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Site's back, but wtf happened to my favorites?

Please add a way to back up/restore our faves so this doesn't happen again in the future!


Yeah, kinda getting tired of having to deep dive into my history list to salvage as much of my favs as possible.


It might return (the favorites don't seem to be working at all right now)
but +1


History dives are a good idea, right now I'm going through recent updates and bookmarking the ones I remember in their own folder.


Seriously, make favorites a cookie again


Really hope this gets sorted. Had just made a list before the site went down.


regret not making a list now, guess I'll do it after things calm down and I go digging through history.


man, the favourites page isn't even loading for me right


this has happened at least 3 times to me already, in between all the updates and server fuckups and whatnot
get your shit together, admins, this is why people still haven't gotten over yiff.party




JFC. Same here.


I dont mind them being wiped out, yes it sucks but problem is that you cant even add any artists to your fave list so far

but i guess the severs are barely running atm


its not back for me yet


you gotta be thankful that this site could survive this long lol


Yeah, weird how you can't even add the ones you lost right now. I guess it would be the same thing you're stating, servers are just up but not working the entire way.


are my favorites going to return? and if not, the #1 feature this site needs is a method for users to perform offline backups of the favorites list.

if the favorites list gets nuked randomly once a month, there just has to be an option for users to gain control of the list for themselves (cookie, export as text file, etc)


File: 1614630899745.png (199.72 KB, 1880x939, Opera Snapshot_2021-03-01_….png)

I was able to access my favorites but it's seems that artist titles are now repeating themselves. I think we now see the culprit as to why the favorites page wasn't working this entire time.


If someone had like 500 favorites for examples then multiply that by 2 or 4, of course the favorites page wasn't going to load.


File: 1614631405846.png (204.53 KB, 1880x939, Opera Snapshot_2021-03-01_….png)


Things were working for me for a little bit and then I now get nothing error 525.


*nothing but error 525 on everything.


obviously there are still some problems. and I'm sure the admin knows about all these problems already, just give him time :)


Yeah, I'm willing to give him time to sort out the problems. I was just sharing the screenshots and my experience ever since the site came back in case he didn't know. I wasn't seeing anybody mention it. I know what it's like for things not to work out and have no one around for advice on that issue. So, just trying to be helpful. Not endlessly shame the admin.


They're back for me. Thank you based kemonoadmin <3


Did the "request update" button for uploaded creators disappear when I wasn't looking?


when i try to enter faves I get that site does not exist


I Just get a big fat "this page isnt working kemono party cannot handle this request" as my error. So i cant even access my favorites anymore


I just get blank pages for basically everything but the front page and the 'artists' page


Same thing, only getting blank pages

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