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(should've known this kind of thread would have so many parts :joy:)

Anyway, like before, this thread is for discussing and sharing works of the artist called "Winick-Lim", a Discord DRM-type content creator. If anyone has access to their updated contents or shared it through any other file hosting sites (other than sharing the original Drive link from W-Lim himself as he keep constantly changing it), please let us know in this thread. Thank you.

BTW, someone (an anon) has been uploading and updating the artist's works in their own GDrive so it won't be expiring (unless if the anon deletes the files or drive :P), so to that anon, thanks a lot.
Link to their drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KTck2MFQccPjbpkbXgDB16-V9OczbPMy

Even so, we're still accepting help from any others.
Be seeing y'all later :)


Still unfortunately a few months out of date, hopefully someone comes along with a new link


>Discord DRM

LMAO is Discord being used as DRM now? what those guys will do next to keep their paywalls alive? Hire Denuvo?


File: 1612713104895.jpg (39.66 KB, 798x560, you deserve it.jpg)

Of course. In fact, it's been a long while since they do, after Patreon had a feature that allows content creators to put their Discord server invite links, and only peoples who subscribed will be able to get the invite link.

Some creators put their content's links in there so it'll be more safe than putting them in their Patreon posts.
Other one of them I know are "dacad", known to put the link of his complete, but unreleased, male x male pokemon animation there.

For this artist (Winick-Lim), he puts the Google Drive links containing his artworks in his Discord server, and only accessible to peoples who subscribed him. To make it more challenging, he constantly change the links (so it won't be the same in case if someone shared the link out of his server), and according to some people, he separates the links depending on the subscriber's tier. For example, tier 2 members only able to access tier 1 and 2 contents, and not tier 3 and or above. Self-explanatory, tbh…

I can't agree with you more. Sure some contents from the GDrive link I got might be out of date for some contents, but at least we've got to see some of his 'exclusive' animation…


File: 1612713253826.jpg (40.93 KB, 571x410, PicsArt_11-18-06.47.05.jpg)

And again, looks like artists keep trying to strenghten their way of content protection with damn paywalls…

Shall we make part 2 of "DRM Artists" thread? (Part 1 was in yiff.party before it's shut down)


File: 1612713434522.png (61.19 KB, 368x273, Richard-Nicole.6b025b78.png)

>Hire Denuvo?

If they do, they won't stand a chance against CODEX and the rest of the WAREZ scene groups. I can imagine what would it turn out when they finally decide to crack lewd contents XD


I wonder how the Hentai/Lewd Art crack teams will be called lol


>I wonder how the Hentai/Lewd Art crack teams will be called lol

The LEWDZ scene group :rofl:


It might be useful to have a list of "more problematic than usual" artists to help brainstorm ways to bypass.


Special thanks to the anon who made this possible. I thought we'd never be able to get access to Winick-Lim's content ever since he started changing the Google Drive link.


File: 1612948593821.png (455.25 KB, 1920x1080, i am the DRM artist guy.png)

I could help with the drm Artist thread as i was the creator of it. :). It was pretty juicy considering how many peeps spurged out and derailed the thread.


File: 1612985257514.jpg (121.55 KB, 728x704, v.jpg)


I'll pay if you accept XMR.


Somebody imported his Patreon just now, but it overwrote all previous imports with the [Closed] bullshit posts that don't contain download links anymore.

This is going to be a problem with anyone who deletes posts after a month. Importer probably needs some logic to prioritize posts with attachments or links over this trash.


That is so nice, thank you to whoever imported his latest uploads.

If anyone has all of the attachments from ID:43199470 to ID:45917652, please put it on a torrent on Sukebei, thanks once again.


File: 1613169564770.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x511, dcddf97870c46928b030feb33c….jpg)

Sure, wynaut.
Keep in mind that hot topics like these would more likely attract attention from outside of the site or something, making this site more visible to other artists and such…


Just mass report the side channels until they're forced to stop pulling this shit.


You know, its nice that Winick-Lim's content isn't too difficult to get for now, unlike users such as Aaron and that paranoid piece of shit FAF who feels the need to go to sites like u18chan to taunt people criticizing his harsh and strict methods.


what set is this from? found his page in kp but there are no thumbnails


Faf? Who is he?
Though that name sounds familiar to me… another pokemon artist called fuf…


Hasn't anyone archived recent contents of this persistent artist yet? There's lots of unreleased stuff this guy have now.
I could've done this myself, but I'm unfortunately is using my internet data, and is very limited signal, no shit.


One of the most highly controversial DRM artists who has some very extensive measures to prevent leaks. He started getting pissed when his comic leaked and handled it poorly. He started doxxing people. Started increasing the price, putting out significantly less public releases, and eventually got banned from patreon. I've heard it costs so much money just to get caught up with his comic. He switched to email uploads and developed a way to find people who leak his content, and then he'll upload their private info on his site. Many people despise his methods and how much of a dick he is when it comes to he's handled leaks. Plus, the prick feels the need to seek out these sites to taunt people.



File: 1613923655581.jpg (735.14 KB, 2900x2160, 2488a5cecd95d6523449308512….jpg)

Seriously, has anyone obtained updates to this artist yet? New contents are being uploaded through his public account and such, but in a pretty slow rate, especially lewd ones.
The ones behind his paywall are usually new unreleased ones.


i am that anon
your post has an email tied to it
i sent an email if you can check it


i looked up this winick stuff and whats available online looks like mediocre-to-subpar pokeshit.

at this point its less about the content and more about fucking with him, ainnit?


