason they do it is because they want to leverage users' existing phone contacts and present themselves as a drop-in replacement for SMS and other "SMS replacements" like WhatsApp.

This is ultimately the fault of the uneducated masses for going along with this kind of bullshit.
Network effects are ridiculously strong and platform owners exploit the shit out of them, hoping to become the "next Facebook." Which usually ends up with being bought out by one of the existing tech oligopolies if they look like they might succeed.

Anyway that's enough of that from me, I don't want to derail the thread any further.



back on yiff party, all you had to do to avoid your content being leaked was make a masterpost where all the content was available through links, wait for yiff party to import it and then update the post a single time with new links.

That was literally all you had to do, you didn't need discord or PM or a secondary website to host the content.

That site was so fucking broken, and it was because the guy running it was NOT a problem solver,
he was not someone who should've been in charge.


Importer down again? Seems like it has gone down about the same time of day for two days in a row now…


the admin may not what we want, but what we need, without the admin we wouldn't have a better alternative after the death of YP, so at least be grateful wit what we already have and the effort the admin put on this site


also yeah, the importer seems down again, but the image load seems a little bit better with less time to load


You misunderstand, I'm talking shit about YP's admin because he would just go silent on an issue and never respond or give people a clue on whether he was gonna fix it or not.

He wouldn't just come out and say I can't/won't fix this He would just wait for people to stop asking.
He would do this for months and eventually years.

All I ask of this admin is that he tries his best and doesn't do what the last admin did. He doesn't need to update us every single week or month but if he comes to a point where he can't or won't fix a problem with the site, I just ask that he tells us.

I'm not accusing this guy but I will say that anybody who acts like the previous admin did, can't be trusted, because you saw how yiff party ended.


Importer down for more than 6 hours now? Are we going to have another 12+ hours with no importer, like yesterday? Worse?


I know it's a little late to say this, but just a few hours ago paywall.party/kemono was down.

I'm SO GLAD it came back up in such a short time though.


File: 1620352422821.jpg (165.17 KB, 800x800, 67838648_2274544982861533_….jpg)

two things:
1. importer is broken or something, some creators were updated but random posts are missing
2. video download is broken, downloads a 3kb file named "video" and that's it


Files still broken? This disk I/O error is causing a lot of issues eh?


Hopefully a sitrep is forthcoming and a fix is on the horizon. I know its been a good few days now so in the meantime I'll make a thread listing some alternative art piracy sites to help tide people over until the KP admin manages to get things rolling again. I only know a few sites so please add any others you know so we've all got plenty of illegally sourced shit to look at while waiting for KP resurrection.


File: 1620404493836.jpg (7.96 KB, 480x360, AIIIIIIIIEEEEE.jpg)

lots of images are unnaivailable and only display the broken file icon, despite being okay a couple days ago
also for thoose who know better, why the patreon video streams of some artist like Zaush only display the link to picarto? where is the download option?


all I ended up with was "Error fetching logs. We'll keep trying. Your log id is ~~~~~~~~~."

also I didn't see anywhere to give the channel a title… realistically the title for the artist should be the server name, but I only supplied the channel ID… if I were to get the importer to work, would it use the server name or channel name for the artistname for people to search for? because the servername is popular and famous and the channel name is just a generic #thisiswherecontentgoes


sorry w7-890 05/07/21 (Fri) 14:52:43 No.7901
7900 GET (i will be back) (whoops failget idk why it disappeared on other tab)

DONE welp i finished archiving the board yesterday a little late but archive.is has me covered

good thing Vbox allows USB passthrough now all i need left is to allow usb hub (so everything plugged goes directly in the VM) or pass the physical port itself
oh well nevermind gonna buy a broken laptop on raon hehe (tfw i remember buying pirated game cd back then before divisoria was raided)

i bought a 3g enabled sim card will that work? (i used it to evade 4chan ban lol 60 peso well spent)

>>7743 >>7738 >>7732 (i know right)
posts like this show that furfags only care about fappable content and give zero fox abuot the admin now ban them plz (JK ban ban me instead)

good point dubboy (check those digits)


>>6762 >>6764 >>6766 >>6767 >>6786 >>6799 >>6809 >>6855 (sorry for necro reply)
the jews are the ones who control the mass media and big companies they also influence cultures for their own benefit
(((they))) are responsible for flame wars to make small communities destroy themselves
it has nothing to do with real life jews (i guess) yall can stop fighting (look at 4chan more often)

>>6821 (i think i seen this image before) related to guro
>>6770 (oy source plz goyim)

>>6998 >>6997 >>6987 >>6985
aww well thanks for the kind words (sorry for late reply)

>>6973 >>6980 (where the hell did furarc aka tinman go)
most of the mods are pretty chill but you never know when then they go full tranny mode and start redtexting everybody

>support me on patreon
no thanks bro inb4 dmca iplogger
also i dont get why iphone jailbreak developers like unc0ver use their real name on twitter and still not get sued im getting really suspicious (real hackers never use social media)


>the jews are the ones who control the mass media and big companies they also influence >cultures for their own benefit
>(((they))) are responsible for flame wars to make small communities destroy themselves
>it has nothing to do with real life jews (i guess) yall can stop fighting (look at 4chan more often)

Shut up Cartman!


07/05/2021 - 16:30 (UTC -03:00)

Attachments have been fixed already.

Huge, huge thanks to admins!


Attachments are back but the site has become slower, just like before the fast improvement.


>Attachments have been fixed already

>Attachments are back

Not exactly. Some attachments are just broken image links.


Not quite yet, some are still broken


File: 1620430289819.png (38.26 KB, 1920x1080, Broken.png)

Some are still broken like this one


I'm Anon 7929. It was working with high speed for a brief moment. I managed to download two attachments at 2mb/s but the site became slow when I tried to download the third attachment.

Well, I'm gonna keep waiting.


So does importing stuff from gumroad work? I can't tell whether it doesn't work or like the artist's patreon page isn't updated and I have to wait til someone imports it.


after filling out the request form i get an error messege saying
"Error while connecting to archiver."


audio files are not loading, in my city at least. i can still search for creators and see the posts, just not open the download file


Images from artists such as JTveemo seem to be having issues rendering images when trying to view older posts.


i seem to be having trouble downloading/accessing audio files from creators such as AzeruOfficial


Yea looks the problems are still widespread. I think everyone is still having trouble downloading anything. Thumbnails for many artist pages don't show (I mean thumbnails of the actual posts BTW, not the unimportant thumbnails of the artists avatar), and attachments (the pics inside a post) for many artists dont load (or take 4+ mins to load, if at all). Also, if you click a pic (to get the fullsize version in current or new tab) it either never loads, or takes upto 5 mins.


Nothing is fucking loading. The shit is broken.


Dont know if the devs and admin know this but, i would guess the very slow loading time for media, could be related to the site trying to load all media on the artist page, even when you go into a post. It seems like it's still trying to load the whole artist page at once, instead of focusing the image that's being opened.

