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If you have any issues or want to give feedback about any part of the site this is the place
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Advanced in Chrome only shows more warnings, lol.


File: 1622732787866.png (39.82 KB, 813x738, kidsthesedays.PNG)

Presh the scary button, anon.


for those who don't have the proceed button, like me, typing 'thisisunsafe' on the warning page lets you bypass.


Sorry for doubting you anon


File: 1622733038727.png (43.25 KB, 668x871, kek.PNG)

bish please


File: 1622733231780.png (14.06 KB, 750x419, ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID.PNG)

It's the same for me, the error said it Expires on Jun 3, 2021


I wonder what makes it different. Did >>10144 work?


woah, the more you know about hidden codes.
yeah this works for chrome


>>10000 me r8
>>10142 >boomersthesedays (i luled)
>>10144 holy kek it works on my other PC (even though i can continue)
>>10146 butch? you ok try grammarly next time
>>10149 aaand archived incase the chrome dino developers remove this comment
also why is admin not replying to >>9925
i really want my own local scrapper but i dunno how to code


File: 1622739174681.png (225.82 KB, 2474x1396, Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at ….png)


File: 1622739436312.png (16.36 KB, 624x360, clock.png)

i have a unique one


Worked for me. Thanks


File: 1622741386176.png (48.44 KB, 789x781, Screenshot_57.png)

python is easy enough to get into if you've got the time


Only in Google Chrome.


why the fuck did google just tell me some of my passwords were compromised after acessing the site?

kemono.chan, what the fuck?


Yeah i have opera gx and the same shit are happenin' to me anyone have some solutions


this scraper is really powerful and supports a myriad of sites including kemono


did you bypass/ignore the security SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE? if so, that is on you.


Are you guys going to be able to fix this issue or what?


>>10165 thanks /b/rother
unfortunately my NEET days are coming to an end since my mom enrolled me to a robotics/STEM class see you guys on the other side hopefully i find a better doctor not even flipland are safe from jews (no tweetfur pls) (since they keep saying the its for your own good lies)

blablabla.swf enough cooming i dont want to be horny anymore i just want to be productive anyways here some issues i found (inb4 banned 4 shitposting)
clicking the [avatar image] artists/updated takes me to /user/ without ID which is 404
is it possible to recover the old requests from the database since it got pruned (for scientific research)
on the /requests automatically detect link patreon links and add a little kemono icon since i dont want to search over and over for that creator


it's fixed


hi, I've been trying to import a creator who hasnt been imported before for 2 days now, and the log says it has successfully read every post from the creator but the creator never shows in the artists list.

admin, can you take a look? creator's name is bubimun, patreon id 14581404.


Having an issue loading the images from all my favorite and even the newly updated ones. No image is loading and it has been quite a while. Tried VPN and cleared cache and cookie but the issue persists.


you sir are dirty lair


>>10226 liar liar bulge on fyre
>>9281 i save all my HTMLs manually offline since archive.is is unreliable

>>9868 (not sure if kitsune is better but i wanna run this site on localhost)
can gallery-dl grab dicksword files? what about large servers (is there a thumbnail/text only option)

>>10186 (sorry for using this site for blogposting)
i split my post in half whoops since i get that post body too long error


Tried with VPN and different browser. Still no images loading for me.


Images still seem to be completely down.



If a VPN doesn't work for you try using Tor browser, although this is a last resort


See >>10062 >>10064

I'm pretty sure this site is being blacklisted by an ISP, but I still need more reports before I can be sure.


The image server is 100% blacklisted by verizon, along with nyaa, mangadex and a bunch of other servers protected by ddos-guard on the network addresses.
They are purposefully incorrectly routing them to the /32 network instead of the correct /24 network that ddos-guard runs, so changing DNS will not bypass it, only a VPN/Tor will.

You can verify this by plugging the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to into https://enterprise.verizon.com/why-verizon/looking-glass/ in Show BGP Route mode. Any result that shows the address with /32 at the end will have its packets dropped because it is not a valid address.



Whats Verizon? A US ISP? So the site is being blocked now in certain countries? Wow that didn't even happen with YP AFAIK, even when it was "known worldwide, and written about in news articles read by the internet masses and artists & simps were screaming for a jihad" :O



I think the admin or a mod should let us know which regions are messed up and say whats being done/planned to bring those regions back online. Some people are able to load the site & images fine, but others still can't get anything to work.


This artist has art uploaded to the site if you search through the "posts" section, but if you click on the artists page you get redirected back to "artists"



The only thing admin could do is get ddos-guard to assign a new IP for the img server and hope its not in one of the ranges that is getting blocked, which is unrealistic to do and could just get re-blocked.
Use a VPN.


I guess that confirms it, although I'm surprised that they blacklisted Ddos-guard and not just kemono.party, I was expecting this site being blocked for piracy/being unsafe

>which regions are messed up
Luckily for now only people who use Verizon seem to be affected

Yes, there really isn't much kemono can do to escape the blacklist, the best we can do for now is to share this information with others and use VPNs when needed



Heres hoping my ISP doesn't take a leaf out of Verizons book!


No images have been loading for me for the last week. They just sit and spin with a loading icon.



>>10298 (sometimes i get error 500 but a refresh fixes it)
>using ameriburger internet services
images load fine here on my end whats the problem (im surprised kemono is not blocked by NTC-gov-ph)

what the flip i unironically love Samsung now too bad their bootloaders tight af i can't penetrate it even with years of ADB training (get the joke also HarmonyOS sucks)
inb4 kemono gets a webGL 3d mascot with ai voice funtcionality to assist newfags properly

(noko seems to work fine)


Is the admin looking into the problem of importing a new creator not previously on kemono? That has been broken for around a week now. That is a MAJOR issue that needs to be fixed.


That's not a solution for this problem, just a workaround.


because it doesn't have a solution


sun1sol's patreon is gone from the request's list but he's not on the artist list either, what happened?



Try searching the posts for keywords from one of the creator's posts.

The importer has been broken for a while now with adding new creators. It imports their posts but does not make a new artist page for them. So you have a bunch of disembodied posts that cannot be found by searching for the creator name.


Fuck me, you weren't kidding. What the hell is this?


When you click the star to favorite an artist, it doesn't turn yellow but will still add the artist to your favorites list. However you cannot remove that artist by clicking the star again anymore.


Heres a strange bug/problem/issue I sometimes, as mentioned in this other post: >>10415

The "updated date" sometimes doesn't seem to correspond with any update, meaning an artist whose last post was 2 weeks ago may randomly appear above an artist whose last post was yesterday.

Anyone know why this happens?


Update: The star does turn yellow after a minute or so (used to be immediate), however you still can't unfavorite an artist. Clicking the star just gives "Error 004 - could not remove favorite".


Site is working okay for me (occasionally time outs and stuff) but is definitely usable. Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts admin.


yeah the error shows up but it actually works, you just have to reload your favorites page and it should be gone.


Nothing major, but I just wanted to point this one out.
This creator "https://kemono.party/patreon/user/6452058" uploads few posts at the exact same time, and the order of posts screws up. That in it of itself isn't problematic, but if those posts are between user's pages on kemono, some posts get duplicated, while others don't show up. They still exist on kemono, but can ony be seen when new posts are imported so that posts move, or you search for certain posts specifically. So unless you look up posts on patreon/fanboxx/wherever you may not not those posts actually exist.

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