Oh, sure.

One of this artist's specialty is that he could give chances to obscure and underrated characters (not just pokemons) out there. And even so, his art style are pretty decent.

I'm not talking about fucking with him, it's just that this guy are one of those DRM artists who's been locking his contents away in such a complicated DRM way (you can read the top-most topic message I wrote above). This way would make his contents are hard to get in this damn site.

Unless if someone's smart enough to use the "Upload Files" feature on the artist's kemono page… and unfortunately, the feature isn't complete 'till now, which means we only can rely on external file sharing websites. That's why I create this kind of thread, to make peoples who got their hands on the contents to upload it on a file-hosting site and share the link here. Well, at least until "Upload Files" feature of this site works.


To add insult to injury, this guy is known to not upload all of his stuff into public (usually good-looking ones), according to the anon's GDrive link, which has lots of contents not available on his public list, mainly Patreon Rewards.


Sorry if I talk too much before.

Anyway, has anyone obtained their contents yet?
There's still way too much contents from his Drive link and no one's been uploading it yet.

Since the site's having constant errors and the "Shared Files" feature isn't working well for now, the best way to 'leak' this guy's content is to upload it from here, share his link directly before it 'expires', or to upload them from a personal File Sharing storage.


Sadly it seems like atleast 40% of paytreon artists do this. In terms of direct scraping, this is basically the "miracle cure" to stop your art being leaked, so any "shark-artist" with a brain is gonna use the "external sharing (discord, mail, file locker etc) method". Word gets around fast so every artist who hears about this method would be crazy not to use it. Thats why Kemono seriously needs a "shared files" (upload anything from anywhere) feature, so people can leak the privately/externally shared art too.


wouldnt that cause issues with saboteurs just uploading trash to clog up the system tho? just a thought


IIRC some idiots did that on Yiff.Party. Its best IMO if people download the private stuff, then upload it to a site like Mega/G-Drive etc, then just give the link on Kemono (like the link given in the OP). Some people gave the "original" links (the ones created by the actual artist) & the password, but this made it really easy for the artist to find where their link was being pirated. They just had to type their link into Google, then it shows "Yiff.Party", and then in 1-2 days the link is killed by the artist or the password is changed.


Bitch can't even swim…

You know… IMO, I think the "Shared Files" feature are great, but however, it probably lacks the feature of choosing and downloading stuff individually (like File Sharing websites), therefore not making us downloading stuff we don't want. This happens in yiff.party before, where the shared files section doesn't allow us to download stuffs in an art pack one by one, instead of at once. Not even this saves us some internet datas (for mobile users or so), but it also helps us save time for downloading big-ass files at once.

SO yeah, for the alternative, I think someone could provide a personal Dropbox/GDrive/MEGA link. It also helps unnecessary edits/additions, just like what >>2979 said.


I can swim about 5 meters. Thats more than most olympic swimmers can even do.


lol sorry, i was just referring to a line in re3 remake for a little joke :P

again, does anyone has leaked more stuff of this artist yet? i can't unfortunately due to lack of credit card (yeah you hear me) and good internet :')


i do not update my drive anymore
but if someone else wants to i can share the tier 1 link via email

just post a link to a drive or something else and an email address i can use to send the links to

just download everything in my drive and use it on your own it will save you some work

i will not share the links to WLims drive here because they will just be changed quickly and it will cause confusion





File: 1616334345964.jpeg (196.76 KB, 957x957, 88D5ADF2-4261-4422-8552-0….jpeg)


:thumbs up:


I love this website for peeps like you and email anon. Ya'll are seriously the best


thanks (headpats the snivy)


File: 1616549581196.png (13.96 KB, 271x243, TFoE_Morshu_Sprite.png)

Could you include a changelog so that we know when and what you update


Yea they've been doing this for a long time too, since months before Yiff admin did a runner.

GREAT, thanks man, now you've given them the idea of using Denuvo!


I did just that.
I cannot guarantee that I will post changelogs immediately, if not, I will post a changelog with the date of the update without text, to indicate the change


So the only contents available in the drive are from Level 1 tier and not from other tiers?



unless someone else will share a higher tier link with the person managing the drive

tier 1 is all i have


If anyone wants to share the T3 link, just send it to this email:


On GD, when he transfers pictures from one drive to another, between tiers, it doesn’t count as “modified”. Then when organized by date, the new pictures get scrambled up.
So starting now, I’m making sure that new pictures get on top of the list, but only the ones from the last update.


you would think a company like google know how to do search and sort

but they do not



winick-lim has run into some issues with patreon guidelines and have to remove some stuff

so if there is any tier 2 or 3 backers out there do be so kind and email the link to the respective archives to

its not so bad now but this is typical patreon

they are not done bitching and moaning just yet they will continue to point their fat fingers at things they do not like and demand it be deleted by winick-lim and he WILL delete it by the looks of things

only WE can keep the content safe from patreons bullshit

and what we save will not hurt winick-lim since he has no control over our archive and patreon knows that

but the clock is ticking and pieces have already been deleted and if i know anything about patreon this will not be the last time they decide they do not like something


at this point might be easier getting their stuff of fanbox instead of patreon

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