I could be wrong, but it seems like this the case, since multiple times now when i've been waiting for a image/mp4 to load, and then go back to artist main page all the smaller (in file size) media post were loaded


I am also experiencing this as well, hope it will be addressed. >>8013


wonder if there is any plan for fantia importer in the near future


No, even downloading individual files from the command line is very unreliable.

The file server must still be having trouble reading files and is slow and unreliable as a result.


By the way, it's natural that thumbnails and previews are more likely to load successfully.

Those files are being automatically fetched by web browsers when visiting artist pages, so it's more likely for them to stay in the reverse proxy's cache since they're requested more often.

You see, if a file you're trying to get is currently cached by the reverse proxy (DDoS-Guard), the proxy will serve it practically instantaneously.

Otherwise, the proxy has to get the file from the real server and since the server is having trouble it's going to be slow.

The 502 Inactivity Timeout errors are actually generated by the proxy.

Those happen when the file isn't cached and so the proxy has to get the file from the real server, but the transfer stalled for too long (about 2 minutes) and the proxy gave up.


In layman's terms please?


File: 1620537392743.jpg (131.2 KB, 1024x915, spongebob_school_freak_out….jpg)

I'm gettin' major blueballs with these loading times here. Thankfully Ofans is starting to function again.



Please fix your computer, Admin. I can't peek at paywalled porns because of it.


I almost wish the entire site were just down instead of the current state. When one image out of an entire artist's post list loads on the fifth try, it gives me hope to sit there and constantly refresh everything.


File: 1620551363811.png (95.67 KB, 249x356, -08877644.png)


You look at a shop window and see neat shoes. When you go inside to request the shoes the clerk has to go through a warehouse to retrieve them, but the clerk's legs are broken and he gets fired for taking too long.


I don't seem to see any link to download whatever post I might be wanting to get, am i blind or is there any opther issue?


Got another request-related issue to report. Trying to post a new request gives me a white screen with "Error connecting to archiver" or something to that effect.


Importer is down


Admin, come back here and fix the Importer now again!! (I am not the importer now as you know).


Sounds like you're describing "dummy/placeholder" posts where the actual downloads are only available via Discord, mail, unlisted Mega, Droppbox etc. The only way to fix this is for the contributor to LEARN, to USE, the [UPLOAD FILE] button.

ALL they have to do is CLICK that button & upload the external content, but 80% of contributors don't seem to know it even exists, or they just don't care or something. The same problem plagued YP too.

If thats not what you're describing, you can ignore this psychotic rant lol. If it IS. You'd be better off posting the page links here and asking someone to fix/upload/leak the content "properly".


You might aswel just use one of the alternative paywall rip sites (theres a thread) until admin is able to fix YP up. Atleast there are options, even if none are the same as YP. The only other thing we can do is just wait & hope things get sorted.


importer is up, from what i see, the down time of importer always around 10-12 hours, is it some kind of scheduled break to avoid getting overloaded?


Okay, could anyone please kindly explain why I can't load thumbnails and previews of several pics in the site?
Even when it tries to load, the process would be slow as molasses.


Importer seems to be back in somewhat full capacity, but I still can't upload most posts from Gumroad. My import always kills itself when trying to import Petruz' Cam model for some reason, so it never manages to move past that. (Post URL in question: https://gumroad.com/l/zNmhw)
My importer log this time around is a279cb1a. You'll notice a more-recent post above it imports fine, but as soon as it hits that post, the whole thing errors out. It's weird though, because that post seems to already be imported? Not sure what's going on with that one specifically.


File: 1620582099802.png (169.82 KB, 399x453, hatena.PNG)

Some artist's posts are really slow to load, some give many errors that need refreshing, while some are faster, what gives?


I think the best option is to put the site under maintenance until the admins can fix it. I don't know if their work will be easier if servers are offline.

For the best.


Its very likely just symptoms of the problems that have been ongoing for about a week or 2 now. Theres posts & a sitrep from the admin somewhere above. It doesn't seem like theres much point trying to use KP ATM cos even if the thumbnails & previews load, the fullsize pics either never load, or take ~4 mins. So its probably best to just use other sites until things get rolling here again. I'm sure the admin will find a fix eventually.


File: 1620606751425.png (320.49 KB, 719x358, rsz_6079c0e48af62.png)

another site another experience and new things to learn. great.


Subscribestar importer give new posts a timestamp of 0 so they appear as if they were posted january 1 1970


>>7761 >NFT
gb2 bitchute fgt

>>7759 (hehe this will surely work)
i bought one of these fresco logic pcie to usb cards (imma pass that through the VM next to the gpu)

oy go back to #clownworld
AAAHHH why do you want this pedo cub artist

>>7926 ??? where was this mentioned on south park
>>8028 wtf does this even mean
>>8031 but i thought users from ofans are not allowed here
>>8033 how the hell did you even blankpost
>>8087 >>8035 i dunno why admins prefer live maintenance a few days of downtime shoudn't hurt


>>6905 (ok sorry for offtopic)
now i get it the real reason YP admin quit is because furfags themselves act like even bigger retards while we thotlovers come and go while grabbing our daily pr0n
also stupid question but why do furfags treat us reaction people like some sort of anti piracy minions who shoudn't be allowed to have a home we are just reporting in website problems like any normal user would and then you tell us to get out
btw we rarely request our stuff (can't yall just respect the fact that admin chose to keep this shit)
TL:DR try not to hate something you don't fully understand (furries are civilized creatures right guys?)
as a guy who faps to both depending on my mood i honestly don't get why furs get turned on by extreme kinks normally (and no i never hate on diaperfags and guro vore lovers)

>>8066 (dear god you better not swing that B& hammer you magnificent bastards)
in the meantime where can i download a crack of endless furrry killer igg has a lot of crappy games but im surprised this wasn't added

tried my best to find the x88 pro x3 firmware they said i can backup the emmc and and extract the dtb drivers from android then install it to a custom linux (help plz)

vote honestly goyim i found this while browsing teh archives https://www.strawpoll.me/19997462


I just had a bacon sarnie!!!


Why are people still requesting like crazy when the site doesn't even work and nobody can download anything? Am I missing something? Is the site working for some people?


>for me it's extremely slow, but images load


>??? where was this mentioned on south park
I was making fun of the guy for blaming Jewish people for kemono's technical problems.
I thought it was only fitting to say "Shut up Cartman" because he was being such an asshole.
Seriously, why was that guy allowed to belittle people of another religion and/or race without getting punished for it?(GO BACK TO TWITTER)


>wtf does this even mean
It means that sounded rather advanced and I didn't understand what that said.


The request system on the site still isn't working…


>Seriously, why was that guy allowed to belittle people of another religion and/or race without getting punished for it?
Ethnic jokes may be uncouth, but we laugh because they're based on truth.


It's a chan board dedicated to a porn piracy site made for and by maladjusted neckbeards. Asking why people are allowed to be obnoxiously edgy here is like asking why an elementary school allows people that need constant supervision. It comes with the territory.


if the artist hasn't been updated then maybe they don't realize the downloads aren't working, since they have nothing to download


The servers are overloaded, and nothing is loading. I'm tired of waiting a long time to download SFM models. Just get the servers moved to faster infrastructure.


