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Check the Issues thread. Almost nobody has been able to download virtually anything in a month now. Possibly longer. The site is broken. It seems like uploading still works (based on update dates), but trying to download is just a lost cause ATM.


Short answer: You can't; It's impossible
Long answer: Those are HLS files, which is a media format akin to a playlist. You might have luck changing the file extension to .m3u8 and playing it in mpv/vlc, but it will likely fail as Patreon puts expiring signatures in the URLs.There is no full mp4 in HLS. HLS is a m3u8 playlist with a million small mp4 files in it. You should get that playlist, download all the files and stitch them together. Youtube-dl does that.

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share contnet of banned patreon creators if you have it (and it isnt on kemono).

heres some shit from the paraphore patreon before it got nuked. its repacked with better compression and no password.


one of the archives is high res art and the other is the lossless ost with patreon exclusive tracks (rip).
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>80 gb in total
what do i do im low on storage


Link doesnt work


Well, I sure wish they would unban Mal Malloy; her content is quality.
Make more storage, :^)


Someone should update the torrent leaks for https://www.patreon.com/shiroganesama


She won't be the only one banned very soon…
She'll be among another 314 people banned from the site…

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Boys does someone have the Zaush videos? the ones on Kemono doesnt work anymore



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Nah. If you're at the "every bit counts" and such tiers where you only get public posts anyway then yeah. But otherwise, well, every exclusive bit that you get for free counts. I'd rather have people sharing the 1200px version of the exclusive furry comic where I can barely read the dialog than have the site dies and lose everything waiting for the 4k versions.



The problem is I support one artist at the highest tier and like 3or4 at the lowest tier. So there's like literally no way I cannot add to the problem :(

Now the spam updates don't bother me personally a ton, but for anyone who is bothered by spamly wasteful blank empty updates, bring it up with whoever codes the site, not rando's who are importing stuff, we're powerless.


at least you have a good excuse, I hope that's the real reason why it keeps happening

but whoever keeps "updating" artists without adding ANY new posts… wtf, why


Not adding anything new, I can get why people get angry, but when people get angry because it's not the top tier… That's definitely some pissbaby levels of whining.

Just because there are one or two rich anons that have the bank capacity to pledge the highest tier doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE anon on the website can do that exact thing. Some of us need to pay for food, pay the bills, do taxes, and shit like that. The only reason some anons are able to do the highest tier is because they're so flush with cash (or are good at budgeting) that they have the spare cash ready to spend it on whatever they fancy.

Just be happy with what you *do* get, and don't worry yourself with what you *could* have. After all, it could be worse; You could be one of those anons on the site that keeps requesting an artist to get an update and never recieve one…


I know! people should be more grateful for all those text-only posts and low-res art they can easily find on Twitter! reuploading free stuff is what a piracy site is for right?

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Anyone know where DrXII's dropbox is? All of his patreon posts mention it but I can't find a link anywhere…


IIRC (from the rare dropbox link post back in YP days) it's not a single big dropbox link, but rather monthly dropbox links that stop working after a while.

Whomever is keeping DRXII's gallery up to date - thank you.

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this site is barely working, i cant download anything from this artist, all the download links are dead. Is there going to be maintenance on the site anytime soon?


Yea its an ongoing problem since a week or more ago. Its all over the issues/bugs thread. Pretty much nobody can download anything from anyone. You can sometimes see thumbnails and download the low res previews inside posts, but fullsize images? Forget it. I don't think anyone knows anything about whats going on so all we can do until the admin reports in is just play the waiting game. Check 1 of the other art piracy sites for now. If you're lucky maybe that artist is on one of them too.



Yeah i figured it wasnt just me. Its definetly a server side issue. The site is returning a 502 error.


I'm trying to download this
Is it working for anyone? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14264111/post/47796621

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What's the deal with MEGA links?
Just about every MEGA archive link I find in people's pages just ends up being broken and busted, whether they're a week old or just a few hours. This is particularly a pain in the ass, let alone the majority of Kemono's pages constantly giving 502 errors.

Anyone else having this issue?
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Anyone happen to have a working link for lilandy here?


What's the deal with MEGA links?

