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Yakovlev_Vad missing/not imported old exclusives?


For whoever's been updating this dude's listing, where are all of the older exclusives? Does Yakovlev really remove the posts entirely after a certain time period, or did they not get imported at all for some reason? Recent exclusives HAVE been imported, so that's why I'm curious. Inspection of situation appreciated.

Image related, old exclusive.
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Mangamaster Update

Well, Mangamaster (mangma11) it's an awesome artist and I haven't seen an update of his kemono page, if anyone's kind enough and enjoys his art, this is his fanbox:
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The Site is fucking dying from everyone uploading YouTuber and E-Thot shit, we don't need that Artists, and Animators ONLY!!! FUCK, THEY KEEP CLOGGING UP THRE FEED WITH THEIR BULLSHIT!!!
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For those who cannot access creator's pages

Please see >>410, I will delete this thread when the problem goes away
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Guys how can I find my artist?
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Winick-Lim GDrive Content (part 4 damn)

(should've known this kind of thread would have so many parts :joy:)

Anyway, like before, this thread is for discussing and sharing works of the artist called "Winick-Lim", a Discord DRM-type content creator. If anyone has access to their updated contents or shared it through any other file hosting sites (other than sharing the original Drive link from W-Lim himself as he keep constantly changing it), please let us know in this thread. Thank you.

BTW, someone (an anon) has been uploading and updating the artist's works in their own GDrive so it won't be expiring (unless if the anon deletes the files or drive :P), so to that anon, thanks a lot.
Link to their drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KTck2MFQccPjbpkbXgDB16-V9OczbPMy

Even so, we're still accepting help from any others.
Be seeing y'all later :)
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Anything related to Webnovels,Litrpgs and such.
Big thanks to whoever updates those!
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Import Yiffparty favorites

I have a long list of Yiffparty patreon user IDs i would like to add to kemono. I know there is no native import function yet but did anyone figure out a way to import them into the .json or such?
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Hey Bro, when I enter the artist, it no longer appears to me, when yesterday it was working perfectly, what I was looking for in Kemono.party is Imbapovi and it is gone (Yesterday I was there, but I did not want it anymore) What do I do
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Site Problems

Oh. My. God. The site is so fucking unstable after the update. Just going to an artist results in a gateway error or a white screen. When the fuck will the site be usable again?
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Hello Mr kemonoDev can you fix free website today also remove any content I don't personally liek cuz it clogs server also I sent detailed list of artists I want update so update them tonight hurry up or I'll make more complaining thread thank u
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So how does one mitigate the traffic problem? My imagination tells me that hitting thresholds will be getting faster and faster and February's "limit" will keep repeating.
Well if there is anything I could suggest is to observer and see how much of specific content is generating how much of traffic. Namely Pareto rule which would safely assume that 20% of content generates 80% traffic.
Not that I would want to nuke those content to save bandwidth, but I am pretty sure many of those contents are easily accessible on other "popular sites".
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Why can't I access any artist's page? It always results in error 404, saying that the url is incorrect, even accessing the site itself. ;-;
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Kemono is down

Every artist I enter gives an error saying "not found"

in addition the site regularly crashes and slows down, can someone explain this to me? I ask that the errors be corrected soon
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Theres something up with Kemono. Every artist I click on shows the Not Found prompt.
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error 404

when i try to see an artist…it's always a 404 error
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You think (((he))) posts here too?
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So i don't know what this is. I can't click on any artist. Everytime i try to click on an artist i get this screen. Anybody know what to do?
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>You haven't favorited anyone!
Except I did, I had a shit ton of favorites that got wiped. This is why I requested a export favorites option multiple times. Fuck
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banned creator content

share contnet of banned patreon creators if you have it (and it isnt on kemono).

heres some shit from the paraphore patreon before it got nuked. its repacked with better compression and no password.


one of the archives is high res art and the other is the lossless ost with patreon exclusive tracks (rip).
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Why are some people banned

