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Prices for cryptocurrencies are going down, will kemono party even make it with these low prices?


inb4 crypto boom
also is the 3080 hash rate limiter open source my phone has some mining adware on it and its getting warm on the back

File: 1619861147959.png (327.12 KB, 1294x659, chrome_geYPok42Ki.png)


Artist are finding ways for the Kemono.party web scraper to not get their download link.
They do this by hiding the download link in the comments

I was wondering if any kemono.party admins/developers are willing to even consider adding comments import to their web scraper
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bumping since this is a very important issue


Was it like that even when the site was working (a month or more ago)?


I remember one time when this dude censored his shit with ye old happy merchant. More honest than most patron artists, I'll give him that.


"Ye olde happy merchant"? WTF is that lol?


The easiest way is to send download links directly to patrons email. Does anyone know the artist Danza? There only posts are updated with the fact that new packs have been released, but there are no links or archives, although the archives on YP were updates monthly, albeit with slight delays. This same shit goes for a lot of other artists who are throwing all download links directly to the email.

File: 1621571310813.jpg (58.07 KB, 720x720, 972a8a9f11b03e2ea185f49603….jpg)


I'm just here for the asmrist that made patreon 18+ videos that i wanted to see because i support them.

File: 1621566103210.jpg (27.96 KB, 526x446, EnODYShXMAkptMw.jpg)


all pics,posts,links goes a 502 error

only me here?????


Read the issues thread b4 posting people… The site is completely broken, for everyone, and its been basically the only topic on the issues thread since weeks & weeks ago. All the info available is on the issues thread.

File: 1621561298558.jpg (47.15 KB, 499x494, d1bc85e4133b92022129d21495….jpg)



As seen in this damn topic above.
So what do you guys think about what's best for this site to keep staying up?

My opinion here is to either change the site's domain and change every connections like Telegrams and such privately so not much peoples won't know. Or we can move this site to a Dark Web domain.


>dark web
Nah, they already have a lot there, even faster and up to date. I assume this site is for surface-mid deep users.

And maybe hide this site from search index first cuz everytime I enter certain artist I followed, their kemono page/gallery also showed up along with their official social media, no wonder this site got attention.

But I don't think It would explode really big, even YP also had this kind of thing In the past and still survive until the morron shut down the whole site

File: 1621467276123.gif (466.1 KB, 250x250, 3a02a899088dfc3d9b1901bc6d….gif)


Servers must be screwed up again, random images are refusing to load on various artist pages- even images that had already been uploaded for months.

Tried different browsers, tried restarting, same issue. It must be on the site's end. Anyone else notice this?


Yes, a lot of random images refuses to load


yeah im getting 502 Gateway when trying to download zip


Y'all need to read the Issues thread more. Its stickied, as in it stays near the top of the BBS.


oh no

File: 1616820513003.jpg (104.59 KB, 680x830, 52reqk.jpg)


Note: This is the v2 of the previous thread (which has been deleted by me). Reasons are below.

This thread is specifically created to share pay-contents distributed through personal paywall sites or personal messages like DM or Email. If you have your hands on contents shared through such methods above, please consider to share it in this thread. Either share it directly (for pics) or from your own personal File Sharing web storage.
Primeleap stuff are also allowed.
Before you do, please consider encrypt or encode the URL you wanna share first, into any format you want. This is to prevent the link from being freely shared by anyone else. Don't forget to put what format do you encode the URL to (Base64, or Binaries, or something else.) so the decoding process can be made easier.

(yes, the other thread inspired me to do this)
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Second. He just uploaded a new video.


What do you mean by "updating but not reimporting" just out of curiosity. Are imports/leaks being immediately deleted so they need to be immediately reimported or something?


I'm just surprised that you can actually see some of v*tal's uncensored content on here now. Not that it's particularly sought after (I find it kinda uncanny) but it was always under a ridiculous amount of security that no one ever bothered with before.


inb4 it's Spindles self bumping for attention whoring.


Does anyone have Jbernal's uncensored stuff

File: 1620244242098.jpg (9.96 KB, 340x210, 1612389606878.jpg)


anyone else have problem with the site for the last few days? many posts aren't loading for me. some dont even shown the picture in the first place


Yeah, literally nothing is loading for me right now.


Yep, all the images are broken.


same here


how 2 host?


Yeah, me too.

File: 1621424548408.jpg (3.82 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)


If I tried to host my own instance of kemono party with the open source code would I be able to view Patreon creators without a bunch of pages not loading or pds download links breaking?

link to code


If it would, could someone help me. I understand everything until it talks about copying the .envexmaple to .env and configuration


hah good luck with that Agent P
the source is probably a little outdated oh and dont forget that this whole site is super unstable (whos gonna pay for the expensive 1GBit bandwith)

(not trying to spread negativity just stating the obvious :P)

File: 1621341807563.png (170.35 KB, 390x280, imagem_2021-05-18_094320.png)


>waiting 5 decades for people to upload the latest sets of an artist i like

>people just upload the sketches



Kek, it does feel like it goddammit


>no one update the artist I like since 2019


File: 1621396285552.jpg (39.78 KB, 593x593, ec1.jpg)

Try waiting 4 centuries for an update and when it finally happens, all that got added was a single.lousy.text.post.


File: 1621410199169.gif (976.86 KB, 386x172, ooouip.gif)


Here here. Just look what it did to this guy when he saw "last updated yesterday" after 4 centuries… And it turned out to be "rewards sent".


well funny story
>i ask for people to upload sets
>they upload sketches
>i ask them to update the artist in general a few weeks later
>fuck all

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