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File: 1622759026067.png (726.06 KB, 877x776, May rewards preview.png)


So i missed JTveemos rewards from patreon back on the day and i decided to buy them on Gumroad but it only has the high res images
Does anyone have the timelapse videos download in a zip or something?

I would be really thankful to whoever helps me out on this


Not to derail your thread, but if you already bought the packs on Gumroad would you mind importing them to kemono for us? Sharing is caring.


File: 1622956117431.gif (529.88 KB, 543x721, 1 (1).gif)

are you refering to these things?


I’m talking about video timelapses not Gifs


Tried to but Kemono always denies it I could prob share a zip over here if you want


if you have a zip with all the recent high res images it would be welcome if you could share them

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