What is the point of a site designed to aggregate paywalled content if you literally aren't allowed to aggregate some content. Given that Belle Delphine is on there I can only conclude either A : people in charge wear fedoras often, or B : extremely toxic creators are banned. If its the former than shame on you, but if its the latter than its just confusing. If you believe some people to be toxic, why would you disallow piracy of their content, thats the exact opposite of what you should be doing.
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I've been requesting for new update from a artist but still no news on it
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Stop being such a bunch of whiny sissies.
If you can't contribute to the site in any way, not even verbally with an actually valuable feedback, just stop, don't shart this board up.
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Error 503 Backend fetch failed

Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Error 503 Backend fetch failed

What's the plan?
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Agora tente pegar meu conteúdo novamente, veja o que acontece com você
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>join the telegram to see
>read the pin before posting
>read the pin
>scroll up without posting anything
>sorry this group is not acessible

did I get banned or did they lock it up because of the influx?
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This site is not going to be perfect anytime soon

This site is still in its infancy and it only started being updated after yiff.party shat itself and died, so i think its best we all like, be patient with it until it reaches its full potential, who knows, maybe it'll be as good as yiff one day
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It's getting out of hand...

Me watching Kemono.party go down hill just like Yiff.party
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DRM Artists (The 2nd Chapter)

Those idiots just doesn't learned their lessons yet…

This thread is for discussing content creators/artists which is considered to be overprotective of some sort to their contents, like the ones who sends their stuff through private mails, private Discord servers, and much more. You're open to show any artists like this and to tell the reason why they could be such a big problem.

The fun never ends…
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Mutant Girls

Don't Get Freaky!
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anyone got password for this dude stuffs ? he moved everything here after deleting his stuff on pixiv
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In the case of artists whose method of disclosing Patreon's compensation is unusual.


This artist says he will send the reward by e-mail. Then is there no way we can access it here?
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Any gay artists?

Anyone have any gay artist recommendations that are on kemono? I have a feeling requesting just doesn't do anything anymore.
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So…is the site not coming back or…?
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not even yiffparty was this bad at keeping servers up
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Site updates?

>exporting/importing favorites
>seeing when a creator has been last been updated in your favorites list
>having proper page numbers (like page: 1/3 for example) instead of offset: 0/324 or something
Any plans for these Admin? I also think having the favorites list how Yiff.party was laid out where the creator search and favorites list were on 1 page would be better than how it is now.
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Ayo whoch pokemon is this
R: 69 / I: 5
Can we please be discrete about kemono, and not alarm the creators?
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yo download speed is fucked up

is it because I use wifi? I get like 34kb/s and it drops to 0 in 5 min and fails wtf
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Clash of Clans

Hello. It would be so much appreciated if you can provide me links for the bases
patreon: ClashWithEd
These are the titles for the links needed:
ESL Pro Team - February Bases 2/2 - 5x Tested ESL Bases
Hardcore Push - Weekly Push Bases February 4/4
ESL Pro Team - February Bases 1/2 - 5x Skeleton Bases
Competitive ESL - February 2/2 - Tested ESL Bases
Hardcore Push 6000+ - 2/2 February
ESL Pro Team - January Bases 2/2 - 5x ESL Pro Bases
Hardcore Push - Weekly Push Bases January 4/4
Competitive ESL: 12x Extra CWL Bases
Competitive ESL - January 2/2 - Tested ESL Bases

It would mean everything if you can acquire these links.
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I don't get it.
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Site not working for me
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Might I suggest we go back to the old format instead of the new cards? The site used to work a lot better than now.
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Anyone else is getting this error?

I don't know if it's only to me but when I try to see the page of the artist Mangma11 (Mangamaster)
It says "HTTP Error 503"

PD: When I could enter to his kemono page his posts seem to be pretty outdated, I don't know if it could be related.
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Site's back, but wtf happened to my favorites?

Please add a way to back up/restore our faves so this doesn't happen again in the future!
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Words starting to get out about our existence

Well shit, seems like they're starting to know our very existence.
Now all we need to do is to wait until more artists know about this and hire Denuvo for their DRM shit or wait for more paywall sites to appear with better security layers :rofl:

What the hell shall we do to be a bit more obscure from the outside world?
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Patreon videos

Make native to Patreon only videos watchable
R: 3 / I: 1
I'm getting constant 500/525 errors! Get your shit together, it was supposed to run smoothly today!
R: 25 / I: 5
Can we get a backup/restore favorites feature?