Still no plans for fantia?


I have the exact same error whenever I try to post a request.
How come new requests keep happening then?


>why was that guy allowed to belittle people of another religion and/or race without getting punished for it?
Why would he be punished for it? This isn't Twitter.


File: 1620762173762.jpg (24.74 KB, 770x122, fgsfds.JPG)



Doesn't matter, bigotry is NOT okay.(GO BACK TO TWITTER)


I noticed the Requests page has STILL not recovered the other user votes and the only request to BEgrove is attached to a dead link when the link that it's SUPPOSED to be attached to is right here.



Oh, well in that case;

Violent rioting sub-80 IQ nigger, shekel-grubbing oven-dodging kike, slant-eyed ricefucking gook, bat-virus bootlegging chink, wetback border-jumping spic, go back where you came from, this place is for the White Man.


this post was obviously made by a woman


>>8265 -→ >>8272

Welcome to anon imageboards lol, home to more trolls than a Bangladesh back-alley brothel is home to STD's.


Thank you very much for the explaination, I'll tr and see what I can do.
The thing I wanted to get was this: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14476419/post/47278832


Don't be such an oversensitive fag.
What makes you think it's trolling?


>What makes you think it's trolling?

Someone calls someone black (nigga), Chinese (chink), Spanish/Hispanic/Mexican (spic) & Korean (gook) at the same time and you assume they're being serious?

Cmon man lol…


"Jokes on you, I was only pretending to be retarded"


File: 1620782164523.jpeg (26.14 KB, 236x236, 6A34CF66-1B2F-4D50-B2C0-A….jpeg)

Legit what’s the point. Every time I post here my request never gets done and it’s just as effective as not posting at all. Even when the artists I like do get updated or added, kemono sometimes acts shitty and takes a long time to load pics.

I’m just sick of not getting my way. It’s petty as fuck, sure. But the fact that the site is inconsistent on top of that really boils my blood.


getting lots of error 504 for the last one or two weeks now over here at the east coast. Can't load certain pictures but can load the others, can't download anything. Anyone having the same problem?


That's not funny.




Hello, can I gibberish your gibberish with more gibberish?


rapscallionvns post are broken.


File: 1620789574658.gif (259.76 KB, 336x264, busta.gif)


You really think people would do that- just go on the internet and say shit they don't mean to get a response?


The irony is that the images don't show up, but the ads do.


no downloads work for me at all. can still browse and everything but every download link is just 504


>home to white fat mutt trash
there fixed happynow?

inb4 thotlivesmatter


Times like this I realize why the admin sticks mainly to telegram, better filter for the idiots…


Yeah, but even still, the gram has a different breed of foolishness and type arrogance (main server).

Their banter server is just filled with cubfags and "I wish that were me" referring to being knotted, by some 40 something big, furry dude. As well as a bunch of unnecessary snark.

Eventually, it's just unsettling. :/


Trolling rarely IS funny. Its usually just stupid & purile (what Yanks would call "retarded"). The kind of shit only a complete idiot would laugh at.


Thousands of miles away from you and its more or less the same here. Thumbnails & post attachment previews sometimes load, but trying to click for fullsize pics or DL anything is a lost cause. I'm not sure how closer we are to a fix as the admin hasnt said anything about the problem for some time now. If he has given any sitreps, I guess they're not being posted here. Probably only on Telly Gram. Anyone out there use that chatroom app??? If so, mind letting us "website using traditionalists" know whats going on and what kinda progess is being made n all that?


Importer down again?


When I click on a post it takes way to long to load, please fix it


Is there any progress on figuring out why the importer stops so frequently? Is it crashing and needing to be manually restarted? If so, and figuring out the crash cause is time consuming, could a watchdog that automatically restarts the importer be put in place?


Same goes for the manual importer. It often fails upto 5-6 times, getting to 50-90% then saying "invalid captcha" (even though its not invalid). It usually works after enough retries (as long as the file is smaller than 200mb) but you need a lot of patience and you can't go away and leave it running cos when u come back you'll see its failed. Once the site is working again (nobody can DL anything ATM) hopefully improving the stability of both importers will be a priority.


Importer down for about 7 hours now…


When I click on a picture to enlarge it,it needs long time to load the big picture


Any infos from telegram?



Heya, I used the gram for a while, and the the sitrep for the web-trads* is that there are issues with the server load, and the data cache not loading non cached files, leading to the slow load times.

So, it all comes down to waiting for the issue to be resolved.

*yes web-trads not "tards", it wasn't a typo insult.



>*yes web-trads not "tards", it wasn't a typo insult.

"web-tards" lol I'll take that :P

Anyway thanks for relaying for us :)




When will the issue of incomplete imports be fixed?


Importer down time is around 8 hours, quite shorter than usual


Any time.


entire site has been broken for weeks


trust the plan


Based mod.


oh shit good thing i archived the site yesterday https://archive.is/E4vOY
(im sorry for joking earlier plz dont ban me next)


admin should implement some sort of AI moderation/censorship I heard this is very effective for weeding out undesirable individuals in highly modern countries like china soon this will be a thing in america which I look forward to
try it it's open source but I don't know which one works best but it's not like we have something to lose anyway


No problem. :3


I don't even trust the pain anymore…


HOLY FUCKING SHIT ADMIN for the LOVE OF GOD!!!! fix your site!!!! Its been almost a damn month since this site anyone has been able to upload or download ANYTHING!!! hurry up and fix it.



Exaggeration does not help. The importer frequently stop working for hours, but it also frequently works for many hours. Downloads sometimes fail but other times they are not too bad.

Site definitely needs works, but best to stick with reporting specific problems in this thread.


i can't get anything past the first image to load for any post and just the preview at that. I hate this new normal.


I keep trying to save images and it takes like five tries to work, and sometimes it gives me a weird "no response" error or something.


Yep. The site simply doesn't work right now; its broken, and it has been (as someone said above) for weeks now. You're lucky if you can download anything at all from any artist at any time. I know I haven't been able to.


Well at least it works halfway. And links like dropbox and google drive still work


I'm actively working on fixing the disk issues occuring on the data server. I know not being able to access your favorite artists is frustrating, but please be patient.
I'm also aware of the importer issues, which will also be addressed very soon.


Shut up retard. The site is completely broken. Unless you really like jerking off to thumbnails, there's no need to mince words.



Actually, there is a need to report specific problems. That is what this thread is for. Whining does not help. Specific information about issues is what helps.


Aight, here's a specific issue:

Nothing fuckin' loads unless you mash the refresh button for half and hour with your fingers crossed.



That is not specific, and it is also incorrect. Some things load fine.


What happened to the "IRL Porn Purge" thread? It disappeared after someone found out that certain non IRL creators were being mistakenly purged.

So are we going ahead with just deleting things that were never supposed to be deleted rather than actually checking artists beforehand? How many other non-IRL artists have been erroneously added to the purge list I wonder?


