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>hai guiz! someone PUH-LEEZE import twitter thot #80851387235 and twitch bitch #7490227738201 patreons? i heard they have hundreds of terabytes of generic softcore porn that i literally cant live without! then can you like, uh, import the entirety of onlyfans? my weenie demands it! k thanks bye!


Cope, furfag.


it's yiff.party all over again LMAO


Bro, I don't know who hurt you or who you see asking for an onlyfans, but the image you posted is literally you right now lmao.

Stopped getting pressed because not wants to watch the same diaper porn and vore you do.


File: 1615332350108.png (164.86 KB, 454x1000, 1612736316918.png)

>Bro, I don't know who hurt you or who you see asking for an onlyfans, but the image you posted is literally you right now lmao.

>Stopped getting pressed because not wants to watch the same diaper porn and vore you do.


File: 1615338819663.png (722.37 KB, 1125x634, imageedit_3_5355758556.png)


need to find another .party that only imports the good shit.. these always get bloated by the garbage


I don't know what y'all keep crying about. The e-girl accounts are at most one out of a hundred on the recently updated page. And their semi-high-res jpgs aren't shit compared to the massive png/psd files these illustrators are uploading.
It's not about the servers and kemono isn't being bloated by them. You're just mad that you were reminded real women exist and it's making you have a hard time coping.


yall complain about e-girls when its like 1% of the website lol


i think he found us


Bros… We, furries, don't like illustrations of hot anime chicks or photos of hot sluts… We need the nasty furshit that gets us going: furscat, hyperscat, cub, nasty diapers filled with TONS of shit… Please understand…….


it would be better if they are 0%
humanporners don't belong here


Shut the fuck up, thanks.


That is factually false, and even if it was a minority, it is because it's NOT ALLOWED.




Soyjak? WTF is that?


SoyCHAD-sama… I kneel…


Go panhandle to ofansparty with that IRL shit, we don't want it here.


>twitter thot #80851387235
>twitch bitch #7490227738201

oh, you mean pornhub


And here I am wishing people would stop importing the "here's me reacting to this anime episode" patreons, atleast the e-girls are passably interesting.


>shitting on others interests on a site dedicated to bringing leakers of different places together
wew lad this place needs a strict anti discrimination policy just like the airport i go to every month

.t leaf flag


It's not discrimination to want the removal of shit you could literally find all over youtube.


Here here.


Are you sure its not racist & sexist?


What stops you furries from finding scat porn with fursuits on e621 or something?


Assuming its only furries? Im not interested in furry stuff; I use this porn art piracy site to get pirated porn art. "Teens react" and "random guy plays PS4 game" is neither porn nor art, so it doesn't belong on a porn art piracy site. Simple as that. Not to mention, as someone said "you can find reactions all over YT anyway" so its both completely unrelated and completely unnecessary.



e621 is literally the opposite of this place you mongoloid. Its run by karens and the content is policed like fascist Italy.


File: 1617433649845.gif (480.51 KB, 141x141, 133254583659.gif)

Funny fucking picture lol. Now do "Average non-furry porn pirate".


>he thinks e621 is comparable to kemono


While 4664 is a fucking idiot, I have to disagree with you on a few things here:

>"you can find reactions all over YT anyway"

Well yes, but for me personally, I only watch certain reactions from certain people. I don't just find random Youtube channels, hence why I even chose to pirate in the first place.

>"…so it doesn't belong on a porn art piracy site."

What's up with the exclusion? Why should this site be limited to porn, and not even furry porn at that? Not everyone wants to jerk off all day, and if I really did, there are other sites I can go to for pirated content. rule34.xxx or paheal.net for example. I don't need to interact with a community to cum, so the "mods are trash" etc excuse is actual bs unless you're looking for a community. Which that was never my goal when I chose to pirate content.


File: 1617571601723.jpg (29.62 KB, 480x360, 1617522024003.jpg)

Why not just go to the specific youtubers youtube channel then? There is no reason to use a piracy website if your content is freely available.


As far as I'm concerned, I could say the same thing for a lot of porn. A lot of porn artists I watch out for release their content early on Patreon and then later they'll release it publicly, be it censored or not.

Those reactions work similarly to that, Patreon and then publicly on Youtube. Though, the video is often cut on Youtube hence why I started pirating, because they release full uncut versions on their patreon.


i mean if they jerk off to reaction vids and random guy playing ps4, who knows lmfao


Most paywall porn artists never do it like that though because its not lucrative. I follo- no wait, I mean I pirate, a LOT of porn artists and only a fraction release publicly later. I mean people would have to be utterly brainless with their money if they're willing to spend £12+ a month on pics that will be legit free 2 months later.


I have no idea who you're talking to at this point, but no one is jerking off to a reaction video. Don't be dense for brownie points.

Releasing work later is actually a practice that's more common than you'd think actually. It's just advertising, can't really get your name out there much I assume if your content is behind a paywall that you don't want leaked to others and aren't willing to release some things (even old work) for free. Just encourages pirates and etc.

That practice also works for real porn as well, Brazzers for example and what not, 10 minute clips that tell you to pay for the full vid as opposed to just a full 30 minute video. People ARE in fact that stupid to pay for it, it works in the end.


it was a joke


Not gonna read this thread

Happy for you tho

Or sorry that happened



There are artists posted to this site that are total bros who actually do release their patreon stuff in a timely manner, some even at full res. Kind of sucks to see them on here but I guess it's just low hanging fruit like all those on the most popular artists list.


Well, it would be great if someone did a page for onlyfans. Anyone has link to some already leaked content?


Check out ofans.party


Every single post from every single creator is just a broken image link. The site has been nkthing but text posts for weeks.


Not true. There's also free onlyfans pages that are nothing but censored thumbnails with BUY MY REAL ONLYFANS SIMPS in the description!



And just like here, half the decent profiles there are 99% "CHECK UR DMS FOR ACTUAL FAPPABLE CONTENT HURR DURR" posts.


File: 1617926460432.jpg (50.88 KB, 860x808, hukftykd.jpg)

>Not true

I've got no reason to lie. Look at the dates on the posts. Just a random page. But they're all like this, whether I choose I newly added/updated one, or one from ages back. Its been like that since weeks ago.


RIP 'Shared Files' feature…

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