Pic unrelated
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Saving Fantia images

Does anyone know the current way to get the full size images from a fantia post? I found one thread that said to remove the "main_" part of the URL but it is 3 years old and not working.
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There's an R-18 artist that I'd like to support on Fanbox but Pixiv keeps giving me the "Payment failed. Please try another card or payment method" error.

Is there an alternate way to support an artist or am I just outta luck?
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Yiff-related paysite/bootleg downloader + HTML builder


Any good OS with Python 3 installed will work.

Follow one for your system:
> Windows: Change the file extension back to .bat if it's in something else, then double click on it and read the CLI message.

> MacOS (Terminal):

open /Applications/Python\ 3.8/Install\ Certificates.command
sudo python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip
sudo python3 -m pip install Pillow
sudo python3 -m pip install PySocks
python3 -x /drag/n/drop/the/bat

> Linux (Terminal):

pip install –user PySocks
pip install –user Pillow
some command like "python -x" to this file but dunno myself, you linux guys can figure it out.
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SoJews Cards

(i hope it's not a problem posting something that was gone from creators since manual uploads are still broken. lmk if theres STILL a problem with this okthankyou)

SoDevs aka SoJew's "models" (or cards in your language)

SoJews was called out before for jew'ing other's stuff to make his own without any credits to original creators.
Funniest meme: this archive what you see is "worth 5 bucks" apparently in his substar.

Poke around koikatsu's discord server and i found this jew before, so i decided "why not to jew his jew'd stuff?" :trollface:

You know how to install them: zipmods goes to "mods" folder, cards goes to under "chara" folders.
No idea how mods will hold up until it breaks.
I take no responsibility to whatever happens to them, you are on your own basically.


(bonus "memes" folder was included for how much he was salty, have fun :^) )

Link: https://siasky.net/AAAx4zuHJW9EvQxYZ-p2eXsuJNxXaRpxGbtEAv3n2vTPCg

sponsored by bottom gear
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SoDevs lolcow pedo

>Pedo MMD content creator
>Upset at kemono.party
>asking his simps to report this site to cloudflare and all it's 'hosts'
Now as far as I understand, pedofilic digital content is against patreon, youtube, and almost every platform's TOS
Report him on each of his platforms everywhere. Might get some pedos raided IRL
He lives in mexico and his discord's private admin channels have spanish titles.
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so why is this down?

so why is this down something a about a pedo?
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heelo tnkyou
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To random or not to random

Has anyone else von crazy on the random button?
I did. Got 8 fucking diaper pics in a row
Try it yourselves and let me know just how random it is.
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Quite like the new beta. Layout is much more clean that the current one.
Glad that there is a sorting system in the favorites.
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Solving the coordination problem?

How much people have to subscribe to whatever content they like is limited. Currently the whole process is an uncoordinated yet glorious mess. Through greater cooperation there is the potential to reduce costs while increasing the amount of content for everyone.

The main problem with doing that is setting up a system for it. Discord is too easily comprised. I think it would be best to have an on site system to reduce chances of it being taken down. Would it be best to set up a bounty system of sorts where its “you get the weird stuff I like and I will get the weird stuff you like” type of system?

For the dev (or is it devs?) would it be possible to set up some sort of system to better coordinate the efforts of uploaders instead of having an endless begging thread?
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State of bugged/ID-less/missing posts?

Have this issue been fixed? I remember there was a lot of people reporting this issue, and wanting to grab all, I can't go through artist if there is a chance massive amounts of stuff is missing
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Why are my favorites getting unfavorited?

Seriously, the fuck?
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Hey admins why the fuck is the website so slow is there something wrong with the website.
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Recommend feral artists

Just wanted to make a thread where you guys recommend some good artists who specialize in feral.
This is mearly a thread to better find artists who specialize in specific content.
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Yo, does Importing subscribestar work rn? I've tried importing the innoxia artist like 3 times now and it's only getting 4 of the posts.
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Nasty Twitter Furries


Like, the comments are worse than the picture. For fucks sake, listen to the people who tell you they don't like something. Listening to a bunch of fetishists is how you lose your primary fanbase.