Ah finally at least a confirmation from admin who working on fixing the disk issue, i hope it could fixed sooner.

Thanks for your effort on trying to fix it


Man I'd love to actually SEE images posted to kemono party but nope nothing fucking loads.


File: 1621061093694.png (225.14 KB, 392x462, 1605315991421.png)

Nothing is loading!


User icons on the "recently updated" page all link to https://kemono.party/patreon/user/ instead of the respective user's page, thus 404ing. Name links, however, function properly.


Here's what the error message says

Inactivity Timeout
Description: Too much time has passed without sending any data for document.


File: 1621084511799.jpg (169.21 KB, 725x725, IMG_yfghlv.jpg)

The site is broken! Please fix it


At this point i dont care about the fix after waiting for a weel for a image to load

I just want to die


does kemono move site behind a 56k modem to save cost?


Anyone know any other mistakenly added creators who AREN'T IRL & therefore shouldn't be on the purge list? Apparently creators were being checked before being added, but we can't be sure thats true now because if 1 artist was added without being checked then its safe to assume others have been too. Anyone who likes 3D artists, you could find them deleted soon. Admin, mods, what is the situation? Are you going to sort this out or just leave it because obviously ATM the "IRL porn purge" isn't an "IRL porn purge".


For reference: >>8386 Non IRL artists are being mistakenly flagged as IRL porn and will be deleted (EG 3D artists), and theres no sign that anything is being done to fix this cockup. Mysteriously the "IRL Porn Purge" thread vanished shortly after a mod realised the list contained mistakes but I'm sure the list is still going ahead (even if we can't see it anymore and the thread mysteriously doesn't bump). If the list doesn't get ACTUALLY CHECKED then people are likely to lose any number of creators that "oops, weren't IRL afterall!"!


Now thE images wont Showed completely


It would be nice to have a blacklist option


i report too that most of the images, new and older dont show up


Why does the site run like shit after months?


Fix your site retards


File: 1621214307360.gif (1.38 MB, 498x286, oooooooooooip.gif)

Might aswell just start posting gifs at this point :P


Bros, can we get a "older/latest" way to sort search results


File: 1621232815145.jpg (55.71 KB, 604x604, Hmm.jpg)

URL links are just one big link. They look like this: httpswww.patreon.commedia-urlaHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9heFRxZXE5elAtNC9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw

What do I do here?



Sorry all I know is thats a fucking funny picture.


File: 1621249795122.jpg (28.36 KB, 400x400, lwkmNmjK_400x400.jpg)

Making a Pixiv Fanbox request results in "Error while connecting to archiver."

Try it with this user ID:



why this shit so slow?


Cause it's got bone in it.

Just scroll up a few posts and you'll see why. '3


When is the Requests system going to be fixed? As of right now, the Fulfilled and Closed categories aren't being used at all, meaning any request made at all (including broken links) is going to clog up the system for the rest of time.


Maybe reduce default image size the user sees while browsing an artists feed to reduce server load? Clicking on the image could make it bigger.


whats with the lack of activity in this board few days ago? were you celebrating the death of ofans? what did i miss on the telegram?


>inb4 this has been one big honeypot and now they realize they dont even have to show us the images to get our info


Don't know if this is a problem that stems from the issue that is being talked about on top of the thread, but it seems as if images form pixiv fanbox accounts are not loading.


sometimes when people uploading older stuffs, they appear at recently updated artist, but you can't tell which post is being added, since it sorted the latest one posted on the patreon, fanbox etc. I wish there is a newly updated sort button on kemono's side to see which one is the newly added post


Its not just Fanbox. Images aren't loading 80% of the time, from anywhere. Its been going on for weeks now. Most of the thumbnails never load; low res preview pics inside posts rarely load, and fullsize pics almost never load (they either take 4-5 mins, or just give an error).



It's Friday Night Funkin', but instead Serious Site Loadin' XP

They're working on it.


File: 1621345474800.jpg (33.72 KB, 628x625, eNuZagh.jpg)

>check post before I click
>5 to 10 files
>click post
>only 3 files load and ones a duplicate


there is one month worth post missing suddenly(entire april post)with the new update
did admin/bot make mistake deleting stuff or there is some server fuckery



File: 1621368297871.png (8.73 KB, 636x148, _2021-05-18_164800_data.ke….png)


So it isn't just me? The whole site is just broken? Can't view anything, things don't load and links lead to timeout errors? Damn..


A lot of artists seem to be migrating their content to Discord exclusively so uh… better find a streamlined way to mine that shit before Patreon becomes completely useless.


Yea and quite a few artists were doing this since ages ago. You look at their "leaks" page and almost every post is "rewards sent, come to discord". And the other posts are just polls & diaries lol. That shit was rife even in the Yiff Party days.


I'm not sure why but the 2nd pic in a post is absolutely always a clone of the 1st pic.


Yea its not just you. The site has been effectively unusable for IIRC over a month now. Trying to DL or fullsize a pic is an exercise in futility.



There's plenty of established artists who are just starting to do it in the past few weeks/months, and I'm pretty sure the avalanche of paywall content that's been making its way to the rule 34 sites lately is to blame. I've seen announcement posts from at least 5 artists I follow here specifically scolding their followers for leaking stuff, all recent.

I at least try to give the artist a grace period before I share stuff but there's people dumping massive image sets practically on the same day they're posted and it's not going without notice.

Kind of an observational rant, I know there's no putting that genie back in the bottle, but this site will need to be able to adapt, once it can actually function lmao.


Fanbox users specifically aren't working right now. I notice that all the image links, instead of being hosted on kemono, are leading to fanbox itself, which always gives a 403 error



>I at least try to give the artist a grace period before I share stuff

Yea thats fair. A good way to do it.

>but this site will need to be able to adapt, once it can actually function lmao.

No doubt about it. Hopefully its a priority once the site itself is usable again.



Just a particular issue. Thank you for taking the time to work on this. I give you this link just in case you were looking for particular issues


Yiff.party had a function to upload just files themselves and not just by using Patreon so that may be a way to go.


If I tried to host my own instance of kemono party with the open source code would I be able to view Patreon creators without a bunch of pages not loading or pds download links breaking?


Kemono Party's had the same feature for a couple of months or more now (after lots of demand for it), its the tiny little "[upload file]" button near the top of an artists page. If only more people actually used it… Instead people just keep on updating artists with "goto discord" text-posts. Same problem which plagued Yiff Party too. It had the feature to solve the problem but only 20% of people seemed to know how to (or care to) use it.



What the actual fuck is this cancer?


>there is an actual person pay 5 dollar for a photo of a fucking guy on diaper
>your favourite artist which cost less would not even registered here

this is reality
sad reality


what the fuck, this is super cancer, not normal cancer
this site would be less bloated if it only allowed artwork and not photos of whores and degenerates


Yeah, I had a post open from yesterday that I had been trying to slowly mine from for a while before giving up, but at least then the images were partially loading. Now they just immediately give errors, it's a shame.


