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File: 1619422540392.jpg (9.48 KB, 237x213, b7dd49c.jpg)


FANBOX artist that keeps all his rewards locked behind an archive link. Does anyone have it?


Ask in the archive thread. Lets try & keep everything together so its easier to keep track of.


I'm sub to his SubscribeStar & I do has all of his rewards from their mostly. I don't have the one from his patreon though

File: 1613576202578.jpg (82.5 KB, 500x563, 4ydj6c.jpg)

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Those idiots just doesn't learned their lessons yet…

This thread is for discussing content creators/artists which is considered to be overprotective of some sort to their contents, like the ones who sends their stuff through private mails, private Discord servers, and much more. You're open to show any artists like this and to tell the reason why they could be such a big problem.

The fun never ends…
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lol welcome to kemono
enjoy your text posts!


My tastes are, to put it simply, rather niche, so the list of artists I'm keeping track of on here is minimal. This was the first one I came across that had this issue.
I skimmed through it so I didn't notice these, thank you anon


Agreed, it seems that people on this sight of the attention span of a gold fish. Unless a button is flashing in neon rainbows with explicit instruction to click on it saying "UPLOAD HERE IF YOUR ARTIST DOESN'T POST ON PATREON. THE UPLOAD MUST BE MANUAL IF YOU ARE TO GET THE POST" really goes to show that everyone is stupid…on every level, the pirators the artists. Humanity is just one big vat of dumb with exceptions every now and then.


Exactly… As an alien (not an illegal immigrant) I find humans fucking hilarious. Thats why we don't invade your stupid planet of the idiots. There'd be nothing to laugh at anymore. Your species can't even press [upload file] or get along with eachother so to us you are all just funny little animals. And after 4 millennia you humans still believe in god, like kids who haven't grown up yet so they still believe in Santa & the Tooth Fairy. The people who worked out that "god" is just us aliens, you label them tinfoil hat wack jobs… Oh you humans are adorable! Never change! Anyway pathetic humans, I've gotta go, my wife with 12 arms is shouting at me, I need to fix the washing machine.


They have more reasons than that, though.
A lot of artists don't want their stuff on e621 because they think that's where art "thieves" get stuff.
They think this because most social media accounts and subreddits dedicated almost entirely to reposting furry art source back almost always to the e621 link.
Which is stupid, because what actually happens is that they most likely found the stuff elsewhere and only linked e621 because that's the place where you're more likely to find info -like who the author is- on any furry picture. And because if the social media account of the artist is for whatever reason unavailable, people can still find the e621 post. And in the e621 post, they'll find the link to the real source anyway.
Another reason is that they don't want e621 to "steal" their precious clout (in the same way they think that posting the picture to r/yiff is art theft). Because they have completely confused social media high scores with actual career success. These people are also the ones who get pissy when someone more popular than them QRTs their post or get mad at other artists for "working for free" or "underpricing" their commissions; or who make transformative works of someone else's IP without permission, but then yell kys to people doing transformative work of their own fanart by using it for RPing or whatever (and then they still complain when hasbro or gamefreak DMCA's them).
Overall, it does seem that people on the DNP are just really fragile and egocentric and have fallen in love with the system that oppresses them.

File: 1617281511091.png (235.4 KB, 1024x476, 27CE57E2-D892-4DF6-B4BB-29….png)


Like if a fanbox post are already imported but the artist update the post with additional page the can the kp post get update too
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oh thanks although I only see a gray flag


Actually for some reason the specific post that I want a reimport have a gray flag what does that mean?


That means it's already been flagged for re-import.


so how long does it take for the import to happen exactly after you submit the sessionid?


Is there a way to flag all of an artist's posts for reimporting without doing it one by one? The Fanbox importer sometimes has no images saved at all. Some examples:

File: 1619966991404.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae….png)


ive been trying to import stuff but everytime i put in the patreon Session_id, i get error 504
is there a solution for it?

its also a bit difficult to understand the instruction.
does the patreon id, as seen in firefox, as to be posted with the [session_id:""] stuff?
is this even the correct point?


okay, i figured it out
1 ) no need to keep the [session_id:""]

2) if its error 504, just try and try again


Yep its just a random error. Its like how when uploading manually, it can literally fail (but witg a different error) upto 7 times before it finally works (I think 7 is the record for me!). Just gotta keep trying…

File: 1619853882681.jpeg (224.75 KB, 960x1506, 5D65C6BA-1431-4815-97C3-2….jpeg)


Native to patron videos download links be expiring in like the amount of 2 days or less. There’s expired links but no way to reimport the videos? any advice?


>Native to patron videos download links be expiring in like the amount of 2 days or less

The solution then would be to DL the video from Paytreon to your PC, then upload the video file to KP using "[Upload File]" on the artists leak page.

That way the video will last forever.

File: 1619992374580.jpg (40.66 KB, 600x1001, 2mju8n.jpg)


So on Komodo party there artist called crittermatic how do I view the videos on this artist's page if I have to connect my patreon account.

File: 1619740664081.jpg (83.64 KB, 1300x933, 32259162-angry-man-yelling….jpg)


I need some help, Every time I try to import posts, I get this message: “Error while connecting to archiver. Is it running?”

What can I do about it?


File: 1619752431094.gif (875.6 KB, 230x145, nojWx.gif)


me i keep getting 504 gateway time out

File: 1619879133719.jpg (57.54 KB, 474x566, 30a2949a9c2aa763473e0502c4….jpg)


idk am i the only one whos getting tired of going through each and every single piece of my artist and saving it, MANUALLY

there should be a "download artist" button or sumn yknow?

pic unrelated, found this pic of floppa on google and thought it was funny
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File: 1619893467052.jpg (24.59 KB, 400x400, OPuYdhyt_400x400.jpg)

thank you sir, very epic


uh small problem, i input the artist's name and i go to the page but it gives me error downloading, idk whats wrong with it, any help ?


you need to press X to make the script keep rerying


offtopic but are you the guy searching cats on calub-veim i saw someone searching big floppa and some other cats (i was the guy who saved the atorb soundtrack on archive.is)
there was also a forkie sperging about endless furry killer crack

File: 1619802750394.jpg (30.58 KB, 544x543, D9ZEvk7XYAAGvXx.jpg)


guys, how do you download/open those files on kemono that go like "download httpspatreon.commedia" and then a long ass url? every time i click them i download a small ass file that does nothing


I'd like to know this too :*O

File: 1619831379576.png (270.37 KB, 427x311, Untitled.png)


Could whoever is supporting Albatross say what the archive password for this month is?
And for future reference, could anyone who updates albatross be sure to prioritize the monthly password post? Only post from april on there now is a lets play with his faggy voice

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