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Any good OS with Python 3 installed will work.

Follow one for your system:
> Windows: Change the file extension back to .bat if it's in something else, then double click on it and read the CLI message.

> MacOS (Terminal):

open /Applications/Python\ 3.8/Install\ Certificates.command
sudo python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip
sudo python3 -m pip install Pillow
sudo python3 -m pip install PySocks
python3 -x /drag/n/drop/the/bat

> Linux (Terminal):

pip install –user PySocks
pip install –user Pillow
some command like "python -x" to this file but dunno myself, you linux guys can figure it out.


Yooooo, sry for the random reply, but whats the sauce 4 this pic?



Thanks for keeping this updated, been using it since the YP days. Anyway, are there any plans for subscribestar support in the future?

Also it seems to have stopped working, perhaps due to the recently implemented ddos guard?


I'm tying to diagnose what could go wrong with the script but the server is pretty unstable right now, maybe later. If you think Kemono.party need some special access like there's anti-bot in place, requires login to enter, etc, yiff.bat has the feature that is used to bypass CloudFlare anti-bot for Patreon but can be for any sites: You put in the user-agent string then append it with " for https://" in TXT file, maybe do again for "http://" (not https), can be a specific domain, or super specific to a page. Cookie goes something like this "name value for .patreon.com"

I want to invest my time implementing my other project, it's a DIY oriented scraper tool that anyone can write new instruction to add support of any websites ranging from YouTube to Patreon to Kemono.party to ExHentai to… I don't know. The scraper instruction shouldn't be too hard to understand for anybody, anyone should be able to write one. Hopefully it shouldn't be a problem to write for SubscribeStar support.


What exactly does this do?


Can anyone help me out, how dow I input firefox cookies into yiff.txt properly? I know nothing about coding and this is the format I currently have, but whenever I pull up the cookies in yiff.bat they don't match and I get 99% errors: xcLaunch HTML server = No
Show mediocre = No
Patrol mediocre = No
Kemono.party = Yes
Python = C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\
Proxy = socks5://

for https://

for https://

<Cookie __cfduid=COOKIECODEHERE for kemono.party/>
<Cookie __ddg2=COOKIECODEHERE for kemono.party/>
<Cookie __ddg1=COOKIECODEHERE for kemono.party/>
<Cookie __ddgid=COOKIECODEHERE for kemono.party/>
<Cookie __ddgmark=COOKIECODEHERE for kemono.party/>


>>4557 oh i also didn't delete the comments at the bottom but i just didn't paste them


config should look something like this:

Launch HTML server = No
Show mediocre = No
Patrol mediocre = No
Kemono.party = Yes
Python = C:\Users\jeff\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\
Proxy = socks5://

__ddg1 3oPNcGuQNMTpPR5CPum2 for .kemono.party
__ddg2 ojakaofX4Osgsvr4 for .kemono.party
__ddgid CNV8paHBfd2sYtyy for .kemono.party
__ddgmark 4jma6mtwmykPp0T8 for .kemono.party


I remember using this for yiff and it worked fine.

How do I use this for Kemono?


How do I rip these two?


Was wondering the same, wanted to try archiving some artists from here as a precaution but I have no idea what I'm doing. Any help here?


on browsers like Firefox, download Export Cookies extension, navigate to kemono, pass DDOSGUARD verification, export cookies to txt, take __ddg1 and __ddg2 cookies, put them in your yiff.txt in this format:

__ddg1 <cookie1> for .kemono.party
__ddg2 <cookie2> for .kemono.party

i would also add a user-agent string like this:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; rv:78.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/78.0 for https://kemono.party

i placed both of these under the Proxy option and yiffbat has been working perfect for me. <3


underneath the first block comment section:



A better idea for that would be to directly rsync with the server, that way it gets EVERYTHING on the artist's files and attachments.


>>5823 aww look at you fantasizing about having root acces here DREAM ON ur tooth (update him pls)
hai furfag tough guy aren't you supposed to be trying hacking the site or atleast cleaning up ur pathetic jewcy bribe purge list

>>5805 (also rsync is too complicated but good idea)
running pip says not recognized on cmd wat to do? (but py works)
(inb4 just run 4chan.js on host os dude its harmless i promise)


I used this for downloading stuff from yiff back before it went down, is there a way to make this continue updating my existing saved pages using kemono instead?


>at least Windows 8.1 required to install python 3.9.0 for 64-bit

me sad with windows 7 64-bit.


btw gallery-dl works for KP (remember u have to import cookies first)


rsync can be used to serve files publicly to unauthenticated users, no root or even ssh access required.
Search rsyncd.
However, the lack of encryption and validation of the server is problematic.
A possible solution for that would be proxying the connection over the server's own HTTPS webserver.
The bigger problem would be not letting it be a vector for DoS attacks.


I've been getting errors on every file this tries to download recently. Is that the same for everyone else? Just wanna know if it's because of the database having been fucked or actually something on my end.


you need to set all error download requests to retry,then hope that the files download eventually


>>7826 it's getting up to like 3k retries :DDDDDD

it's so hard to tell if it's my cookies or the site being fucked


alright it seems like the only files that are successfully downloading are ones that are "inline"

i.e. files at https://kemono.party/attachments/… or
https://kemono.party/files/… always error forever, but
https://kemono.party/inline/… works every time


This has been happening for a week or more, judging from the posts in the Issues and Feedback thread.


On Monday the admin said that there were disk I/O issues with the server, "causing non-cached images and files to load slowly or timeout."


Stuff that's currently cached by the CDN, DDoS-GUARD, should load instantly, so you can get lucky sometimes.

Other stuff loads slowly and often ends up timing out the CDN.

This only seems to be affecting content hosted on data.kemono.party (thumbnails/previews and attached files.)
The main website seems fine, so I guess they're separate servers.

Hopefully the admin has time to look into it over the weekend.
Dealing with failing storage can be a slow and tricky process, so I'd advise everyone to be patient.


File: 1620550994254.jpg (329.5 KB, 1469x974, yiff.bat edit.jpg)

Soooooooooo I might have just ghetto fixed the bat file to work again.

I noticed I could download some attached files on posts from the site, but they were always failing in the downloader. I compared the links I got working on the site to the URLs in the cmd line that were failing and the URLs that worked were directing to https://data.kemono.party/* instead of just https://kemono.party/*. Not expecting anything to work, I messed around in the yiff.bat file in notepad and made a few tweaks under "def kp_patreon_assets(threadn, FAVORITE, CREATOR_ID):" Changing the "file" and "attachment" urls to include "data." in the url allows the downloader to now work again! I left the "content" URLs alone since I assume those are the inline assets like portraits we are able to download already.

You will have to manually edit this for fanbox / fantia / w/e as well. I got fanbox working as well, but I'm too tired to fiddle with it anymore. You will still need to hit X to force retry for some larger files or they just end up as incomplete .part files.

Hopefully that made enough sense for you all to also get it working again. Iunno, I'm tired as fuck and screwing with a batch file I've spent 5 minutes messing around in. Hope this at least makes some sense to someone.

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