Now it's 502 error. Is that progress? Also why the fuck are problems with this site getting worse and worse? Wasn't this guy supposed to be fixing it? It has been a shitshow for a while at this point. Is there even a reason why?


I'm copying everything over to a temporary server so we can begin reformatting to improve performance. As to make the transfer as fast as possible, I'm turning off the web server until it finishes to reduce disk usage. I apologize for the inconvenience, hopefully the site will be in a stable state very soon.


There is still problem with Fanbox arts being not available and some other arts from other sites just seem to be gone. Is that why? Also how long will be "very soon"?


Alright cool then, take your time. I'm just glad you're communicating.


File: 1621463421490.jpg (21.97 KB, 400x400, 1oIjZElK_400x400.jpg)

Thanks for the dedication Admins. If this place can keep a nose above water, then it's still doing 100% better than yiff or ofans did.


Huh. so that's why my import for Flaxseed hasn't been popping up completely yet.


File: 1621468629696.jpg (14.66 KB, 260x395, GEED.jpg)

Servers must be screwed up again, random images are refusing to load on various artist pages- even images that had already been uploaded for months.

Tried different browsers, tried restarting, same issue. It must be on the site's end. Anyone else notice this?


One of the admins just turned off the server to reduce disk damage or something.



Lets hope after its fixed they actually update Doxydoo's stuff for once this decade. Its weird how not one single pic of theirs made it here despite their profile being on Kemono.


Now images giving 502, hope it mean fix is in the way


Shit, same here. I've tried resetting my cookies, and now I'm stuck at DDOS-guard screen restarting over and over.


>No updates
>No images

It's history repeating itself. Betting that website goes down tomorrow


Well, fuck. I just wanted to write about a half-dead file server that didn't fucking load, or loaded through a fierce ass with 100 and 1 restart, but now it has died completely. Bliss.


file server is down, seems that no link works


Can't fucking import stuff.
"Error while connecting to archiver. Is it running?"

Well, Steve? Is it running?


so any news from telegram?


oh shit, is the site dying again?


The fuck he did? FUCKEN FIX IT!


Only me having problems with loading?


See >>8905 for a full explanation.


My bad i didnt scroll up a bit.

Thanks for the info, hipe everything goes well as planned




Well can he turn it back on? I’d rather have the posts up than worry about some disks.


It's been a single fucking day, have patience.


Images had not worked for fucking month with change.
Just shut the whole fucking site and fix it properly instead of wasting time having it as it is.
Whats the point of having it up if 90% of content is not loading and the 10% that is working takes 100 refresh to load???
I updated 5 artists and NONE of the posts is loading for last 2 weeks. Its all 404. So fuck this shit. Close it down - fix it and then open it and stop fucking playing with it when its actually working!


'uking 'elle it just keeps getting worse innit?
I don't get why more people don't upload to the permanent booru srsly the only tag that actually matters is the artist's name.


Importer stopped working! FIX IT NOW!


There is a mild hilarity to watching people lose their damn minds over the fact they can't access their particular taste of leaked content.
Take chill pill and be patient.


We have been patient, you fucking cunt. We have been patient with yiff party, we have been patient with kemono, at this point, we fucking deserve better maintenance of these sites.

Or, in other words, FIX IT!

And you either fuck off, or contribute, like we, importers, do.


Be patient everyone, the admins are trying to fix it.


File: 1621554304874.png (878.8 KB, 710x842, 1540439122502.png)



And you, my friend, are the prime example of the many screaming infants on this thread, whining and screeching into the void.


Well, what CAN we do, my so-called "friend"? If I could magically kick the admin's ass on-line to make him fix what shouldn't have been broken, I'd do it, but I can't. I'd love to do my duty and leak paywalled stuff, but o-oh, importer isn't working. And there are you, cunts who just say "nah-nah-na-nah you are all babies", and do nothing else, so OF COURSE I'm gonna tell you to GTFO. I'd tell you to never reproduce and spread your stupid genes, but let's face it, it will never happen anyway.


Can you not read? Admin gave an update right here:

What more could you want? Quit being a sperg. I'm sure you can jack off to the other 5TB of content you have saved on your computer in the meantime.


nobody forcing you to fucking import, you remember that

leave if you don't have the patience


no rush, just curious, what's happening?
one of the servers go down or something?


First of, its seems make sense that both images doesnt show and importer stop working for now, why? If the importer still working, they/admin will have to also move everything that just been imported which will even take much more time to move/copy everything to temporal server, not to mention admin also turned off the webserver to take less disk usage and also accelerate the transfer progress.

All we can do for now just wait and hope, admin are trying to fix things here so be patient.


Its still down, do we have any kind of ETA on when the site will be up again?


Just want to forecast for everyone, that since there have been server issues, and data migrations to mitigate these problems, do not be surprised, that this may happen again afterward, since its all being moved to a "Temp" server.

Therefore, it would naturally be removed, to the permanent foundation, after all the bugs have been addressed*.

Just let them do their thing.

*To the best of their abilities. Keep in mind this is all primarily Pro Bono, and they don't owe anyone here, anything. Griping won't make the site work any quicker.


I've been letting the DDoS page load… FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!

When it comes to internet buffering, that's WAY too long.


At this point it seems ridiculous that people are still even TRYING to use the site… Or atleast being surprised that it doesn't work. It hasn't worked for weeks and weeks and weeks. Scroll a bit further up and look at the replies: The site is broken, nobody can use the site, the site is broken, BTW people the site is broken. Incase y'all didn't catch that, the site is broken.


wow, i was able to use the site as everyday yesterday, but now i can't and you come here and throw you " It hasn't worked for weeks and weeks and weeks" bs, stfu, if you hate the site that bad gfu


duh, I've been unable to load shit for months too. try to get any pics or attachments only instantly leads to error 502


File: 1621583762988.png (430.8 KB, 600x541, 1618793530420.png)



It isn't bullshit dumbass, read all the comments above… The site has been in a barely usable state for weeks. Site was working as normal yesterday? Who are you trying to kid? Us or yourself? Again read the comments going back weeks now. I never said I hate the site you fool I said it hasn't worked for weeks. Learn to read properly before you reply. And if you must lie, then learn to come up with nore believable lies than "the site was working fine yesterday"…



I manage to get some mamerako stuff at 4/30/21, the first time I know this site and can still see the image load sometime
I can see some DoubleDeck stuff too around like 3 days ago but with some image got 404
man my procrastination fuck me up yet again lmao I should really took as much as can when I could


Some of yall need to chill the fuck out and stop acting like entitled shitheads. Get away from the computer for a bit and touch some goddamn grass and maybe youll feel better


File: 1621587545626.png (102.62 KB, 500x479, muu.png)

I miss yiff.party


let's be real here, the site's been broken in some form since freakin' November

so yeah, I'm impatient too, but I really don't think yelling at the admin is going to get it fixed faster


"@Shino ## Admin

I'm copying everything over to a temporary server so we can begin reformatting to improve performance. As to make the transfer as fast as possible, I'm turning off the web server until it finishes to reduce disk usage. I apologize for the inconvenience, hopefully the site will be in a stable state very soon."

