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How much people have to subscribe to whatever content they like is limited. Currently the whole process is an uncoordinated yet glorious mess. Through greater cooperation there is the potential to reduce costs while increasing the amount of content for everyone.

The main problem with doing that is setting up a system for it. Discord is too easily comprised. I think it would be best to have an on site system to reduce chances of it being taken down. Would it be best to set up a bounty system of sorts where its “you get the weird stuff I like and I will get the weird stuff you like” type of system?

For the dev (or is it devs?) would it be possible to set up some sort of system to better coordinate the efforts of uploaders instead of having an endless begging thread?


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That was the idea behind the whole Yiff.List "Wardens" project from back in the YP days. I'm waiting until admin actually bans non-porn and ethots to start making any effort to help with building a meaningful community

When that happens, I'll try my hand again at developping this relational list of artist to buyers so that we can organize into getting all artist at least one buyer to import stuff consistently enough.

But before that, more limitations on the type of content allowed, an option to automatically filter out the extreme fetish artists and importer debugging is necessary.


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Dont forget a working tag system that actualy works for more streamlined searching! However the coordination problem will persist for a very VERY long time. Its like Nonymous said, their is still lots to do and a lot of content to currate because people are autistic and bot, or their are communities that are so autistic like the ASMR community with that one artist they drown out everyone elses request.


Is kemono limiting what type content can be upload really necessary for a system to enhance coordination?

I'm not talking about making a more streamlined requested system. I'm talking about you wouldn't be able to make a request at all unless you are willing to put something up to hard filter beggars. As someone who built a small pirating group where we buy and trade stuff round robin the hardest part was finding people to get it started.

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