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Site not working for me


Its working half/half for me. I'll get a bit of the front page, but trying to access any other parts keeps giving me cloudflare errors. a VPN sorta helps, but not really


The site was running 100% smoothly for me before the new design left beta. Load times were relatively fast, only about a couple of seconds. Ever since the new design left beta, site has been a lot slower, about 15-20 seconds per load. Don't know how that happens just by updating the UI. Now since it got back up, sites been crashing more and running slower than the 15-20 seconds. Reminds me of KP from november.


I think the new design pulls a lot more images on page load which is hogging all their bandwidth and making every single request super slow. Now instead of only pulling the first image for the preview, you can see every single image in a post on the artist's page without clicking the post. Stuff could also have been done on the backend and it could be pretty unoptimized.


So it's not just me then, shit's been slow as fuck and it's super obnoxious


Yeah, that will fuck things up if they're loading the raw image. 50 cards per page, on average 2 images per card (can be up to 15 with the duplicates) and a lot of patreons post their absurd res 8mb+ images. Get a bunch of people loading pages as well as trying to import and the site runs worse than any online retailer during a nvidia card launch


Yeah, it's very annoying, I have to reload the web a lot of times


memecaching, son


Ywah, what the fuck?! FIX IT!


When I try to load an artist page I just get white pages, no error message.


File: 1614719744963.png (14.02 KB, 439x117, meus.png)

Mods know about this, should be fixed sometime later or forever LOL


whitescreen issue seems to happen 100% of the time on some artist pages, and never on others. No idea why.


Also a:

>This page isn’t workingkemono.party is currently unable to handle this request.


Error on all recently updated artist pages.


I'm starting to get blank white pages when navigating the site (not even 503s or 500s or other errors, just blank white). Trying to access favorites, getting to an artist I bookmarked, occasionally when searching, etc.


> click artist page
> blank page

Can you check php template or something? This error from a mistake code in result the server send a blank page instead.

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