This message is for any future idiot that comes here to hate without knowing the context behind the server shutdown.

No one owes you anything. This is a piracy site, not legal. You want things quick? Buy them.

If you're not a moron, just patiently wait until Kemono is fixed. There's plenty of other things to do than watch porn.


lets face it at this point its very clear that everyone here only care about keeping their shitty porn server up
they dont even give a shit about the true meaning of "archive"

>>9058 >>9048 >>9024 >>9023
lol if i want some free ego points all i literally have to do is to defend admin all day long for his faggotry this should be easy lol



"The true meaning of archive"
Dude get over yourself. Its not that deep.

Try not to shit all over yourself when you're trying to make a point, its embarassing. Slurs arent cool.(USER WAS SENT BACK TO REDDIT)


Hi spam, I'm spam, would you like some spam? Here's some spam, let's talk about spam.

Seriously though, ONCE WAS ENOUGH!!!


What is going on with the server? I can't download my minecraft paywall maps because some 502 guy won't let me


Gotta love how entitled some people act about this. I mean, the admin and the mods are doing this without making us pay anything, we should be grateful they're willing to put up with our shit. The very least we can do is be patient and thankful.



This isn't reddit you fagtastic cock gobbler. Ordinary human beings don't collapse into spasms the moment someone says a no-no word.


get a load of this fuckin guy


People whining about "entitlement" don't understand how this works. When you offer a service that people use, you have a responsibility to them to keep it reliable and communicate clearly when problems arise, EVEN IF IT'S FREE.

If you run a DnD session every Friday at 8, you better fucking be there at 8, ready to go, and if you're not, it's your responsibility to tell everyone ahead of time. It's not the same LEVEL of responsibility because no one's getting paid, but something's still at stake. You're still wasting people's fucking time.

This site isn't actually "free." It only works because countless volunteers donate their time AND PATREON MONEY to subscribe to artists and upload the content over here. Without them, there is no kemono.party. And every time the site has a seizure with little to no warning, it's a slap in the face to them.

I'm sure the budget to run the site is limited, time and money. But for the love of fuck, can we try to think out strategy a bit more so it's not down every other week? And if it IS potentially going to be down, give a reason, what's being done to fix it, an ETA on the fix, and FREQUENT UPDATES (at least once every day).


1] Yes, because nothing ever breaks down, doesn't go according to plan, or anything. Especially since the site is being upheld by mainly "cohllegg" students, it's not like they have lives to lead and stuff.

I get your perspective, but still keep in mind the above. Their whole lives aren't just on here, plus from what I remember on the gram, some of the devs just straight up left, with no notice, so we're down to a couple of people on the team.


3] It's also a slap to the face to the creator when people straight up insult the admin as well, when the site goes down. Generally, they are more active on the gram, primarily for real time notifiers about the state of the site.

I mean be fortunate that despite all of that, they still want to make the site the best it can be, but it's going to take some time. The site is still fairly new, by that meaning the traction to get it off the ground.

Cloudflare aka dinkleberg, screwed them over, so they had to switch servers. It's a hefty sum of data to migrate, so you can only be patient.

4] I do agree with strategising, and planning a course of action, for site development. However, the devs are on a skeleton crew (aforementioned), and don't live in the same, or close enough, time zones. Even if they are up and about, in those separate zones, they have work, school, family duties etc to tend to. Again mostly students are the team.

I would figure for them to give ETAs, and unkeepable promises is gti mitigate any "you said it would be done by x date and x time!"

Do you want yiff party again? This is how you get yiff party again.

Summary: Relax.


Site has been working well enough in the past, but been gradually getting worse and worse, eventually becoming "borderline useless".

I don't mind that it's taken down while it's being fixed. What can I say? Take your time, it's not like we were paying you or anything?

Still, hoping to see the site back in usable state, sooner rather than later (and actually preferably later, if "sooner" would be the previous "1/10 working")



It's been like fucking three days, can someone FUCKING TURN THE SERVERS BACK ON?!

The imnporter is fucked and like half pics are fucking off line. Which fucking moron flipped the fucking switch?!


Bro this site is trash, I want yiff back. At the very least when it was up it wouldn’t be constantly down, not showing images of some other BS. I’d rather have the page not show up, than it be active but you can’t see the fucking content.


Except it used to fucking work. What fucking happened?!

Also, is there any alternative? As soon as I;ve heard of kemono, back when I was uploading to yiff, I immediately started uploading here too, since you always should keep backups.

Do we have one now? And if not, then someone better fucking make one in case kemono admin turns out to be equally big piece of shit as yiff admin.


>People whining about "entitlement" don't understand how this works. When you offer a service that people use, you have a responsibility to them to keep it reliable and communicate clearly when problems arise, EVEN IF IT'S FREE.

FUCKING THIS finally someone else understands that. Admin has setu up a noble goal, then he has to fucking continue the legacy. We act entitled, because WE ARE entitled to good shit. Nothing more complicated than that.

So, Admin, get your shit together and fix the website. We have the session IDs, we'd love to submit content, BUT THE SITE'S BROKEN.


I don't think wanting the site to work properly is asking too much.


I love how this thread devolved into talks of entitlement. Way to stay on topic guys. Except well what else can this website do but say the site is broken lol. Their is no bigger problem then that


You never stand between a horny furry and it's pornstash, that's what you learn here


People beating each other over the head with their unsatisfied boners in here.


Why are the images not loading? When I go to an artist's page, most of them are unavailable


Would it be possible to make a post in the current server status thread? I think it'd cut down on the whining since people would at least know what's going on.


The source code is linked on the main site now. Hopefully it helps get some of the issues ironed out like the image loading and the importer fuckiness.


Do you EVER shut up!?


You know ranting wont help.just wait until the transfer progress is end, then they get to the fixing


File: 1621650643979.jpg (62.89 KB, 640x714, Tom_Hanks_vs_Tank.jpg)

Listen, I don't have all day to read more than 1000 posts about problems of this site so please, anyone, can you boys tell me the reason with all several errors in here?
- SubStar posts from my favorite artists (although sorted back into year 1970 due to a bug) are missing very much and does not come back, however, newer posts appears in it's place instead.
- 502 is like a virus in the site and chances of not getting it while loading a file/attachment is very small.
- Lots of posts from certain artists (usually old posts and in case of Pixiv Fanbox users, all of the posts) are not loading after all.

Could someone please, tell me the summary of all this darn problem, please?


Don't need to read 1000 posts, but you could put together 5 brain cells and use ctrl+f and find the answers in seconds instead of sitting "patiently" waiting for a response…

But why should you be the single exception in a pool of idiots.


>hopefully the site will be in a stable state very soon."

Cool, define "soon".

>No one owes you anything.

Oh, how I fucking hate this line of thinking. By that definition, we don't own you anything either, so fuck off.


A thread filled with people having full blown meltdowns over having to wait to jerk it to the very specific porn they wanted, is honestly a lot more entertaining than I would have expected.