I fucking hate when these dipshits come in and encourage the artist. Fuck off, they don't need you to defend them. Let them whine.
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Fantia and pixiv fanbox?

How can one import posts from there?
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I want to contribute but i can not find the "session key" only the "session_id". i am using chrome
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The Best Straight/Solo Female artist?


Here's a little thread to discuss who you think is the best hetero and/or solo female artist out there. It can be for any reason, whether or not it's your personal favourite.

You can also discuss other people's favourites, but let's keep things civil! This is for discovery's sake, not a turf war.

As for me, and this is a rather recent but amazing find, it is PersonalAmi (https://e621.net/posts?tags=personalami). This artist has incredible render skills when it comes to the softness without the girls being fat or hyper, and actually draws bottom-heavy girls with small/flat chests too. Both of those things are actually rare nowadays (sadly).
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New Layout

Could someone please fix the goddamn layout? What happened to the beta layout, why did the site shit itself?
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Sugestion: Recent Posts on Landing

It would be really nice to see recent posts from your favorites on the landing page. Neither the current favorites page nor the beta have a "last updated" column, so you literally can't tell if there is new stuff without clicking each artist. This would lower sever load since people would only be clicking on things that were new instead of everything.
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Pictured: How to cherrypick.


Alternate title: How to miss the point.
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Question regarding uploaded files

So I notice that there's a File Uploader on users but no File tab. I'm less familiar to this than Yiff, how do I access uploaded Files? Pic unrelated.
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Deleted when imported?

Is it possible for old posts to get deleted when a new import is made where those posts no longer exist? I want to help archive some stuff on a dying page, but don't want to do more harm than good
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Uploading files

When will uploading files be implemented to kemono.party?
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How to keep favorites list?

Keep in mind that I'm in incognito mode every time I browse kemono.

I tried logging into my email on google and then going to the site to add in my favorite artists. As it turned out, when I exited my window and then came back and logged in again, it was gone. Am I doing something wrong or am I just stupid?
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Is there an android client for kemono.party?
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Gumroad import problem

I tried to import my gumroad library but only my most latest purchases were added.
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Updating Entries Issue (newer links on Old Posts)

While kemono.party has continued to grow and improve, what needs to be looked at is the way it updates the entries for users already imported in

Take (only for example) VR Ferals. They had an update to whatever game they made and it usually says to check the nightly link page, so I did for the kemono entry existing, and I clicked on the MEGA link already imported. That link is defunct, an older version. If possible, the importer needs to improve on this so for patreon/subscribestar/fanbox/(insert whichever im missing here) users who release their updates and change links on a pre-existing page so subscribers have to navigate to that one page, the link updates as well

The page in question is from an Aug 9, 2016 entry that is being updated with a different MEGA link whenever there's a new nightly build; I know other users do the same thing instead of making newer posts to prevent us from getting access, so if its possible, change up the importer to fetch this new link and update it like they do, for past posts, or is that just not possible?
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Considerations About Content Redundancy

Has there been any considerations in regards to redundancy for the uploads to kemonoparty?

Some sort of system like IPFS?
I think something like this would genuinely be good, otherwise we're just a centralized service and all ripped data can be lost at anytime.

ofansparty has introduced IPFS support which is why I am bringing this up.
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curious, has Ci-en ever been considered for the site? i know that there's fanbox and DLsite circles are up for being imported, but their doesn't seem to be anything for DLsite's more patreon-like website Ci-en

could be pretty nice to have, there's definitely a few creators on there i've been eyeballing that'd be cool to see on here. i know that other things are more important atm though so i understand if it's not a top priority

(i am aware that kemono is open-source, but i know jack dick about programming and i don't exactly have the free time to learn …)
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This- this is art?

This is seriously a standard? What has the internet come to?
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Silentwarrior8 Patreon

Is a traer Giantess artist, including the genus vore and endosomatophilia.
I have some posts from their patreon, where can I upload them?
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Did Patreon ban me or what?

This is what I see when I try to add a pledge: "Oh no! It looks like you don't have permission to pledge to %artist%. The most common reasons for this are due to previous payment declines or suspicious activity. If you feel this block was in error, we suggest reaching out to %artist% on another platform."