Artists are not stupid, they know that kemono party exists and once they upload a link, and it gets posted here. They simply change the link so it no longer works, this could be avoided with a upload button like on yiff party where people could upload old content


Yea exactly its not hard to find leaks of your links instantly with a Google search. We covered this way back (this was before an in-site solution existed) here >>3198 and here >>3208

However, thankfully there IS an upload button now (its been there for atleast a month as it was heavily demanded). So if you got the goods, just hit [Upload File].

Another solution EG for artists not on KP yet and such, is to post links in the "Archive Thread" but encrypt them with Base64 so the artist cant immediately find and cap the leak.

BUT an artist can always discover & delete a leaked link even if its encrypted… (they only have to see it here). So the best option IMO is to make your own dupe/mirror of the link and post/upload that instead.


Is the file uploader working on a decent speed ?, last time I tried it was pretty slow and it stopped working after a while.


I haven't uploaded anything for a couple weeks but sadly it wasn't very fast, and it would fail with "invalid captcha" error (its not invalid…) upto 6 times before it finally works. So its frustrating, but the feature is atleast there. It just needs improving.

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Any good OS with Python 3 installed will work.

Follow one for your system:
> Windows: Change the file extension back to .bat if it's in something else, then double click on it and read the CLI message.

> MacOS (Terminal):

open /Applications/Python\ 3.8/Install\ Certificates.command
sudo python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip
sudo python3 -m pip install Pillow
sudo python3 -m pip install PySocks
python3 -x /drag/n/drop/the/bat

> Linux (Terminal):

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you need to set all error download requests to retry,then hope that the files download eventually


>>7826 it's getting up to like 3k retries :DDDDDD

it's so hard to tell if it's my cookies or the site being fucked


alright it seems like the only files that are successfully downloading are ones that are "inline"

i.e. files at https://kemono.party/attachments/… or
https://kemono.party/files/… always error forever, but
https://kemono.party/inline/… works every time


This has been happening for a week or more, judging from the posts in the Issues and Feedback thread.


On Monday the admin said that there were disk I/O issues with the server, "causing non-cached images and files to load slowly or timeout."


Stuff that's currently cached by the CDN, DDoS-GUARD, should load instantly, so you can get lucky sometimes.

Other stuff loads slowly and often ends up timing out the CDN.

This only seems to be affecting content hosted on data.kemono.party (thumbnails/previews and attached files.)
The main website seems fine, so I guess they're separate servers.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1620550994254.jpg (329.5 KB, 1469x974, yiff.bat edit.jpg)

Soooooooooo I might have just ghetto fixed the bat file to work again.

I noticed I could download some attached files on posts from the site, but they were always failing in the downloader. I compared the links I got working on the site to the URLs in the cmd line that were failing and the URLs that worked were directing to https://data.kemono.party/* instead of just https://kemono.party/*. Not expecting anything to work, I messed around in the yiff.bat file in notepad and made a few tweaks under "def kp_patreon_assets(threadn, FAVORITE, CREATOR_ID):" Changing the "file" and "attachment" urls to include "data." in the url allows the downloader to now work again! I left the "content" URLs alone since I assume those are the inline assets like portraits we are able to download already.

You will have to manually edit this for fanbox / fantia / w/e as well. I got fanbox working as well, but I'm too tired to fiddle with it anymore. You will still need to hit X to force retry for some larger files or they just end up as incomplete .part files.

Hopefully that made enough sense for you all to also get it working again. Iunno, I'm tired as fuck and screwing with a batch file I've spent 5 minutes messing around in. Hope this at least makes some sense to someone.

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How come all his posts were flagged and unable to be watched?
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I Hope there still a way to look their react on mugen train :x i will try with jdownloader later and pray


Well, Jdowloader thing doesn't work :c


Roshi had to delete the movie from the patreon (copyright stuff), but I managed to download it.
Link will last 30 days.


And so it begins. Bout time they started to actually take action. Only emailed them like 3 months ago…


why is this in kemono.party anyway? it's not porn, go watch your soyboy animu shit somewhere else

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Someone have the new archive link of Detnox?


Ask in the archive link thread. Its the one with the pic of the Halo guy.


How do I do that


How do i do that


>Halo guy
man… It ain't even him…
You ever played Doom?

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