ITT: we pretend its furaffinity .party


Don't cut yourself with all that edge


All mp4 links before a certain date I haven't figured out yet are supplying a bad gateway error, as of a few days ago. New ones are fine. Did someone do a fucky wucky with our saved cache data?


>All mp4 links before a certain date I haven't figured out yet are supplying a bad gateway error, as of a few days ago. New ones are fine

As a non-IT techie layman, can we assume this means now the server has been turned back on? Otherwise nothing at all should load right (regardless of age)?


For me, nothing is loading, except a few thumbnails.


Well that's one 'nice' way of answering a question.
So this shitty problem gonna keep going on until further notice or something?


And please no need to sound rude man. I also didn't mean to sound rude on my question above. I'm just way too busy to search through all this thousands of posts; I have a better stuff to do, but I'm so sad that this site turns out to be like this where it was used to be very good before.


>Well that's one 'nice' way of answering a question.

Thats how it often is on the internet lol. "I'll answer your question, but I'll try my hardest to make you feel dumb as fuck at the same time cos I'm a bit of a cunt (but IRL I wouldn't say boo to a goose)". Its gotta be one of those "rules of the internet" cos you see it all over the fucking place.


If you have better things to do then to spend a few minutes searching things via ctrl-f, why would you assume that one of the few people who have a technical understanding of the site's problems have nothing better to do than to try to give some random anon a rundown in order to save them like five minute?

Seems like what you really want is a time estimate. I'll let you in on an open secret. Time estimates are bullshit that technical people give to angry clients and people with business degrees because they won't stop hounding them about time estimates. Instead of spending the time to come up with some bullshit estimate which will inevitably be wildly off, they're better off spending that time actually working on the damn thing.


File: 1621705715649.jpg (119.06 KB, 1359x408, snip.jpg)

So is the site just giving artists the ability to take down pages on here now?

Because that seems a little counterproductive


Lol the sites like dying and then they put this up


Concerning the DMCA thing, it's really just a matter of perspective. From the people like us who just want to read shit for free it is annoying. However, to the website provider it's a legal defense from salty artists filing a class action lawsuit or some shit


This is hilarious.
>artists have to full dox themselves to submit a DMCA request
>artists have to navigate this garbage website and provide links to content, somehow dodging 504s, to submit DMCA requests
>artists have to provide links to their own paywalled content as proof to submit DMCA requests


Kek, imagine that? :P


bE pAtIenT eVeRyOnE oR geT OuT
lmao site thread in a nutshell


>this site in a nutshell
sorry im high on cocaine right now



Hey ahnon!
Dis is Offwicuh Vwixen, yuh undah awwess fuh puhcessun uh cwak!

Ya huv da wite tuh wamain siwent, uwu, anyding yu sae cuh be use agwainst yu in da coht off waw!

If yuh cont affowd'uh wawyuh, won will be pwuhvaided fuh yu, uwu.


You just took three years off of my life span. Thank you.


We've started the transfer back to the main server, should be done in about a day. After that, everything should be stable again.
Sorry, we had to put this up immediately due to legal concerns.


Lol artists salty that site is gonna be back up. Huge mad, big cry


File: 1621718721773.jpg (362.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1619899522364.jpg)



UwU noh pwahbwem!
Offwicuh Vwixen, tuh pwotecct an' suwve! >:3


since the quality of this thread is in the shitter i might as well contribute to the clutter
sorry if quoting is in random order

>>8341 (ive heard rumors of someone fucking IRL animals livestream on the video chat)
its even worse dicksword is even more degenerate than telegram (even if its invite only)

nope judging by the the gameplay videos this shit sucks (lmao igg has better quality control and comments than this shithole site)

actually though i jerk off to thumbnails on my file manager (so they dont show on recent lol) also opening windows feels too big for my screen

>>8860 (hah good luck with that faggot)
i will get my 10k sheckels on shoppe soon what should i buy (to host my instance) (will post pics soon)

>>9090 >>8933 history never repeats itself humans do
>>8412 spoken like a true /q/tard
>>8423 i mentioned this idea before on YP how come admin didnt say anything
>>8379 time to make urban dictionary page
>>8551 >>8599 >>9180 someones counting bribe money don't question or i will ban you
>>8588 were going to need google tier hardware to keep things stable
>>9009 >>9136 >>9102 remember to keep things /b/onfy here (read the rules gentlemen)
>>9055 i have a small tree growing on my terrace will that count
>>9079 om nom nom moar meatloaves plz
>>9086 why are programmers so toxic (i heard this on reddit)
>> 91 72 75 77 thanks i learned something today
>>9190 >>9194 >>9203 haha lol nice imma translate this later

>>9180 >>9196
>hello hypocrite
im watching this thread dont ((you)) dare try anything out anything suspicious


>>8167 (>>9073 i was the one who got you banned sorry) (hope the migration goes as planned)
oh noes a mod shino more like "shit now" lel (DO IT FAGGOT swing your hammer as hard as you can like a good cock slappin bitch imready2evade)
gb2 twitter/reddit lol whats next deported to 4chan/pornhub

>>9065 [>>9140 you mean inkbunny i recognize their drama patterns (thanks ED)]
yeah i know too bad KP has no reward system (if we try to be "patient" enough)

>>9106 >>9018
never change furfags no wonder why the entire internet secretly hates your fandom
i may be autistic but unlike you i don't constantly sperg out and force my fetishes in this thread

>>8050 >>8569 >>8687 >>9045 >>9056 (gimmie your collection goyim)
oy sauce or gtfo (also what happened to crackhead MCgee and Bun)

>>9042 >>9048
thumbnails load fine on archive.is faggot go get your eyes checked (also all images are blank on normal browser)

instead of fixing the website why not allow kemono to work as a standalone client instead this way we can save our stuff offline in the meantime since its local we dont need to worry about copyright (and we can share it later to 4chan)

i am the internet police and it is my duty to perform monthly inspections on sites to see how they are vulnerable to trolling by using the D.U.M.B test i sincerly aplogize if this is causing unnecessary trouble but it appears that no serious matters are being dicussed here sooo? maybe i will continue oh and here is your ticket kthxbai
as a serious note though butthurt creators lurk this thread all day so keep you eyes open for any KP raid private pages on FA (since they plan when to strike and do it all at once)


>>9035 >>9058 >>9039 >>9081 >>9085 (welp cant quote everyone im too lazy)
>10 points have been added to your social credit thank you for being a grateful citizen in our zoo enjoy your prize
>to unlock basic website functionality you must have atleast 100 points or above the more ponts the faster download speeds
>if you need to view contents quickly please import creators 1 =50 points we will not accept any emergency excuses here
>attempting to use this site without permission will result in your shock collar being activated and needles will stab your neck
>failure to make any contributions within a month will result in your ID being revoked and which is a punishable offense here
Edit: thanks for the gold and upvotes kind stranger

>>9023 >>9082 >>9083 >>9151
>inb4 btfo reactard
you realize we normies have IRL stuff to do other than argue here all day right? Now excuse me i have some work to turn in whoops i accidentally put furry shit oh well i can just unsubmit hopefully nobody will notice

>>9011 >>9024 >>9021 >>9120 >>9131
>leave STFU or GTFO
never will happen unless admin sets up auto redirect to some adware typosquatting site (MLPOL style) we will not stop E-vading our bans
>waah stop whyning
this is a free speech site we can shout anything we want Problem Officer? you aint the boss of me faggot


well the site was fun while it lasted… i wish i had saved all i should have before this and 65% of content being broken links.