WTF? I had no payment declines. I did upload to Kemono though, obviously.

What now?
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I have a question please help me

I don't know how to get this

And one more question, is it available after canceling the support?
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my oh my this is looking alot more sleek and mainline. Also Im really liking the cleanup of the getting the discussion board working. Nice work Admin, glad to see things are coming along again :)
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Tsudashie Exclusive Thread

I'm going to upload the low-tier tsudashie stuff he keeps sending. If anyone has the $10, please contribute.

I will start from this month and see if I still have the ones from last month.
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yiff.party Archive Re-Repost


Like the last time, the link above leads to one of yiff.party archived links. Sadly, not all artists got archived, but there's still some. Some files also seems to be inaccessible due to being corrupted or something… Some says that the site got shut down when the archiving process is still going on…
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Importing artists who don't have immediate payment enabled

Some time ago Patreon tested enforced immediate payments. I thought it'll eventually be enabled for everyone, as doing otherwise makes little sense, but apparently a lot of creators still don't have access to this feature.

If I remember correctly, Yiff.party supported importing these artists automatically, but adding them required someone to go through the import process once.

How does Kemono.party handle this? What's the workflow?

Also, any info on this Patreon feature, how widely it's available, and any updates in general would be helpful. I haven't been following news for quite some time.
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vr shit

any more vr shit y'all know of? I got
Xordel(needs to be added here)
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Is there a good site to edit large psd files on smartphones?
(no photopea)
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Need a little help.

Yo, I'm trying to upload a.7z of some content from a creator I imported. The size of the .7z is only 620 MB and the limit says 2 GB. It keep saying the request entity is too large, though.
R: 1 / I: 0 (sticky)

Welcome to /kemono/!

This is the new place to discuss kemono.party, a scraper/leaker site for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Discord, and DLsite.
1. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America.
2. Keep it comfy. Avoid uncomfy topics.
3. Posting or requesting real porn is not allowed.
4. Genuine discussion concerning piracy is welcome, but blatant trolling, flamewars, and bait are not.
5. Do not make requests outside of the dedicated sticky. Doing so will result in a ban.
6. Self-promotion and all forms of advertisment are not welcome.
>Want to develop or moderate for Kemono? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.
>Old board (read only)
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Can you resolve this error?

Currently, there is an error that does not expand to the original size when you click on the attached image files in all posts. This error has been going on for a week, is there a solution to this? When you click on an image, it does not change to the original size, but it is converted to a very small error icon and is not working…plz help me….
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Isn't there any way to also import PM posts using a user's session key? Many artists these days share their art links only through PMs. So if we could have this option, it'd be absolutely fantastic.
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Large files not working.

I think that kemono.party actually maybe just cannot handle large files.

Example https://kemono.party/attachments/748756/45927747/FULLnanny.zip

I got a buncha network errors and tried a buncha different browsers, none worked.

I don't actually think this is a problem with the import or impoter because I got similar network errors on a medium sized file


but eventually I found a way to download this second file and it's a perfect copy of the file.

So, I think both the files in this post were imported to kemono.party perfectly but users will get errors trying to download them, my guess being because they're too large of files.

Sorry if this was already a known issue. Also sorry I can't explain the error better, I've actually never seen a "Failed - Network error" message before from a browser (when my internet connection was working).
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Asaneman Non-Vore Edit

I made a somewhat low quality edit to the recent Loona pics. The dildo I found wasn't high enough quality, but other than that how did I do?
R: 1197 / I: 276 (sticky)

「Request Thread」

Post requests here.
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So, how the fuck do i search for posts titles?

"Searching for posts is straightforward. Enter the terms you want to search for, and both titles and descriptions will be scanned for your query. For example, searching for mio yuuko will return every post that has both mio and yuuko in it. You can also exclude a term by putting a hyphen (-) in front of it, and search for a phrase by putting quotation marks around it. They work about how you would expect.
Please note that Kemono has limited support for non-English search terms due to database limitations. Most notably, Japanese characters cannot be searched."
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Gifs/mp4s not Working

Anyone else having trouble with opening gifs? I wanna look at hataraki_ari's stuff but the gifs or mp4 files aren't working