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>Pedo MMD content creator
>Upset at kemono.party
>asking his simps to report this site to cloudflare and all it's 'hosts'
Now as far as I understand, pedofilic digital content is against patreon, youtube, and almost every platform's TOS
Report him on each of his platforms everywhere. Might get some pedos raided IRL
He lives in mexico and his discord's private admin channels have spanish titles.


File: 1614239126329.jpg (639.05 KB, 300x199, Admins binding your IP up ….jpg)

Holy mother of fuck ive never seen anyone sperg out this hard over leaks. Welp i geuss antidev has single handedly introduced her audience to a site where they can get a shit ton of content for free even her own. What a fucking idiot


Sadly, the comments on that video are a bunch of "GRR HOW DARE HE LEAK THIS" asspats. What a bunch of cucks.


Burn down the bakery to stop the bread thief.


How do you know if that's true? There may be double agents. Lol


>Koikatsufag thinking they deserve money because they slap assets together


thanks for introducing me to such exquisite artist


Kemono leakers: 'ive never known anyone who stops making art because of pirating so its ok'

Also kemono leakers: 'wow fuck them for threatening to stop making content because we're pirating it'

lol you fucking hypocritical scum



Its only hypocrisy if its the same PERSON saying the contradictive statements you moron lol.

F*ck off with that blanket statement tabloid talk BS.



A pedo artist stopped making pedo art because its getting pirated? Good riddence, thats 1 less pedo artist.


so basically kemono is full of pedos pirating pedo art and child porn. good to know, will make it easier for the artists to shutdown this place.


File: 1616473495125.jpg (23.96 KB, 259x300, braindeadfaggot.jpg)

Yeah nobody wanted to pirate her shitty loli art anyway, she's a dime a dozen, and when she realizes she has to put out the content anyway or no one is going to pay her well, she's going to pee her pants with how piss baby mad at how broke she'll be.


Funny thing is, his rant a while ago actually taught me about this place.


And a "breaking news" article calling for the death of Yiff.Party is what taught me about that site. Bunch of people screaming in the comments about the evils of piracy (and how it helps the poor haha) and I was like "this is EXACTLY the kinda site I've been waiting for for years! Since Paytreon became the new way!". Its exactly like they say: Bad publicity is still good publicity!


Kemono hardly has like 2 pages of his shit, why is he pissing his pants about it



Damn you art pirates, you made me get a real job!! damn youuuuuuuuuu

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