File: 1621735032886.jpg (41.35 KB, 695x876, IMG-20210220-WA0111.jpg)

Here hoping the whole site will be working much better after that.


Have fun relying on crap sites that have outdated material while bombarding you with a hellstorm of malware redirects


YP had this feature too, it's nothing new, and very little was ever actually done while it was still up and running, most of "people" who actually went through with filing complaints were useless camwhore/e-thot's who are hopefully still on the docket to get purged from the site anyway, there was barely a handful of actual artists who did anything about it, stop sweating.
You honestly expect anyone to read whatever that is, there's got to be a better way to spend your time than inanely typing out walls of response texts no ones gonna give a second thought to


see you guys next month i guess


While kemono.party is down you should check >>7908 for other piracy sites


File: 1621756043513.jpg (29.68 KB, 878x62, fuck DMCA.jpg)

>legal concerns
Why not just fuck off to wherever u18chan is hosted?
DMCA doesn't seem to be an issue for them.


Imagine pretending to be an importer lol


What about Yanks living in NYC 20 miles in all direction from grass? What should they do? Touch some tarmac?


Not taking sides but… Imagine implying you somehow know who imports and who doesn't.


You say that as if to suggest KP isn't also full of outdated pages. Theres plenty upto date pages (especially if you only follow trendy super popular artists) but I can almost guarantee you the majority of pages here (as anywhere) are outdated.


Actually I take back what I said… The guy sounds like a looney and seems to switch sides twice in 1 comment FFS. Thats more side switching even than the Italians did back in the day.


Mentioning the name of the unspeakable one (Bun… Oh shit I said it!). Are you insane? You know how easily he is summoned. He's caused more wars than islam, Christianity, oil, ism-schisms and Gangsta Rap combined!


>>9215 (huh nice all the flame wars stopped suddenly)
its saturday night and i do a lot of shitpostingonce i get my shopee parcels expect me to be busy for a few weeks (i am buying 2 motherboards)
apologies im just bored lol my VMs arent working (i realized 100 active time has nothing to do with SSD failure but better safe than sorry either way i really need to get my ram fixed)


yup i remember the removals policy
it will be a matter of time till the site goes down for good (my best bet is most likely 6 months)
also if the thots can do it then whats stopping artists from doing the same? hell they can even make a spambot to flood the email with fake complaints

>YP admin lost interest (this is my theory)

first of all nobody is obligated to tell the truth he could be making stuff up from the start (based on his attitude)
second the fact that he refused to give the backups makes it even more suspicious as if hes hiding something illegal in the database
third before the site went down he got kicked from cloudflare the moved to cloudfront and the back to CF my best guess is that he got caught evading his ban and his personal information and server location got sent to the cops then the site finally went down there were 502 everywhere since the domain is not found it simply means the site may still be alive its just not connected to any domain (or maybe he moved the server)

TL;DR when ddos guard gets enough bribes you can sure bet that this site is gonna get its domain rammed just like YP


pictures dont show up in the posts and klickicng it gives an error.. it wont reproduce constantly but ustream server feedback not something is what it says at times


502 - Bad Gateway . That’s an error.

Looks like we have got an invalid response from the upstream server. That’s all we know. this si mentioned error


I can't believe kemono.party is fucking dead.


File: 1621780383346.gif (399.08 KB, 600x448, 1446905322171.gif)

Where were you when kemono.party was kill?


Fucking finally.


File: 1621781460965.gif (596.24 KB, 320x240, 1IaNDw3.gif)

Unrelated gif why not


this is my first post here and y'all gay and cringe


no u


naw u gay faggot. gtfo


File: 1621792150675.png (30.08 KB, 1246x750, Kemono not working.png)



Props to those who saved their favorite pics prior to this. Man I wish kemono didn’t have to die like this, it sucks.


File: 1621795193099.jpg (18.63 KB, 419x315, 1591302639488.jpg)


The virgin cloud cuck vs the chad data hoarder.


Bit early to come to conclusions ATM I think. Sites been unusable for weeks, yea, but its not like theres been total radio silence over the last few days. Somewhere above the admin said he was putting stuff back together next few days IIRC.


File: 1621797548598.png (357.8 KB, 800x949, laughing_aliens.png)

>paywallfare queens have to DOX themselves if they are extra butthurt about pirates
Laughing Out Loud, as the kids say.


the data they sends would have to be public to say they dox themselves.

Instead its just another way of sucking jewish cock while trying to maintain the site.


so are you actually going to take down artists or is this just for show?


an artist actually do shit like >>9183
but I doubt there is a person THAT stupid to post all their personal information to a PIRATE site


The DMCA thing is just for legal requirements. Though, if anyone of the content creators does go through with it, the case would be thrown out, especially with all the legal delays already pending on serious cases (shutdowns).

So forget about entering info, they'd need a proper case acceptance, a lawyer and a subpoena for multiple sources of data, which can take quite some time to even be approved, itself.

In addition, most content creators are creating copyrighted material, so they have no case anyway.

They'd instead be wasting cash they already don't have, and would probably paint a target on their back, and receive a C&D from the companies they're ripping IPs from.

On the original side, most I've seen just focus on their craft.

Anyway, summary:
It's Useless!!


Congrats admin your site is back to error 502 land :)


I mean I can see more post attachments now than I used to, but animated gifs still aren't so… well, animated.


Kek, I guess you can say they're…
At a standstill.


Why a lot of attachments take a long time to load or worse it didnt load at all. Plus its been like 4 days since the most recently updated artist, what is going on?


>Artist I’ve been paying attention to has their first page fixed.
>The rest of ‘em STILL give 502 errors.
This is getting irritating…


God hates you cuz you're too lazy to do the smallest bit of reading…


well… instead ranting here while waiting for fixes up, why don't we create threads for each artist here?

manually post from the last import in main site to the most recent posts of certain artist by people who usually import them here or anyone who pledge them in a thread, how about that?


Man I been looking for Zaush streams and pics so long, im desperate and now the site is dead and sems it will remain dead, I feel so bad bros I couldnt download stuff when kemono was alive because I only knew about it when it was dying…. HELPPPPPPPP I BEG


If its not on your computer, it doesn't exist.


502, 502 everywhere




You guys need to relax can't you just wait 2 more weeks


>site is kill
And this is why I've abstained from making a new account after being auto logged out of my first one. Just gonna wade through the garbage to find what I want at this point… when it isn't 502'ing of course.


Go 502 yourself and fuck off or at least stop complaining